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pulpyRumor1 Jun 11100Hi, he did not say how much he is going to charge me and I didnt ask (scared I will have a heart attack). He told me he is expensive and that he doesnt have his own clinic, (he is a professor and ps in Ilsan Paik Hospital, Inje University. He doesnt have any special “treatment” for foreigners and hence he said I have to find my own accommodation and that would be very expensive. You can google him, he is known for his BAKA theory. I found him while doing research for my next revision.

He gave me consultation and recommended the clinics i have mentioned. I have booked VIP and after reading more and more …I think I really should consider the clinics he recommended. Maybe to the extent of getting a korean friend to translate for me. i really want to do revision and hopefully it will be the last time. and I really need it to be perfect this time around.

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