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4beauty4Review8 Jul 16100
I had abdomen, flanks & love handle lipo.. About 3 months ago
Dr. Hong from Fresh said he would harvest all fat and I think yes he did!!!!
I like my curve on the waist… I also had thighs lipo!!
Which part do you want to have lipo?
4beauty4Review9 Jul 16100
It was so painful. And I just followed the consultant direction and I think I recovered so fast.
I had to wear the compression garment for 1 month. I didn’t have to wear it while I was sleeping but I wore it on the day….
I also lost some weight to have more effects. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
They gave me 1 post-operative treatment, that was called heallight. But I also paid the extra cost for high-frequency treatment.
Consultant said it might help on reducing the swelling and yes, she was right.
After I had it, the swelling was gone a lot!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
4beauty4Review12 Sep 16100I had at Fresh… and I am satisfied with the result…. :amuse:Liposuction
alice.gpbReview7 Feb 18-100

I consulted with a variety of clinics for primary breast augmentation. Here were my experiences:

1) Jayjun – Dr Shin, the English translator and Korean speaking consultant met with me in October. Initially, I wanted to do my breast surgery with Dr. Shin and I had put down a deposit. However, after requesting a second consultation in January, I felt that his style and technique was not suited to what I was looking for. The Korean consultant during the second time I met with Jayjun provided me with almost a 50% discount, essentially giving me a fantastic deal that matches what Korean locals would get for breast augmentation. I also did a blood test through Jayjun which was fairly pricey (in preparation for the surgery which I didn’t go through with) but they kindly released the results for me which I was able to use for my final choice hospital.

The English consultant is wonderful and we became friends on Kakao. She is extremely helpful in so many ways.

Dr Shin speaks English but seems like he is very busy and cannot provide a lot of time for thorough consultations, however he is detailed oriented. Each time I met him he took measurements of my IMF, intra nipple space, etc. Overall though, he tends to be reserved and does not communicate much unless asked specific questions.

He recommended anatomical (tear drop) granular textured implants for me and seemed like he did not care too much if it was an IMF incision or armpit incision. He didn’t spend significant time explaining the advantages of the implant choice for me and why.

2) With – Very clean bright clinic. I met with the Chinese consultant who was kind and friendly. I was taken to see the breast specialist who is apparently very famous and has been on tv plastic surgery make over shows many times.

The Dr. measured my breasts (IMG, intra nipple space, nipple to IMF) and didn’t really speak much unless asked questions directly. In this case, I would suggest patients come prepared with a list a questions. I asked him to show me some before and after cases similar to me, which he did but he did not seem too enthusiastic about doing so. However, he was polite and answered the questions I did have. I believe he recommended a round implant, micro textured for me as I have a full A cup and enough breast tissue to expand around an implant. This was an important point for me as it showed he had the experience to recognize the qualities of my case as a patient.

The Chinese consultant noted that I was consulting with many hospitals, and cut to the chase when it came to price. She provided me with a lower end foreigner price which I was very happy with.

3) Fresh – I came to fresh with the intention to ask about fat transfer to breasts. The english consultant is such a wonderful girl, friendly and responsive on kakao. Dr Hong speaks some english but spoke mainly through the consultant. The examination was quick and he offered his insight, noting my chest wall is wide and breast tissue expandable.

The consultant provided an overview of expectations for fat transfer, strongly suggesting that a second top up of fat be conducted if I want more significant results. She mentioned that at best 1/2 cup change would be visible after one round of lipo transfer.

The price was quite high for lipo transfer and I ultimately chose not to do it and opt for implants, since I didn’t want to commit to coming back to Seoul a second time for lipo transfer round 2.

4) Mool Bang Wool – The clinic I chose to do my surgery with… for a detailed review, please check my post history. I’m not sure if I can hyperlink the post here?

5) DA – I’ve consulted in the past with DA with Katie the English consultant was still working there. Several of my friends have done surgery with DA so I have a fairly good idea about price ranges with this hospital. I was quoted a higher than average price for breast augmentation via kakao, but was told that this price is negotiable in person. I met with Dr. Ku the breast specialist and the English consultant, and Korean house manager. The actual consultation was extremely quick and Dr. Ku seemed quite disengaged.

