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pikamiRumor18 Oct 10100Yes, I went to the clinic before and they do rib as well.
Here id the link of their website. My Korean friend recommended it for me because her friend used to have his nose surgery there and the result is good.

Well, no one coming during Xmas time with meeeeee??? hic hic. so upset!
sungminaReview11 May 08100
Hi, I am new here and decided to post my experience =).

I recently received a nose job 5 days ago and so far I have no regrets. I have been wanting the surgery since I was in middle school and I have finally gotten it at 22.

Some background, I am of Korean decent, but I was raised in the US. I received surgery in South Korea, from a well known and very experienced surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty. Coincidentally, we got a huge discount beause he was my mother’s friend’s brother in law, and went to medical school with my father. Although neither party knew before we went to the clinic lol. (We ended up paying about $1400 US dollars.)

I had an open rhinoplasty to have a bump in my bridge chiseled down (odd that I wanted it lower and most asians want it higher xD) as well has have my tip raised ever so slightly because I felt as though it was drooping. He asked me exactly what I wanted, and then took measurements of my face to see what would work as far as balance of the features and proceeded to explain the options and methods we could go with.

I feel as though my surgery went very well, I think it lasted about an hour and a half. I was awake, but I did not feel anything and went home about an hour afterwards.

Its only been 5 days, but so far I am very pleased. My bridge looks smooth, and my tip looks cute, it is exactly what I was hoping for. The swelling lasted up to the second day and has almost completely subsided. I had no bruising, but that might be because he didn’t have to break my nose. I’m only worried about getting the stitches out!

I will see if I can get before/after pictures when I get my stitches out and everything. Overall I had a very good experience with receiving a rhinoplasty in Korea.

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