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hellobbyReview12 Feb 18-1003. Oblige
When we arrived, I thought it looked more similar to my dermatologist’s office. There was a sign that listed the price for skin procedures and it was pretty empty whereas the other two were full. I wasn’t really interested in this clinic from the beginning because it was suggested by my friend’s friend but I decided to go here anyway since I should do consultations at multiple clinics. It doesn’t hurt to hear what the doctor has to say, right? I paid a 5,000? consultation fee and again, filled out the form. There was a receptionist who spoke some English. They were all pretty and nice as well!

We went in to see the doctor and it seems like he has the best English out of the three doctors. He was also very nice and polite. He only recommended the ptosis correction for me and that yes, while I do have sleepy-looking eyes, it can be fixed with just ptosis. Since I am young, I don’t need a forehead lift (we didn’t inform him that I went to two other clinics and that the other two doctors had recommended it). For a pretty looking eye, the iris should be 90-95% showing. However, due to my eyelids being lower and covering the top part, my irises are only about 70% showing, hence the more sleepy look. During the ptosis correction surgery, he said he would be able to shorten the levator muscle; I guess that’s where the lift would be coming from.

Post consultation, went over the price and dates with the receptionists and with that, consultations were finished!

This may have created my bias but out of the three clinics that I made appointments with, I was already most interested in S-Leaders. It is one of the top clinics for DES in Daegu and someone had recommended the clinic to me. I had asked her if there was another clinic she’d recommend because I want to consult with more than one. She and many of my other friends and their friends had recommended Joseph’s as well because it’s another top and popular one. But from the three clinics and their websites, S-Leaders had a nice and updated page, with before and after pictures. There were a lot of reviews for it, too, on Naver. Overall…
Joseph’s was too factory-like feeling for me since it was quick and there were so many people! It was constantly full the first hour they were open and I thought their look was a bit more plastic-looking. They were already full so I wouldn’t be able to have the operation till March anyway.
Oblige felt like they were better with dermatology stuff and as it turns out, my friend did a Naver search and found that the doctor I consulted with, his specialty is more derma-related. The other doctor at this clinic is more skilled for surgery.
S-Leaders was also popular and busy but I really love that the doctor and receptionist took their time to explain it to my friend and I. I thought that the overall staff were friendly and I just I felt most comfortable here.
After the three consultations, we called to inform S-Leaders that I would like to go ahead with them. They were going on lunch break around then (luckily, so were we!) so they told us to come at 2 to fill the forms and 10% deposit.

When we arrived, I paid the 10% and we confirmed the date and time. They also write down the instructions for what to do before surgery but because I was a foreigner, the doctor had written everything down in English for me ahead of time! It was so nice and considerate of them. I think the doctor’s English is actually better than what we thought but because my Korean friend was with me, it was probably just easier to say it all in Korean. My friend who went to consultation with me can’t come on surgery day since she has work at the time. Receptionist say if I can come with a Korean friend, it’d be better because she (the receptionist I’m working with) isn’t good with English. But, if I can’t find someone, she’ll use a translator or doctor. But my friend informed them I can understand Korean and she’ll be on call so it’ll be okay. Otherwise, Papago (Korean translating app) is good, lol.

My appointment will be on Feb 14th, 4:30pm! I’m super nervous because it’ll be my first surgery and I’ll just look different. I’m nervous that I won’t like the way I look but I know it’s something I want to do… I’ve been stalking this forum for a while and it’s something I thought about since I was young. I’m now (almost) 26 years old and I have been living in S. Korea for 3.5 years. With all the advertisements, how can I not think about doing it? LOL. Hopefully the surgery will go well and the results turn out nice.…

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