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AEREEReview9 Mar 13100
Hi Everybody!

I’m out here in Seoul, Korea; Gangnam to be more specific. I had two-jaw surgery and a genio almost 2 weeks ago. I chose to do surgery with Everm Dental Clinic. So far, I’m really happy with my decision. I went to a few other consultations including View, Dream, BK (and went into Regen, but didn’t consult). Let me know if I can help answer any questions for you. Also, I’m here until April 4th and recovering pretty fast, so if anyone would like to meet up to do touristy stuff or shopping or just grab a tea let me know!

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angel906Review14 Dec 13-100
I went to seoul last month. this is mine second trip
I was doubting to have mandible reduction and cheekbone reduction.
Finally I just chose for mandible reduction. Cause the dr. Lee said that mine cheekbone are
very prominent and skin sagging is for sure.
I visit different clinics regent, everm clinic and idea clinic (not id clinic)

I did not choose for regent because it was crowded with people and very busy.
I thought they cant give me enough attention, I want to be treated with care, cause its mine face.

I did not choose everm it was very difficult to find and it was a very small clinic
they did not gave me a good impression.
(there was just one patient and the clinic was very small)

I consult at idea, (I did mine first surgery at idea for mine nose and stem cell)
I asked them about the correction of mine nose (mine nose is slightly crooked)
they would correct mine nose with fat for free.
I only choose for mandible. They also gave me a good price.
Its not crowded at idea they have enough doctors there and staff.
They treated me very well like the first time.
I read someone mentioned she had a translator to translate your needs for the nurse.
I also had a translator who stayed the whole night and the nurse, I totally forget to mention it.

The pain after and swelling is tougher then I thought. (cause first time I only did mine nose with dermis and fat grafting for mine face)
The third day I had the most pain, but i could handle it (but i thought it would not hurt a bit)
There is also a pain in your throat. Im at two and half week post.
Still swollen everybody can see ( but i did not tell them i had an operation)
I will give an update later
blasianReview25 July 15-100
Hello all,

I wanted to give back to this forum and share my experience with you all. Going all the way to Seoul, South Korea is a large investment of time and money. Thank you for everyone that has taken the time to share their experiences because from that and my own research was how I was able to shortlist to what clinics I was willing to consult with for my specific bone issues. I basically have strong jaws, and elongated looking face. My case is not severe, but I felt my appearance could be improved.

I wanted specific bone procedures and only wanted a dental clinic. I was not willing to take the chance at a plastic surgery clinic for these surgeries. Here is where I chose to consult:

EverM: The clinic is on floors 8, 9, 11, and 12. I had a prior appointment, and I spoke to Gaheeo on floor 8 or 9. she is the English speaking consultant. The clinic was clean and nice. I was taken to get scans and had my photos taken first thing. I explained my concerns with my appearance and showed her my photos that I had. When Dr. Yoon came in he was very friendly and pleasant, but I got the vibe he was either tired or just have done consults so often he was like “meh”. It was suggested to me that I have two specific surgeries and the areas of concern were not adequately addressed. One surgery in particular I did not necessarily want, and their reasons for pushing that surgery were not adequate in my opinion. By the time Dr. Yoon left, I was not impressed. Now comes the part I was waiting for which was the money….the quote was really high. I did not bother even trying to negotiate. Gahee was questioning what other clinics I was planning to visit more than once.

Face Dental: Face Dental is in the same building as Apujeong Plastic Surgery Clinic. Downstairs there is a cute coffee shop. Consultations take place on the 4th floor. I had a prior appointment. I was taken to get scans and photos right away. There was a interpreter there that spoke English well and was friendly and professional. I was able to voice all my concerns with the consultant Jangsuk (speaking to interpreter that speaks to Jangsuk), and she took her time to speak with me. I found her also to be very professional and accommodating, even though she was a little embarassed she did not speak English. When I had my consult with Dr. Lee he was friendly and smiling, and explained to me in detail how he planned to perform my surgery and what surgeries I will need to achieve the look I want. His suggestions were slightly different than EverM and he was able to share the precautions of the surgeries and did not glaze over them. Surgery is a big deal to me, and I appreciated they understood that I do not take take it lightly. After the Dr. left, Jangsuk and the interpreter took their time with me and answered more questions of mine and were patient. The quote that I received was very reasonable and was actually what I was planning to negotiate to before I even arrived to Korea. Without saying the price, EverM quoting me nearly 70% more for less surgeries, one of which I did not necessarily want.

EverM and Face Dental are two skilled dental clinics, but neither are one-size fits all. I recommend everyone consult and make a decision based upon what they are looking for and the problems they wish to address.

Stay tuned everyone, for I will return with more info..…
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CatAlarmReview22 August 15-100
Partytrees yes i did. I’m 8 months post op and i see no difference around there and like you, i didn’t see swelling there either from the beginning. Now I’m starting to wonder..
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Celly Wang2Rumor4 Aug 16100
HI there
My friend did two jaw ,Vline ,and cheekbone surgery in EverM.
Dr YOon really did good jod for her,I like her results really
Also, He is quite experienced in the facial contouring field ,I completely trust him.
that’s why i decide to do surgery in EVERM.
Jaw, V-Line, Cheeks
ibenlimReview15 Sep 13100
Hi Sporty,

So sorry for the very late reply. I have been using the mobile app for purseforum and didn’t see your message. I went to EverM near Sinsa. If you need more info, you can pm me. Please do consult and do your research. I can only say that EverM was good in my case wihle I was there and everyone’s perception and expectation is different. If you are planning to go for a consultation, do insist that you see Dr Yoon, the chairman. I also highly suggest you go for 2nd and 3rd opinion with other doctors and clinics. By the way, you will need a translator if you consult Dr Yoon. Good luck!
JadynnReview1 January 15-100
Hi everyone,
I had two jaw surgery in Seoul two months ago and I stayed there for 7 weeks. It was to correct asymmetry and a slight long face, which the surgery corrected but I think I got OVER corrected.

I’m not sure if it’s swelling, but my face is currently extremely undefined/not as contoured as compared to before surgery. My face also became much smaller after surgery but I find that the ratio is not balanced now (upper face too big and chin too small), though I did specifically ask for a NOT-small chin. My cheeks which show up when I smile (I think it’s called apple cheeks) are no longer flattering now, they are too big for my smaller face and actually make me look fat or chubby.. My profile is awesome though, so that’s one good thing.

