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JanerbabeReview31 Mar 10100
Hey ladies,
Wow. So it’s been a little over a month since I’ve got the surgery. I got it done at the Ha Doctor Clinic- who I believe is the best of the best in his field. I paid $2500 exactly, and it was completely worth it down to every single penny. I had very minimal swelling, bruising, and my scars are starting to fade perfectly. I am lucky that most of my family lives in Korea, so I had everything from rides, food, and a super swanky penthouse to sleep in taken care of. 😉
I love my eyes… I loved them before, but I love them even more now! They are mine, except improved, if ya know what I mean? I used to stalk this thread before getting the surgery, and most of the personal experiences were opposite of what really happened to me. So if you have any questions about my surgery, I’ll try to reply if I remember to check back.
lalaland115Rumor11 Jan 14100
Hi everyone.
I had my eyelid surgery 7 months ago. My eyelids came out deep, high, and sausagy. I am Korean living in US and I came to Seoul about two weeks ago to get my eyelids fixed. So far, I visited about 10 clinics that specialize in eyelid revisions. I speak Korean fluently so I was able to get some information from local Koreans/Korean forums. Unfortunately, Dr. Kang is not really well known here in Seoul, and there were some bad reviews of him in Korean forums (Naver). I had a consultation with him, and I thought he was just okay. I wasn’t that impressed with him and I thought he was definitely overrated in this forum.

Also, a local Korean gave me a blacklist of clinics you should avoid in Seoul. It’s in Korean, but if you want to take a look at the blacklist, you can email me at lalaland11589@gmail.com and I can send you a copy. From looking at the blacklist, some big clinics you should avoid are BK, Grand, EyeMagic (lee heeeemoon), face line, wonjin, chloe, and nobleless.

Here are some doctors that I would suggest. These doctors are much older, with almost 30 years (or more) of experience. They also specialize in eyelid revisions.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Ha

I forgot this doctor’s name.. but the oldest doctor at Secret

I would suggest Dr. Shin too, but I thought he was a little too cocky. However, I was pretty impressed with him as well.
Dr. Shin

I will keep updating on this forum throughout my stay here. I’m seeing two more doctors, and I hope to make a decision by the middle of January.

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