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Review29 Jul 14-100
Actually i understand ur feeling now. Cuz i actually even worse than you. I had nose implant and chin implant with JK clinic( Apparently, they are quite famous in Korea now and most of their patient is foreigner too). However it turn out so bad, and i am in discussing time with the clinic but it seem the clinic dont want to be responsible with it. And i really suffer chin and nose implant altogether now.
The most important is our suffering time we have been passing everyday now. And if i need to fly there again it will cost me some money and TIME again and all bcuz their misstake
Anyone if have some experience how to deal with it, just pls give me some advice too. I am really desperate now
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Review31 Aug 14100
Hi guys,
After discussing time with JK, and we found that there was some misunderstanding between me and JK too. Finally, Dr Kim from JK confirmed to do revision for me. So i flew to Seoul from 22 to 29 August, and JK provided the hotel for me as well. Yeah, i really had nice experience wz JK’s services again.
The result after the revision is good and quite natural up to this stage, i got little swelling cuz JK give to all the patient free facial laser everyday to reduce the swelling. The staff and nurse is super gentle and nice. I probably will come back JK next year for fat graft.
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Review30 May 13100
Ok I know no one has heard about this place but it was recommended to me by a local so I went to check it out. Once I walked in there was a Russian girl working the reception that spoke English! Yay. She helped me fill in some paper work and also asked me if I wanted coffee, tea, water, etc. After about 30 minutes I was able to speak with a counselor. They took me up the elevators into a counseling room. The counselor was Sera and she was the manager of the global business division. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her implant, alar and tip. Showed her some pictures and she told me to hold up shes going to get the doctor that would suit the nose I wanted. After 10 minutes Dr. Jun kim came and touched my nose and did his magic. He spoke English and told me that he would give me 3 or 3.5 mm silicone, alar reduction and a tip but he said the girl from the picture I showed him.. her tip wouldn?t match my face cause I have a protruding mouth and he showed me what it would look like pushing my nose down and showing that I would look ridiculous with that tip. So he recommended that I just do a little one. I really like how he pushed and pulled on my nose and was very blunt with the consultation. He asked if I had any questions and I just asked him the length of surgery about 1.5 hours and open or closed and in my case it would be open. Then he left me with Sera. She estimated the prices to be 6.5 mil. I asked for discount and she said she?ll ask manager and said cause I?m a foreigner she can drop the price to 5.5 mil and I said uhh still expensive? and she said if I give permission to use picture for website it would be 4.6 mil. I said ok thanks and left.

Dream was across the street so I went over there. I met with the counselor Ms. Lee. She asked me what I wanted to do and showed me pictures and she recommended me to get tip and silicone but not alar as my nose was not that wide? LIES!! So just tip and slicione was 4.4 and alar was 550,000 if I really wanted it. She also recommended me to shave my cheekbones down?The doctor was off that day so I couldn?t talk to him so she schedules me to meet him on Friday at 3:00. I said thanks and left. I did not go back cause I decided to go with shimmian!

As I was shopping in Namdaemun. I was trying to buy some shoes and some guy asked me why I was alone and I told him I?m gonna go do plastic surgery and he said he also did his! I asked him where and he said at Wonjin and told me that, that?s the best place for girls to do any kinds of plastic. Korea?s number 1 plastic surgery place apparently.. So he told me to visit. I went and holy moly all the girls that worked there were super pretty! I consulted with a girl who just did her eyes lol I asked the girl who spoke English if she got her nose done there because I really liked it and she said yes. So they took my pictures and we went to see the same nose doctor that did the receptionist?s nose. He drew on the picture and said he would give me 4 mm silicone make my tip longer and alar base reduction. He also recommended me to get nasal bone narrowing and I guess I had a little hump on my nose that needed to be shaved off too?. I said ok and went back to counseling room. She told me everything would be 3.5 mil. not bad!!!!!!!! So I said ok I?ll think about it and left.

I was seriously getting sick and tired of looking around for clinics to visit. I just wanted it done and over with. So this was the last one. I went in and said I don?t have an appointment and if I can just get a consultation. The receptionist gave me some papers to fill out and after 10 minutes she took me to the consultation room. She told me what she thinks about my nose and asked how I felt about my bridge height and if I get it higher my eyes would look much nicer and I said yeah higher would be nicer lol anyways instead of leading me out of the room she just told me to go back outside and I was like ok? and then I waited outside in the receptionist area and then another girl called me to take pictures. We went into another room and took pictures? she told me to go wait outside?. I thought it was weird that they told me to leave the room as if I just went into office to talk to my boss and got yelled at and dismissed but maybe that?s just crazy old me. Anyways I?m waiting outside and I see a lot of pretty patients going in and out. I get called to see Dr. Jang. He?s very nice and calm and always had a smile. He told me what kind of nose I had and recommended me to get alar tip and implant. He showed me a lot of pictures! Even the bloody ones!!! He was like oh here are the scary ones. Anyways he explained in detail all the things he was planning to do and described every procedure like he defined all the terms for me. Super informative! What sold me was when he asked if I had any questions and I said can I show you the picture of the nose I like and he said ok. And as soon as he saw it he was like ok you need 4 or 5 mm silicone and the tip needs to be round instead of pointy and I knew he knew what my ideals were and he could make it happen! I felt the connection of his genius brain to my nose. After that I went outside and waited while I text chrisalexander who just got his rib rhino there that I think this is the clinic I want and I hope the price won?t kill it. The reception took me into a room to discuss price and it was ONLY $2500!!! I WAS LIKE WHHHAT?!? KRW? And She?s like no USD. Still good. I asked if they were pretty open to schedule surgery and she said yea any time. So I was like uhh I?ll think about it. Stepped out and met Signalz and came back to schedule procedure. They did a blood test and I paid a deposit and I was schedule to do surgery Tuesday!
anteosReview20 Apr 17-100
Consultation at JK

I saw a woman walking out from a building wearing a cool jacket and a croc birkin, she was wearing the jaw masks. Then I just realize Im coming in to the same building she just went out.

I told the reception I had an appointment, they have this nice cafe with a very friendly and smart barista.

I waited and I laughed, remembering wonjin said they were the biggest in Korea. Well in term of a building JK is waayy much bigger and way much cleaner.

Went in and met the doctor, not much explaining, he said he can take cartilage from my ear, my ear is thick and strong enough.
Sadly he didnt have much explaining, he seems bored explaining the same thing.

Then come with explaining the fee, they quoted me 7million won all typed nicely in a paper. I asked what makes JK is better than any other clinic, they said “we have 0 accident”.

I find JK is a very nice clinic, it looks clean, professional, no huss and fuss, they just straight to the point, none ask if im married or how many kids etc. Sadly, the consultation was really short and kinda… Uninterested.

When I was there, the clinic was all westerners, russians, american etc. I didnt see any korean.
aylaReview12 Nov 17100
I’ve always been very self conscious of the squareness and sharp jaw angle of my face. My friend wanted to correct her deviated septum and also open her eyes. We have been planning our trip for several months and couldn’t have done it without the information from the Purse Forum. I just wanted to add my experiences to the knowledge base already here!

When we started looking into clinics, we short listed 4 clinics and scheduled consultations. These clinics were selected based on size and positive reviews. As a note, money was not an object, we don’t think this is something that should affect our final decision on which clinic to go with. The clinics we went to were:

JK Plastic Surgery

Our very first consult was with Lucy and Dr. Kim. Lucy’s English was excellent and she translated for the doctor. We realized later that for the consultations, there are really two levels of consultants, they are either interpreters or interpreters with the skill/authority to provide recommendations. Lucy was more of the former, she recorded our areas of primary concern and presented it to the doctor for a plan.

In my case, my main concern was my jaw. Additionally, since I was already in South Korea, I wanted to slightly improve my nose by reducing the size of the base and increasing the sharpness of the tip. Based on the size of my jaw, the doctor said that there would only be minor improvements if I remove part of the jaw, and other treatments (e.g. bucial fat removal, chin implant) would not give the same look since I didn’t have the fat/reduced chin that those treatments would address. His recommendation was to do botox on the jaw muscles plus fat grafting to even out my face. My nose job would require touching the bridge of the nose, which was something I did not want.

For both procedures, I was quoted 12,000,000 won. Although I ultimately did not go with JK, their facilities felt very new and professional and I felt confident in the doctor’s abilities. What was proposed did not address what was my areas of concern.

Her She

Although this clinic is not widely reviewed on the forum, I went to the clinic on the recommendation of two of my friends that had gone in 2016 to have procedures and were very happy with the results. The consultant Claire took down our areas of concern and made recommendations to us before having us meet with the doctors for their evaluation. Claire did not try to upsell on any procedures, and in fact, was keen on talking me out of the nose job since the changes would be so minor. The pricing for this clinic was in US dollars. The recommendation was a jaw reduction surgery for $5,000 USD and a slight reduction of the base of my nose and a build up of the tip via donated ear cartilage for $3,850. The doctors that saw us seemed very confident and experienced, and the walls of the clinic were full of photos of satisfied clients.


Although this was not the top clinic for myself nor my friend, this is the clinic that we ended up going with based on a number of factors. The plastic clinic itself occupies an entire lowrise building with additional derma and dental clinics in separate buildings. The reception area of the plastic clinic was bustling with locals and foreigners – we later even saw that there was a Russian girl on staff for their clientele. What really impressed us was the fact that to ensure that an accurate plan was provided, the clinic took high quality facial photos that were printed out for discussion as well as x-rays. The x-ray is particularly important in the case o v-line since you can see the exact location of the nerve and where it is placed on your jaw.

Our consultant, Jane, discussed the areas of concern and there was no pressure from her. Since the improvements on my nose were so minor, she did explain how a surgery could work on making adjustments but the change visually would not be drastic. For a v-line jaw reduction, Dr Oh showed me various before and after photos of a similar type of surgery and answered any questions that I had.

The most important tidbit that we learnt was that if you are brought here with an agency (we assume this would mean docfinder etc.), they are unable to discount the pricing as much. I was quoted 7,700,000 won for jaw reduction which was then discounted by 30%, bringing down the total to 5,390,000 won. The suggested nose augments (tip plasty and alar reduction) would have been about 4,000,000 won before discount. The total price also included one night at the hospital and a later treatment and massage in several days but not the antibiotics or painkillers for the days after.

