Hanabi Rhinoplasty Clinic

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Review26 Dec 17100
Hanabi was great, they were very patient and went through my CT scan to assure that there wasn’t any foreign implants in my nose.

So I had a nice small nose, but the only thing wrong was it was a bit bulbous. So I wanted a 1mm extension and tip narrowing. What the guy did instead is raise my tip forward and up, and did not narrow my nose. So now it looks like I have extra skin on top of my nose. My nose looks like an exaggerated bulbous tip now, and it looks a bit piggy, worse than before I’d say. Only thing I’m ok with is the bulbous part on the lateral cartilage that he got rid of. But ya, its healing ok, but the shape is messed up, now I have to contour everyday, where before I never ever had to do that.
Olive-ORumor16 Sep 17100
I am planning to go Korea at the end of September/early October if you haven’t already gone. I used to work for a Korean plastic surgeon in Australia. He has recommended
Dr. Chang Geun-Uck – Doctor | HANABI RHINOPLASTY CLINIC. I am yet to find any reviews on him though.

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