I’m getting quite impatient with the swelling now, there should be some left but I’m not sure how big of a difference it’ll make. I’m waiting for the half year mark before the review with my doctor, but in the meantime, the wait is excruciating. I find myself looking at my old pictures a lot nowadays, and the change is really difficult for me to accept.

It’ll be great if anyone else who has gone through the same thing can share their experience with me, or simply just chat with me about recovery.
jkeemiReview26 Dec 16100
Hey guys! I’m four days post op after surgery at EverM.
Let me tell you. Choosing the clinic wasn’t easy but I’m glad to have chosen it. I was considering plenty, and my aunt being a native korean recommended ID, BK, and many others since that’s the go-to for cosmetic surgery.

Like many others have mentioned before, EverM is a dental hospital so they don’t do anything above the eyes nor do they touch the nose. I wanted to specifically go to a place that focused on jaws and jaws only. I was willing to dish on more for specialization than a combo discount that many other cosmetic hospitals do.
This is an extremely dangerous surgery and the last thing I wanted was a discounted eyelid surgery, along with other rediculous surgeries I wouldn’t have needed. I actually consulted at a few other nearby hospitals and all of them recommended a rhino and double eyelid surgery stressing that 4 weeks isn’t enough time for one to heal properly. This, being true, I still proceeded since coming over the summer wasn’t an option for me.

Here I got SSRO jaw surgery since I’m over here on break from uni.

The care I got at EverM from the beginning was quite spotty and I was quite reluctant, but of course one would have doubts. I do wish EverM were a bit more clear regarding “hidden costs” such as fees BESIDES the surgery but other than that my experience was quite pleasant.

I’m here for anyone who has any questions! I’m here quite secretively so I can’t openly discuss with my friends regarding this surgery so I’d love some company so ask away ?
jkeemiReview1 Jun 17-100
For me, they charged 10 mil won w v line. However, I would say this – there was a lack of communication since I didn’t hire a translator (as that would be redic expensive and i can speak Korean (conversationally) and I have an aunt that helped me out a bit with translating. I am happy with my results, but slightly unhappy as well. I had a very large and angular jaw and now it’s been reduced to a tiny jaw. My friends say I look cute now, instead of intimidating since my jaw was protruding before, but Sadly i have a lot of excess skin so make sure you think about that when deciding to do v line. If i could go back in time I wish the Dr Yoon could’ve told me how much he was cutting and drawn lines and such but he just did a sort of cookie cutter method so now I have a double chin and droopy jowls. I have to get liposuction to get rid of my droopiness.
KittiKatReview24 May 14100
I have just done facial contouring, I thought I’ll write a review to help those who are interested

TL Plastic Surgery
The girls who work at this clinic looked really pretty, they have an English translator who seemed nice and the doctor was friendly. At the beginning of the consultation I was impressed with their price offered and post-care packages. The doctor didn’t push me into doing any surgeries, he understood what I wanted, seemed experienced and had a lot of certificates hang up. They did not have a lot of after/before photos and they weren’t so busy.

Taking on advice from other people, I asked for a copy of my x-ray photos to be put onto a disc so I can take it to the other clinics. I had to paid around $30 for what turned out to be a blank disc, I realized they fooled me because they did not want me to visit the other clinics. Also, when I went to EverM their consultant was nice enough to ask TLPS if they could email the x ray photos to them but they denied my v-line consultation and said they only looked at my cheekbone, thus, they did not’ take any x-ray photos of me. This showed they were untrustworthy and shifty so I did not choose them.

This clinic would have been my choice, if it weren’t for Dr Lee at DARPS. Like other people have said, they seemed very real and caring, they only have a chinese translator who can also speak some English. Though they are a small clinic, they have a lot of good reviews and at a time when you are in need you would want someone who actually cares for you.

DARPS has a very good in house English translator, they had lot of impressive after/before photos; they were also busy with foreigners and locals. Though they have pretty girls working there, personally, I think their patients looked average and their noses looked fake. Also, a chinese patient seemed displeased and frustrated about her nose, she was complaining and pointing at her nose.

I chose to do facial contouring with Dr Lee the director because I really trusted him, he seemed very genuine, confident with what he does, straightforward and very friendly-cute. I would not go to this clinic for anything else (they do try to get as much money from you as possible, prices aren’t reasonable, they lack post-care and doesn’t cover medical costs compared to the other clinics).

The post-op care instructions stated to avoid milk but when was staying for 2 nights, the nurses offered me soy milkThey have various nurses, some seemed alright but one particular one was always talking on her phone during my second night stay, while i was struggling to breathe (the first two nights were the worst but other than that it wasn’t really painful, I think going to the dentist to take out a tooth is more painful).
My result is looking good so far.

From consulting with the clinics I have learnt:
-People mentioned this before, I just want to reinforce, that the clinics know about purse forum, so beware. I can imagine the false comments made here, which is sad because we are just trying to help each other out as foreigners.
-It is important to show them your knowledge of surgery, that you have done research and have other clinics as options.
-You can bargin down to 20%-50% and try to get deals such as de-swelling treatments, extra in-house stay.
-House host do take commission, not with just the recommended clinics but other services too.
-Most of them are fake, well I suppose it’s part of their job to be extra nice to us.
-Get all the important information certified, in case you might need it in the future.
-Having a loved one there makes the whole process 5 times better.
Facial Contouring
let me outReview2 Jan 15100
I had four jaw surgery (two jaw surgery + anterior segmental osteotomy + genioplasty) three weeks ago at EverM and Dr. Yoon and Dr. Seo told me that people usually see 60-70% of their swelling subside within a month. The rest of the swelling can take as long as 6 months to go away and it varies from person to person, depending on how much bleeding there was during your surgery (they told me I had a lot because of the long teeth that they needed to extract for ASO).

I too am experiencing the same problem as you. I had my long face shortened, asymmetry corrected, protruded mouth corrected, etc. My cheeks, especially the lower, are puffy and it makes me look like I have a baby face. I am hoping my features will slim down and become more defined over the next weeks, as I requested Dr. Yoon to make my face more angular. I do have hope that the final result will be good because he showed me my post-surgery x-ray 2 weeks after surgery, and my bone structure looks fantastic now. I just need to remain patient and let my tissues adjust to my new face.