In the end, the professionalism of this hospital, the support staffing and the quality of aftercare was what sold both myself and my friend on Banobagi.


On our day of appointments, this was our very last appointment. I was already a little offput by an email a week before our appointment asking that my appointment be moved to a day after – I’m sure clinics know that foreign visitors were here only for a limited period of time so I’m not sure why they requested that I move. I stated that it was not possible and the original appointment time was kept. To keep the review of this clinic short, although our appointment was at 4 pm, we left just before 7 pm – this was the longest appointment we were at and if this had been earlier with another appointment behind it, we likely would have had to miss the subsequent appointments.

The consultant that we had, Shirley, was more of an interpreter and we had another consultant that only spoke Korean that made recommendations. In our case, this consultant spent the vast majority of the time sighing and trying to schedule the surgery despite the fact that we had not spoken to a doctor nor received pricing. This was extremely surprising and rather presumptive. The sighing was also incredibly rude, and although the clinic itself was extremely modern, with an x-ray machine to take our scans as well as CT, and doctors that seemed very knowledgable and experienced, this was a big factor in us deciding against the clinic. It’s really a shame, GNG was one of my top picks if not the top pick for hospital was I was most interested in, but I didn’t feel like that attitude was appropriate and trustworthy.

The price quoted for jaw reduction and various levels of nose revision (I don’t recall the finer details of this as I had basically checked out mentally at this point) was 7,500,000 won plus 10% VAT which they had not included in the final total. The pricing was in line with the other clinics but this clinic did not earn my business.

Banobagi Preexam

This was pretty routine, our blood was drawn, metrics such as blood pressure and heart rate was taken and we were advised on what to do before surgery. At this point, payment was also due so this was the point of no return.

Surgery Day

As prepared as you can be with research, personally, I was detached from the whole experience until this day. And walking into the surgery room, that is when everything got real for me. Before surgery, you are able to speak with your doctor one last time. Dr Oh did inquire as to whether I wanted to have any revisions to my chin but I opted to have as little additional work as possible.

Waking up from the general anesthesia was hard, each person has a different reaction to it and mine so happened to be crying uncontrollably. Devon was there during the recovery and luckily I was able to be moved to a hospital bed relatively quickly. The night and morning after was my body just recovering and adjusting but I was constantly checked in on by nurses so I never felt unsupported. The fridge on the floor also had facial masks to ice down your face with so I was always able to apply one. When I left Banobagi, I was provided with the instructions to continue icing with 2 masks that they gave me plus to rinse with an iodine gargle every 2 hours.

To be continued

I’m still currently recovering so I will update this thread as time goes on. At this time, I am very satisfied with the level of care that Banobagi has provided to me and I can’t wait to see the final results!
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beautyhealsReview14 Sep 15100
Hi everyone,

First of all I want to thank my dearest friend Kcouture, for sharing her invaluable information with us. I want to thank her for answering all of my question, despite having busy schedule.

I’ve been in Korea from 1st of June to 11th of June. After checking in in hotel, I went straight to visit some clinics as Kcouture suggested me.

I wanted to do eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, epi, buccal fat removal, acculift/acculaser and inject fillers to create aegyosal.

My first clinic was JK, it was designed in a luxury style and everything there told about how posh is that place (in a good meaning) 🙂 After waiting for 30 min (which is absolutely normal, trust me) I met with my consultant and doctor. Btw, I came to Korea with my mom. I liked doctors there, they were nice and seemed to know their job, so I took this clinic into consideration. But the price was quite high, and consultant didn’t seem to bargain a lot (my mom didn’t mind high prices-if job is done well), therefore I decided to go visit another clinics and have a think about it. Doctor supported my wishes (non-incisional double eyelid, ptosis, epi, acculift and buccal fat removal) to do all of procedures but she said that I don’t need fillers to do aegyosal. She didn’t recommend me that procedure. Also, Kcouture doesn’t like them:biggrin:

Next we went to JW, which was located in the right opposite road. Btw, I want to mention that I BOOKED ALL THE CONSULTATIONS BEFOREHAND. After waiting for 2(!!!) hrs we finally met doctor (even my mom was quite angry because we just arrived today and have been waiting just to see him very long). I saw the doctor who does eyes only, so he suggested me non-incision eyelid surgery, ptosis and epi. However I didn’t like that doctor much, because I believe in a phrase “Actions speak louder than the words” (if you know what I mean).

After finishing consultation with JW, I went to Dream (btw all of them were so close to each other), it was already 5pm, so Jasinee (amazing english translator – love her!) asked me to wait for Dr. Park , he was in a surgery room. At 6 pm, they told me that Dr. Park is still doing surgery, therefore they asked me to come back next day at 10am. At least they told me, so that I wouldn’t be seating like crazy. BTW, I asked for Daphne, but she wasn’t around, and apparently she now works with VIP patients:smile: But i was absolutely happy with Jasinee!
So I came back next day, 2nd of June, and went for consultation with Ms. Lee (awesome young lady hehe:smile: ) she told me about the procedures, and also suddenly I decided to do forehead lifting (Ms. Lee didn’t force me to do it, but I wanted to make my eyes look brighter). After seeing Dr Park and Dr Yoo (FH lifting surgeon) and Dr. Kim (acculift+buccal fat removal) I went to see Ms. Lee again to talk about price. Unfortunately the price was far above my budget (but I could bargain very much – Kcouture knows it:p ) so I decided to do my eyes and forehead (I thought that when my weight becomes stable (I’m chubby girl:biggrin: ) then I will decide another options. Also, in Dream there is each specific doctor for specific surgery, Dr Park does only non-incisional techniques, Dr Yoo Anna medi-epi, Dr. Yoo incisional techniques and anti-ageing (there was also another handsome doctor for anti-ageing), Dr. Kim for facial bone surgeries.

BTW, ALL of the surgeons didn’t recommend me to inject fillers to create aegyosal. Seems they don’t like it:p

So, my surgery turned very good, my eyes still look tiny unsymmetrical, but that is the beauty of it, looking very natural. BTW, I have almost no visible scars, so that no one can tell about my procedures:smile:

If you want to know about surgery day post, let me know:smile:

@Kcouture, now thinking about rhino:biggrin:DD
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BlobvyRumor2 Jan 17-100
I’m considering JK for facial contouring, I’ve found one negative review in Chinese. It was something about a scar on a patients stomach that wouldn’t go away…? Something like that but I don’t remember the details. Other than that I haven’t heard anything negative, but I haven’t heard of many positive reviews either 🙁
bntnReview11 Apr 17100
I had rhinoplasty done at JK about a week and a half ago. They offered me one night stay free in their hotel in the same building. I had to pay for the congee I ate after surgery but breakfast was free. My doctor was Dr Kim and I had no major issues. He did not push me into any other surgeries. It was actually docfinder who kept insisting I have my vline and zygomatic reduction done even when I was not comfortable to go ahead with it. Dr Kim also said I didn’t need it. Everyone at JK was professional and friendly. They had an English translator which was more useful in getting me around within the surgery centre than the representative from docfinder…

The night after surgery I had a lot of swelling around my eyes which barely allowed me to open them and the guazes that was in my nose gave me really bad migraines. The swelling slowly went away after the guazes were taken out on day 2. The swelling is suppose to be worse on the third day but mine went slowly down after the 2nd day. Everyone’s body reacts differently to surgery. My stitches and cast were taken out on day 7. I was still a little swollen underneath the cast. I’m still a little swollen now but that’s normal for rhinoplasty. After the removal they used red light to help deswelling and cell regeneration, they took some photos and gave me a lovely facial to help clean out my pores! I was treated very well.

I was a client of docfinder but honestly they didn’t do much except assisted me in getting there, picking up my medicine and going back to my guesthouse. They just waited in the lobby during my appointments and when I’m with them they are always on their phones. They are also so busy that I had a different person with me every time. It’s good to go with them for their “free” services such as as them paying for your medicine, providing you with a big box of pumpkin juice worth about $40,000krw (from JK Surgery). Also with docfinder youll save money on a taxi as they offer free airport pickup and return. My flight was actually delayed by an hour and the driver who was arranged to pick me up gave up and I was left at the airport at 1am. Luckily a docfinder representative did eventually reply to me but couldn’t arrange for another driver to come so I had to pay for a taxi. They did refund me the cost. A one way ride from Incheon airport to Gangnam costs around $90,000krw.