The final price offered to me was …. 3.5 times the original higher than average quote given to me via kakao. Let’s just say that I can usually buy an entry level BMW with what they wanted me to pay…. Overall, a fairly negative experience. When I mentioned that the price is not what I would be willing to pay, they basically showed me the door.

6) Park Jin Seok – Dr Park is a breast specialist and runs his own clinic in apgujeong. He speaks English but his staff do not. However, I can speak conversational Korean so I was able to manage my appointment fine. He is clearly a specialist in this area, and also recommended a round implant over an anatomical one. He also was one of the first doctors to suggest that the motiva chip implant is just bait because the warranty cover 5 years only, and the rate of rupture/capsular contracture is *so* low within that five year period that it isn’t worth the additional cost.

He was the only doctor the suggested placing the implant under the fascia for a more natural feel, however, he expressed the cons of this method as well. In the end, I chose not to go with him as I wanted a different surgical technique.

7) JW – I met with Dr. Seul and Brian, the english consultant. Dr. Seul really impressed me with his knowledge and thorough explanation of breast augmentation techniques. He showed me cases on his computer that he felt matched mine and was very detailed in his explanation, despite the fact he was already late for another operation.

He recommended micro textured implants (motiva or bella gel) with a round shape, citing the same reasons as some of the other doctors above. I would have really liked to have gone with him if the final quote was more reasonable and didn’t cost more than a fully loaded Honda fit. I also would’ve preferred a different implant option which JW didn’t offer. Also it was very obvious that Dr. Seul does many operations a day and so I felt that the patient attention would not be there and I prefer small hospitals where doctors do fewer ops a day.
Breasts Augmentation
caro89Review14 Aug 17100
I had a consultation with
-Answer PS
I’m considering Dream, Fresh, Banobagi and JK.
Dream: consultation was good but the doc was not very enthusiast. He didn’t gave me a mirror to point him the areas that I’m more concerned about. He was just listening and not really giving his advice. When I asked about his advice, he said it’s 100% your choice…
Fresh: I really liked the consultation. The translator, manager and doc gave me alot of time. Doc was explaning and alos giving his advice. Plus he said he does Face fat grafting with PRP. Plus he has done it on foreigner which is a plus for me as I’m not Korean. But the thing is that I’ve heard he is not a board certified surgeon and he has 7 years of experience.
JK: is a big posch hospital. Well organized but super expensive. Doc was ok.
Banobagi: they took my pictures on the consultation and doc point out the areas that needed the fat the most. Plus also asked me what I would like to do. But he asked me if about the nose surgery which I have never considered and which I don’t think I need. That’s one think I didn’t really liked but he was not pushing. I just said that I will never tough my nose and he smiled and said all right no issues. Overall it was good.

So at this point I’m really confused about which one to choose or should I visit more hospitals? Please help!
Fat Graft
CKTRumor1 Jun 17100
I just saw an excellent review for Fresh on this website. Do you girls think the review is legit?
Breasts Augmentation
Review19 Aug 17100
Yes, PRP. It’s only been 1 month for me and it takes 3 months to see the final results however I want some more on my upper eyelids but they told me I had to come back anyway when I went there first time, so there are no surprises. (2nd top up is free)
Overall I’m happy with them. They are a good clinic. As @MissOrange and others say you have to be prepared to go back 1-3 times for FG. (Or more sometimes!)

e due to weight loose. I gained back the weight but my cheeks are stil abit sunken :sad:. Can you please give an update on your face graft at Fresh? How much fat is still on the face? You did face graft with PRP? Are you happy with the results until now? When I consulted with Fresh, they told me it was with PRP.[/QUOTE]
Fat Graft
Review18 Sep 17100
Hi @MissOrange it’s more in the sub brow area than the actual upper eyelid area. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it stays for you.
I’m going back soon for the 2nd free top up within the 3 month window of the first visit because most of the sub brow area has been reabsorbed but I knew that. They said expect to go back 3 times actually. If we are ever in Gangnam at the same time we should go for a coffee, bruising permitting 🙂
Thank you once again for posting this thread and sharing your experience.
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Esther0001Review6 Feb 16100
Yes, I have done it and loving the result as much as i want to share the info^^
I went to Fresh plastic surgery for mine and proud to make the right decision.
I was worried about the dolly, made up look, but the natural look came after the swellings gone.
I don’t think I need to do another fat grafting cuz they look good and hope they wouldn’t go down since it’s been over 5 month.
Fat Graft
fantasiajinRumor27 May 17100
So I did a bunch of research on fresh