I will be doing rhinoplasty and fat graft consultations next week once they remove the wafer and screws, but I won’t be having those surgeries until February because I want to let the swelling subside more. I will inquire about my puffy cheeks during the consultations. Hopefully they will be able to tell me if it’s swelling or permanent. If it is permanent, then I might consider buccal fat removal.
let me outReview2 Jan 15100
I used to have a very big and gummy smile before the surgery. Now my smile is completely different. For sure my teeth don’t show as much and my smile is less wide but I think this is normal for people who have their upper jaw impacted and get ASO. I have read that it takes months an months for your smile to come back as the swelling goes down and all the muscles/tissues adjust to the new underlying bone structure. Plus, I still need to go through 6-12 months of braces. Dr. Yoon is coordinating with my orthodontist in Shanghai to ensure the treatment is comprehensive and final outcome is optimal. We’ll see how things are when I get the braces off!
littlecheetahReview14 Aug 14100
Hi guys,
here’s my review on 2-jaw surgery with EverM.

From where did I start:
I had severe prognathism all my life, but didn’t really understand what it is as it doesn’t occur in Europe that frequently thus doctors aren’t really experienced with it.
Surgeons in Europe blamed my chin for my indisposition and so I ended up having 2 chin surgeries which worsened my situation.
The last surgeon enlarged my chin, and I couldn’t feel a big portion of my lower face anymore…

Before coming to Seoul I researched for over a year, and contacted various clinics.
I didn’t want to waste my time in Seoul by having one consultation after the other so I shortlisted a long list of clinics to only a few;
Apparently there are hundreds of clinics here surpassing each other in promises, prices and poshness, and after several surgeries which didn’t turn out well for me, I was only interested in real results and safety .

I won’t go into detail with all the talking and contact I had with each clinic,
but one in particular sticked out leaving me with a very negative feeling.

Fancy clinic, Before and Afters made me want to visit them very badly?
I went there with two friends of mine.
Atmosphere: As some other forumers already mentioned: I didn’t feel good there. The girls working there not only for me looked fake and not really attractive at all, they were somewhat sneaky and I felt oppressed?
The Doctor was a lot nicer then the girls there but still he didn’t take much time and effort to explain anything .
And who runs this clinic btw??
For the price they quoted me I was not satisfied with that whole package at all…
Aside from that, I wanted to have my chin corrected too, and the doc said it is NOT POSSIBLE after my genio.
Apropos CT- They made my pay 100,000 KRW for a CT-disk which I never get.
The consultant looked at me in disbelieve as I asked her for it: She told me she sents me a mail with the CT and fobbed me off with this? I went away with my girls as I was so shocked of the weird and arrogant behavior ?.
Next day I wrote her I would get the CT disk first thing in the morning,
but she replied that she had already sent it to me by mail. lol.100 $ for a mail?
I went there with my friend and told her I’d like to have the disk I payed for and which she had promoted me so eagerly.
She didn’t like I came, left for 15 minutes, as she came back I stood up and the consultant just snubbed me, “sit down!”
She told me they don’t have any disks, I can buy on my own if I want.

You might say that’s a very subjective view, but my friends had the same feeling, and if you read peterpans review for example, you will see i’m not alone with my impression.
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Rumor9 May 15-100
It is just Gahee who told me not to do anything. I found her very honest and grateful for that.

My friends recommended everm to their friends and fêlt terrible afterwards. They showed me pics and I got scared. But it happens you know

. Every clinic must have botched jobs. Thats why I will not recommend any clinic to anyone. Im not à doctor and im just like you guys looking for someone who is skilled enough to do surgery on me safely like without damaging any nerves.

You choose à clinic according the doctor not the other way around. When I refer to Da I am thinking mostly of dr Lee and I was Lucky to have found dr Koo at the same time Thanks to the purse girls who went to him last year.
makeoverReview5 Feb 14100
Thanks for being excited for me,im going to explain my whole exerience so far for you…

Sooo I landed at the airport in the morning around 5am and before i left I had to declare my $10,000 and over to customs.They made me write the total down and signed my signature. The place I booked was the Emphphatha hotel which is at 20 Nonhyeon-dong in seoul. As I arrived this taxi man approached me and charged me $80usd so after we reached my destination he said I had to pay toll which was $10(bummer). So it’s $90usd from the airport to the emphphatha hotel by taxi. My advice is to take shuttle bus 6009 because it literally drops you off at the sinsa station(3 minute walk from the place) and it’s only $15 usd.

Sooo before I came here I told the owner of the hotel I was doing surgery and I dont have a translator so I asked her if she could please point me out where to go and maybe follow me to the non-english speaking ones to translate for me.. Boy was I in for a surprise after I settled in she came by my room and said she booked a 10am appointment for me at item and she said she would escort me there in addition to taking me to daprs and faceline.(I wasnt expecting this,she is awesome) So here is my experience from each clinic.

Item(No translator needed)x ray free

We arrived (myself and Bock Soon) and was greeted warmly by the staff. In my opinion they were okay,not shockingly gorgeous. So we waited 5 minutes then the consultant took me to do xrays,it took forever because she had this other girl teaching her how to use the machine. So after the xrays I was taken into a room to meet the Dr. Bock Soon knows a lot about plastic surgery because 90% of her guests come to korea for that purpose,so she sees their results and they talk about their experiences with her. She told me Item isn’t famous for bone surgery,just eyes and nose. I met with Dr. Jin Sung Kim and in all honesty by the end of the consultation I wanted to punch him in his nose. He spoke English but completely disregarded my questions during the consult and was ignoring me. There was no eye contact and he was solely talking to Bock Soon. So he explained everything and I pretty much zoned him out because I made up my mind I wasnt going there for anything. Item quoted me $20,000 usd for v line, 2 jaw and cheekbone reduction by email. After my meeting with the Dr. I was quoted $27,000 usd. Bock Soon didnt bother trying to bargain because she knew I made up my mind not to do it with Item because of the dr’s rudeness towards me.
Item said that for 2 jaw I would have to go to BK to see the dentist to make wafer and I would have to wait a week for surgery(Bock Soon keeps telling me BK=Bad,every single person that went to that clinic hated their results,1 woman was thinking about suicide because they messed up her face)

