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Review9 Mar 17100
For hair transplant I went to JP (I wrote a super in-depth post about my experience here: because they were doing a promotion on Babitalk and I read good reviews about them on Soyoung. It cost me 2.5 million won, however, I heard they’ve since increased their prices drastically (like doubled).

For nose I went to JWPS (not JW, the super famous one everyone talks about here). The price was great (can’t remember but it was super low, like 1.5 million won) and he was very professional in our consultation. Had great before and afters that showed a variety of styles. However, the aftercare wasn’t good and I basically only saw him for 2 minutes after my cast was taken off. I got the exact result that I wanted though.
Review26 Apr 17100
I made a very detailed post about my initial experience here:

Please read that before you ask any questions that might already have been answered here!

(To those on the big KK groupchat, hi there I’m CC!)

Basic info:
– I had a short and wide forehead. Got hairline graft to make my forehead less wide, and a little bit to make it even shorter (I like small foreheads)
– Got FUE. In my unprofessional opinion, FUE is better.
– I don’t know how many follicles were grafted, but I was not limited. They let me design the hairline that I wanted and even suggested for me to get a lower hairline.
– Cost 2.5 million won using a babitalk deal
– Went to JP clinic ?? ?? (I chose it because of the good reviews on soyoung)

Preop pic
Sorry for the tiny picture. I rarely took photos of me in a ponytail because of my forehead.

Day 0
Lots of scabs and hair sticking up. I wore a hat on the way back home from my clinic. The hairline here looks lower than it ended up being (after recovery) due to the pen markings made by the dr, and the hairline looks denser than it’ll actually be because of the scabs. If I had known this, I would have asked them to implant more :/ At the time I thought what I saw was what I was going to end up with.

Days 1-5
Very easy recovery, besides the scabs being super super itchy. In fact, I scratched off some off my scabs while I was falling asleep without realising, which affected my hairline 🙁 You’ll see later.
I wore a hat for the first 3 days.

Day 4
Sorry for the blurry pic, that’s all I had. I went out for dinner with no hat. Looked pretty natural unless you stood right next to me. But if you’re planning to go into work or school without a hat on day 4, people might be curious. I think if you have a fringe though, you can go back to school/work after the 1st day. (I actually expected that I would have to get a fringe to hide the hair transplants but turns out I didn’t have to as the hairs fell out after some time.)
Implanted hairs are still quite unnaturally stiff which is why they look weird (they stick up) – they’ll get softer over the coming days.
Scabs starting to fall off over days 3-6.

Day 10
Stitches removed from back of head (where incisions were made to take out the follicles). Pain: 3/10
Got a haircut at a salon 1 day after. You can’t dye your hair or do any treatments (like perms etc) until 1 month though I believe.

Day 30(?)
I didn’t really pay attention to my hairline after my stitches were removed. But basically your implanted hairs will fall out (reason why), and I think mine were all gone by then. It doesn’t look like you’re balding and there isn’t any stubble, it just looks like you never got the hair transplant.

5 months post op
Noticed hairs started growing in. The rate of growth is same as your natural hair growth rate, so it was very natural and happens gradually. The hairs are also soft, unlike when they were first implanted, so basically no one can tell you’ve had this procedure. People aren’t really observant to changes that you yourself might notice, so one day they might just look at you and be like ‘hmm your forehead’s gotten smaller’! (Speaking from a girl’s POV since I had long hair that can cover the growth. It might look odd for people with short hair like guys).

7 months post op
Patchy growth. During this time I would generally avoid doing my hair like this or put dark eyeshadow in the sparse areas. I was quite concerned that I would need to get more grafts as I thought it was going to stay like this forever.

10 months post op
Looking good now. I’m overall quite happy except for the sparse area in front of my hair parting which was exactly where I scratched off the scabs. So whatever you do, don’t scratch your scabs!

If I had the money, I would go back and get it regrafted to fill the sparse areas and make my forehead even smaller, since it only costs 300k won to get a touchup. But it’s not on my top priority now, maybe in the future. 🙂

Would I recommend the clinic
Dr’s skill: 4/5
Other staff/consultants: 5/5 (consultants very friendly and informative)
Facilities: 5/5
Price: 5/5 (but I did get a babitalk deal. It’s much more expensive now)
Post-op care: 2/5 (I only saw the dr for 45 seconds post-op. They forgot that I had to leave Korea the next day so it was my last post-op appt with them, and I still hadn’t seen the doctor. He came out in the middle of his surgery with a bloodied surgical gown).
itsamemarioReview28 Apr 17100No, and the dr doesn’t speak English. I bought a translator

The trauma of hair transplant will cause some follicles to fall out, so it’s common to initially implant slightly denser than needed. But after that initial period, if the follicles stay, it shouldn’t fall out under normal circumstances, even long-term. (Although I don’t know if that applies to men with balding problems, as that’s due to hormones).

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