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lemmetelluRumor23 Feb 18100Actually, I will just take this time to write down all the clinics I had on my list. I whittled this long list down to 7, then to the 5 that could see me on short notice.
I was going to make a new post, but I guess it’s not THAT worthy and I’m too lazy to write out long things for all the clinics and why I put them on my list.

Ive- Dr. Seong Soo Jang
Shinseung- Dr. Young Shik Shin
Oscar- Dr. Seung Wook Baek
MVP- Dr. Hyo Seok Seo
June- Dr. Tae Seop Lee
Kim Han Sung
Dream- Dr. Yang Soo Park or Dr. Song
Natural Face- Dr. Go
Gyalumhan- Dr. Tae Joo Ahn
View- Dr. Jung Min Kim
Navi- Dr. Soo Woo Jung or Dr. Yoo

If there’s a doctor’s name next to the clinic, it means those are the docs that I thought would be the most skilled for eyes at that particular clinic.

MVP and Teuim were on my list solely due to Purseforum. It was hard to find info on Teuim on Korean cafes and blogs, because the word in Korean is the same word for epi basically. lol. So I’m still not 100% sure what Koreans think of Teuim since I only saw a few reviews.

All the other places were mentioned quite a lot on Korean cafes as providing natural-looking DES results, so if you were thinking of going to any of the clinics on this list, then I think it’s fine. Obviously, I’m not like some expert on DES in Korea, but I researched a lot for a long time to get to this list. Some places like Natural Face, Gyalumhan, and Navi I was a little suspicious of brokers, but I did see photo reviews that looked nice.

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