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cherryzzRumor24 Apr 13100
hi, hmm..im not sure whats “Correction of expression of eyes”
i think eyemagic does non -excisional method like dr.kang. im not so sure..
actually i’ve not read a single review about eyemagic but i heard its famous among the locals (2 koreans told me that)
i’ve seen some of their ba pics and it looks good too.

for teiumps, dr.kwon only does excisional method. if you have enough skin and fats, i guess he’d be a good choice.

you asked which doctor has most experience, i think it depends on the method. dr.kang’s clinic is quite new and he does the “rare method” which is the non excisional method. dr.kwon seems older so i guess he practiced eyelid surgery longer than dr.kang..but their technique is different so it depends on the technique you want.

sometimes i wonder, why most korean doctors dont practice non excisional method? is dr.kang really skilled in what he does or is non excisional just a temporary method?
HJHRumor24 October 13100
I heard Braun and Wannabe were good too, especially Wannabe seems to be pretty popular among locals. I am going for double eyelid surgery for the first time so I’ve been looking for clinics that are good with eyes. If you’re considering revision eyelid surgery, then maybe you should check out Lee Hee Moon (or Eye Magic). He does only eyes and I heard he’s pretty expensive, but I’ve seen many people suggest him on Naver for revisions. Braun’s website is http://www.braunps.co.kr/ I’ll definitely report back after the consultations, and update you guys on the double eyelid surgery process. 🙂 Oh yea, if I may ask, where did you undergo your first double eyelid surgery?
Krystal_x3Review12 Oct 08-100
i was going to post this in the ‘double eyelid’ thread, but i noticed that no one really answers the questions there.
and there are no posts about revisions
i got my double eyelid surgery (incision method) last year at ??? ???? (Eyemagic Aesthetic Clinic)..
i thought every doctor in Apgujong are good, but this guy is HORRIBLE!
my eyelids started drooping a few months ago, and now its hard to open my eyes.
the stitch line is now loose, and the only thing i have is two red lines and no clear double eyelid on either side
i honestly followed all instructions. i used the icepack, never wore makeup, and i didn’t wear contacts til 2 month later. actually, i never touched/rubbed my eyes, period.
the results were always crappy, but atleast i HAD DOUBLE EYELIDS!
i need to get a revision. i live near Garden Grove (los angeles), and i was wondering if anyone can suggest good doctors.
do i need to get the incision method all over again, or can i just get the non-incision (pinching, double suture?) method?
i hav school, so i need to do the non-incision way.
has anyone had a revision done? please give me advice…
lalaland115Rumor11 Jan 14-100
Hi everyone.
I had my eyelid surgery 7 months ago. My eyelids came out deep, high, and sausagy. I am Korean living in US and I came to Seoul about two weeks ago to get my eyelids fixed. So far, I visited about 10 clinics that specialize in eyelid revisions. I speak Korean fluently so I was able to get some information from local Koreans/Korean forums. Unfortunately, Dr. Kang is not really well known here in Seoul, and there were some bad reviews of him in Korean forums (Naver). I had a consultation with him, and I thought he was just okay. I wasn’t that impressed with him and I thought he was definitely overrated in this forum.

Also, a local Korean gave me a blacklist of clinics you should avoid in Seoul. It’s in Korean, but if you want to take a look at the blacklist, you can email me at lalaland11589@gmail.com and I can send you a copy. From looking at the blacklist, some big clinics you should avoid are BK, Grand, EyeMagic (lee heeeemoon), face line, wonjin, chloe, and nobleless.

Here are some doctors that I would suggest. These doctors are much older, with almost 30 years (or more) of experience. They also specialize in eyelid revisions.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Ha

I forgot this doctor’s name.. but the oldest doctor at Secret

I would suggest Dr. Shin too, but I thought he was a little too cocky. However, I was pretty impressed with him as well.
Dr. Shin

I will keep updating on this forum throughout my stay here. I’m seeing two more doctors, and I hope to make a decision by the middle of January.
lovelypeachRumor6 Mar 17-100
No worries you just need to read the table, here if you need some translation 🙂
MilktokiReview9 Jan 14-100
I do NOT recommend Lee Hee Moon/Eye Magic Clinic. I had revisional surgery with him last year and ever since, my eyelids do NOT close completely. This has caused severe dry eyes. Everyday and all day I put in eye drops and eye ointment. This still does not help my aching, sore, and blurry eyes that I live with every day. I highly regret surgery with him. I believe he has been blacklisted several times as well.

Furthermore, he refuses to help me in any way and ignores me. He even goes so far as to deleting my private posts on his (online consultation section) website. If you want proof, look for author “Catherine” and check back the day after to see it gone. This to me is highly dishonest, unethical, and unprofessional. It’s so disheartening to know that I saved up money for a long time, paid a fortune just to look normal again, and ended up with more problems in the end.

