How can I use the information on this site to prepare for my Korean plastic surgery trip?

We have gathered all the plastic surgery experiences of PS goers, from popular English plastic surgery forums  like purseforum and soompi, and organized them per Korean plastic surgery clinic. A complete overview of Korean plastic surgery clinics we have found during our research can be accessed via the Clinics Lists page.

Via the Home page you can insert the name of the Korean plastic surgery clinic you are interested in the search bar to see whether we have gathered any reviews and/or rumors of this particular clinic shared by other PS goers, so you can get a better overall impression of this clinic.

We strongly recommend you use this report to make a long-list of Korean plastic surgery clinics you feel are the best fit for your plastic surgery needs and then to consult with them online first to come to a shortlist based on your online impressions. And then make appointment to have face to face consults with your shortlisted clinics in Korea!

Even if you have limited time then we still urge you to make at least shortlist and have face to face consults with these plastic surgery clinics and especially meet with the doctor operating on you. In our research we found that almost all the PS goers agree that meeting with the doctor operating on you is one of the most important part of the entire PS journey.

What is a review and what is a rumor?

Only actual in person experiences of PS goers are marked as reviews, for example consults PS goers had in person, PS procedures they have undergone, actual results they have achieved, etc.

Everything else are marked as rumors, for example stories PS goers heard from others, surgery results others have achieved (like family, relatives, friends, etc.), clinic recommendations made by (local) relatives or friends, research done by other PS goers on clinics, etc.

When is a review/rumor positive and when is it negative?

A review/rumor is marked as positive (marked as 100) when the PS goer indicates that his/her experience like consult, surgery, aftercare, results, etc. were positive.

And similarly a review/rumor is marked as negative (marked as -100) when the PS goer indicates that his/her experience like consult, surgery, aftercare, results, etc. were negative.

Sometimes a review/rumor contains both positive and negative elements and in that case to determine whether a review/rumor is positive or negative we will examine:

  • The actual surgery results achieved
    For example, it could be that the whole PS journey described has been excellent, but he/she is not satisfied with the results achieved or has to go back for a (small) revision/retouch. Then the review will be marked as negative, as the result achieved is what matters most.
  • The PS goer’s impression of a doctor during consult, surgery, aftercare, etc
    For example, the consult with a consultant at a clinic was really bad, but the consult with the doctor was very good, then the review will be marked as positive. Unless things happened that were so severe that the PS goer would not even consider having plastic surgery in the clinic, then the review/rumor will be marked as negative.

How can I research what clinic is good in which plastic surgery procedure?

Each review/rumor, where appropriate and possible, includes details about which plastic surgery procedure(s) the PS goer has undergone. We have organized the different plastic surgery procedures into several categories in order to keep the information readable. In the table below you will find a description of these categories.

AftercareAny post surgery related care provided by the clinic like doctor follow up, deswelling/skin treatment, hair care services, responsiveness on questions/concerns/complaints, free “revision” surgery, etc.
BotoxAll botox related procedures.
Breast AugmentationAny breast related procedures like implants, fat graft into breasts area, etc.
CheeksAny cheeks area related procedures like cheeks implants, zygoma/cheekbone/malar reduction, etc.
ChinAny chin area related procedures like chin implants,(sliding) genioplasty, T-osteotomy, mini V-line, etc.
EyesAll eye area related procedures like lateral canthoplasty, ptosis, epi (reversal), eyebrow lift, eye bag removal, double eyelid surgery (DES), blepharoplasty, etc.
Facial ContouringAll facial bone contouring related procedures where the specific area concerned – cheeks and/or chin and/or jaw – is not (clearly) mentioned in the review/rumor.
Fat GraftAll fat graft procedures related to the face area incl. PRP fat graft.
FillerAny filler injections where the specific area concerned – like under eye and/or cheeks, and/or chin and/or jaw – is not (clearly) mentioned in the review/rumor.(
(Fore/Back)headAll (fore/back)head related procedures like temple augmentation, fore/back head implant, skull shaping, etc.
HairAll hair related procedures.
JawAll jaw area related procedures like 2-jaw, mandible/jaw reduction, orthognathic surgery, ASO, etc.
LegsLegs specific procedures like calf reduction.
LiftsAny lifting related procedures like face, SMAS-, Macs-, forehead-, omega- lift, HIFU, etc.
LipsAll lips related procedures.
LiposuctionAny liposuction related procedures like love band, body contouring, tummy tuck, acculift, power v, (buccal) fat removal, venus lift, fat melting, etc.
NoseAll rhinoplasty related procedures like alarplasty, tipplasty, osteotomy, rib rhino, paranasal implants, bulbous nose reduction, nose revision, etc.
Permanent MakeupAll permanent makeup related procedures.
Skin TreatmentAll skin related treatment like PRP, anti aging, stem cell treatment, scar removal, etc.
V-LineAll V-line related procedures with the exception of mini V-line.
OtherAnything else mentioned in a review/rumor that does fit into the above mentioned categories.

