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126babyRumor2 Dec 13-100
Mentioned this b4 in another thread, Grand is advertising a ‘celebrity’ Yoon Hyun-sook for two-jaw surgery who was operated on by a doctor who has left. I happened to realize this when I saw her picture repeated on the website of Life Plastic Surgery.

The face that pops out at you when you surf to

What I found nestled in

I Skype with the coordinator and she confirmed tt Dr Rhee of Life Plastic Surgery performed two-jaw on this lady. But she definitely had other procedures done to make her look so much younger (it is Photoshopped)

If Grand is still advertising the work of a doctor who has left, then the resident doctor must have no good works to feature so don’t go with Grand.
Life PS is very new so that is still a question mark too.
Rumor10 Nov 13100
LIFE Plastic Surgery

English (英文) TEL:+82 -70-4726-4302 / E-mail:
中文 (Chinese) TEL: +82-70-4726-4303 / QQ: 2923033654/ E-mail:
13th Floor, Daedong Building, 1306-8, Seocho 4 Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Yaebeen / LIFE Plastic Surgery English Coordinator

[Double Eyelid Surgery]
1. Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Method 1,550,000 ~1,700,000 Korean won
2. Ptosis Correction 700,000 ~ 900,000 Korean won
3. Magic Epicanthoplasty 1,000,000 ~ 1,100,000 Korean won
4. Lateral Epicanthoplasty 1,000,000 ~ 1,100,000 Korean won

5. Augmentation Rhinoplasty + Nasal Tiplasty 2,750,000 ~ 3,000,000 Korean won
6. Alar Base Reduction Surgery 700,000 ~ 770,000 Korean won
7. Subdermal Shaving 700,000 ~ 770,000 Korean won

Of all the clinics, this is the cheapest but of course doesnt mean good.
I found this clinic on a taiwanese forum. a girl did her eyes results was great.
forget to save the link :nogood: . Anyone heard this clinic?
LiaraReview26 Apr 14100
Hey everyone!

Just got my procedure done at LIFE. It was a rhinoplasty + tipplasty + short nose correction for 2.75 mil KRW.

Consultation at LIFE:
The consultation went very well. I spoke with Sue the translator and another consultant and they were extremely friendly and not pushy at all. Sue’s English is very fluent and she actually used to live in Canada for a bit. I then was taken to see Dr. Kim. I was expecting to see Dr. Rhee, but apparently Dr. Rhee flew out of Korea for a seminar. I was ok with this because when I spoke with Dr. Kim he was very attentive to my needs and detailed with his explanations of my procedures. He also specializes in more natural looking noses which is exactly what I wanted. I got a 3 mm soft silicone implant (because my forehead is really flat) and he decided against alarplasty for me because he said my alars would reach a desirable thickness, with the short nose correction itself and alarplasty cause unnecessary scarring. Afterwards, I spoke with Sue and the consultant and they quoted me a price that was much much lower than what I had expected it to be and they weren’t pushing me at all and actually had no problem with me shopping around at other clinics. Finally, I told them the latest I had to leave and possibly take out my stitches fell on a Korean holiday. Dr. Kim said he and some other staff would come in just to help me remove my stitches that day. Overall, I was very happy with my experience minus not getting to actually see Dr. Rhee.

Consultation at Wonjin:
I went to Wonjin after LIFE just to check it out. The clinic was much much busier than LIFE. I waited for a bit and was placed in a room with a consultant and translator. The consultant was very enthusiastic and a fast talker. I got a very “salesman” vibe from her, but that could just be my bias since I was already set on LIFE. They suggested pretty much the same procedures LIFE suggested, but quoted me over 6.5 mil KRW, which was over 1 mil more than they had quoted me in e-mail. This was already 100% out of my budget and I didn’t feel like I was getting as much care and attention so I didn’t even bother to see the Dr.