Just like you said, he was SO cocky when I spoke to him at consultations and he made me believe that he can do anything. He would keep assuring me “your eyes will go back to what they used to like”, “I can make your eyes look exactly like that”, and “I can do anything, I am the best eyelid surgeon in Korea”. That should have been a red flag, but I was desperate to have my eyes fixed. He preyed on that and that is how he lures you in.

Please, if you or anyone else you know is planning on going to Lee Hee Moon, do not go to him. He has no empathy and is very dishonest. He must be exposed for who he really is, and that is a psychopathic criminal.
MilktokiReview15 Apr 14-100
Hello KJJ,
I am a Korean American living in the US. I am highly interested in pursuing a lawsuit against my revision eyelid surgeon, Dr. Lee Hee Moon of Eye Magic. He performed noon mae gyo jung and double eyelid revision 1.5 years ago. Since then, my eyes cannot close completely and this has led to severe dry eye syndrome. My vision is highly compromised, I have many dry spots on my cornea, and this can lead to permanent eye damage. In addition to the functional problems, I am not completely happy with my aesthetic results. One eye is very sleepy looking and the other is wide eyed. The folds were not as low as they wanted them to be either. However, the medical problems that arose are the most concerning. It has been a hellish 1.5 years and I don’t know when things will end. I have missed so many opportunities because of my eyes. I seek a full refund as compensation, but even that won’t begin to cover the missed opportunities and life he stole from me. To think that I paid an exorbitant amount of money (was a college student at the time) to have surgery with him adds further insult to injury. It gets expensive having to always buy eye drops, night ointment, eye doctor appointments, and I had to quit my job because my eyes were causing so much problems for me.

He has continued to ignore me and even goes so far as to deleting my private posts for help on his consultation page. The fact that he was so cocky saying “I am the best in Korea” at consultation should have sent red flags. He has shown his true colors to me; he is truly evil personified. I have heard he was blacklisted for being greedy and botched procedures. Of course I found out about all this after my surgery.
riko12Rumor4 Jul 13-100
1. Grand plastic surgery
2. Grand plastic surgery
3. 명품의원이 This is the name mentioned in this msg, however I can’t find the exact clinic with this name, “international plastic surgery” with a similar name 명풍코코성형외과 mean luxury rhinoplasty plastic surgery, but china forum seem treat it the same clinic.
4.Apgujieong Seoul plastic surgery
5. Jelim plastic surgery
6. BK plastic surgery
7.kangnam cheil plastic surgery
8. Wonjin plastic surgery
9 lapiangs
10. Opera
11. Eye magic

This is the name mentioned in the link for the top clinic that have higher complaint rate in 2009-2011.11, after that KCA do not have announcement mentioned name again, please note that KCA said they have higher complaint rate, so clinic not in here, do not mean no complaint and also not included clinic form after this period.

Korea forum and china forum have more blacklist, but again just take it as guide and important to keep all the document, agreement, receipt, before and after photo of yourself.
snowcupReview7 April 13-100
It looks like someone sent me a message to tell me she didn’t want to provide any info about Dr. Lee at Eyemagic unless I first sent her my pictures. :amuse:

This is a forum where people come to exchange information, ideas and views. I personally find it a little suspect when someone makes a suggestion without providing any supporting info so that’s why I asked.

Anyway, I’m happy to share what I learned. I arrived in Seoul earlier this week and decided last minute to go meet with Dr. Lee even though by that time I’d booked my surgery elsewhere. It actually helped me confirm I’d made the right choice.

The clinic’s location is a few blocks from the Garosugil main street. The clinic is located in an older building, but their suite was modern and new. I actually went without an appointment since I didn’t have a working phone to call beforehand and their website is in Korean. When I arrived, the lead receptionist said I would need to make an appointment and come back later, though no one was in the waiting room. Since I could speak Korean, I asked if they could make an exception since I would be leaving Seoul fairly soon. They said they would try to accommodate me, and I waited about 30-40 minutes until I was called. I actually found Dr. Lee to be nice, and he was confident that he could deliver the results I wanted. He didn’t really examine me like the others had but seemed to have a good grasp of the issue. His quote was the highest (9 million range) among the clinics I visited (BIO, IOU and Teuim and Ahn PS). Objectively, I thought his strengths, based on pictures, showed improvement in the shape of the eyes (separate from the eyelids themselves). He was also quick to tell me he was famous, which reminded me of my prior doctor, and made my surgery sound like a breeze.

While confidence is good, it didn’t strike the right balance with me. By that time, I’d met with a couple of eye surgeons in the US and the other clinics. Asymmetry is not easy to fix. I wanted a surgeon who could acknowledge the difficulty, but also had the confidence and experience with the issue at the same time. Plus, there wasn’t a single person who could provide a personal experience with this doctor.

I’ll provide a rundown of the other places I visited later but wanted to share a quick snapshot of this clinic because no one else has yet.

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