these two are the same person whos on youtube that posted in the realself…

I also did research on Baidu on fresh plastic surgery ( chinese google kinda) i found a lot of advertisement for fresh.…
illrayRumor13 Mar 17100
I heard FRESH is good. My friend’s friend went there and I almost didn’t recognize it was her… She gained this natural dolly look
Fat Graft
Review13 Feb 18100
I got lipo and BBL at Fresh and I really like my new waist! Fresh is really good at fat grafting and liposuction. I had 365mc and Fresh on my list but I chose Fresh bc of BBL
Liposuction, Lifts
jairesjemRumor6 January 17-100
Nah no way man. Fresh doesn’t have even have a real plastic surgeon. Their doctor is just a GP doctor. Apparently in Korea it is legalized for GP to do small things like liposuction and fat graft. The doctor that do the nose and eyes surgery there is someone they hire in every now and again like a casual worker. Super expensive prices for a GP and lots of photoshopped pictures. They tried to tell my friend she could do facial lipo and it would be as good as a zygoma reduction, it only made her cheekbones look bigger and more obvious. They even lied and said they could use the fat they took out from the face to do fat graft and all the fat died. We later found out no one uses fat from the face to do grafting because it does not last at all. Ask any real plastic surgeon this to confirm
Liposuction, Fat Graft
JlalalaRumor21 Sep 14100
I really like Fresh’s FG results, not even just on their home page but from the B&A pics posted by people on naver (well, I was just looking through the gallery on the Ultimate PS resource thread) but it’s that really baby-faced look so it might just be taste
there’s like no eng info on them tho

yeah I heard the recovery for osteo sucks too…I’m kinda really afraid of general anesthesia so I wanted to just be sedated and use local but idk if that’s a good idea if they’re gonna be breaking my bone…
katietinReview21 Feb 18100
I had fat grafting and nose revision at Fresh PS and Fresh is well-know for fat grafting. My consultant Moon was really kind and help me a lot. Good luck!
Fat Graft
Kelly Humble
Review22 Feb 18100
I had surgery in Korea last year and it was so much successful. I spent USD3300 includ tax, compress bandage for face and medicine. I’m

Well In my case, I had accu surgery in FRESH last Dec and it was so much successful.I had a great result. I spent USD3300 includ tax, compress bandage for face and medicine. Even they were so much busy with their own schedules, they treat me well. well if you guys have any questions, ask me! I will let you know guys all!!! lol
MellisaReview22 Jun 16100
I had fat grafting at Fresh. Full face fat grafting cost was 2.5 Million won including 2nd top up. (NO 10% VAT is included in this price)
Dr. Hong and consultant were nice and English-speaking consultant took care of me a lot. (She went to the pharmacy and bought a medication for me.
Also she wrote how I could take it and how many times I needed to put the disinfectant on the scar. Also she text me and checked my conditions.)
I stayed in Korea for 10 days and I had 1 post-operative treatment. That was called Heallight. Doctor also gave me a shot for reducing the swelling.
I didn’t have any stitches on face, they said they would use dermabond so I didn’t have to visit the clinic again for stitches out.
Fat Graft, Aftercare
MellisaReview16 Aug 16100
I am late 20’s and I had full face fat grafting about 6 months ago. I like the result 🙂
I am not Caucasian, I am an Asian, But I saw the video that some Caucasians had a surgery at the clinic.
Fat Graft
MellisaReview17 Aug 16100
Maybe about 50%? I didn’t have 2nd touch up because I couldn’t visit Korea again in 3 months.
But I like my face now it looks much natural~~ :amuse:
Fat Graft
MellisaReview22 September 16100
I had fat grafting at Fresh and I liked the result…
I also read some good reviews on so search on that site, too.
You can PM me, if you want
Fat Graft
michelleeeReview8 Dec 17100
Experience with Teuim:
I’ve had ptosis correction, epi and DES with Dr Kwon last year. I wanted to get even double eyelids but he said it was not possible without epi. I was kind of unwilling to go through epi, but I decided to listen to him. I was charged about 5 mil won and there was absolutely no room for nego.
Dr Kwon is a very straight to the point kind of doctor and my eyes turned out fine. Unfortunately I still have weak muscle on my left eye and I think he pretty much screwed that one small part up(it’s just that ONE point on my eye). I went back to him and he was willing to help me redo that part for free.
Unfortunately I am very hesitant to let him touch my eyes again because while the results were ok, the process was A PAIN IN THE AS*. He uses ketamine (a drug) and I had really bad hallucinations and was making strange engine-like noise prior to the surgery. When I woke up(I had to be awake for the surgery), I thought the surgery was over and I asked him, “finished?” He say no, and I CRIED IMMEDIATELY. He calmed me down and the whole process of the surgery was so painful for me. I got injected about 10 times but the effects keep wearing off, so I was in pain.. I am pretty sure I am one of his rare cases because after the surgery, he said “very difficult” and that I was his most difficult patient. LOL
I think it’s just me but I am sooo unwilling to go through the same process again.