DAPRS(translator needed) free xray
OMG everyone there was soo gorgeous I couldnt stop staring and the decor was just beautiful. The consultant was super nice. Keep in mind though that in order to come here you have to know korean. Bock Soon translated everything for me at DAPRS. I told her I had a $15,000 budget and she told the consultant that. So I filled out forms(she translated the whole time), then I took the xrays of my face. Then I met the dr. Dr.Lee was super sweet, I could tell he undertood english but he spoke korean the whole time so Bock Soon translated for me. He showed me the xrays of my face and quoted me $30,000 usd for 2 jaw and v line only(he said I didnt need cheekbone reduction,they all said that but I know what I want). Bock Soon bargained it down to $19,000 usd for the 2 procedures so I told them we’ll get back to them. The place was nice but the price wasn’t right for me. They are very professional though and if you’ll be there,bring a translator. DAPRS wanted to send me across town (30 minutes away) to another clinic to make a wafer for 2 jaw and it would take a week before I could book my surgery.

Faceline(translator needed) 10 bucks x ray
This place was packed when I walked in,unlike the first 2. But I was serviced within 5 minutes.So Bock Soon and I filled out the forms together then they did my xrays(which is 10,000won). Everyone here was sooo beautiful I couldnt stop staring,they all had babyfaces. The only reason I came here is because Bock Soon said most of her guests go there for facial bone construction and they love their results. She also speaks highly of the main dr(damn it I forgot his name). So before we met the dr the consultant was explaining everything to Bock Soon who then translated it for me, boy she was soo descriptive showing me a million pictures with cases like mine and explaining every little detail of the surgery. I was sold and ready to book right then even before meeting the dr. So I met with the dr and boy is he hands on. He was touching my face,studying the angles,he was inside my mouth and I was impressed by this because the other 2 doctors didnt even touch my face. He pretty much told me what the other 2 docs told me. I could do v line and 2 jaw but i dont need cheekbone reduction,he would do it if I wanted to though. So by the end I was ready to book,until I met the consultant again. She quoted me $36,000 usd. I was appalled,then Bock Soon went to work. She brought it down to $31,000. Then Bock Soon went to work again.The consultant finally said $24,000 usd for only 2 jaw and vline without the cheekbone reduction. I ran out of there soo fast my body couldnt keep up with my feet. At this point I was exhausted because of the prices quoted and I just wanted to sleep.. So I asked Bock Soon what about Everm. Faceline had their dentist in the building so I could make my wafer there and wait a week for surgery but the price just wasnt right because that would mean I would pay $12,000 usd for 2 jaw and $12,000 usd for v line

Everm(translator needed) free xray
This place is literally right next to bk but they have no affiliation with them. Its hard to find from the outside so ask someone for directions if you go alone. Out of all the places i’ve been to,the prettiest girls i’ve seen was here. This main girl took my xrays but what separates everm from everywhere else is this girl took a million pictures of my face from all angles,she took pictures of inside my mouth.Which I liked. The whole time she was taking my picture I was just admiring how beautiful and natural looking she is. So after the pics I met Dr.Yoon. He is soo cute,lol. He sold me because when he was showing me my face on the computer(x ray and real life), he included measurements.So he showed me where my face was and showed me also where it needed to be with lines on the computer.He also pointed out that my face was slightly crooked but its not visible to the naked eye. This man sold me because

1. Everyone in that place(including him had that beautiful baby face that I want)
2. He was very well mannered and answered all my questions(translated)
3. They would make the wafer the next day and the day after that would be my surgery day
4. So they quoted me $15,000 usd for the price by email. The consult said $18,000 usd,so I just didnt argure because I was tired after trying to bargain with facelne.

So I broke the price down to
$6000 usd for v line
$6000 usd for 2 jaw ($20,000 usd normal price)
$6000 usd for cheekbone reduction
Jaw, V-Line, Cheeks
makeoverReview7 Feb 14100
Day 1

I came into the hospital and they did my wafer,i was told right then and there thaty surgery day is 9:30 am the next day. Other hospitals said i had to wait a week but Dr. Yoon said a couple of days. In the consultation he touched my face and had this triangular ruler that took measurementss. I told him i wanted my lips smaller in addition,to the 2 jaw. He said it took a maximum of 3 hours to do

2 jaw
V line
Cheekbone reduction

I got a bonus too,they do not do nose jobs here but Dr, Yoon said my nose will be narrower as a result of the 2 jaw. He wast kidding at all. I look like i had a nose job even though i didnt have 1,so thats my bonus

Day 2

Hell,hell,hell. I got zero sleep because i had a whole lot,and i mean whole lot of blood and phlegm flowing from my nose and throat,like a river. I vomited blood twice and it just kept flowing. I was gargling with water and this solution they gave me. The nurses kept sucking blood and phlegm out of my nose and throat and i look like a blowfish. The most important part is there is zero pain because i ring the nurses so they’d give me pain medicine ever so often. I only feel some pressure from the wrap on my face. It was hard with the vomiting but beauty costs right? If i can do it you can do it too. Btw i walked up and down the *****dor of the clinic 50 times in the morning and 50 times before bed.that should help with the deswelling. Before i got here i bought arnica montana tablets and gel,ive been using that too

Day 3

I should be meeting dr.Yoon today and they are taking the 2 blood tubes out of mpy mouth today,which is awesome. Btw my mouth is shut by these 2,it feels like elastic bands so i cant open them. I’ll write more after i meet Dr.Yoon
Jaw, V-Line, Cheeks
makeoverReview9 Feb 14100
Post op(. 2 jaw(orthognathic surgery), v line( jawline shaving and chin reduction), cheekbone reduction

Day 4
So the nurse took out my iv yesterday and the doc took the tubes out of my mouth and the tape off of my face. I’m going to be discharged today. The biggest challenge for me thus far is it’s extremely hard to swallow liquids,which is the only thing ill be on for 2 weeks. My throat and mouth is closed up and my lips are humongous. I feel like i kissed a jellyfish and im not looking my best at all. The drooling is uncontrollable still at day 4, i just want it to stop.the good news is there is still no pain so ill ask the nurse how to take my pain meds at home. Im so thankful for these nurses because they didnt give me an attitude or anything this whole time,despite the language barrier. They don’t know much English but they know enough to get what im saying. So i think that’s everything for today. Btw i changed my mind,i dont feel comfortable showing my pics so publicly because i feel like I look extremely ugly.so what ill do is make a collage of photos before i leave south korea starting from day 1 up until the end and il pm those photos to those that want to see the process. Take care guys

–important tips–
-After jaw surgery your lips will be unusually big and dry. They dont supply chap stick or something with petroleum in the hospital so pack some enough chap stick or vaseline before doing your surgery so your lips do not get cracked.