Anyways I chose JK because of their safety rate and while foreigners do come to get surgery done there so do the locals. You wouldn’t see them advertising at bus stops or random billboards around the gangnam area. I wanted to avoid overly advertised and “cheaper” clinics. I did have banobagi in mind but since they do surgeries for a lot of youtubers for free it’s a clinic that’s more busy as their marketing ploy works which brings them in many people. I haven’t been to banobagi but from what I see on YouTube they are good so it’s best to hear someone’s experience that isn’t a youtuber. For one thing with docfinder, I did notice they treat bloggers and youtubers much better than what they treated me.
ButtermilkReview27 Sep 14100
I have followed forum over 2years and decided to have something done on my face. I am 3 weeks post-op cheekbone, vline, acculift, fat graft on my forehead by Dr Lee from DAPRS.
Consultation: JK, Faceline, DAPRS, Regen
JK: I came in JK at early morning. I tried to consultation w/ JK cuz I have done my eyelid with over a years ago. I do satisfy the result. Anyway, I met Dr Kim who specialize in facial contour at JK. They took XRay, and show my condition face bone. Dr Kim suggested me to have vline (chin redcution Tcut method and shave my jawline a littile bit to define vline looks), and he would move chin forward a little bit to make face looks longer. He didn’t suggest me to do zygoma. He said I didn’t need one, because I already had small face.I agree I had small face, but face was wide. I also looked my X-ray and saw my chin bone was straight. JK quote me price for mini Vline only 10.5. When I left the clinic there was lots of people at waiting area. Most of people are foreigners.
Faceline: I was impressed by b/a pictures. The clinic was busy when I came in. People are Chinese and local. They don’t have English Staff. I was consult Dr and translate by nurse. Her English is just enough to understand. It’s kind of hard to talk with them. Dr suggested me to zygoma, full vline(means shave the part below my ear, jawline and chin). By the time he would remove all fats around jawline. I saw most of staffs ther have pointy chin whichI don’t like. They gave me price very high, but they gave discount. I already made a deal with them, they pushed me to put some deposit. when they tried to push me, I started to worry at this point. I almost slicked to faceline. The manager told me have to make deposit b4 3pm to book schedule . They did charge Xray fee ( about $10k/kw) I got out of clinic to eat some lunch.
I was discuss with my friend, she told me to visit the other clinic b4 putting down dep. Both of us didn’t like the way they pushed us to make dep.
DAPRS: I went in clinic at noon. There are 3,4 people at waiting area. They are both local and Chinese. They do have translator in house. Her name is Katie. She is nice and helpful. They took me to xray, CT scan. I saw Dr Lee, he suggested me to do vline with extend my chin a little longer(you can check method thru DA site), move chin forward a little bit. For zygoma, he only reduce the lateral to help my face looks less wide. Highlighter, Dr Lee doen’t remove any fat or muscle around jawline. He suggested me to do Vline first anddo acculift later. I told him I don’t have any schedule to come back Korea .I rqst him to do acculift at same time. He didn’t want to do same time cuz swelling. He told me I will got swelling alot and slowly to subside than other people. I am ok with it,, I don’t want to come back to Korea with only little procedure. Acculift is different cost from vline. He is very professional and confident what he does. I chose DA b/c Dr Lee suggested me what I had in my mind. He told me exactly what I didn’t feel good in my face. So we’re almost on same page. What I need to do, just tell him what style I would like to be. I also show him the face shape which I like. One of his model in book have that shape.
I decide to chose DA, so I skipped Regen.
Post-op: My schedule is 1:00pm. I entered the operation room at 1:30pm and woke up at 7:00pm. When I woke up in recovery room, the nurse gave me a cup of water for water to rinse my mouth. I thought she give me to drink, I drank almost half cup.Omg!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
After post-op: The only part which make me tired, is vomit. I was threw up a lot at first night b/c I had nothing in my stomach for almost 14hours. Vline and zygoma not really painful, it’s just uncomfortable due to swelling. My face got swelling look like a ball at day 3 and 4. I came back to clinic at day4 to cleanse wound. They also gave me shampoo and laser treatment. They let me to take off bandgae 15′ every 2 hours. And I can tell that swelling started to subside from that day.Finally, the stich on the sideburns have been removed at day 7 and have another laser treatment. I was see Dr Lee to check on my face b4 I leave. I also rqst to see xray and CT scan to make sure everything ok. Katie did show me what parts Dr have done on my facial bone. I looks strange at first 2 weeks due to swelling and my forehead.
P/s:very important neeed to rinse mouth alot at first two weeks. I do 4 big bottle salt water in 11days:p:p
Result: I like my chin shape so far. My face looks longer than b4. I came back to my work at day 12. My co-worker question my mouth move slowly, I told them my teeth have been moved at my lower jaw. I got braced a year ago. They belived it :roflmfao:
About the sagging, I have no idea about sagging. I am just 3 weeks, I don’t know what happen year road. From what I am thinking sagging, it depend how you start with and your body. If you have really chubby face and remove lots of bone, then sagging will happen. You should carefully discuss with surgeon to see any additional procedures may needed. We have to understand ours body when we gain weight, which area will be effect (means fatter)? Like me, I always getting fatter clearly around my jawline whenever I gain weight. I do have to watch out it in order to avoid lose skin or sagging.
Anyway, thanks god that I have been thru all of these easily!
Thank you for your all previous post. They are really help me to expect what would happen and experience in Korea.
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caro89Review14 Aug 17-100
I had a consultation with
-Answer PS
I’m considering Dream, Fresh, Banobagi and JK.
Dream: consultation was good but the doc was not very enthusiast. He didn’t gave me a mirror to point him the areas that I’m more concerned about. He was just listening and not really giving his advice. When I asked about his advice, he said it’s 100% your choice…
Fresh: I really liked the consultation. The translator, manager and doc gave me alot of time. Doc was explaning and alos giving his advice. Plus he said he does Face fat grafting with PRP. Plus he has done it on foreigner which is a plus for me as I’m not Korean. But the thing is that I’ve heard he is not a board certified surgeon and he has 7 years of experience.
JK: is a big posch hospital. Well organized but super expensive. Doc was ok.
Banobagi: they took my pictures on the consultation and doc point out the areas that needed the fat the most. Plus also asked me what I would like to do. But he asked me if about the nose surgery which I have never considered and which I don’t think I need. That’s one think I didn’t really liked but he was not pushing. I just said that I will never tough my nose and he smiled and said all right no issues. Overall it was good.

So at this point I’m really confused about which one to choose or should I visit more hospitals? Please help!
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cloris97Rumor15 May 14-100
I’ve read on a Chinese forum that JK is blacklisted, because it quotes extremely high prices and does botched surgeries. Here is the http://www.hongfenbaobao.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=44652 if you can read Chinese.
deliriousgirlReview22 Apr 11100
Angleplan, I am not sure if you can do two separate surgery in two weeks. You need to consult your doctor. I did both in one sitting. I had a very positive experience. I didn’t consult with any other clinics in Korea. Mine was done at JK clinic which I dont see people mention on this forum. In comparison to BK (I been there and met Dr. Kim), JK is a smaller clinic but more modern and very clean. I was impressed with the OR..it was new. I wasn’t impressed with BK..as a matter of fact every floor looks outdated and I was concerned what their OR look like. I dont like the way they treat people and how Dr. Kim talks to patients. That is just my opinion.

I had significant swelling…I mean LOTS of swelling the first 2 weeks. I cannot eat or chew (absolutely nothing for 10 days) anything. Even after 10 days it was hard to chew anything because it requires you to move your jaw and this causes discomfort. Your jaw will be so tight even at 2 weeks. I was instructed to be on liquid food so basically I can only consume pumpkin soup and porridge. I couldn’t even chew the grounded beef from the porridge. It was so tough and I was craving for food. it was awful..but I am so glad I did it. A week after surgery I regretted …you know…it was emotional and not being able to eat or open my mouth to put a spoon in or even brush your teeth…well, you just cannot brush until 10 days later. The reason is the doctor does not want me to open my mouth….you can’t anyway because it is so tight. Starting the 2 week Dr. instructed me to slow practice opening my mouth so that my muscle can relax and go back to its position. It has been almost a year now and I am very pleased with the results.
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DubuReview3 Jun 15-100
I will share my experience here. I went to South Korea in May. I made appointments at ‘just’ two clinics; The Line and JK. The surgery I wanted isn’t really considered as plastic surgery, but it’s still a surgery done at a plastic surgery clinic. Therefore, I will share my experience anyway. The surgery I did was removal of the eye bag fat/dark circles below the eyes.

After my consultations at both The Line and JK, I decided to do my surgery at JK. There were several reasons to chose JK over The Line.

1. The English consultants of JK are quite skilled in English and professional. However, they play on their phone a lot during meetings, that seems a bit unprofessional. The consultants of The Line were also quite skilled in English, but not as good as the consultants at JK. Also, the consultant at The Line was a bit pushy, which I didn’t like.
2. The surgeon at JK was very friendly and also tried to explain things in English himself, even when the English consultant was present. I met two surgeons at The Line (because they offered a double surgery in my case), who also were friendly but a bit less personal.
3. The surgery procedure JK offered was more simple and logical than the one The Line offered (they offered a double surgery which would left scars).
4. The building of JK is really luxurious and gives a professonial and clean impression. Not only the lobby/reception area, but also the consultation rooms were very luxurious. The building of The Line was less luxurious. Also, the consultation room looked like an old office. However, how the building looks and feels isn’t really important of course.

So, I chose JK. The surgery went well. But now, 2.5 weeks later, I’m not really happy with the result so far. Yes, I look way much better than before, but I still see a little bit of an eye bag (especially on the right side). I went back to ask them about this, and they (both consultant and surgeon) replied with the fact it was still too early to see the final result. After 1 month after surgery all of the swollen parts will be gone, and then I could see the result. I don’t really believe this, because I could see the difference after a few days the biggest swollen parts went down – and it hasn’t changed. I will wait anoter 1.5 weeks like they said, so see the ‘final result’ after 1 month after surgery, but still, at this moment I’m not really satisfied. Especially because they said this surgery was a very simple one – and not even considered as plastic surgery (since you don’t change anything in your appearance), so maybe that’s why I’m even more disappointed.
DubuReview1 Jun 16-100
It’s been a year since I’ve done my eyebag removal/repositioning surgery at JK Clinic. I mailed them several times about my unsatisfied feeling about the end result.

I will say it again: I WON’T RECOMMEND JK.

This surgery is considered as a simple procedure, not even labeled as ‘plastic surgery’. So if this is a ‘simple’ procedure, then why am I not satisfied with the end result? My eyes are not similar anymore, and even though most of the eyebags are not so visible anymore, you still see dark circles. And I get a weird twitch below my eyes sometimes (sometimes it hurts, but often it’s just a weird/annoying feeling). They ignored my question about this by the way.

Also, there is no aftercare provided. They will answer your emails, but they don’t seem too happy to invite you again for a follow-up appointment or aftercare or whatsoever. Of course: you already paid for the surgery, so you’re not important to them anymore. The interieur looks expensive and luxurious, they have staff who can speak English well, but if you’re not satisfied with the end result of your surgery, and you don’t get the feeling they’d do anything to give you a good aftercare – then it’s a no for me.