Surgery at LIFE:
I was led to the surgery floor and Dr. Kim was just finishing up another patient. The really sucky part was that the room was kind of just one giant room with a partition in between. As they were prepping me I could hear the other girl kind of moaning and groaning and that made me get extremely nervous… My consultant held my hand until I fell asleep. Another thing that kind of sucked, although I think they might have done this on purpose, was that I regained consciousness near the end. I wasn’t super freaked out or anything it was just uncomfortable and a little unsettling. I just kept mumbling that I wanted to go back to sleep and Sue kept saying I was almost done. Afterwards they led me to a recovery room explained what I had to do for recovery and gave me my meds. Then they helped me get a taxi to go back to my hostel.

So now comes the recovery. I’ll update you guys as I go along, but I just want to say I was very pleased with the staff and service at LIFE, it was exactly as I read in a previous post by a user named muppets. She never updated her actual results unfortunately. Hopefully my results are good! Will update!
LiaraReview3 May 14100Here is a b&a for those that are interested 🙂
LiaraReview3 May 14100
Stitch removal day!

Removing the stitches wasn’t too painful it just stung a bit. Dr. Kim came in to take a look at my nose. Everything seemed alright and he told me all the swelling will go down in a couple months.

My nose looks very natural and the shape is similar to my old nose but smaller and nicer. Everything seems really nice though there’s still some swelling so my tip is still quite bulbous. My only complaint is that my left nostril seems very very slightly longer than my right nostril but its not very noticeable. When I asked Dr. Kim about it he said its due to the swelling and should even out. Its still a little sensitive to the touch but I want to clean it so badly!

I’ll update you guys again in a week or two 🙂
LiaraReview5 June 14100
Hey everyone. I made a post a while ago about my primary rhino at LIFE and this will be my last post for updating!

Here is my post on my experience there.

Swelling has gone down a lot, thankfully my nose isn’t crooked it was just uneven swelling. None of my friends could tell that I had done anything but it is a huge improvement.

I’m very happy with the results IRL it looks very natural and similar to my old nose and in photos it looks 10x better than before. I probably won’t log on for a long time to answer questions… I wish everyone good luck!
mrsluckyReview14 May 14100
Please forgive for my english grammar and spelling because english is not my first language, and I hope you can understand what I write.

On the 12th monday after lunch I go o the 3 clinic of my choice for consultation.

I go to Life first because i have appoiment with him, the doctor was trustworthy, he knows his stuff, he was nice and I was told that he used to be an ent surgeron with the government hospital, he look young but I am very happy of his suggestion of the procedure of how to do my nose revision,

After Life I go to JW but the doctor I want was outstation so I was attended by other doctor whom give the same advice like dr Kim of Life.

After that I go to dream clinic, and I waited for a long time because the sales consultants are all very busy and I see a numbers of people. Anyway I manage to see mrs Lee and request to do consultation with dr Park the next day and also ask if he can operate me the same day.
I am also happy with the price quotation. Its much cheaper than JW but Life gave better price. But the end of the day I choose dream because I know Dr Park good reputation.

I fast from 10am and at 1pm I meet dr Park and i trust him to do the operation for me.
Daphene from Singapore have been there for me to pprepare for the operation, when I was put to sleep and after I woke up. She is a sweetheart, I am not scared at all because I know im in good hand, I am just scared of needle so the head nurse use the tiniest needle for me.

My ear cartilage was harvest by different dr and dr Park fix my nose, throughout the surgery I was in and out of consousness. When ever I am aware I request them to put me back to sleep..

When I woke up, my dear mystiqueaura from this forum was there waiting for me. She took me back to the hotel. I am so lucky to have her with me in this ps trip to korea.
muppetsReview3 Feb 14100
Hi everyone,

I am back! And really really pleased with this trip! I don’t think anyone remembers me here, so here’s a short history: I did my first tip and alarplasty at Pitangui, which while not a disaster was pretty bad. I thought i looked better, but realised that my nose had, in fact, not changed at all while clicking through my photos.

