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gongchaRumor3 May 16100
i got new information from local

1. opera eyes & nose (but with certain doctor i dont know his name)
2. shimmian nose (ONLY with head doctor)
3. wonjin anti aging (ONLY WITH park wonjin which will cost u ur life)
4. izien breast & facial contouring (only have 1 doctor for each don’t know their names)
5. dream non incisional (ONLY with Dr. Park DO NOT DO YOUR SURGERY AT NIGHT)
6. cheongdam u nose (i dont know dr name too. i think they only have 1 doctor but u have to like barbie nose)
7. mega eyes (dont know dr name but have to be with certain doctor too)
8. jyp but i dont know which surgery and which doctor

again this is just opinion from my PS freak korean friend. sorry i dont know details koz i guess koreans don’t talk about PS openly and in detailed manner.
Breasts Augmentation, Facial Contouring
ilovechuReview18 Jul 08100
My camera broke.
I think I got my surgery about 2 weeks ago (from Thursday). I had to get the inner corners cut and get the full cut/stitch and then I had to fix my forehead “problem.”- I couldn’t really open my eyes all the way when my doctor put his hands firmly on my forehead, basically saying that I don’t use my eyelids to open my eyes but my forehead.
I went to
He’s an amazing doctor and I strongly recommend him if you plan on getting sangapool in Korea. His office is located in apgujung and at first he seemed a bit stern and unfriendly at the consultation but when I went to 3 other plastic surgery places, Dr. Lee most def. knew the most information, hence why I chose him. Surgery took about one hour because mine was a “special” case.
The nurses are extremely friendly and did the best they could to make me feel comfortable before, during and after surgery. LOL, one of them even held my hand when he gave me shots and when he burned the fat. It was thee most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever felt in my life and I don’t think I could do it again knowing what I know. But overall, I’m happy and I trust him completely that my eyes will settle nicely.
Reiterating what everybody else has been saying, I experienced blurred visions and heavy eyelids. It goes away sooner than later.
In total everything cost around $3000 with the three part surgery, 1 hour facial post surgery, 60 day medicine to take to heal scar and the antibiotic shot that he gave me a couple days ago to make the scar go away.
I hope I helped, lol, and I’ll try to post more later and try to post pictures if I get a camera. I’m happy with the results so far even though it’s still swollen!
PM if you have any questions!
lovelypeachRumor30 Jan 17-100
It was back in December 2013, but here is a table of 13 plastic surgery clinics of Seoul that received a correction order from the Fair Trade Commission, including a fake and exaggerated advertisement (that means effectiveness of procedures were not verified but just speculated)
Clinics mentionned in order:
Izien Plastic Surgery
Clinic S
Orange Plastic Surgery
Romian Plastic Surgery
Opera Plastic Surgery
Hershe Plastic Surgery
DAMIIN Plastic Surgery
Korea Plastic Surgery
Grand Plastic Surgery

Some examples of what they said:
“Only 30min to look young, solving stubborn skin, pores and fine lines” (Lapians)
“Gold lifting lasts for 8~12 years” (Opera)
“Remove wrinkles and get back good skin” (Mirae)

If you want the whole article just PM me I have to look for it

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