Hope this helps others who are considering JK Clinic. Feel free to ask questions or share your own experience about JK.
eyeballReview15 Mar 17100
Hi everyone,
thought I’d share my double eyelid consultation experience because the thread helped me decide on which clinics to go to and I hope my post will help some of you as well.
I am currently in Korea and my goal is to have double eyelid surgery, I naturally have a fold already in both eyes but it’s hidden under some skin. Normally my eyes feel heavy and I have to use my forehead muscles to lift my eyes so that it looks nicer in pictures. This has resulted in early lines forming on my forehead. However I do not have ptosis, when I open my eyes my eyelid naturally can clear the iris (coloured part of the eye) and my inner corners are already quite pointy and the inner canthus is quite exposed. So I don’t need ptosis correction or epicanthalplasty.
I went to see 4 clinics: teuim, banobagi, regen and jk.
-teuim: Dr kwon is an eye specialist he does nothing else, which is why I was keen to see him first. His clinic is a smaller than the others but the staff were all quite friendly. He seemed knowledgable and confident. He told me I needed to have full incisional + epi. The thing is he will want to do epi on EVERYONE because he’s aesthetic style is for the eye to be quite horizontal (inner corner same height as outer corner) with a outfold, more Caucasian like. I asked if it’s possible I don’t do epi since my eyes were already so open on the inner corners and he said yes. He did say the higher the crease you want the more swelling you will have and the longer recovery time. Full incision surgery means a recovery time of 6-12 months before you look natural and even then when you close your eyes there might be a pink line I have been told. Price: 3.3 mil won NOT INC 10%tax, AFTER heavy negotiation for incisional+epi. A lot of foreign patients here.
Banobagi: the day I went the clinic was super busy, the girls there were a bit rude and rushed us in and out and we waited a long time to speak to the recepionist then a long time to see the pre-consultant and then at last the doctor Dr Lee ( one of the founders) he spent very little time with me, I think he was so busy he was rushing off to be somewhere else. He recommended incisional but said I could also have the non incisional dual suture burial method ( supposed to last longer than traditional suture burial method but chance of coming undone is still 10-20% can also remove some fat pad through the 5 holes ) I did notice the girls that worked there most had very unnatural looking eyelid folds, so not sure about his style. Price was 1.6mil for non incisional around 1.7 mil incisional INC TAX. They were able to give me more discount (20%) because I came alone and not with any services. A lot of foreign patients here.
Regen: Dr Kim is one of the founders and he was quite nice, seemed confident and knowledgable he recommended I do partial incision ( which is 4 holes and on the last one a 2 mm incision through which fat can be removed) he seemed confident I did not need the full incision and can achieve good results with partial. He seemed to think the chance of loosening is low as well. His office had a lot of local patients. Price was 1.7mil won INC tax after heavy negotiation because I wanted them to match another clinic.
Jk: I saw Dr Paik, the only female surgeon so far. She recommended I do partial incision as well. No need for full incisional because I’m young, most people need full incision later in life anyway because the skin will start to droop more she said. The clinic is super opulent and well renovated even the whole building is a gold colour. The service was a little lacking the girl that translated for me always cut me off and didn’t answer some of my questions. Price was 1.7mil won
note: don’t worry about language barrier, Dr kwon speaks reasonable English, All the others didn’t speak English but all had good English or Chinese translators there. If you don’t use a service to take you there surgery price will be a lot cheaper
I decided to have partial incision with Regen, I think I’m a bit borderline between full incisional and partial, most people in this thread have had full but the recovery time is so long and may scar so I’m a bit put off by it. Will let you know how it goes.
Girl from Mars
Review10 Aug 16100
I did a minor revision for V-line at JK Clinic. Am really relieved and grateful that Dr Kim did the revision for free. It’s so so impt to choose an ethical dr, because complications or problems do occur, and it’s horrible if u have to pay another 5 mil + KRW for revision, on top of your accommodation, airfare, taking 2 weeks leave and so on…

Hope that this revision will fix the small assymetry. But when I looked at my B&A pics from the first surgery, I had to admit I still looked better after, despite the not-perfect result. Previously my face shape was a bit like a man! I look more feminine and gentle now.

For those ladies concerned about sagging, I do think I experienced some sagging, the jaw area felt a bit softer. But I do some laser treatments when I can and that has kept the skin in good condition. I still get compliments about my skin. 🙂

Would really recommend JK to people considering surgery in Korea. They are reputable and I think that’s why they hardly advertise (u don’t see their ads in the airport or subway).

P.S. Wouldn’t recommend zygoma reduction unless u have huge cheeks. I think that surgery is overdone in Korea.
Girl from Mars
Review16 Aug 16100
I’m happy with my V-line experience at JK. They really take care of their patients from start to end, and I got more compliments on my appearance after my surgery. Tempted to go back one day for BA but I think maybe I have enough of surgery–the pain and downtime is no fun. :p

I think there are quite a few other reputable clinics though. Just never ever step into Grand, ID or BK!
Girl from Mars
Review20 Aug 16100
Sorry again for the slow reply 🙂 I fell sick.

Dr Kim Sung-Sik was the dr, he’s nice and very professional. I have no experience with their other drs though. I was partly swayed because of their attractive patients in the lobby and their attractive staff, because I’ve heard a lot of staff get work done at the clinic they work for.

If u wanna do any surgery in Seoul though, I recommend visiting quite a few clinics, at least 3-4. Don’t just visit JK and Banobagi. It’s a big decision! Esp if you’re doing nose/boobs because I’ve heard those surgeries have the most return visits required, so u really need a place that u’re confident and comfortable with. ?
gossipgirl19Review19 November 17100
Consult Day: I told all the consultants that I wanted bigger eyes and septoplasty to correct my breathing. At all the clinics I met with a consultant who did intake and gave some insight into what best suit my needs. Not all the consultants spoke English, if the consultant didn’t, we were provided a translator who was our main point of contact. We also met with the doctors who took a quick look at our features. Ayla and I were kept together during all our consults.

9:00am JK Plastic Surgery
Bilingual consultant who essentially only did intake. She asked us what we were looking for and then brought in a surgeon. The surgeon said that bigger eyes were no problem and recommended medial and lateral epicanthoplasty. He agreed that my septum was deviated and agreed that septoplasty would be required to better improve my breathing but didn’t go into details of the procedure. After the surgeon left the consultant presented quotes to us. KRW 4,000,000 for my eyes, KRW 7,000,000 for my nose.

I liked the clinic and almost wanted to go with JK but I knew that I should see the other clinics for comparison sake. The consultant asked us what other clinics we’d be going to and we told her. She said that they’re reputable clinics but confided that with respect to pricing, JK would be a little pricier.

11:00am HERSHE
Translator and consultant. HERSHE is interesting because the consultant has a lot of say in what procedures will get passed along to the surgeon. Consultant said that my eyes would be no problem but basically said they couldn’t help with my nose. My theory is that septoplasty is markedly different from rhinoplasty and that the surgeons didn’t perform septoplasty. Septoplasty isn’t even listed on their website.

Since we have a friend that previously had his procedure at HERSHE, the translator gave us a referral discount. She quote us in USD and my eyes would cost USD$2,700

Bilingual consultant. First impression was that it was a BUSY clinic with a ton of locals in the building. Consultant asked me what I wanted and gave recommendations on how big my eyes should be and what kind of nose tip would best suit my face. I met with Dr. Lee to discuss my procedures. He recommended ptosis correction, medial and lateral epicanthoplasty and said that my eyes would be a straight forward surgery. Then we talked nose. He stuck a light and a stick inside my nose to see my septum and he was surprised by the severity of my deviation. (My previous surgeon described it as “folded in on itself”). He recommended cutting out the septum and replacing it with ear cartilage.

The consultant sat down with us to discuss pricing. She said that since we didn’t come with a third party travel agency she could give us a huge discount. She knocked 30% off the initial. Then she told me that Dr. Lee was intrigued by my septum and was really challenged and motivated by my case and that Dr. Lee had told her to give an additional discount so that my quote would be super competitive. Eyes: KRW 3,000,000. Nose: KRW 5,500,000.

We walked out of Banobagi and we were very impressed with both the clinic and pricing.

3:00pm GNG Hospital
Translator and consultant. Thank God this was our last consulate of the day because they were running behind and this consult was three hours. Nurse took a CT scan of my head which shows soft tissue. Consultant did her intake and then we had to wait around for our surgeons to be availible so that they could see us first-hand. Eye surgeon agreed that my eyes would be straight forward. Nose surgeon showed me my CT scan and this was the first time I saw the severity of my deviation. It looked like the before picture in a Before and After comparison. Surgeon recommended cutting out the septum and using donor cartilage that wold be “purified”. Once I was out of the room I looked up donor. cartilage and it’s cadaver cartilage that’s been irradiated. Hard pass.

The consultant then looked up surgery dates. For us it seemed presumptive but I can how for others it could be a value-add. Eyes KRW 4,000,000 and Nose 7,5000,000.

Ayla and I left and went to dinner to discuss. We both agreed that we would both like to go with Banobagi. I left a Whatsapp message with Banobagi since Banobagi was closed by then.
Eyes, Nosehttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/eyes-and-nose-at-banobagi-nov-2017-experience.975578/#post-31837488
irlaRumor19 Aug 12100
Hey maytam i got the surgery done in sf but i’ve been uncertain so far if the results will turn out good so I’ve been searching just in case to go to Korea for a revision next summer. I talked to an interpreter and she told me the locals like to go to clinic 9, and JK plastics for eye surgery. Teiumps is good too since they specialize on the eyes. I think, you just gotta go to Korea, do at least 3-4 consultations and figure out of those clinics which doctor you feel best with. Cause they all should be pretty good to be well known and since they’re well known they have a reputation to uphold so it’s not in their interest not to do a good job
I think Korean surgeons are just way better than American surgeons at this point? because they do thousands of these surgeries a year on the locals. Practice makes perfection.
K CoutureRumor4 Dec 17-100
a couple of my friends did it before. Everyone ended up using implants a year later because initially the results are good. But after a few months the breasts goes back close to its original size after resorption. One of them did it at JK using stem cell. Paid about 16-18 mill i believe and it still resorped. However another friend did a combination of implant + fg because the gap between her nipples were wider. She did it in feb and it still looks amazing but when i asked my surgeon he explained that its because the graft is transplanted to the inner corners which can more survivability. Also the amount used for create natural cleavage is not that much hence with the grafts less compacted there’s less fighting for blood supply. But if you graft it for the entire breast survivability is low for the said mentioned reasons
Breasts Augmentation
kitty5566Review17 Oct 14-100
Hi all ! Pls give me some time to reply some of the messages as I been away. I’m currently in Seoul now and doing my 4th revision for my nose . Before I release the name of clinic I just would like to share my experience about two other clinic that I go for consultation. So anyway, I booked appointment with dream plastic surgery, I went there and the consultant and translator are really nice. Clinic is nicely done up too. I consulted Dr park for my case.im glad that he say my nose is ready for revision despite is 4th month post surgery as usually revision can only be done after 6 months. He said mine is contracted nose case won’t make any diff if I continue to wait.

