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lemmetelluRumor17 Feb 18100Hi everyone,

I recently got a non-incisional double eyelid surgery with epicanthoplasty in Seoul. I researched A LOT on English and Korean sites to get an overview of what the situation is like. I just wanted to give back to PurseForum by giving my thoughts as I was a silent reader all throughout the process.

One thing is for sure: The clinics that are recommended by foreigners and the clinics recommended by Koreans are WAY different.

Anyway, I came up with a list of clinics to visit for consultation based on three things:
1. Recommendations from family and friends (I have doctors in the family who work in Korea)
2. Korean blogs/cafe/website recommendations (tons of Naver cafes, etc.)
3. English blogs/website recommendations (like here, Soompi, etc.)

I know some people were recommending the two Korean apps for plastic surgery, but I would NOT recommend them. They are well known to be almost 90% ads and posts from clinics. I would probably only use them for the discounts/cheaper prices. Korean cafes are also rife with ads, but I mostly just searched re-confirmed my lists through some of the comments or whatever.

I won’t write down the list of all the clinics I had on my list at one point, but I made appointments to visit 5 clinics on one day (they were available on short notice- I literally called them the day before and they all squeezed me in, or so they say).

1. Shinseung- famous for revisional DES
2. MVP (solely because of PurseForum and I was curious how different the clinic would be compared to Korean recommend places)
3. Ive Plastic Surgery- recommended by my uncle, who is also a plastic surgeon. I didn’t want to get the surgery from a family member. haha. Also, recommended on Korean cafes
4. Oscar- from Korean cafe recommendation
5. Gangnam June Clinic- from Korean cafe recommendation as really good at natural eyes

I will start with the consultations and how I felt about them.

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