Experience with Fresh:
I had X2 fat graft at fresh and I find them pretty good. I was knocked out before I knew it and overall I would recommend them for fat graft. I especially like the fact that they have standard pricing so you know you are NOT ripped off or anything. Unfortunately for me though, I didn’t really liked the full face look on me (you know, the typical Korean look), and I REALLY hated the fat graft on my cheeks. I went to a dermatologist clinic to get some fat melting injections on my cheeks, and now my cheeks are fine. BUT it somehow spilled over to the area under my cheeks, beside my mouth and now i have this very sunken look and I hate it.

Now the thing is, I am hoping to find a clinic that can fix my eyes and do fat graft at the same time. I know exactly which clinics are good for fat graft and which are good for eyes, but I am really hoping to do both at the same time because I hate going through surgery twice (and they are both sooo minor).


Last but not least, I do notice that the clinics mentioned on purseforum are pretty much the same few clinics, while they ARE pretty good clinics, there are TONSSS of clinics that I’ve heard from Koreans, that aren’t even mentioned in the whole forum.
IN FACT, I cannot even find them on Google!

Here are the clinics I would recommend you check out for eyes:

Teuim (there are def some bad reviews, but EVERY clinic has bad reviews)
JW (many locals there when I visited, i have friends who did their eyes there, look for Dr Choi)
Jewelry (good for dramatic)
Gio (totally NOT mentioned in this forum, but i’ve heard from Korean friends and seen real life pictures, good for Epi Reversal & Revision)
Item (Dr Chung is good BUT they overcharge foreigners)
Kiwi (can’t even find on Google, but korean friend recommended)

OMG there are soooo many more but these are the ones at the top of my head. I REALLY hope MORE people recommend and share about clinics that are popular among locals and not just foreigners!

I will update my list for other parts next time, but right now I am getting really anxious because I am going to Korea in 2 weeks and I have yet to book any consultations!

Guys please recommend a good clinic that does EYES AND FAT GRAFT WELL + DON’T OVERCHARGE FOREIGNERS?
Facial Contouring
MissfittRumor7 Jan 17100
I have never heard of Oskar before. Can you tell me more about it? Is Bitangui the same as Pitangui?

Fresh is very bad. I am in a kakao group with 30 other girls and we all know the doctor is a general practitioner. How to explain………it is the type of doctor you go to get medicine if you have a flu. Fresh does not have real plastic surgeon. Usually clinic that say they “specialize” in liposuction is GP doctor not plastic surgeon because in Korea GP doctor only allowed to do liposuction and small small thing. I know too many people who did not know this before and went to GP thinking is plastic surgeon and ended up needing revision
MissOrangeRumor28 Dec 17-100
Hi @SamH, I met someone who had full face fg at FRESH with top up in September. Apparently Fresh is really close to MVP, ie around the corner I am told. But his eyelid fat graft had gone completely. His cheeks looked nice not overfilled. I think price wise both clinics are similar. I would personally go with MVP as you are getting eyelid surgery too and Dr Seo can do both in the same operation and you can ask for a discount for multiple ops. Yes Dr Seo did my eyelid fat graft and eyelid surgery. I am counting down the days to see him in Feb for an eyelid top up as believe it or not, I want a hooded younger look to my eyes. It will take the fat graft from 80% currently to a full 100%. @Gats thank you for your kind words. At my old age, it is normal to have some old ugly photos! lol. I don”t think young girls would want to share ugly photos and that is quite understandable but when you reach my age, it feels good to help others and yes photos help enormously. If I was stuck with an old ugly photo, no I would go away and hide but as I was able to have successful ps among my unsuccessful ones, I share freely so others can just follow my steps to rejuvenation. And yes, @Gats you make a good point! Young people have more skin elasticity so may be able to cope with full face fg better! Ooh and I like that point, heart shaped face with fg in the upper part. Yay!
Fat Graft
naosakiiReview30 Mar 18-100
so guys,