So dr park suggest i use derma fats and my own rib for tip next I asked for pic to show his works for upturn nose he only managed showed me one and the nurse told me he is actually better in doing close surgery. I was really convinced to do with him so went to 2nd doc.

2nd consultation was with JK. When I reach there , the whole place seems pretty quiet. So the girl attended me was called serah seems pretty nice, I was brought to a room and the doc come to me Instead. (Kinda odd I usually go to doc room instead the doc come to me). So he explained my situation as contacted nose and say I should not wait and should do my nose soon. He also suggested own rib n derma fats (in case you not sure what’s derma fats is own butt tissue to make the bridge) and I asked if he can use my ear cartilage to make my tip he seems reluctant so. As I have one side of ear is untouched which means doc still cab harvest it. Again I asked to see his work for upturn nose but I wasnt impressed by this work at all.

Feeling rather dishearted at this moment as I went to two doc and none of them seems to be my idea type of nose I want. By looking at their primary case is not good enough, as you know contracted nose is like short nose, the doc must be skilled enough to pull my nose down. Lastly I went to the last clinic is call april31. Out of all, I suppose a lot of people might not have heard it, when I reach the place is rather small clinic and not as posh as the rest of clinic I went. The translator that attended me was call brian. He really nice and speaks fluent English, even though I was taken a back by the looks of the clinic but never judge a book by its cover ! I went in and consulted with dr Kim. He seems confident of my nose he say he will do is best to bring down my upturn nose and what he suggested is used my ear cartilage and derma fats for the surgery. I really wanted use silcone for my bridge but he mention as I have infection before he strongly suggest that I should use my own tissue to prevent any infection. As usual I asked for his work and he should be a couple of few surgeries he had and even a video of it . This technique of nose surgery is diff. Basically as you know most nose surgery after you done it the tip will be stiff and not movable but however he is able to remain your tip like a natural tip which allows you wigger your nose like a natural nose. Go to his website check it out. As you can guess , I chose april31. Though it doesn’t look posh but I have to say doc seems to did a great job to my nose even though I can’t see it yet. I don’t even have much swelling compare to my last surgery with dr suh from jw. And my bleeding stops on 2nd day. Most important is dr Kim placed a tube in my nose and I can totally breathe from it !! Previously with jw they stuffed two cotton inside my nose I can’t breathe at all i almost died from the stuffing because it was so uncomfortable.

Well now I’m waiting for my recover and can’t wait to see the result !
kkpeobeeRumor17 Jan 18100
I was actually planning to start a seperate thread but this seems to fit the bill 🙂

These aren’t so much lesser known, but are some of the most popular clinics amoungst Chinese forums that are rarely, if ever mentioned here:
Seoul apglueong
Namu (coincidently I have a korean friend who recommend this clinic to me)

It’s worth noting that clinics like gng, faceline, banobagi, DA, ID, opera, item, MVP, marble, JK and Regan are also popular in Chinese forums. This is just indicative of similar marketing statergies. Those in the first list most likely just haven’t yet targeted the English speaking audience.
Lj88Review19 Apr 14100
So I went to get some quotes today for lower eyebag surgery. All of the PS recommended ‘Transconjunctival orbital fat reposition’, so that they can move the fat from the baggy big of my eye, to the sunken areas. I wanted to share my opinions on the plastic surgery clinics when I went there…

Grand – really impressed by the building and how nice everything was. Met a translator (hired by Grand, not myself) consultant and plastic surgeon, all of who were nice and answered my questions. They were too pushy when getting me to give money for a deposit though. As well, the consultant said in Korean that my surgery would be 1,350,000 Korean won, but then the translator told her that on the email they had quoted me 1,500,000. They were not aware that I know numbers in korean. I was not at all impressed, and asked the translator in English why I was getting two different prices. She wasn’t even ashamed of being caught, she just said, “oh you know your Korean numbers. If you book today,you will get a discount’. It was annoying that she wasn’t honest with me, and I decided then that I wouldn’t book with them.
Jk – really, really liked this clinic. It’s not as ‘fancy’ as Grand, but it has a more personal touch. There was no consultant here – only a plastic surgeon, who was so nice and answered all of my questions with help of a translator.
BK – this surgery seemed like a bit of a joke. It is in an older building that the previous two. There was a translator who showed us before and after pictures, and then proceeded to tell me how both of her parents and many of her friends had opted for the same surgery (don’t believe this was true). She then asked me to chose a plastic surgeon, and I said that I didn’t know, hence the appointment, and she offered no recommendations of surgeons with a lot of experience with this procedure. Instead, she just asked me to chose a day of the week I wanted surgery, and told me that one would be allocated to me. Despite already being there for 35 minutes without speaking to a surgeon, she told me I had to wait for another 20 minutes. I decided not to waste their or my time, as it appeared they were more interested in getting money from people, rather than caring for the patients themselves.
Regen – this one is interesting. The building is nice and seemed quite new. The staff were very friendly and the translator seemed nice. We met a consultant who was so nice, and she was happy to answer all of my questions. After I finished my consultation, they told me if I decided to book surgery with them then I could meet the surgeon on the day of my surgery. I asked if I could meet them before as I had questions. The surgeon was nice but seemed pretty tired. Also, he smokes – when he was touching my eyes, I could smell it on his fingers which was not appealing.

I am stuck between JK and Regen. I feel that Jk is more personal and I would feel more comfortable asking for help/questions there, however Regen is bigger and seemed to be busy and popular. Both are around the same price – although neither offered a discount. Do you think it would be worth enquiring if they offer one? If anyone has any experience with these clinics, please let me know! ?
maplecandyReview28 May 16-100

JK was the first clinic I contacted, since I saw a post on here saying they have pretty natural results. But later, I learned that they actually specialize in face contouring, not rhinoplasty. Anyway, I went to their building, which was actually across the street from Dream. The clinic was the cleanest/biggest I’ve seen yet, since they actually have their own building. The lobby was really clean, and I spotted some foreign (white) patients.

My translator was Mimi, who brought me to see Lucy, the consultant. Both spoke fluent English. I had already had an online consultation with them, where the doc had recommended bridge augmentation, tip plasty, alar reduction, and mandible angle reduction (but I didn’t want any jaw shaving). Therefore, Lucy seemed a bit confused as to why I was there for another consultation I mean doesn’t it make sense that I’d want one in person? I said that I just wanted to understand the doc’s methods better, so she brought in the nose doc. At first, he only recommended silicone for bridge augmentation, mentioning that my tip was already projected enough. However, after showing him my photoshopped photos, he realized that I was concerned about my nose’s width, and therefore suggested tip plasty and alar reduction. He talked a bit about the procedures he’d use, like using ear cartilage for the tip. For alar reduction, he would be making an external incision along the wrinkle on the side of my nose; however, this procedure would leave visible scarring. There was no mention of fat grafting.

After he left, I spoke a bit more with Lucy. She asked what other clinics I was consulting with, and focused on the fact that I had consulted with Dream. She also asked what they had recommended and what price they quoted, which tbh made me a bit uncomfortable. We ended with a quote, which was the cheapest amongst Dream and April31.

Ngl, I was a bit uncomfortable at JK. Lucy seemed on edge since I was there for a second consultation, and since I had consulted previously with Dream. The doctor’s recommendations also felt a bit reactive (like I’d mention one concern, and then he’d recommend a procedure, instead of him making recommendations based on what he thought would look best for me); I would have preferred if the doctor had more firm opinions.
missemmaRumor3 Dec 12100
My aunt works for some sort of acting agency and she recommended me these clinics.






Has anyone heard of jk, orange clinic, and first clinic?

*not promoting or anything by the way.
Review7 March 14100
JK is very reputable indeed unlike those clinics mentioned above that advertise. Those advertised clinics have droves of Chinese or overseas clients the waiting room, feeling like a posher factory that’s all. At JK, I only seen well groom Korean ladies in their 30s 40s, no factory style queue waiting to consult doctors. I spent more time speaking to the older doctors at JK than at any other clinics. Anyway JW is opposite JK , so is VIP so you can hop over for consultation to compare .
oryzaRumor30 Jan 15-100
I had a friend who did her DES with JK, the doc didnt suggested epi for her. Price wise, I think similar with Teuim. I didnt really like how her lids turn out, it still looks puffy after 6 months and the arch is a little … i duno how to put it.. not smooth? too rigid? I cant really pinpoint but it just didnt look good.

And the thing is, my friend thinks that her puffy lids is her problem, not because JK did not do a good job -.-” Duno how they brainwashed her.

She did incision by the way, they could her taken out her extra fats..
pkang0327Rumor18 Oct 13100
Try JK Plastic Surgery Center. I read an article recently that said they were named best clinic by the Korean health department for a few years.
My friend went there to do her eyes and the doctor was a woman. Also, she said they had fluent english speaking staff and the service was nice.
queennyReview19 Mar 15-100
Hi peeps, I would like to ask if anyone had encounter same situation as me. I had my non-incisional DES with ptosis correction done on the 7/Mar at JK plastic surgery. I realise my eyes are uneven now. 1 eye is bigger than the other. I had texted my consultant she told me to wait for my eyes to recover fully and it will be even. Can someone tell me if it normal? Thanks.
queennyReview19 Mar 15100
Experience in JK plastic is great. They have several of consultants who can speak mandarin and English. I would say they are dealing with more foreigners and they awarded awards from ministry of health that attracted me to sign up with them. The whole process of DES wasn’t long. I was put to sleep for a short while and when they about to finish the stitching they will call you up to open and close eye to make sure that your eyes stitches are balance. And most importantly, I would only feel uncomfortable rather than pain for the 1st day and the next day I would able to shop the whole day. By the way, you want my consultant contact pm me.:smile:
queennyReview11 May 17-100
I’ve been reading through the pages but I’ve no idea which clinic to choose? I had non incisional des and ptosis correction at jk clinic 2 years ago. Now my crease has lower and my eyes don’t look big anymore. I want to have a higher crease and rounder eyes. Can anyone advise me which clinic and surgeon is good? Thank you
Review24 May 16100
Clinic Consultation – JK

The clinic looked grand and posh.