At that time my priority was price, but this time round I realised that bar those clinics which cater to international patients, most clinics’ pricing for rhino were about the same, give or take. This meant that I shortlisted my clinics more easily because I didn’t have to wait for price quotes from consultants. Second, from reading this forum I realised that I needed to take note of the surgeons too (eg Dr Lee, who’s quite famous, was at View but has set up his own clinic, but he doesn’t perform rhinoplasty (it’s a Dr Ahn whom I didn’t manage to find information on)). I shortlisted View, Laforet (from one of the bna photos shinyglittery collated), wannabe (although I changed my mind afterwards- have you seen how protruding the nose on their model is?? And they are actively recruiting for real-life stories so I wasn’t very sure whether reviews I read on forums could be trusted..), Life, Item, JK, Braun (they did this Chinese model and this is a clinic recommended by Koreans) and Chungdam U (apparently does a lot of ulzzangs). I dropped JK and Braun because even though I liked them they were really expensive and Chungdam U because I think they practise discriminatory pricing (I really hate this) and are expensive too…

In the end I scheduled appointments with Life, Item and View, but went to Life first and decided on them straightaway. I already had a favourable impression of Life because their consultant was very prompt in replying (I had to call Item and View up to make appointments, and communication in English was a problem) and the email advice they gave was comprehensive- I wasn’t pushed to do more procedures and they refused to do some of the procedures I wanted. The consultant also offered to arrange for transport and accommodation but by then I had already reserved my hotel so didn’t take this option.

I also liked Life because there was just one surgeon (no switching) who was previously from Grand (experience, and probably pretty damn good), and I’d searched for him and his name showed up on Naver etc (made an assumption here that surgeons have to be really good to be mentioned on Naver hehe..). There are quite a few horror stories about Grand though so I thought his experience could either be a good or bad thing and had reservations.

I spoke with the consultant first, and then with the surgeon, Dr Rhee. I thought he was really cute and earnest!! The moment he came in he gave me this whack/encouraging squeeze on the shoulder which really reassured me, and then he took the time to explain everything to me all over again. The consultant was there acting as translator but Dr Rhee actually understands English well- I asked a question and before the consultant had translated he was already moving to check and measure my face, and to answer the question. I was to have a I-shaped soft-silicon implant, open rhino because it was a revision, alarplasty and septal cartilage for tipplasty. The implant was what I wanted (in short- I didn’t want the L-shaped because it = sharper tip but more risk of protrusion, and soft silicon > goretex which may cause complications because skin grows into the pores and makes it harder to remove) and the type of tipplasty I wanted (I wanted septal last year because it is less intrusive than ear cartilage removal but for some reason Dr Yoo said I didn’t have enough cartilage?). I decided on them straight after because it just. Felt right. i felt like the people in charge of me were people I could trust to do a good job. I had a huge problem with the payment though, but which was solved.

Second consultation:
Right before the surgery i had another consultation. This time round I brought along some photos to show Dr Rhee what I wanted/didn’t want. I found it really touching that he spent a really really long time trying to figure out what exactly I wanted (yes I was slightly overkeen and showed like tons of photos). After he’d drawn on my face, he was still repeating what I wanted to himself when he left the room :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:.

I was then led into a room to take ‘before’ photos.

This was whoa. The nurses knew what they were doing- they were so efficient! I was strapped down and had heavy blankets piled on me. The consultant was there to pass on instructions. The surgeon checked and measured my face again, and then I went out like a light.

When I woke up I found myself in another room on a reclining chair. Which is weird because I cannot for my life remember waking up at all?? If anyone can explain this I’m interested to know. Was quite glad for being so dead though since I had had nightmares about waking up mid-surgery (see post on previous op). The consultant was there and brought me antibiotics etc.

Post-Op Care
I am impressed with the post-op care too. The nurse was seriously damn efficient in cleaning my nose, but damn did it hurt! Especially when the nurse pulled the cotton swabs out from my nostrils.

Taking out the stitches hurt too. A freaking lot. The consultant was so sweet though- she sat by me and held my hand throughout. They didn’t remove the stitches inside my nose though. Guys, remember that stitches inside the nose are taken out two weeks after surgery, so plan accordingly or you’ll have to go to a clinic back home to take them out.

Random- I am quite curious to know if the nurses moved over to Life from Grand too.

After this I was taken to see Dr Rhee again. Dr Rhee checked my nose and was happy with it (choayo?). He also gave me feedback on what happened to my nose the first time round. Apparently, when he opened my nose up, my ear cartilage was chopped up and in weird positions. Nothing had been done too to make the nose less bulbous. Dr Yoo had also cut out some of my septal cartilage which screwed up the structure of my tip.

