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dragonboatRumor2 May 16100
Hi michelleee,

One of my Korean friends recommended Orange Clinic as well for eyes! That seems to be a common recommendation (the other clinic they recommended was Kara, which is actually one floor above the Orange Clinic in Sinsa-dong). From what I remember though, there seems to be two 오렌지 성형외과 near Apgujeong… which one was your friends referring to?

I didn’t go for a consultation sadly as their website is entirely in Korean and I wasn’t sure if they had in-house translators:
EkkocatReview22 Jan 18100
Hi everyone!
I just got back from having eyelid surgery in Seoul and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. I was born with really small double eyelids (so they basically look like monolids) but about 3 years ago I started to get double eyelids after losing a lot of weight, but they were not stable and the crease height would change everyday, or sometimes there would be no crease at all. I decided around 6 months ago that I wanted to get surgery. I knew I wanted to do it in Korea because I think they’re much more skilled/experienced than surgeons in the US. A friend of mine did them in NY a year ago and not only was it really expensive, but one of her eyes doesn’t have a crease anymore and she has to wear eyelid tape.

Researching clinics was somewhat difficult because my Korean is not so good. I ended up choosing to schedule a consultation at 3 different clinics: Ruby PS, Orange Clinic, and La Foret. For the first two, I called, and for the third I messaged them on Kakao. They responded super fast and were pretty nice.

The first place I went to was Ruby, on the 9th and 10th floor of Rex Tower. One of the two elevators was broken so I literally had to wait like 10 minutes to go up lol. I went to the 9th floor for my consultation. The clinic is brightly lit and well decorated. First, I met with one of the ladies at the front desk for an initial consultation with my dad to help translate for me. She asked me things like why I wanted surgery, what type of double eyelids I wanted, etc. She was incredibly nice and hospitable. After meeting with her I felt really good about Ruby. Then, I met with the doctor. I wasn’t sure which doctor I wanted, so she said she would pick the most experienced one for me, also because I came from far away. I met with Dr. Lee Woo Young. He took a look at my eyes and said that he would recommend incisional DES and that the length of my eyes was fine. He also told me that the muscle in my eyelids was weak so he would tighten it to make it stronger. Before coming to Korea I thought that the doctors would recommend non-incisional because I sort of have double eyelids already, but I knew I wanted incisional because I want the results to last forever, and I read that non-incisional is a bit less precise than incisional. The doctor was really patient and thorough and he answered all my questions carefully and always asked me if I had any more. My impression from Ruby was so good that after leaving I was almost sure that I was going to have my surgery there. The price they quoted my if I put down a refundable deposit for a surgery date was 1.5 million won, so I told them that I may come back later that day to schedule the surgery.

The next consultation I had was at Orange clinic. It was a smaller clinic and from what I can tell it seems like only Korean people go there based on the people there and the fact that the forms you fill out are only available in Korean. The clinic was not fancy or anything, but it didn’t look bad. The people at the front desk were nice but not as nice and enthusiastic as the ones at Ruby. At Orange I only met with the doctor, who also recommended incisional DES. He drew some diagrams on a paper showing the different types of eyes people have ranging from “sleepy” to wide open and he said I just barely had sleepy eyes, and that I didn’t REALLY need surgery because my eyes were fine. I appreciated that he was honest and didn’t try to push they surgery. This consultation was a lot shorter because I basically already knew about the procedures and what I wanted. After leaving Orange, I knew I wanted to go to Ruby, so I cancelled my last consultation at La Foret and went back to Ruby to pay and schedule my surgery.

The lady I first consulted with was really happy that I came back and she said she had a feeling that I would, haha. After paying she explained to me that I couldn’t eat or drink 8 hours before the surgery (at 2 PM), including gum or candy. I also had to take off my nail polish and come to the clinic without makeup. The next day I went to the 10th floor where they do surgery. I wasn’t nervous at all because I really wanted the surgery and I was excited to do it. They give you clothes and a disposable underwear to change into and they have you wash your face before the surgery. Then you lie down on the operating table and they cover you in lots of blankets. I didn’t feel scared on the table but my dad told me later that he saw my hands shaking. I’ve read online that for a lot of people the shots they give you in the eye hurt like hell, so I was really glad that at Ruby they put you to sleep first while they administer the shots, and then you wake up later while the surgery is going on. I fell asleep very quickly after the administered the anesthetic and woke up really drowsy. I could feel a bunch of stuff in my eye moving around and although it felt weird, it didn’t hurt. The only part that hurt a bit was the stitching part, but even then, it was fine. The doctor had me open and close my eyes several times for each eye as he did the stitching.

After everything was done, the nurses sat me up and the doctor gave me a mirror to see my eyes. I was surprised at how clean it looked- no redness, bruising, or discoloration. All I could see was the incision and the stitches on my eyelid. My vision was also fine. After the surgery I was taken to rest in a bed. There were a couple beds in the room but no one was there. I stayed for maybe 30 minutes? Until I was fine to leave. I picked up my medication at the downstairs pharmacy and was on my way. I was given an eye mask to ice my eyes, so I tried to do that as much as possible (although I didn’t do it enough because for most of my days in Korea I was outside doing stuff). The next day I came back to have my stitches cleaned, and I had my stitches removed one week after. Getting the stitches removed hurt a tiny bit, but the nurse was really nice and made the process easier.

It’s been around 3.5 weeks since my surgery and I still have a fair amount of swelling but most people cannot tell I’ve had the surgery, probably because I had double eyelids before so the change isn’t as dramatic as it is for people who had monolids initially. After coming back to the US I went to my eye doctor and he prescribed me an ointment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to help with the healing. I’m hoping that in the next month my eyelids will start to look more natural and settle down.

Overall, I’m super happy with my whole experience at Ruby and the results! If I ever want anything else done I would definitely go back there. If anyone wants to see pics of my eyes before and after, feel free to message me!
lovelypeachRumor30 Jan 17-100
It was back in December 2013, but here is a table of 13 plastic surgery clinics of Seoul that received a correction order from the Fair Trade Commission, including a fake and exaggerated advertisement (that means effectiveness of procedures were not verified but just speculated)
Clinics mentionned in order:
Izien Plastic Surgery
Clinic S
Orange Plastic Surgery
Romian Plastic Surgery
Opera Plastic Surgery
Hershe Plastic Surgery
DAMIIN Plastic Surgery
Korea Plastic Surgery
Grand Plastic Surgery

Some examples of what they said:
“Only 30min to look young, solving stubborn skin, pores and fine lines” (Lapians)
“Gold lifting lasts for 8~12 years” (Opera)
“Remove wrinkles and get back good skin” (Mirae)

If you want the whole article just PM me I have to look for it
missemmaRumor3 Dec 12100
My aunt works for some sort of acting agency and she recommended me these clinics.

Has anyone heard of jk, orange clinic, and first clinic?

*not promoting or anything by the way.

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