Dr Kim Sung Sik appeared very serious and looked a little bit tired. He did spend some time touching my nose tissues, and then with the help of the English translator made the following recommendations :

1)My implant was placed too high, so he wanted to lower it to a more aesthetic level.

2) Reduce Tip Bulbosity

3) increase tip projection

I then asked him about alarplasty, and whether increasing tip projection will help draw the alars in, hence avoiding alarplasty. Dr Kim said the drawing-in effect will be negligible. If I wanted to narrow my nose visibly, I will have to do alarplasty.

With that, the consultation ended and I was given a price quote and I went on to my next appointment.
rachelpReview6 Jul 15100
Hi guys!
I got a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago in Seoul, Korea from JK!
Yay! I finally got it done! Finally!!

I am so happy with the results because they look NATURAL! They still seem a little bit swollen and my nipples and surrounding areas are sore and sensitive but I was told that it was normal and a full recovery would take 3 to 6 months from the surgery.

The one thing that I am really concerned about right now is how fast my scars from the incisions can fade. My boyfriend said “I will send you back to Korea if you have any scars on your body”. -___-
I still have the glue on my incisions under my breasts, which was applied after the stiches were removed.They said it would fall off completely within 3 weeks. I am dying to see the actual incisions. I was told to use Cica Care, which is an over the counter gel sheet that is supposed to help the scars fade faster. I purchased it in Korea because based on my research, it requires a prescription in the U.S. I was trying to save my co-pay of $45 for doctor’s office visit : )
Please let me know if anyone knows other better ways to fade the scars!

Ok, here is my journey to a breast augmentation.
As soon as I walked in their building, the people at the front desk greeted me. One of the girls came out, seated me and took a drink order from me. They even had a café at the lobby so I could order my favorite drink, an iced latte!
After about 10 min wait at the lobby, another lady came out and took me to a private consultation room. Instead of telling me where to go and what to do, they always took me to the places. They were all polite and friendly. I figured that they were doing this because the clinic occupies the whole building and they didn’t want me to get lost? The doctor arrived a little bit late but when he walked in, he politely apologized for coming in late and said that his surgery took longer than what they expected. He was really friendly and very professional. He showed me several different post op pictures of a breast augmentation and asked what size I would like to choose. He recommended I get 275 cc high profile, which will fit my body and will give me a natural looking full C. I took his recommendation. (I weigh 105lb and 5’2” tall)
In addition to the consultation, they had to run some tests such as an x-ray and a blood test for them to see if I am a good candidate for the surgery.
My surgery was scheduled 2 days after the initial consultation. I was extremely nervous about the post surgery pains I would have to go through and me having trouble sleeping at night after the surgery because of the jetlag. Guess what I suffered from the most! It was hunger!
I was told not to eat 8 hours before the surgery. Because my body was on U.S time, I had no appetite during the day a day before the surgery so I ended up skipping lunch and dinner. Next morning, I got really hungry but I couldn’t eat because my surgery was scheduled at 3 PM.
When I woke up from the surgery, I felt so tight and sore AND STARVING. I was thinking to myself , I need to eat to survive. One of the nurses gave me a shot and made me wait for a couple of hours before I can eat. I am telling you guys, the surgery could be delayed. You NEED TO EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN 8 hours before the surgery!
I had to come back to the clinic 3 days after the surgery to get the bandages and the post-op bra off.
That was the first day I met my new sisters: ) They came out bigger than what I expected. They were swollen and very hard. The doctor said once the swelling subsides, the size will decrease. I had inverted nipples and the doctor told me before the surgery, the breast augmentation could correct my nipples too. Not fully but to some degree. Yes, he was right. Although they didn’t pop out completely, they got pushed out and become somewhat normal looking nipples : )

I also got a laser treatment on my breasts on the same day,which is included in the total surgery price. They said the laser treatment would help reduce swelling.

On the 9th day of the surgery, my last day in Korea, I went back to the clinic one last time to get the stitches removed. The doctor took a final look to make sure they look ok. He said they turned out great and told me to take my meds for the next 3 months.

I still have several months to recover fully but my breasts look amazing. To me, porn star big boobs look too fake and don’t look attractive. I am not saying that is wrong. People have different views of physical beauty. I am very satisfied with the size I chose and how they look on my body.

I hope my post helps: )
Good luck!
Breasts Augmentation
rachelpReview8 Jul 15100
Just adding a picture. It was taken on the 4th of July.
I came out with my bf for the fireworks.
Let me know what you guys think. It has been over 3 weeks.
Breasts Augmentation
rachelpReview1 Aug 15100
Sorry for the late reply : )
The scars are still there. It seems they are fading though.
They are soft now almost like natural breasts.
It took me about a month and a half to feel comfortable working out/jogging and stuff.
Breasts Augmentation
RevolerReview14 Jul 14-100
Hello everyone, I have been a lurker on this forum for a very long time and have used it to gather the experience I needed to do my plastic surgery in korea, so I thought I would share my own experience to maybe help someone else.

I have always been self-conscious about my looks, my biggest worry have been that I looked angry or mad when my facial expression is relaxed. My brows were sagging, I had a roman nose and my lips were big but sagging, so it was not very attractive. I did not feel that my personality fitted how I looked physically. I did not necessarily want to look like the standard form of beauty, I just wanted a kind expression.


My very first surgery was with JW, I did a rhinoplasty and an eyelid operation to collect my trifolds into one. I knew that I wanted to have surgery at JW because a friend of mine had great results there and I really connected with the doctor, he is so nice and really listened to all my questions, there are plenty of locals in the waiting area and the staff is very kind and sweet.

I did wake up during the eyelid surgery, he told me to open and close my eye to make sure that he did not remove too much skin. Dr. Suh used only my own cartilage for the surgery. It was a big point for me to not use silicone or implants because I knew the complications that comes with that.

I was very happy with the clinic and the result turned out great. JW is in the mid range when in comes to prices, but when it comes to your face, pick the clinic you like regardless of the prices and then try to bargain to get it cheaper. Usually if you just ask you can get a quite good discount.

The result still looks great after two years


I went back to korea to do a V-line. I had a very wide jaw and it dominated my face. I consulted a few clinics. ID was ridiculous, I completely agree with everyone saying that this is a scam. It seems like their image is falling apart, its a common fact that they are big on the doctor switch there.

I decided to do it at JW because of my last experience there. Today I might would have gone with another clinic that specializes in bones, but the surgery went fine. I will warn people about this though. It might have been the hardest experience of my life. The post op is so uncomfertable and you just look at yourself and think: “why did I do this to myself?”. It took me 1 week till I could eat normally, 2 weeks before I could speak sentences and 1 month to look allright. Be prepared if you want to do a jaw surgery, I don´t think I would have done it again, and if I did, I would have made sure to have a good support system.

I was also very concerned with a doctor swap at this point so they set up a camera during the surgery so I could watch it after and see that the doctor I was consulting was the one doing the surgery.


This year I went back to Korea again, I wanted a couple of things done:
fat graft
lip argumentation
eyebrow lift

At this point I am also dealing with the fact that with plastic surgery you have to stop at one point, there is that time where you just have to say: I am not perfect, but this is an improvement and I can live with this. Also I think sometimes we think that “it´s just a small change” but the surgery is actually pretty invasive and the recovery time takes a lot longer than what you would have expected.

I consulted a few clinics for my surgery:

JK: Very pretty facility and kind staff, they showed me around the building, the recovery room, the surgery rooms, but the doctor was very young and did not seem experienced.

The Line: This clinic was very beautiful, but they seemed very unserious to me. They asked for “my budget” instead of quoting me and told me that the surgery had to be done tomorrow, that there was no other days avaliable. When I told them that I could not have surgery the next day, they said well..they might have an opening on thursday, and I knew that I would not chose this clinic by now, so just to be a little cheeky, I told them that thursday was also not a good fit, but what about friday? and they sure could fit me in there as well. Not to mention that there were no other people waiting in the waiting room area.

Dream: I liked this clinic, nice staff, many locals, but the doctor was not a good fit, he was actually pretty rude, told me that I needed this and this done, so I ended up not going here.

Aone: Aone is located pretty far away from all the other clinics, it takes about one hour and a half with the subway to get there. The doctor is very polite and kind and speaks good english. I know there are some users here that have been happy with his procedures and some that are not satisfyed, but at the time I was there about 10 people stayed over night. I got to meet some patiens before I decided wether to do the brow lift and lip argumentation and all of them looked so good, therefor I decided to book with Aone.

The staff was allright, the english translator is so sweet, I really liked her, but the nurses did not know how to speak english which was somewhat of a problem. The surgery went allright. I told him that I did not want my brows that much elevated and he just did his own thing, which really frusterated me and I had to ask him the day after to lower them a little. Now they look great, but he should have listnened to me in the first place. The lip work looks great, I really love the result, such a big difference.

Petangui: I did my fat graft with Petangui because a friend had done hers there and she looks awesome. The clinic is beautiful, the nurses are the nicest ones I´ve ever come across and the doctor is pretty good with what he does. I did not like the fact that I waked up before he was finished, that was kinda creepy, even if I could not feel anything. The recovery room is also not that great.

There you have it, my full plastic surgery adventure in Korea. Honestly it is such a scary thing, I traveled alone all the times and it is not fun. The recovery is so tough and I´ve cried and had really dark thoughts and it´s been painfull. In the end I am happy with the results, but it has been such a hard ride and I am ready to jump off because I know this is the time to stop, I am happy that I´ve done it, but I´m not sure if I would have gone through this again.

SchrodingerRumor6 Oct 15100
Thought everyone might find this report done by ABC Nightline in 2014 about Korean Plastic Surgery interesting. The two ladies featured, Christina and Jessica both have v-line procedures done at JK Plastic Surgery Center.

The video starts playing automatically and continues for 3 videos.

I love Jessica’s post surgery look! :loveeyes: Completely drastic! Christina’s post surgery is a bit subtle but you can tell the difference between her old and new face shape.
Review24 Jun 15100
Hi everyone,

As promised I have done all my consults and compiled my reviews of each of them. I had 4 clinics on my short list and I ended up visiting a total of 7 clinics before narrowing down my list to 2. Surprisingly none of my original 4 made my top 2 and it was also easy to strike them off based on the consults I had.
Clinics I visited: Dream, ASPS, JW, Jaedon, CheongdamU,VIP, MVP
Clinics I visited for consults after my op with a friend: Teuim, JJ, JK (Teuim post review to be added).