Have the reviews/rumors been verified?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to verify the information shared by PS goers. This is why doing research, creating a long-list & shortlist and doing face to face consults is so important, as this the best possible way for you to make an as informed as possible decision for your PS journey.

And almost all clinics will have a mix of both positive and negative reviews/rumors, so one negative review generally does not indicate much. However, once you see a clinic has more positive or negative reviews/rumors, it would be good for you to take note of this in your research. Especially if there seems to be a trend in the positive or negative reviews/rumors of a clinic. There is a quote that goes:

“If one person tells you you’re a horse, they are crazy. If three people tell you you’re a horse, There’s conspiracy afoot. If ten people tell you you’re a horse, it’s time to buy a saddle”.

Another thing you should be aware of is that it has been rumored that Korean plastic surgery clinics pay people/employees to post positive reviews about their clinic, and to post negative reviews/rumors about a competitor on forums. Though we do not know 100% whether this is true or not, it would not hurt to take this into account when you are doing you research.

Why are there sometimes multiple reviews from one PS goer on the one clinic?

In our research we found it was very valuable to be able to follow a PS goer’s entire journey, as we noticed a tendency for PS goers to be very satisfied or unsatisfied a few days or weeks after a surgery. But when we follow these PS goers a few months to a year after surgery, we noticed that it is not uncommon for them to change from satisfied to unsatisfied or vice versa, when the swelling subsides and the final results are visible.

Furthermore, having several reviews from a PS goer on one clinic allows you to follow their PS journey like a diary, so you get a general idea of what you can expect, like with regard to clinic consult, surgery, aftercare, recovery, swelling, possible complications, etc. when you are doing a similar PS procedure.

Why are there no pictures of the results from PS goers on this site?

We did not include any pictures of PS goers results on this site for privacy reasons. However, you can directly view the original post of the review/rumor via the URL in the review/rumor. See below on how you can do this.

This way you are able to view the pictures that have been shared in the original post itself.

Do note that dependent on the browser you are using and the settings you are using it could be that when you click on a link in the review/rumor it does not open. If this happens, just open the link in a new tab. You can do this by clicking on the link using the right mouse button and select the Open link in new tab and the link to the original post will open in a new tab.

For privacy reasons, we did not include any pictures that PS goers have shared of their plastic surgeries results on this site. To view these pictures – you can recognize these in a review/rumor as they have extensions like .jpg, .png, .img, etc. – just go to the original post and click on the respective picture links. 

Please note that the review/rumor poster can always decide to remove the pictures they have posted before. So it could happen that in this report it has been indicated the a review/rumor contains pictures, but when you go to the original post or click on a picture link you cannot find it as it has been deleted/removed by the poster.

Can I contact the PS goer directly with a question?

You can always try to contact a PS goer directly if you have any further questions for them.

  • Click on the URL of a review/rumor from the PS goer. This will take you to their original post.
  • On the original post click on reply so you can reply to their post and if the PS goer is still active they might choose to answer your question.

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