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dwil20Review7 Dec 16-100
I did my first rhinoplasty at YNY Beauty. It is a small clinic in Korea. Not trying to bring YNY down, but I think the doctor there did not do a really god job for me.
dwil20Review7 Dec 16-100
I did not encounter that issue. The only bad thing about my previous nose is that the shape was not straight (slanted to the right).
Yeap, after nose bone osteotomy, i feel that my nose looks slimmer and smaller. However, i think my nose still match my overall face shape.
The swell on my nose is not fully recovered yet. It is only 6 weeks after the surgery now. As of now, I don’t see any issue with my nose.
jolliemaieReview19 Dec 11100
As I benefit a lot from this forum and realize that it is helpful for people planing on going to Korea if I share my plastic surgery experience.

I went to Seoul on Dec 4th and left on Dec 11th. What I got is double eyelids.

Foreigners who don’t understand Korean have very limited information available for them. I don’t understand Korean and before I went to Korea, I read every single threads here and came up with 3 clinics I wanted to visit: Teuimp, Regen and Banobagi. My Korean friend highly recommended YNY Beauty. I did not put it onto my list because its website is not very informative and there are not lots of fancy before and after pictures.

I visited Teuimp on Dec 6th. Dr. Kwon recommended three procedures for my eyes: suture double eyelids, eyelid muscle elevation and inner corner cut. I did question about his approach as the distance between my eyes are close, does the inner corner cut make it even closer? and is the double eyelids gonna resolve along with the time if we take suture method. Dr. Kwon said he can do incisional method or whatever I want.

I visited Regen the same day. It is a very busy clinic. We waited like 50 minutes even with a pre-scheduled appointment. Dr. Kim recommened partial incisional double eyelids, inner corner cut and outter corner cut. I still have questions about the inner corner cut and hesitate about outter corner cut because of so many bad feedback about this approach.

I went to Banobagi in the afternoon. Dr. Park recommended only one prodcedure: double embedded (double suture) eyelids. He did not think my condition is suitable for either inner corner cut or out corner cut. I actually buy in what he said even though he is a little arrogant. The consultant helped me book the next day surgery and pushed me to put deposit to secure the surgery time.

I acutally ended up with YNY Beauty even though I have paid the deposit to Banobagi. Long story short. I had a consultation with Dr. Yun, the owner of the clinic. My Korean friend took me there and she told me that she had 5 friends having surgeries there and they are all happy with the result. Also, personally, I feel that Dr. Yun is a very experienced and honest person. He did not recommend any cut because those will lead to other surgeries in order to keep my face proportional. He said less is more, just do what is really necessary. He graduated from the the most prestigious university for plastic surgery in Korea and now is teaching this major in a university. He offered me unbelievably good price because my friend took me there. I had my surgery done 1 hour after the consultation. and I am very happy with the result.

YNY Beauty is not as popular as other clinics and not being discussed a lot by foreigners because they are being modest (which is not necessarily a good strategy) not spending money on commercials or decoration of their clinics which eventually become part of patients’ payments anyway. However, this strategy indeed lowers the cost so we can benefit from it. Also, do not rely on those before/after pictures. You can never be the same as those girls in pics because we have different faces. The same procedure may result in totally different look. Dr. Yun is not anxious for more patients as he has enough business for his small scale clinic. Also because of this, he can be honest to you and not desperately convince you to do more precedures than what you really need.

I did hired Zoe as the translator. I heard her name from this website and booked her time like one month in advance. She went to those 3 clinics with me and translated for me. She did not go to YNY with me because it was really last minute decision and my friend was with me for the surgery on the same day. My two cents is if you don’t speak the language and don’t have Korean friend, you do need a translator as most of the docture speaking only broken english.

Now it is the 10th day post the surgery. I wear makeup, go outside without sun glasses and meet up with friends. Everyone says that I look super natural. Dr. Yun said that I will look even better the end of the first month, can’t wait. I can’t swim though for another 2 weeks just to give a little more time for my eyes to recover.