So I ended up doing surgery with MVP for both DES revision, epi, and complete rhinoplasty (bridge, tip, alar reduction). I have to say my results are great and I am waiting to get back to my home country so I can properly upload photos using my computer. I also got my eyebrows done at MVP using their call in eyebrow lady lol..
Just a quick heads up that I might decide to use blogger to host my content rather than wix as suggested by a friend so if the link above doesn’t work anymore, just PM me.

My link to my blog above also states my experiences pre-op, during op, and up to 10 days post op!

If you find my website helpful, please let me know either by post or PM.
Soong sister
Review16 Nov 13-100
After close to a year of searching for the BA clinic in Korea which is not easy as most of the forum is discussing on the face enhancement surgery. And this are the list of clinics that I have visited so far :-

In June visited the following clinic for teardrop

A) WonJin Clinic Price quoted KRW11mil exclude medication
1) Larger clinic and systematic in a handling customers.
2) Busy clinic due to summer holidays
3) English speaking staffs convenient for foreigner.

1) Waited for 2 hours despite appointment was made earlier.
2) Don’t get to see the doctors only speak to the marketing manager and nurses who takes the bust measurement.
3) First visit quoted KRW11mil and second visit quoted KRW 25mil on the same surgery.
4) Met with DR Park on 2nd visit however he is not interested to see me and kicked me out of the room in less than 5 minutes instead asked me to refer to his marketing manager. Did not answer any of my questions except for what surgery I want to do.

B) JW Clinic Price quoted KRW11mil bra exclude medication.
Pro :
1) Popular among foreigners because they have strong marketing team and Seoul Touch UP is one of the medical coordinator promoting on behalf of the clinic
2) Have own in house translators for English and mandarin speaking staffs.
3) Dr Seul speaks English able to understand and patient in explaining, have more than 10 years of experience.
4) Able to see doctor to discuss on the procedure and asked questions instead marketing manager who is not medically trained.
5) Dr Seul is the only one can identify which side of my breast is larger whereby most Plastic surgeon FAILLED , he is smart to asked me and confirmed with me whereas all plastic surgeon has their own opinion instead of asking me.

Cons :
1) Have a very unskilled of anesthesia team of doctors
2) Not professional in preparing the me in the operation room, eg some staffs is not in uniforms , the head of anesthesia is not wearing uniform or gloves. Myself is not given a cap to cover my hair. They tends to take things lightly in the operation room.
3 ) I ALMOST DIED IN JW OPERATION ROOM however in my home country I have been twice under general anesthesia for surgery. JW blamed me for my narrow airway but later I found out that it is not the size of the airway but is more of the doctor’s skills. Dr Lee Hye Kyoung proves that she is unskilled and not professional despite having more than 20 years of experience.
4) Dr Seul is too aggressive in selling and proposed dual method of surgery fat grafting and implant which is double pain not only on physical but financially. The dual method also increased the risk of post operation complication.
5) Did not keep promised to let me stay for 1 night free in the clinic instead expected me to go back after surgery. For minor surgery eg eyes and nose which is under local anesthesia one can easily managed. However, general anesthesia is a more in deep sedation and I can’t regain my conscious or strength to go back within a few hours. And BA is a major surgery.
6) Different email quoted different amount for deposit payment. It is as high as 30% of surgery cost.
7) Dr Seul takes longer time to do the operation it will increased the higher risk for the patient. Reason being is he is using a sizer to determined the size which I suspect it is recycled from one customer to another as sizer is very expensive. Sizer cost more than USD500 for 1 piece. He drew my whole breast on the measurement and took multiple angle of photos.

C) BK hospital price quoted USD10,000-USD11,000 exclude medication and pain control injection.

1) Dr Kim replied emails very efficiently and professionally able to communicate with the Dr directly.
2) Free 5 days stay in guest house.
3) Dr Kim very patient in communicating with me for more than 6 months.
4) Foreign friendly as some staffs can speak English and mandarin.
5) I can stay in the hospital for a day .
6) Dr Kim has more than 20 years of experience .

Cons :
1) Expensive due to USD payment instead of KRW.
2) Only provide oral pain control for additional pain control have to paid separately
3) Dr Kim performs 8 surgeries a day and my concern is no time for follow up visit and he travels very frequently to overseas to promote BK.

D) JK Clinic. Price quoted USD10,000 but round implant is USD6000.

Pros :
1) In house English translator and Dr Choi speaks the most perfect English among all.
2) I am able to see a doctor and discussed the procedure.
3) JK have their own hotels for convenience but expensive around USD130-150 a night
4) Each doctor is specialized in his own field

Cons :
1) Average clinic with only 1 anesthesia doctor.
2) Did not use blood bag post surgery.
Breasts Augmentation
threerosesReview1 Jun 14100
Hello everybody!

I’m getting a nose job this month and I’m currently visiting all the clinics I’m interested in. I’m also thinking about a two jaws surgery or chin surgery + fat grafting. I thought I might share my experience with you as it’s hard to find opinions about some establishments. I hope this is the right place to post it haha.

The clinics I visited so far are ID, Life and JK. I also plan on visiting [edited out for safety].

ID Plastic Surgery was bustling with people and I didn’t make an appointment but they still managed to find me an English speaking person (far from fluent but good enough). However she wasn’t very knowledgeable about procedures and had to make trips to the phone to answer my questions. In the end, it appeared that my nose was too complicated to operate and they couldn’t do it (probably because I’m caucasian, oops).

The good side: English speaker present, seems popular, straight up told me they couldn’t do it instead of trying, knowing they would probably fail.

The bad side: couldn’t meet a surgeon or equally knowledgeable person, since then read a lot of bad reviews.

Life Plastic Surgery was a lot smaller than ID and there was only one other person in the lobby. I actually wasn’t planning on visiting it, but gave it a chance when passing by it. The staff was nice but once again knew close to nothing about surgery and couldn’t answer my (rather basic) questions. They got a English speaking person on the phone for me, who gave me an appointment to check if doing a caucasian nose was possible or not. I declined because Life wasn’t on my list and I didn’t want to waste their time.

The good side: nice staff.

The bad side: no English speaker present, consultation fee of 50,000 wons.

JK Plastic Surgery is a bit tricky. I couldn’t find much reviews about it on Google nor Naver but they won two awards for best clinic for foreigners so I was curious. The clinic was mainly empty, and an English speaking staff rapidly came to ask me what I needed (perfect English). After explaining a bit and asking questions, she made me fill up a form in order to get a consultation (I didn’t make any appointment so I was rather happy that I would see someone so fast). They spent two hours of their time, appointed me two English speaking staff and three surgeons to answer all of my questions and analyse all of my scans. I want to say ‘for free’, but who knows, maybe they add the price of your consultation in the final price of the surgery. Anyways, they were so helpful that I’m considering not even visiting the other clinics and get my nose done there. But I still have some questions unanswered because the first staff was sometime vague or rushed it, so I will go back on Monday for more info.

The good side: fluent English speaking staff (Chinese, Japanese and Russian too, as I saw), could meet three surgeons on the day of visit without an appointment (Which could mean they are not overworked – they didn’t look tired too), consultation and scanners for free without an appointment, the second staff (she was a doll) suggested a cheaper, less dangerous alternative to my two jaw surgery plan, the surgeons still spoke an okay English, the rhinoplasty surgeon listened to me and understood what I want and still warned me about the limitation of what he could do for me, the two jaw surgeons said they would prefer to wait until the end of my invisalign treatment before making any surgery plan.

The bad side: few reviews online, the first staff had to double check everything she said to me which made it seem unprofessional and shady, she also served me a lot of commercial talk and I felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear (‘our surgeons don’t do that, they listen to you, they make it look natural, they operated many caucasians before, ect.). She also didn’t answer me properly when I asked if the person I could hear crying in the hallway was okay (scary stuff man). The second staff was very nice and more honest though, so I think it’s just a matter of person.

The good and bad side: the rhinoplasty will cost 5 250 000 wons, which is a bit more expensive than other clinics, but for that price they will shave bone and do the tip too. Also, when I asked about the price for removing beauty marks, they told me they would do it for free as service during my rhinoplasty. I didn’t try to bargain as I read online that rhinoplasty can go up to 5 500 000 wons so I don’t know if they give discounts.
Nose, Jawhttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/plastic-surgery-clinics-in-korea-read-1st-post-before-posting.864175/page-29#post-26849146
Ulzzang Quest
Rumor6 Apr 15100
JK is on my list for consultations. From my research, the Dr. who this place is named for (J.K… I don’t remember spelling off the top of my head, but if you look at the website, he’s listed first) was THE doctor who wrote (one of the first, if not the very first) textbook on Asian Rhinoplasty — the textbook used for training doctors on how to perform nose procedures on Asians. They also have a medical/hotel onsite, and is a one stop full service hospital grade facility. I also saw a full hour US news segment (Nightline) where they followed some Californian woman’s journey there (she was a previously abused wife who suffered from broken jaw and nose or whatever from her ex husband, and decided to get PS to empower herself and write a new chapter to her life), I was so sure this was going to be the place I get PS at (bc it also won government awards for being ‘best service for foreigners’ two years in a row) but then I discovered more places that were pretty impressive too lol. But I was and stilll am impressed with the info. I came across my research on JK… they also have teams of doctor do pro bono work in developing countries (for those with cleft issues) (but now come to think of it, that’s also a great win/win for them — doctor’s in training gains more experience, and locals in poor / third world countries get a free procedure). They also hold training programs for doctors in any other countries that wants to learn Asian rhinoplasty and other procedures at their Korea location.

The only ‘iffy’ part I have is that, Dr. JK himself is no longer performing operations (b/c he’s taking care of the business and programming aspects of the institution), so the doctor’s performing the surgeries, while trained in JK’s methods, could still be “just” trainees… and I wouldn’t be sure of their credentials, until/unless I go for a consult and actually meet the doctor who will be assigned to my case. (Bc when I contacted them to schedule a consult appt., I asked something like ‘who’s your most senior rhinoplasty expert?’ and the response I got was something like ‘our doctors are all experts ;)’… okkkkkk….)