-you will feel extremely cold directly after the operation so if you can, pack leg warmers in addition to the thickest socks you have along with a thick sweater and a thick coat. The hospital had blankets but their not thick enough for directly after surgery.

– drinking will be a challenge because your lips will stick together so hold some tissue under your lips and swish some water around in your mouth to part your lips and then drink,while still holding tissue under your lips to prevent spilling fluids on your gown. Also drink plenty of fluids if your like me and don’t feel like losing 15 to 30 lbs post op.
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makeoverReview11 Feb 14100
It’s funny you mention ID because something major went down at Grand clinic today. I’ll explain

Day 6
When i started put i weighed about 127 lbs,now i think im down to 117lbs. Idk how much i weigh but im afraid to weigh myself. I haven’t eaten solid food in 6 days so i look hungry,lol. Yesterday was hard for ,e because of cravings but today went by like a breeze because i got used to the fact that i wont be getting a full 8 hours sleep at night,im lucky even if i get 1hours sleep. The best part iis the phlegm and blood is minimal now,im no longer throwing it up,so yay that part is over. When i looked at myself in the mirror today realized i look like that lady that injected cooking oil into her face,not a good look.on a positive note,i decided to be proactive than reactive so i went out for a 3 hour walk today and boy it does wonders for the swelling,i mean wonders.i can feel my upper lips and some parts of my face and im excited. I also bought pumpkin juice today,omg that stuff tastes sooooooo nasty but its a necessary evil because it makes swelling go down.it costs 1000 won for a bag of its juice. Ok so now back to Grand plastic surgery clinic. I just so happened to pass by this clinic on my walk today and let me tell you,i was shocked by what i saw. The building itself is a skyscraper but if you ever considered going to Grand,id advise you to run from it like the plague.when i passed by grand there was this MAJOR protest going on,there was about 100 people shouting in Korean outside,they had buses of people and a lot of cops.Ive never seen anything like that before in my life.I was just like wtf,they must’ve really pissed off a lot of people.Fast forward to an hour later when i walk back to that same spot,those people are still there and pissed too.they were holding up posters and i guess they wanted justice,i felt so bad for them. So guys don’t go to Grand because i guess they don’t care about customer service. I think thats it for today.take care guys
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9 days post op

I had 3 procedures done at EVERM DENTAL CLINIC(right next to BK,ask the lady in the pharmacy to tell you where to go)

* I read all 600 pages of this forum and I remember people saying that v line hurts quite a bit but to be honest I felt absolutely ZERO discomfort. At first I thought it was the painkillers but no,it didnt hurt at all even when im not taking the pankillers. I am loving my results,I told my doc(Dr.Yoon) I want a baby face and that is exactly what he gave me. I still have a lot of swelling but I can see that my face is more oval right now,so loving the results

*Well,I dont feel immense pain with this procedure but my only complaint is it gives me a migraine.It’s completely manageable with painkillers but it can keep you up at night. The results make it worth it though. I personally felt like because of my cheekbones it made my mid-face look kind of sinked in,which I didn’t like.I used to always hide my face because of that. My face is more oval and feminine now and that sinked in look is gone( swelling and all). Dr. Yoon didnt cut my cheekbone,he rotated and pushed it in,I can feel it but I cannot see it,it’s more closer to my ears. I am loving my results for this procedure also.

2 JAW(orthognathic surgery)
*I saved the best for last,boy did this procedure put me through hell and back.But if I had to do this all over again I would because I love the results(swelling and all). Usualy when doctors do 2 jaw they take out 4 of our teeth to push your mouth back but I already extracted 4 of my teeth in the states so they couldn’t do that.Also,it makes the procedure easier(thats what Dr. Yoon said). Initially when I had this procedure done I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days,I wasn’t in pain at all while in the hospital due to painkillers but the swelling made my face stiff so I couldn’t smile and I was vomiting blood and phlemn(this is while I had my mouth banded shut).They have to band your mouth shut with 2 jaw so your jaw can save that position to memory. I think that was the worst part because I couldn’t talk at all and I was drooling all over the pace after the doct0r took out the blood tubes from my mouth.
*After being discharged from the hospital things did not get easier. I hardly get any sleep because I am constantly drooling(this is because I had a lot of swelling around the lips,I dont think it happens to everyone,I was just unlucky). I woke up every morning and I spend a good amount of time in the bathroom coughing up blood and phlegm(but after awhile I got used to it so it doesn’t bother me anymore).Swelling does go down significantly by day 9.

****I had a doctors appointment today (Day 9),today is the day the stitches were removed from my mouth.Before the doctor started he told me it would hurt but I took some painkillers a half hour earlier so it was a mild discomfort.Towards the end of it it was really starting to hurt so I squeezed the nurses hand sooo hard lol,she was really sweet though.Also,they took a couple of the bands off that banded my mouth shut.I was shown how to take off and put the bands on so good news is I can chew soft foods now.Before,I was on a strict liquid diet for a week but now since I can take off and put the bands on,I can chew soft foods like eggs,pasta etc(at this point please do not attempt to bite into an apple or steak because your screws can fall apart).