thanks all for replying, here is an update, my right eye was so bad, but it imroved quite a lot after I kept icing it all night, and I started to lie down instead of sitting up during sleep, which I did all nights before and it went down, now my left eye is the same as my right. I am expecting the same, I did acculift and fat graft at fresh. and I will definitely write a full review abt it. as until this moment @Gats I dunno if that review is not sponsored.. so I will wait and see, I went to Dr Hong. he said its normal and that kinda alarmed me, he kept laughing abt it, I ended up consulting with another clinic where a Dr treated patients for their swollen eyelids from fat graft.. anyways now I still look hideous…
PeacesignReview6 Feb 18-100
I went to Fresh and the experience was weird. The consultant informed me of all the things I would need done to my face before I saw the surgeon and when I asked Dr Hong what he would recommend, he just said whatever she had said. They wanted to remove fat from my eye instead of reposition it and replace it with fat transferred fat, which was odd to me considering that the current fat has blood vessels and a higher survival rate. When I asked him a standard question, how long he’d been doing the surgery for, he seemed defensive and the energy in the room changed (with the consultant and translator, too. He abruptly left at that point and it was all very rushed. I read before on this forum that he’s not a plastic surgery specialist and in the room was some kind of certificate for medicine and another to certify that he has attended a plastic surgery course so I’m inclined to believe it to be so. He was way too defensive.
Fat Graft
pitpipiRumor10 Jul 16-100
I apologise if I jumped the gun. I was meaning that many fishy people post a thread which they then answer themselves with another account like a certain agency mentioned many times here.

About my friend she got fiberlorosis after her belly liposuction. She said it was fine for 2 months and then lumps started to show. The doctor at Fresh told her to wait more and she asked the staff if they will do revising for free if it is still not ok but they refused to answer her. Her doctor in her country said waiting longer won’t make the lump disappear because it is fiberlorosis she got from the surgery not being done properly. She need to use some ultra sound treatment to help it go away but it is no guarantee will work
Rana 400Review26 Jan 18100
Hello my name is Jess, and i am 27 years old. One thing that really bothered me was the fat on my cheeks, i got chubby cheeks and double chin, it did not look good while taking pictures and i need to use filters to make my face look slimmer. I tried doing stuffs like hifu, radio frequency, exercises but it didnt really help me with my chubby cheeks. I researched a lot and I heard a lot of time about plastic surgery and the best place to get it done is in Korea. But Korea has got a lot of clinics and huge hospitals. It took me almost 1 year to research and talk to the hospital staffs about what surgery is good for removing fat and then decide where should i do it.

I was a bit confused in between two places GNG hospital and Fresh. I had consultation on both of the places. On my consultation day at GNG, the doctor told me she will only remove the fat on my jaw line and double chin. And my cheeks will not be touched. My cheeks got lot of fat too and i wanted to look slimmer. Another consultation at Fresh i met Moon she is a consult and help me with translations. She is very helpfull and very positive personality. Then i met Dr. Hong he saw my face and told me i am a perfect candidate for acculift. And he will remove the fat on my cheeks, jaw line and double chin. Finally i decided to go with Fresh as Dr, Hong is a perfectionist for doing surgery like Acculift. I also saw some reviews on realself and other websites with clients happy with the results and all there before after pictures. I researched quite a lot about acculift. Its small surgery where fat is been removed and almost all the clients with satisfied result so i thought to go for it.