@Lovetravel, can you share your experience about how they went about assigning you a doctor? Where you able to select another one if you wanted to?
wintergirl88Review9 Dec 13100
I visited JK Clinic this morning, right after getting off my overnight flight to Seoul. I immediately forgot my exhaustion when I came to the clinic, it really really exceeded my expectations!! Most importantly, in terms of the customer service from every single staff member, and in the attitude and expertise of the doctor! Everyone is so respectful and treats u like you’re very important to them, without the slightest hint of arrogance or impatience.

I’m so glad I spent time doing more research on clinics, it really scares me to think that I almost went to BK or ID hospital!

The only problem I have is that after examining me, Dr Kim recommends that for my V-line, I should have bone trimming only, without T-osteotomy. He says since my chin location is correct, and he thinks the chin is not too wide, just shaving the entire jaw bone (incl the chin) is enough. Then there’s no need to break the bones and insert fixation plates.

I kinda agree that my results would be great with just bone-trimming, but after paying US$9k for surgery and another US$2k or so on air ticket, hotel room etc, I feel like I want a dramatically-different chin. I have the option of doing T-osteotomy with absorbable fixation plates, so that I won’t have to deal with problems from having the fixation plates, but that costs a further US$1.5k. I really don’t know if I can afford that, even if I believe the results will be ideal.

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to my surgery at JK tomoro afternoon ?
wintergirl88Review11 Dec 13100
Omg recovery from V-line surgery is really tough, I had my surgery yesterday. If I’d known how physically tough it would be, I really might not have done it. Maybe I’m a weakling, heh. But I think many would find it really tough. Not only is there quite a lot of pain from injections and swelling, u can’t eat the whole day and I couldn’t have a single drop of water for about 12 hours. Cos of general anaesthesia, u can easily throw up. I barely slept a wink cos I was in too much discomfort.

JK really does everything to help u thru the process, though. They provided me a really nice Chinese nurse assistant called Xiaoyi to take care of me overnight yesterday, she stayed with me in a 2-bed hospital room to assist me with everything like ice packs, walking me to the bathroom (because u can’t even walk properly after General anaesthesia), and to translate what I need to the Korean nurse. Apart from the overnight nurse, usually there’s an English translator who takes care of me in the clinic, this Korean lady called Yaewon who is super-sweet.

They also got a limo to take me from JK to my hotel this morning. Usually the overnight nurse and limo services will have a charge, but they’ve given me these services for free. 🙂 I’ve heard clinics usually charge foreign patients more though, so maybe they give these perks to make up for it, heh.

Btw Dr Kim spent 3 hrs on my V-line surgery. He’s a really nice doctor. (I know I keep saying the staff are really nice, but it’s true! lol) Hope the results will be great!
wintergirl88Review13 Dec 13100
My surgeon was Dr Kim Sung-sik, he does the nose and face-contouring in JK. Actually I wanted to do with Dr Joo Kwon, but as he’s running the business side of JK he rarely does surgeries nowadays. 🙁 But Dr Kim is very experienced in face contouring and I’m told he did V-line for many of the staff, and they look really nice! They’re pretty but at the same time they look different from each other.

Heh I touched my face and i’m so swollen now. Btw if u do V-line, make sure u pack lots of liquid food, like those protein drinks or stuff like that. U can’t eat most normal food for a week, and probably u won’t wanna go out and buy food cos u’ll be swollen.

Good luck choosing a clinic! ?
wintergirl88Review15 Dec 13100
Hi Sylvia~

I really can’t share Before and After photos yet, because at 5 days post-op, there’s still soo much swelling. Anyway I don’t have my camera here in Korea, and I don’t have a camera phone. I’ve heard that even for those who heal fast, at 2 weeks post-op there’ll still be swelling such that their face is roughly same size as before surgery. But after 1 month, 80% of swelling is gone. So probably after about 1 mth, I can PM you some photos. 🙂

I think i’m extra swollen because my surgery took 3 hours, whereas some V-line surgeries take about 1.5hour. I told my surgeon before surgery to ‘please be careful’, so maybe he did the surgery extra-slow, hahaha.

V-line surgery has 2 types–1 type involves just bone-trimming, 1 type involves T-osteotomy where they break the chin bones, remove the middle part of the chin, and use fixation screws to reconnect everything. (The fixation screws hold everything in place while the bones are strengthening, after 6 months your jaw and chin bones will again be as strong as before the surgery)

Actually my doctor at JK recommended the first type for me, because it’s simpler and doesn’t need fixation screws, but I asked him to please do the 2nd type for me, because using the 2nd type he can reduce the chin size even more. Nowadays in Korea the 2nd type of V-line seems more popular, but it’s a more complicated invasive surgery.

If u email the doctor your photographs, he can recommend which method is more suitable for you. ?
wintergirl88Review23 Dec 13100
I’m on Day 13 post-op after my V-line surgery. I came home on Day 11 and I had no more visible swelling, so my family don’t seem to suspect anything. In fact, by day 9 I was already walking around Seoul, although I still had minor swelling. Right now I can still feel some swelling on my face, but I look natural and normal already. 🙂

I heal really fast though, so others will probably take a bit longer to heal. I was eating solid food by day 3, and eating meat by day 11. But most pple can only eat solid food by day 7, eat meat at day 21.

I really got to give some advice. Be very careful about whether u wanna ask for a pointy chin. If too much chin bone is removed, u may regret it. I specifically asked my surgeon that I DON’T want a pointy chin, and so my chin is not very sharp. But still when I smile, I notice that there’s a clear V-line effect and the chin looks a bit longer because it’s narrower. I’m satisfied with my result because it looks nice, but I’m SO relieved I told the surgeon that I didn’t want a pointy chin. Because if he made it just a bit pointier and sharper than it is now, I may look very unnatural.

To see what I mean, look at Angelababy’s chin when she smiles. It looks much pointier than when she’s not smiling.

If you ask for a pointy chin, and the surgeon removes too much bone, u may have a fake-looking chin that looks strange. Especially when u smile. Just something to consider ?
wintergirl88Review29 Dec 13100
Hi beautyloving 🙂

I’m at Day 20 now, in about 7-10 days I’ll take photo and show u. Because although there’s no obvious swelling now, I still notice my face looks abit different everyday. So I think it’s better to wait till 1 month post-op and take photos.

What surgery are u thinking of doing btw?

Yes I’m satisfied with JK hospital, but I think it’s partly because I had realistic goals. For example, when they narrowed the face, I notice it makes the chin look a bit longer. And also I already knew that there may not be 100% symmetry after surgery. I think I have about 95% symmetry in my jaw and chin now, if I look closely I can see some small asymmetry, but it will not be visible to other people. So u have to realise that surgery will not give u a totally perfect face shape. I’m still happy because I look better after surgery, but if I had too high expectations, I would have been disappointed.

I’m not trying to discourage u, but I just want to be honest about what u can expect from surgery. 🙂
wintergirl88Review11 Feb 14100
Hi pandamochi,
I had V-line surgery at JK 2 months ago. The service was excellent and the dr gave me exactly what I asked for, so I can highly recommend them.

But pls think v carefully about the surgeries. For me, although I love my smaller chin, sometimes I miss my old jaw. Because my chin was huge, but my jaw was already ok-looking. Yes most pple like a smaller oval jaw, but sometimes squarish jaws can look nice as long as they’re not too big. Audrey Hepburn, Angelina, Grace Kelly all look nice with angular jaws. They may look less beautiful and less stunning without their angular bone structure. However, for some pple who’ve noticed I look a bit different, they told me I look better now (not knowing I had surgery), so I really can’t complain about the surgery. I just hope u’ll think really carefully about each surgery and don’t do more than is necessary. 🙂 Also, the more surgeries u do, the more chance for complications and regrets.

But as for the hospital, JK is a good choice. U should consider others as well though. But I’ve noticed that in the subways along the Gangnam area, they’re filled with ads for plastic surgery clinics, and JK is one of the only ones which doesn’t advertise. At Incheon airport u’ll see lots of brochures for surgery clinics, but again JK doesn’t advertise there. Yet they have a steady stream of patients. So I think they must be doing something right. 🙂 Also the staff there are v goodlooking, many of the girls had V-line done by their dr so I can see he is good at the surgery.
wintergirl88Review29 May 14100
I did mine at JK. It was a good experience. 2 pple told me I looked like a Korean actress after the surgery hehe, one was a Singaporean dr who knew about the surgery, the other was a random guy in the mall who asked me to do some promotional modelling/advertising work for his company’s products. However, I actually sometimes feel uncomfortable with my new appearance, some days I like it and some days I feel a bit strange. I think this feeling that you’re disconnected from your old self is actually quite common after surgery. I do feel happier as time goes on though. But u have to be prepared for it. Choose a reputable dr!! That’s very impt. ?
wintergirl88Review31 Dec 14100
Btw, where did u do your surgery? If u trust their work, maybe the clinic can help u with discounted fat grafting or fillers procedure? For the big hospitals, there are different drs who do the bone procedures and the fat grafting/fillers procedures.

I recommend caution with face lifting, endotine procedures etc. Those require very skilful doctors, otherwise u may get strange side effects like slanted eyes (because they lift the cheek skin).

I know one girl personally at JK who did V-line and fat grafting. She was actually depressed with her result. But after her surgeries she happened to meet this multimillionaire guy who she had known from more than a year ago. And he asked her out, even though last time he saw her and wasn’t interested in dating her. They’ve been dating for a few months already and she’s feeling quite happy. Especially when she wears makeup, she is very pretty IMO.

There’s another girl I met up with in Seoul (actually a forummer, but I don’t wanna give her username) who did mini V-line and buccal removal surgery at ID and she was super-depressed, almost suicidal, because she hated the results. She was so upset she travelled to a different country to stay. Then she met a European there and they’ve been happy together…And when I saw her, I told her that she’s still pretty, because to my eyes it’s true.

For me, I did V-line at JK, somedays I feel very happy with the result, somedays I wish I didn’t do it.But other pple tell me I look like a Korean actress now, I dunno what to think, haha.

I tell u this to say that, sometimes we girls are really harsh on ourselves, we can’t fully appreciate the beauty we have. Other people don’t notice our flaws so much.

Please be careful in choosing the revision procedures and the right dr. And u can always message us to ask for advice. ?

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