***Tips for 2 JAW surgery***
Do(Pre op)
Buy a baby toothbrush
*after they band your mouth shut you will only be able to open maybe about a 1/2 inch
Buy a turkey baster
*you wont be able to drink from a cup due to swelling(it gets messy),so you can just squirt juice or porridge into your mouth
Buy a personal blender(here in korea,because the plugs are different)
*You can make smoothies and maybe puree your favorite foods like spaghetti and you wont look like skin and bones like I did.It took me a week to buy mine,but better late than never
Use a Towel as a bib
*Eating pureed foods is gonna be challenging so having a towel to protect your clothes while you attempt to eat will help
*Using a mirror to brush,eat,applying de-swelling cream and pain meds help.
Neck Pillow
*You will have to sleep upright so a neck pillow gives better cushioning than regular pillows
*Seoul is such a beautiful place you are not going to want to stay in.There literally is a 7-eleven and mini cvs on every block.There is plenty to see and do so dont stay inside couped up.Walk it off.Since my operations I walk on average 4 hours a day and I think it is helping me significantly

Okay guys I think that’s it soo far.I hope to help as many people as I can based on what i’ve experienced so far and I hope im not talking too much.I just think a guideline really makes the process easier because it’s not really an easy process. Initially when I came here I wanted those 3 procedures and I planned on coming back same time next year for breast implants.I just realized i’m staying here for over a month so I wanted to do the implants while i’m still here.I am wondering though if it’s too soon to go back under general anesthesia.If anyone has ever gone under twice during a short period please let me know if it’s possible and worth it.Also,if you have any questions just pm me
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makeoverReview21 Feb 14100
2 weeks post op (v line,2jaw,cheekbone reduction)

* It’s been 2 weeks since i’ve had my surgeries and so far so damn great.
*Had a Dr.’s appointment today and was told I don’t have to wear the elastics anymore(thank God because that was a pain), and also I can chew whatever I want as long as it is not meat or anything hard
*I realized something important though,this whole time I thought Dr. Yoon operated on me but he didn’t.Coming to think of it I only saw him during the consult.
*Evrytime I go for my appointments I see a doctor(I dont know his name) but I think he was my surgeon because he tells me what to do at home. He’s really sweet though and I think he did a great job because I can finally see a difference in my face after 2 weeks.
*At this point,my face is visibly slimmer,this still isnt my final result because my face feels stiff/fake and my upper lip is sightly larger than my lower lip but I don’t have blubber lips anymore.
*When I first got here I felt ugly because everyone was sooo beautiful and the korean guys weren’t even looking at me.I watched them eyeing other girls but they weren’t eyeing me so I kinda felt bad. Things changed tonight when I went out. I was awestruck when heads were turning and at first I thought I had food stuck on my face but after awhile I realized “omg,they are checking me out”.So I definately feel better at this point.
*I have no regrets,I love the v line and cheekbone reduction but the 2 jaw made the most difference to me.My lips still have swelling but they are smaller and poutier like ive always wanted
*The migraine is almost gone,it feels faint at this point and I noitce that my left jaw spasms.Meaning,it quickly moves forward sometimes 10 times a day.I read a jaw surgery blog and i think the spasms are normal and will go away over time.It doesnt hurt it just feels weird
*Btw rice porridge was my main meal and sooo easy to make.I just made rice in a rice cooker then poured rice and water and milk in a blender with a lil sugar(make sure you get a paste like consistency) and heated it up after.that was my meal,and sometimes i just had it cold so i could have rice pudding.the same thing can be done with corn from the can.I normally love fresh fruits but they are pricier here n korea than in the states so i settled for can.
*Also,tofu was the only thing i could chew.eggs hurt my gums and so did pasta so tofu was another(and till is my staple meal)depending on where you go it can cost 1500won(which is pretty cheap).
*Food still tastes weird at this point and eating and talking is a challenge.When I eat I feel like im chewing my gums so i try to be gentle.
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makeoverReview23 Feb 14100
I was wrong everm does not switch doctors,Dr.Yoondid perform the procedures like he said he would,with assistance of course. The v line makes a dramatic difference,which you will see when I show my pics a few weeks from now,I finally have the baby face ive always wanted and the cheekbone reduction is a big bonus.The two jaw pushed my whole mouth back.Initially I wanted lip reduction surgery but im sooo gad I got the 2 jaw instead because it not only gives my lips a sexy pout,it also pushes both my jaw and lips in. My lips look great after 2 weeks and a few days,I cant wait to see what it is going to look like in 3 months because I can still feel swelling. Dr. Yoon did mention sagging,if i get it I should do skin lift or something.Im not worried about that because im young and I know my skin is elastic enough to not sag.But sagging does happen for some people
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makeoverReview2 Mar 14-100
Week 3 post op

– So I saw my doctor yesterday and was informed that the swelling inside my mouth is so bad that whenever I try to chew on my left side(which is where he told me I need to chew on for awhile),i’m literally eating off pieces of my cheeks.That is bad news because if I continue to do that I can get an infection and might need to extract my wisdom tooth/teeth idk.

– I was informed to chew on my left side because my teeth on the left side of my jaws are misaligned so the only way to align them is to chew on my left side.So he pretty much has me stick my pinky finger inside my mouth in order to push my cheek out of the way so I can chew.
– At week 3 I was given the go ahead to stop eating tofu and anything soft and start eating crunchier,chewier things.This should be great news but I completely and utterly hate it because it hurts soo bad whenever i try to chew.it’s just not the same as it was before I underwent surgery.
– It took me an hour to eat yesterday because I had to first cut my food up into little bite size pieces,but even doing that doesn’t help because,like I said before,i’m chewing off a little piece of my left cheek and I have to think about trying to avoid an infection.So at this point I upgraded to Listerine,because it is the strongest mouthwash I know
– There is still visible swelling in my face,even after 3 weeks. Only,it is now on my cheeks and also my chin and lips. So the upper perimeter of my face has no swelling,it’s just the lower part
– Im kind of frustrated because I have to go back to work a couple of Mondays from now and I still cannot eat in public.I guess this is what i signed up for when I said I wanted jaw surgery
– I realized that if you get an infection,it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the doctors fault.it doesn’t even have to be your fault.It’s just a possibility with any surgery because complications like the one i’m going through now can be a factor.
– I decided to cave so im gonna stock up on pumpkin juice on Tuesday and see if I can get the swelling issue inside my mouth dealt with because it can turn into a very serious problem
– I forgot to mention that the doc took the screws out that were put in during surgery yesterday.Okay,so yu now how people freak out when they have to get their stitches out,getting the screws ou is kind of the same.My mouth was bleeding when he took them out and I felt a deep pressure when he was unscrewing it but I just pictured a beach in my mind to take my mind off of it(If you decide to get jaw surgery,take painkillers before getting your screws taken out). It only hurts for the moment but after it is over,you will be relieved.
– My jaw still spasms but lie I mentioned before,that doesn’t bother me but what does bother me is my teeth were perfectly aligned post op but now they seems to want to move back to tehir od positions so they are trying to spread apart again.This only means that I have to get braces when I get back to the states.Doc says six months of braces is enough.
– At this point,i’m happy i did the surgeries and the v line and cheekbones reduction doesn’t bother me at all but the 2 jaw still keeps me up at night.I didn’t sleep last night,nor am I sleeping tonight because my left cheek is tender and I really do not want to take the painkillers because I do not want to rely on it for everything.All I know is I cannot wait for this to be over but the thing is,I do not know when it will be over but i’m still here with a smile on my face hoping for the best
makeoverReview9 Mar 14-100
Tanks for the support piyochi.Yes,the 2 jaw did cause my wisdom teeth to squish my gums to the point where i have extra skin hanging over my teeth.Damn its annoying.If I stayed 2 more weeks they would have extracted my wisdom teeth and i would look like balloon face again.I notie a slight assymetry but to another perso they wuldnt notie it.Even before surgery i had asymmetry but i didn’t notice,dr yoon pointed it out to me in my consult.I think this asymmetry though is because of swelling,at this point it still exists
makeoverReview9 Mar 14100
1 month post op (2 jaw,V line,cheekbone reduction)

