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kilenaRumor14 March 16100
Hi Mariejanie,

I heard Oz is good with natural nose, but not so good with eyes. If your doing nose only, this place is a good one to check out.

Local Koreans likes this place “Magic Nose” but I have not personally heard anything about it on this forum:

This is based on my research since I am planning for a nose and eyes procedure.I’m still looking around for a place that has a natural nose and dramatic eyes. I can’t give personal experiences yet…but I can always let you know what I come across in my search.
marirRumor11 Dec 12100
Hey guys,

I’ve been getting a lot of messages, and it’s been hard keeping track of who I’ve already sent updated research too, since I update about 20-30 more messages every day. For those of you that want to look at the compilation of messages from Korean cafes without having to download the word document, I uploaded it here:


If part 2 takes a while to load, try:


Otherwise, just send me a message with your email if you want me to send you the research that way. If you don’t want to download one massive document, just let me know what pages you already have, and I’ll send you what you don’t have. ^^
SammyyReview19 Jul 14-100
Hello everyone,

Went for consultations with JW (dr suh) and Fresh rhinoplasty (dr ahn tae hwan) earlier today!

Fresh rhinoplasty

Clinic is located in yangjae station away from where all the other popular clinics are clustered at. Went in, filled a form and got to see Dr ahn immediately. If I were to put it simply, I felt that he was a good doctor. He spent about 40 minutes with me during consultation describing to me what he would do and giving me alternatives to achieve what I wanted. The clinic however, didn’t give me the feel of a plastic surgery clinic. I felt that it placed more emphasis on its ENT specializations.
Was quoted 4.5m for a dermal graft for nose bridge + septal and ear cartilage for tip.


I ended up choosing this clinic because of the reviews on this forums and also because I felt I could trust dr suh. He was really clear in his explanations and he too suggested a dermal graft + ear and septal for tip but he added that he might need to add donor rib cartilage on the tip if my ear and septal isn’t enough. I was quoted 4.2m initially but managed to bargain down to 3.9..

Went over to dream and had a look around too.. Place looks super posh and they had many korean customers going in and out.

So I’m booked for surgery on Monday.. Hopefully it turns out well..

Kakao is Sammyy122 if u guys need anything!

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