So finally on Jan 2018 i visit Korea my first time. I went to GNG and Fresh for consulation then I had my surgery at Fresh. Moon (consultant) helped me a lot right from the start. She answered all my questions. And she is very caring and sweet. I am happy that i choosed Fresh to do my surgery. i will be uploading pictures and keep update with my healing progress. IMG-20180124-WA0017.jpgIMG-20180124-WA0014.jpgIMG-20180124-WA0018.jpgIMG-20180124-WA0020.jpgIMG-20180124-WA0007.jpgIMG-20180124-WA0008.jpg
Rana 400Review5 Feb 18100
The first week it was swollen and painful. Second week the swelling came down little by little and all bruised gone. Now on my third week, my tissue got harden as what the doctor said me before. He also asked me to massage the hard lumps so that it can disappear in abt one month. Now there is no pain, and i massage my face every night. 20180204_160521.jpg
Rana 400Review15 Mar 18100
Hi yes i need to wear compression garment for abt a month. for two weeks like whole day just took off when i sleep. After 2 weeks i wear it at night time as day time i need to go to work. Acculift did help me get rid of my double chin and jaw fat, also from my cheeks. If u have excess fat it will definately help you. My weight is still the same.
Review24 Jul 17100
I went to Fresh last Saturday for consultation and I like them. Interpreter helped me from the beginning ’till the end (what a lovely girl!) and all of the staffs were very kind except for the head manager. Her unfriendly demeanor made me feel uncomfortable and she spoke like very angry. However, Dr Hong and he was vary kind and answered all my questions. He recommended me facial fat grafting, thread lift and Ulthera? and flank for donor site. I asked him about survival rate and whether I’m fit for going under cosmetic surgery in my age (I’m 40’s) but he assured me that he will chose the best fat cells and will do anything to raise my survival rate. The clinic looks smaller compare to big major PS clinics in Korea but I could see lots of locals and Chinese. Idk it was Saturday or not, the clinic was crazily busy. Avoid Saturday! My friend did her fat grafting at there and the result was good so I’m gonna have one more consultation and will decide my surgery.
Fat Graft, Lifts
Rumor6 Jul 17100
Oh! that sounds great! One of my friend did facial liposuction and fat grafting at there and she really satisfied with her result. However, I want to listen other opinions. I’ll definetly ask what I need though!
Liposuction, Fat Graft
shuongRumor12 Apr 16100
I looked up on babitalk Fresh PS have very good review for facial contour but I see alot of good review of local for Reon PS about liposuction
Facial Contouring
TheoteraRumor7 Jul 17100
Hi I spoke to someone who just went to Fresh for fat graft and she said the doctor is very artistic and good.
Fat Graft
TrishsulReview20 Dec 17-100
Just went to fresh yesterday… my experience was bad with the senior manager.. the translator, moon was nice but the senior manager ( she handles pricing, etc ) was super pushy and rude. She didnt even listen to what i was saying and insisted for me to get a fat graft ( i was aiming for face lipo, not adding fat to my face ) and kept saying about price 4.5 M and how they’re the best at what they do. They didnt even let me see the doctor with an excuse that he’s operating ( while before i ensure that i wanted to see the doctor and they told me yes it’s possible you’ll see the doctor after you talk with us ). Honestly this is my second time going here and both experience are not good.. they’re so not proffesional 🙁
ys_love97Review8 Nov 17100
After pictures- 1st day post operation
Fat Graft
Hi Forumers!

It has been already a week from my fat graft and facial lipo and I’d like to share my experience at Fresh PS. My main concerns were tired look and chubby chin so I really wanted to have fat grafting and double chin lipo. I researched a lot and finally decided to have surgery with Dr. Hong at Fresh.

First of all, I contacted JW, TL and Fresh online. Since I was in the US, the only way that I could communicate with them was e- mail or whatsapp. These clinics immediately responded and there was no language barrier but JW quoted me 4.5~ 4.9 mil KRW for fat graft. It was way out of my budget so I dropped JW. Fortunately, I have a Korean friend so I asked her for help.

Personally, safety and good result are the most important factors for me to decide which clinic to go with. My friend said both clinics –TL and Fresh are famous in Korea but Fresh is more specialized in fat transfer and lipo. The thing I liked most about Fresh was that they arranged an online consultation session with the surgeon. Also, consultant was very kind and gave prompt reply to my questions. Believe me, I asked tons of questions so I couldn’t remember all of the questions in the end. Anyway, Youtube videos really helped me and I saw lots of good B&A pictures on the Fresh website so I made my mind to visit Korea and to have face to face consultation in person.

The clinic has a distance from Sinsa station. I mean, not really near from Sinsa station but took less than 10 minutes on foot. Once I arrived at the clinic, the interpreter was waiting for me and greeted me kindly. I wrote my information on the chart and saw B&A photos while I was waiting. The clinic was a bit small but there were lots of locals waiting for consultation and treatments. It seemed like the clinic was quite famous among Korean locals but it was too crowded to wait for consultation. The interpreter came back soon and let me change my clothes first. After that, I was led to one of the consultation rooms. As my main concern was sunken area under my eyes, I was told that I need fat grafting and they also recommended me full face lipo too. Since I was very chubby 2 years ago, I wanted to get defined jaw line and improve skin elasticity.