*My face looks presentable now,i’ve been told by other forumers that are here now that the swelling isn’t noticeable and that I look good.
*The only pain feel is me biting on my gums if i try to chew(which is pretty painful) and I have a slight headache,just slight, from the cheekbone reduction
*Had my 5th and final dentist appointment yesterday and was confronted with devastating news

—- I mentioned before that my gum chewing can cause an infection,so my doctor recommended that I stay here in Korea for another 2 weeks so that they an extract my two lower wisdom teeth,in order to resolve this supposed major issue.My response of course was HELL NOO.I kindly declined but he seemed worried about the issue.

—– BTW I left my last dental appointment almost in tears because it really hurt,my mouth was tender and my doc was just prying open my mouth and pushing and pulling it in all directions. They also wanted to shave down my wisdom teeth so I wouldn’t bite my gums but I can’t open my mouth wide enough yet so they couldn’t do it.

—- So when I go back to the states I will be getting a second to opinion as to whether or not I need to extract my wisdom teeth.

—- The jaw exercises that I am doing is such a pain because it hurts when I put too much strain on my mouth but i’m told I have to do it,so i will

— I’m not worried about a so called infection because I believe in mind over matter,I get that the doc has my best interest at heart and all but i believe my mouth will heal on its own in its own time without me rushing things.I also believe in natural remedies so what I will do is rub some Bentonite Clay every night on my gums for 2 weeks.What bentonite clay does is suck out toxins so my gums would be free of bacteria or viruses and it also helps the swelling go down.Its what people use for scorpion bites,eczema,acne,rosacea and all that

– I know i’ve been praising EVERM dental clinic since the beginning and i think they did a good job with my face(I mean I like what I see so far) but i feel like I should have been informed about the possibility of this issue beforehand,but then again I was told that what happened to me is rare and doesn’t really happen to anyone else. It only happened because I did my extractions beforehand. I didn’t have enough space in my mouth so my gums were squished together between my wisdom teeth so now there’s extra skin hanging over both sides of my mouth and it is causing havoc.

—I’m just going to wait another 3 months and see if this issue will resolves itself.Like I said I believe in mind over matter so in my head my gums are already healed and I will do what I need to at home to rectify this minor faux pas because other than this little glitch, everything is all good.The swelling is going down and I can sleep on face(Hell yes)

— I’m excited to say that I leave South Korea tomorrow morning,I mean I love the place but ive been feeling really nostalgic. I literally cannot wait to see my family and friends again.Feel like I haven’t seen them in ages

— I will not be posting on a weekly basis like I have been because i wrote about the most critical parts of the process already.I will most likely do another update like this a month from now because I have to get back to reality,my vacation is over.It was great,painful at times but it is finally over (The vacation I mean,not the recovery process)
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makeoverReview9 Mar 14100
yeah I know faceline but I have to say that you’ve been misinformed abut faceline,they do facial contouring,breasts,2 jaw,and probably even more.Its a full on plastic surgery clinic.I consulted there but the consultant was not budging on the price so I hose Everm in the end.Btw,even though I have slight issues I still love EVERM because my doctor told me about the issue and was ready to face it head on.I could see that he cared and I deeply appreciate it but it was my choice to make in the end as to whether or not to extract my teeth.Havent started my braces yet but I can tell you that I do not look forward to it.Thats for sure.BTW,I ate all my arnica montana tablets but I still have my arnica montana deswelling gel,it sure helped me a lot.
makeoverReview11 Apr 14100
2 months and 1 week post op

2 jaw, v Line, cheekbone reduction

Hey guys I’m back with another update, sorry it took me so long but I got caught up with things so let’s start from the same day I got back to the United states. People were looking at me like I was an alien (people I knew because according to them I was Swollen). I was told that I look like I lost a fight and that I had botox.my smiLe was tight and it was unpleasant for me.

I also didn’t get my wisdom teeth pulled until a week ago, I had to because I was still chewing my cheeks and that was the reason why I was soo swollen. The oral surgeon that pulled my teeth was great and he told me that the doctor that did my 2 jaw did a great job (Great job everm). I saw this same oral surgeon a week after he pulled my teeth and according to him the swelling went down significantly, so guys before 2 jaw ask the doc how your wisdom teeth will affect you aftetward.

At my second visit with the surgeon, I told him my concerns about my big lips because at this point they are back to their original size (my nose also). He does 2 jaw surgery also so h e told me that bone tissue heals faster than soft tissue so my lips will ta k e longer for the swelling to go diwn (it can take as long as 6 months). He guaranteed that my lips will get smaller though so I will wait.

Fast forward to now, my face is significantly smaller (and shou l dc be shrinking more), I’m told that I look like my old self now just with a smaller face. I can feel my cheeks and the side of my face. I can feel the right side of my chin but the left is still swollen. Feeling in the area between my nose and lips is back and it’s also back in my lips.

