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Review24 Jun 15100
Hi everyone,

As promised I have done all my consults and compiled my reviews of each of them. I had 4 clinics on my short list and I ended up visiting a total of 7 clinics before narrowing down my list to 2. Surprisingly none of my original 4 made my top 2 and it was also easy to strike them off based on the consults I had.
Clinics I visited: Dream, ASPS, JW, Jaedon, CheongdamU,VIP, MVP
Clinics I visited for consults after my op with a friend: Teuim, JJ, JK (Teuim post review to be added).

So I ended up doing surgery with MVP for both DES revision, epi, and complete rhinoplasty (bridge, tip, alar reduction). I have to say my results are great and I am waiting to get back to my home country so I can properly upload photos using my computer. I also got my eyebrows done at MVP using their call in eyebrow lady lol..
Just a quick heads up that I might decide to use blogger to host my content rather than wix as suggested by a friend so if the link above doesn’t work anymore, just PM me.

My link to my blog above also states my experiences pre-op, during op, and up to 10 days post op!

If you find my website helpful, please let me know either by post or PM.
SusakiReview10 Nov 14100
Then I went to jaedon clinic directly as I hv already chosen my nose clinic.

Jaedon is quite nicely decorated clinic, the doctors are super friendly, I first met the doctor for fg then dr jaedon for my eyes. He suggested me to do non incisional method, lipo on eyes as my eyes quite swollen, ptosis, epi, dark eye circle. He said he can do outfold for me, and I again choose this clinic directly lol. As the price is reli cheap and I believe in the doctors’ skills and he is using non incisional method, which means I can recover faster and I can undo if I dislike the eyes he make for me.
SusakiReview20 Jan 15100
Hi, sorry for late reply, I hv done fg in mid dec, and i think jaedon fg quite natural, at least i can go bak to work on day 8
act is 1.8 mil without prp
Fat Grafthttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/my-ps-trip-in-oct-2014.886175/page-5#post-27945573
SusakiRumor21 Aug 14100
Would you mind sharing the other clinics and surgeries your cousins have undergone???

My korean friend went to “Jaedon” clinic to do her eyes, and the outcome is good!!!! And she claimed is very famous in korea for eye too!!! I found “Oscar” from naver, the B&A look amazing as i prefer dolly eyes than natural ones!!!

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