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inlusioReview31 May 15100
I am writing about my experience with Zell dermatology clinic.
I managed to find and visit the place from an earlier post by user Ddalgi. I now could understand why she was reluctant to post the name of the clinic.
I visited the place first in September 2014. I met Dr Park, I told him I wanted treatment for my acne scars, he just told me briefly what the treatment would be like . I then discussed the cost with the consultant (in Korean) – I could speak a little, and unfortunately no-one really could speak English other than Dr Park. There was a mandarin translator there.

I was quoted 2 million won for 3 sesssions of semi ablative laser, subcision, Agi Jusa (baby injection in Korean, it’s a growth factor, the consultant said it was better than PRP), fillers. I thought the price was pretty good. I noticed the place was pretty quiet and I was the only one there, (not in a bad way), it doesn’t feel like those factory outlets to me.

I returned in January 2015, I stayed in Korea for about 3 months. I must have returned to the clinic at least 15 times or more, I can’t count anymore.
Other than the regular treatments, i had to return for “medical skincare”, which consists of at least 45minutes of a mixture of cold electrophoresis, red light therapy, mask, comedonal extraction, and I did not have to pay anything.

I had 3 sessions of semi-ablative lasers, Dr Park would use a strong setting for the scarred areas and then go through the rest of the face with a lower setting. And then in between i maybe had 2 sessions of another type of laser. The rest is subcision, fillers, I even got a PRP injection which was not in the agreed package. The treatment was pretty aggressive in a short period of time. For most of the time during my stay there, my face was really red and “could not rest”.

Dr Park speaks very good English, is very warm and is not profit driven. I only got a very good impression of him on my second visit. Before I left Korea, he told me he was glad to have treated me and that he did his best. He even wanted to give me another laser session of which I declined because I did not want to have red cheeks when I leave Korea.

The clinic is very serene and most of the time I went at 10am as the first patient and I was the only one there. The patients are all Koreans except for once I saw a China patient with her own translator. Posting here might change that, i thought hard about this.

The clinic staff treated me very well, it was most probably that I could speak a bit of Korean or else communication would be difficult, and i bought them some beverages and snacks because honestly I felt a bit embarrass for getting so much treatment with 2 million won and not buying them anything. I did not see any translators when i went there a second time.

My acne scars have improved tremendously, a lot of the improvement though is due to the fillers, I should gradually see the final results as the fillers disappear in the next few months.
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winternthtReview5 Dec 13100
You may want to try Zell Dermatology Clinic (formerly Illomys), Dr. Park speaks fluent English as he studied in the US before and he has excellent bedside manner. His clinic is very nice but not known to foreign patients as he doesn’t advertise I think. Their price is also very reasonable.
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