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blinkeyesReview18 Mar 12100Hi girls,

I just wanna share my experience on my double eyelid surgery in Korea 🙂

Just like many of you, it has been my dream to do this surgery since young, super young.

And I’ve been doing researches, going online.. etc. And I know how it feels exactly. So many surgeons to choose from, all the worries and complications and etc.

Anyways, after my researches online, I shortlisted 3 surgeons:
1. VIP plastic surgery
2. Dream Korea
3. Banobagi

I liaised with all 3 places to book appointment and only VIP and banobagi replied me. (Btw my korean friend say these are the most popular and EXPENSIVE in korea)

So, on the 2nd day in Seoul, I went to my appointment at VIP. The doctor cant speak english, hence the director was the one explaining everything. The doctor said I had ptosis (eyelid muscle weakening)… and it really scared me -_- .. anyway she offered me the package: double eyelid (incision) + ptosis correction + medi epicanthoplasty for USD3,000 .. And later I bargained till 3million won.

Nonetheless I couldnt decide yet as its only my 1st consultation. But both me and my aunt felt that they were using the Fear factor to push me into doing it. The director was criticising about my eyes (because I used the glue) and saying its all wrinkle-ish .. and also ptosis can be very serious blahblah. I was depressed after the consultation!

2nd, I went to Paran, referred by aunt’s friend. And this doctor said I had no ptosis at all! Anyway he recommended me buried method (3 dots stitching?). He said downtime is lesser and looks very natural. His price was the MOST reasonable of all, and unbelievable cheap, maybe because got referral? Its only around 1.2k SGD for eyelid + epicanthoplasty. Dr Min was also very gentle and seems concern. I feel really comfortable with him but not with the method, I’ve heard stitches releasing after a few years 🙁

Then, just before I go to banobagi at 5pm, I walked past Grand plastic surgery. I was attracted by the huge poster of this korean celebrity who was super auntish looking and became damm pretty. anyway no harm consulting, so I went in.

Dr Yoon was the one recommended to me. He, too, said I had no ptosis problem and recommended me buried method + adhesion method + epicanthoplasty. The adhesion method is new to me, it is making a cut underneath the skin, inbetween the stitches to make them stick together naturally. I dont really know how it works but I just trust him and his method. The china interpreter said they are the only clinic who does that. I felt really comfortable with Dr Yoon, he speaks english and just made me have the faith in him. After consultation, the “sales” quoted me 1,980,000 won, approximately 2.4k SGD.

BTW, in korea, dont ask the doctor the price, they only tell you the method etc. Prices and all others are answered by their “sales” girls. Further discs can be done if i book appointment today. I said I’ll call them by 7pm to let them know. (because i still wanna go banobagi)

I took subway to Yeoksam to Banobagi. Really grand building, posh environment. But expensive. However I was back to square 1 after this doctor. Not very friendly, doesnt speak english, and like factory. chop chop finish. Said I had ptosis as well -_- Now Im confused. 2 vs 2. Personally i felt i dont have lah, so i didnt care. I trust Dr Min and Dr Yoon more! Anyway they quote me ptosis + double eyelid + epi for close to 6000SGD !!
Really overpriced overkill overdo. And the sales said “the price is the ego of the doc, they know they’re good” .. what about mine then -_- .. SO, banobagi was out of the question!

As clock starts ticking, I had to decide immediately. Ptosis or not? No, so incision or buried? End up, I chose the hybrid of the 2 – Grand; buried + adhesion… Reason, comfortable with doctor, trust, price ok, method sounds good. Lol.

FINAL PRICE I PAID: 1,870,000 won.. approx 2.2k?

I went the next day for surgery. I always had this same china lady with me to help me translate. But after payment, after confirmation, she didnt really care about me already 🙁 . this part was sad. She said she will accompany me into the surgery room. But last min someone had some emergency or smth, she left. I was alone. with a korean nurse. who cant speak english/mandarin. I felt damm scared. Almost felt like backing out on surgerical bed. Because we couldnt converse and she put me on drip, which is damm pain!

But when Dr Yoon came, I felt better, cause he can speak English and he explains to me. I always thought they wouldnt put me to sleep, but they did :O .. Which was awesome! But I was also scared like that might go wrong cos he cant ask me to open my eyes to see how he stitched?? Anyway, knocked out after the injection into the drip. Felt no pain throughout my right eye. Until the last part where he stitched up my epicanthoplasty, I woke up in pain! I think the medicine went off ~~~ I cried and mumbled, still giddy and still sleepy but felt pain. I heard dr yoon said “sorry.. im sorry, made you pain. last part.” and I fell back asleep. Next thing I know, 2hours had past, and its all over. I didnt dare to look at the reflection. Until I got back to the rented apartment… Omg.. bruised and swollen…. skip the emo part. the chinese lady called me later in the day to apologize for not being beside me. At least she called 🙂 .. felt better.

Overall experience in Grand is not bad. Except I think they shld have more chinese speaking staff and show more care and concern? Not much follow-up by doctor as well =( .. after the surgery never see him already. Went back to remove stitches 5days later by a nurse, not him also.

OK LONG ESSAY!!! picture time 🙂


hope this can help you guys~ btw only up to 1 week… but enough to show i guess? still bruised but recovering ?

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