And then.. that was it. 🙂

What I didn’t like about the trip/could have done:
I stayed in Nonhyeon-dong and the clinic was in Apgujeong, which isn’t very near for walking but too near for some taxi drivers. I had quite a hard time trying to find cabs willing to take me, and even when I did some drivers took the longer route so I was charged thrice the price. Which was really annoying since I couldn’t see at all without my glasses and had to rely on cabs.

Life is one entire building (was subconsciously thinking dayum Dr Rhee must be damn rich.. :p) and is right in front of the Apgujeong tube entrance. I don’t know about you guys but I still get quite awkward about being seen going into a clinic, so this was quite uncomfortable for me…

I was also quite ditzy and didn’t ask enough questions about what kinds of procedures would be performed. So I had as you would guess quite a shock when I realised that I’d had a 4.5mm implant. 😆 It doesn’t look very high though..

Conclusion? I think that Life are really professional and will recommend them in a heartbeat. I have only had surgery experience with one other clinic though which may have set the bar slightly too low, but I still think this clinic knows what it’s doing. Ultimately though what is most important is the feel- I may be putting too much stock into this but I seriously think this is what works best. In retrospect I probably could have researched more or went for other consultations first, but there was something that just said this was the right clinic. Although I am pretty sure I annoyed some of the consultants (there was this consultant who was giving me the death glare lol.. well I am sorry if I am so ugly that I offend your senses, but whatever) the two consultants helping international patients (Yaebeen and this really cute Korean lady…can’t remember her name though her surname’s ee?) are more than enough. Yaebeen was in touch with me and keeping me company right to the end, which really helped since I don’t spek Korean. heh. And I love my nose now and that’s all I care about :smile:.

And.. that’s all. Ask away! Although I value my privacy so no photos, sorry. They have a before and after album on the first floor though so if you’re going for consultations go flip through that (I didn’t do this till when I removed my stitches.. which in retrospect is also quite silly..)
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muppetsRumor4 Feb 14100
Hey Liara,

it was a combination of many factors, and also a process of elimination:

1. some of the other clinics were too expensive. I actually really like Braun, but they were too ex. I’d recommend them too if price is not an issue for you!
2. Those clinics were also discriminatory in pricing and I didn’t think I could trust them to not shortchange me.
3. Of the clinics I shortlisted, I looked more closely at before and after photos of the noses. One thing I was very wary of was the uneven size of the nostrils. And realised that a lot of the clinics showed quite imperfect noses. I particularly liked the profile of the three girls (women? I really have no idea what to call the Kpopstra-lookalikes, they’re too cutesy to be women yet too old to be girls..) on the website, cos I thought he did noses that were kinda…slightly more adult-feeling?

View’s noses were nice but quite weird from the side. They looked like..onion bulbs rather that curved slope thing (words fail me haha) that I wanted. But they are really famous and have skilled surgeons so I sill booked an appointment with them. Item has good reviews on naver.
4. I searched his name on the web. Found out that he is really good at revisional eyelid surgery but little on rhinoplasty. Also has good reviews on naver. But he’s from Grand and I think he’d have received good training.. he performed surgery on quite a few of the stars if I’m not wrong, and for me I think pride would mean he’d want to do a good job to maintain his reputation, especially given that the clinic is new and he’s running a one-man show.
5. He was using the operating techniques and implants that I wanted.
6. The consultant spoke English. She’s lived abroad for 9 years and so is bilingual, which really helped a lot.
7. There were many locals there, which kind of made me think that they knew something I didn’t.
8., and this is actually what clinched it for me- the vibe I got was positive. I thought they were professional and I could trust them and so I decided to take the plunge.

But remember to book consultations with other clinics too!! I am someone who goes with my gut feeling quite a lot heh (which sometimes is frankly suicidal) but this time it worked and I’m really blessed I guess. There’s a bna album on the first floor (second floor non-European..I think?) where consultations are held so you really should flip through them to judge for yourself before deciding. Best of luck with the search!:smile::smile::smile:

Speaking of which..they took before and after photos but promised they wouldn’t display them. I really hope this is the case if not I’d be seriously fking mad.
qriReview27 Aug 14100
Finally finished my consultation and surgery + recovery process reviews. I like the results so far but swelling is still really bad. surgery day can be found in the next post. It was so hard choosing between life and jw!