After having a brief consultation, I finally met Dr. Hong, chief doctor of Fresh PS. He was very kind and he can speak little English so I asked all my questions. My skin had no elasticity due to 1 year of harsh diet so I asked him if my skin would be more sagged after facial lipo. He assured me that he had dealt with worse cases before and results were good and that I don’t need to worry. He was really confident and knew exactly what I wanted.

After the consultation, I booked my surgery for 11am the next day and they told me precautions, preparation for surgery in detail.

On the day of operation:
It was so hard not to drink water in the morning. I arrived around 10am and signed on the surgery consent form. Also, I was informed that what I have to do and what is prohibited for a month. After that, I was sent to recovery room to change my clothes to a patient gown and a nurse came to take my blood for PRP. It was a bit stingy at first but not so painful after a few seconds. I waited for few minutes and then I met Dr. Hong again. He asked me once again what my concern was and asked me to point out the part that I want to see improvement. Dr. Hong drew blue and red lines on my face and once again, assured me he would do his best. Before going into the operation room, I was really nervous but right after I was sent into the OR, everything was so quick that I can’t remember exactly. But the last thing I heard was my interpreter saying ‘now you are going to sleep’. I fell asleep due to sedation and after I fully woke up from the anesthesia, I thought, ‘Dammmm these women are so professional!’

Operation room was cold but nurses put me back to the warm bed. I slept in the recovery room for a couple of hours and when I was able to sit and walk, they came back with a small present which included ice packs and other items that I would need after surgery. The translator then gave me prescription, instructions which explained when I can start taking a shower, daily care guide and what I can and cannot do etc. I booked my aftercare schedules and the nurses helped me to wear compression pants. After that, I was finally discharged.

The Next day of surgery-
I went back to Fresh to get aftercare treatments. They gave me infrared light treatment and a de- swelling injection. I visited 2 times more on the 4th and 6th day post operation to have High Frequency treatment. The de-swelling injection made me pee often but only for 2~3 hours. Skin care was AWSOME and the aesthetician’s fingers were soooo smooth. She touched my face gently and I forgot the pain. The aftercare services helped me a lot with the bruises and swelling. When I came back to the States, most bruises significantly faded but only minor swelling was left. About the medication, I took it for 5 days, which included antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers. Also there was an ointment I had to apply on the incision areas three to four times in a day.

On the last day of visiting clinic, I got the last treatment and stitches were removed. Lastly, I met Dr. Hong again and he said my recovery was going well. But also mentioned I might feel hardness and stiffness under my chin and cheeks after 2 weeks and such sensations would be gone gradually. I asked few more questions regarding recovery and swelling and he said I could come back 3 month later for a second top-up.

Assessment of Fresh clinic:
Local clinic, Located in GangNam, Professional staffs, Clean and cozy
English consultant available. Excellent aftercare.
The most important aspect: Surgeon’s skills.

It’s a bit early to talk about the result and I’m still waiting for the final result. However, I can see that my chubby chin is gone, my skin is lifted and sunken area under the eyes is filled up. I hope my retention will be good so that I don’t need to go back to the clinic. Dr. Hong was kind and I was bit nervous and stressed about being overseas and getting surgery, but staffs tried to help me all the time and I was touched by their hospitality. If I have to rate their service, I will give them 4.5 out of 5. I deducted 0.5 because I have not seen the final result yet.

I’ll upload more reviews and show you my result. I can’t wait!
I attached before and after pictures so PM me if you have any question.
ys_love97Review100Three and four days from operation
ys_love97Review2 Dec 17100
I recommend my surgeon, Dr. Hong at Fresh PS. I didn’t get body lipo but he did really good job on my face – facial lipo.
ys_love97Review21 December 17100
These are my current pictures and I LOVE my face! It really boosted my confidence and my friends start to notice my changes but they can’t tell what I got haha. They just assume I lose weight or change my make-up. So happy and that was exactly what I want, natural changes!
I attached two before pictures help you to compare, please take a look at it.
Fat Graft, Liposuction

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