I will post my pics shortly
jolliemaieRumor19 Dec 11100
Dr. Yun is specialized in nose too. One example. The friend I mentioned has another friend visiting Dr. Yun on Dec 14th for her nose revision. Ironically, she was seeing Dr. Yun like 4-5 years ago for her nose job. She wanted tall and long nose in spite of the fact that she has short and low nose. Dr. Yun recommended a nose job with average size so that it could fit in her face better. He also warned her that ignoring all her face feature will inevitably result in painful revision. She did not like it and actually got her nose done with another surgeon in Korea who agreed to do everything she wanted.

Unforturnately, what Dr. Yun predicted actually happened. The silicon moved and started pointing out at the end. People who is planning on doing any kind of revision should be able to image what a nightmare it is. She went back to Korea last year for a nose revision and visited many large clinics but no one wanted to touch her case. The reason is the silicon has adhered to other tissues which makes the whole surgery risky. She was desperate and contacted Dr. Yun again. They scheduled the face-face consultation for Dec 14th. She is now in Korea. I will see her after she comes back.

I trust Dr. Yun. I believe everything will turn out to be fine. I actually asked him if I can get my nose done when I was in Korea. He said “No”. He said if he did the nose for me, he would need to change the shape of my face, after that, he would have to do my chin to make everything look natural and make sense.
Review24 Feb 14-100

1) Oh my God, it hurt. This is not to say you’ll have the same experience. I have a fairly high resistance to anesthetic, I’ve found out, and he doesn’t put you to sleep (we used local anesthetic and conscious sedation). He’ll use the word “sleep” multiple times, but I don’t think he realizes what that actually means, or if he does he’s lying to make you feel less nervous beforehand. The first time I had a mild panic attack on the table and he had to give me a lot extra to calm me down. The second procedure was even worse, because my resistance was even higher then. I wasn’t loopy at all, and was giving him fully awake, research-backed arguments for why I should have more anesthesia while lying there. He refused, and instead offered to “quit the procedure.” So I had to endure to get the whole thing done. He’s adamant that he doesn’t want his patients to “end up like Michael Jackson.” That made me laugh at first, but it means that if you’re in pain you won’t get anything more than he feels is safe.

2) He’s very conservative with the graft itself too. If you tell him you want full cheeks, you will not get full cheeks. You will get fuller cheeks, for sure, and it will look good, but maybe not quite the look you were going for. If you want a fuller chin (mine’s slightly receded, and I wanted it slightly forward like Jessica Alba), he will argue with you and tell you that it will look like a man’s–I think he’s very set on the Korean-specific standard of beauty. He will look at the picture you bring along for what you want to look like, but will not really consider it. I would have preferred a slight overfill, because most of the fat reabsorbed and aside from the forehead you couldn’t really tell I’d done anything by the end of the first month. The forehead itself was also slightly dented after a while. My face did look overall better, but for the money I would have wanted a more dramatic change.

So we’ll see how it looks when the swelling goes down for this one. I’m really debating on whether to do my rhinoplasty with him because of the anesthesia disaster, but the other cases had very good results.
Fat Graft
Review24 Feb 14100
I’m trying this in parts to see if I still get the error message.

I just had my touch-up second fat graft at YnY (Young and Young) with Dr. Julian Yun. I’ll let you decide if my two procedures were good experiences or not.

I had my forehead, temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and chin filled.


1) I went with Dr. Yun because I’m Caucasian, and he has a proven history of working with those patients. I really liked that he showed me before and afters on his previous Caucasian patients so I could see how natural it looked–most other clinics will not show you patient files of anyone, and so for someone who looks like me it’d be a total gamble. I was interested in doing a full-face fat graft with a rhinoplasty sometime months later when I have the time off. He has obvious skill, and none of the people I was shown looked like they’d had anything done at all, either with their fat grafts or with their noses.

2) You don’t have to worry about him overfilling. Dr. Yun takes a very conservative approach, and only puts fat in the areas he feels you need it.

3) He’s honest. He will flat-out tell you if he thinks you don’t need a procedure, and will never try to sell you something you don’t need. I liked that about him.

4) My result: good! It looks completely natural. He doesn’t fill evenly on both sides. Instead, he fills enough to make both sides of your face look balanced and symmetrical. He knows what he’s doing.
Fat Graft

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