After my surgery I chatted with Daphne for a bit via e-mail (eng consultant at Dream) and she gave me some pretty interesting info. We started to talk about other clinics since she asked if I wouldn’t mind telling her who I chose over Dream.

Apparently JW is pretty big competition for them and they recently lost quite a few potential clients to them. Wonjin still has a good reputation among Koreans, she was surprised to learn it has a bad rep with oversea people (basically this forum). She also told me Grand isn’t doing too well and has a bad reputation among Koreans right now.
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Vanilla Creme
Review28 Aug 14-100
I wanna tell members here about my terrible service I had in Life yesterday.

Dr Kim is a good and attentive doctor. I had nothing to complain about him. Sorry for my bad English. I only wish to expose the kind of bad experience I had last night with the *****y China translator and the korean consultant.

I was supposed to had my operation around slightly over 3 pm i guessed. Was being brought to the operating theater to await for preparation and surgery. Boy…the room was extremely cold and I can’t help not to feel nervous. I was lying there for quite some time. And the China translator was who supposedly
there to “calm” me down. She did nothing. At a part while I was kinda shivering, she even made an attempt to pull down part of my pyjamas, exposing a part of my upper body. Maybe the nurse had told her to help for sterilizing purpose, but she need NOT have to go that attend to make me feel humiliated. Excuse me, I’m not doing breast surgery. I felt so pissed off with her action. And I tried to cover up myself and said nothing. Ok… this is not the best part….

After my operation, God knows how long I’ve been inside there. It’s seems ages. I was all giddy, groggy and weak on my legs that I can’t move at all and needed them to give me a helping hand. When I was finally out, I’d the china translator and a nurse each supported me on my sides. I felt so nauseous and kept wanting to throw out. The china translator was there all the while, but she doesn’t seems that “sincere” on waiting me. Her reaction tell me so.

I was still feeling groppy and weak for a few hours after visiting the “3rd dimension” and back, I’d never this feeling having done surgeries for the last 3 times. Not sure if it’s my body bad constitute or maybe the sleeping dosage was too much. Anyway, here comes the best part. I know it’s their closing time. The korean consultant came to check if I’m well to go back on my own. They checked on me several times and I just have this strong feeling that they can’t wait to chase me out of the clinic because it’s their closing time!!

Finally, god blessed..I was at last “feeling” a little better but still giddy, at least my legs are not as wobbly now as compared than before. They impatiently “helped” me out of the resting room, to the lift and then the lobby. Asking me to write my address on a slip so the cabby can send me back. They “quickly escort” me out to the main road for the taxi. They must have felt a big relieve!!

All the while, I was still in a shape of weakness but I felt they just don’t care. They only can’t wait to close shop so they can go home!

The “treatment” Before and After is also difference. You know what I mean..before I consult and after my surgery. I still do not have her name. She was there to help me because I speak mandarin as well. They have not get a English consultant yet.

In my opinion, Dr Kim is good and attentive doctor. He gave me a good vibe. But not the *****y china translator and the damn korean translator. You can always tell after they’re done with you. You’re not their concern anymore.

PS: The whole of last night, I was still weak back in hostel. I was all alone in a foreign land. And to get that kind of treatment was the last thing on my mind.
Vanilla Creme
Review4 Oct 14-100
Do not go to LIFE clinic!

Their post op service was totally BAD, The China translator, her attitude is extremely one kind. Simply ignored all my kakao msgs. And I want to say this, she was the opposite when she was trying hard to get my business when I consult them in the first place. What a ***** she is!!

And the new English translator, Chloe is equally bad. Slow response and in the last email she died off. She simply wrote “please make a trip here to consult doctor.” Is she trying to close the chapter?!

Their service really pissed me off. Helpless here and yet receiving treatment like that. It’s really a sad case for foreigner having PS and when we’re back at our country, we simply cannot do anything much if complication occurred and they just couldn’t care less.

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