My lips feel so weird though but this is normal. The nerves are healing so I feel like I have Lil electrical stings in my lips and they feel like they are constantly dry (it’s such a b****).I have to reapply lip gloss every 5 minutes and no I’m not over exaggerating.

So that seems to be everything so far. I still do not have braces so I am shopping around
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makeoverReview20 April 14100
Hey Mrs. King omg I cant believe the last thread was archived but yeah im doing great.Girl do not hesitate to get your face done,the results are astounding omg.Before I used to run from the camera,now you cannot get me away from it.I think the reason why I was swollen for so long was because of my wisdom teeth,so once they were gone swelling went down in a week. I am literally wearing a hairstyle right now that I stayed away from for a decade because my face was too angular and the best part is everyone compliments me and tells me how pretty I am and they tell me I have this glow and I look like I lost weight(which I did). Finally 2 1/2 months post op and I am reaping the benefits. Do not hesitate to get your face done Mr.s King because it makes you look younger when you do.I am sooo happy,words cannot describe it. I know I said ill share photos in the messages but I have no freaking idea how to so im srry but if you message me how to do it I can send them to you. Im just sooo elated,you have no idea because for one in my life I finally feel pretty. Im gonna stop rambling now just message me your email and ill send them to you.Your gonna be just as shocked as I am
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makeoverReview28 Apr 14100
Month 3 Post op
(2 jaw,v line,cheekbone reduction at EVERM dental clinic)

The nerves healing can be such a pain because its like tiny little electric shocks to your face. I mostly feel it in my lips and jawline though. Right now I can feel 95% of my face. My left jaw area,my chin and my lips are still numb and swollen.I do not feel any sensation at all on my chin. At this point I have no regrets because people say I look better now*as I mentioned before) but when they ask me what is different about me I just tell them I lost weight and that works 90 percent of the time. Its nobody’s business. I am in deep need of a nose job because my wide nose does not match my face anymore and I am just praying for my lips to go down more because they still are too plump in my opinion.
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makeoverReview25 Jun 14100
I completely agree with you malissa, it takes FOREVER for the feeling to come back.
I had v line, cheekbone reduction and jaw surgery about 6 months ago and although
The stiffness in majority of my face is gone my lips and chin area feel tingly when I touch it or
If I kiss someone, it’s not numb but you know that feeling that you get when your leg falls asleep and then it wakes up, I’m talking about that feeling . It can be uncomfortable but I got used to it, kissing just hurts sometimes
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makeoverReview12 Sep 14100
(Last update) 8 month post op v line, cheekbone reduction, sliding geniolasty and 2 jaw

V line:
I am experiencing zero pain right now and it has been like this since day 1. Before the v line my lower face was sharp and masculine looking. I used to hide from cameras and hide my face with my hair just to create the illusion of a vline. I’m extremely happy with my results from everm. My face is significantly smaller and I no longer hide my face because my face is small from a frontal an side view. I thought I had sagging around the jawline but I was wrong,it was not sagging. When I chew on my right side the muscle started growing so my right side was slightly larger than my left. So guys even though you shave the bone,the muscle can grow back.My solution for that was botox to the jawline.

cheekbone reduction:
During my consults from months ago I was told by all the doctors that I ididnt need the cheekbone reduction but I knew what I wanted and Dr. Yoon performed the cheekbone reduction on me even though he believed I never needed it. Now 8 months post op I had consults for other procedures and I casually asked the new dr’s what they thought about my cheekbone reduction n they said it came out nice and the bone is as small as its ever going to get so it was a success. I felt no pain when I had the cheekbone reduction initially and I feel no pain now. The most it has bothered me was the first two weeks it gave me killer headaches. As for right now, I feel fine.

Sliding genioplasty:
I never even thought about having this procedure, it was Dr.Yoon who brought it up. As far as I was concerned, I wanted 2 jaw but I didnt know that pushing my jaw back would cause my chin to look receded so I would look like I have a frog’s chin. Ive seen other people with that and it is not a good look. So the sliding genioplasty just pushed my chin forward to make my profile look more appealing. I felt no pain initially and I feel no pain now but it looks amazing and natural,no chin implant needed.

2 jaw:
2 jaw put me through so much pain but I knew I had to have it to be happy. It made such a big difference in my life. I feel more confident and beautiful because I ha this procedure. I look more feminine thanks to having this. Before, the large jawline and upper and lower jaws made me look so manly it’s not even funny. I have to say though recovering from 2 jaw the first month or so is crazy an the swelling took 3 or 4 months to go down and 6 to go down completely. I looked like a freak for awhile but the wait and the pain and suffering was totally worth it. Im glad I did it and I feel zero pain right now. The months of recovery had me numb and tingling and twitching but all that is gone now and it left the 6th or 7th month for me
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makeoverReview10 Feb 15100
they do zygoma at everm also, I had mines done there and im quite satisfied. They are not completelty the exact same size,which bothered me at first. But after doing consults at other clinics months later They told me that that is normal.
Review20 Feb 15100
Lifeis not all nosy but I am happier. I am in my late 30s and have undergone Zygoma and vLine at EverM on late October 2014. here is my GOOD, BAD, RIGHT, WRONG and OVERALL to share with you:


-reduced the prominent cheekbones, hollow under the check bone

– Face line became much smoother and morefeminine looking from vLine


-Swollen pretty bad after the surgery, partially because I did not ice well onthe 2nd day. Nurse at EverM was not helpful, like reminding you to do that.

-Hypertension, or high blood pressure high around 9x-14x….. Am now undermedication, and see if it remediates. My family doctor is not even aware ofmajor surgery causes hypertension but it seems well documented on Google. A girlfriend I met at Seoul also has the same problem post-ops. I would just have tomanage it.

-Front cheek become a little flatter; lose vivid dimensional liveliness ……probably only I notice this subtle drawback.

-Under eye wrinkles appears a little more than before …… partially I thinkare side effects from reduced cheek bone.

-Lower face appears a little sagging, but not really noticeable by others. This issort of expected and acceptable risk. EverM did do a little pull up on cheekmuscle, and maybe that helps. Remember to ask your doctor if they can do it.


-No more major discomfort. Not to bore you with details but chin and lip are 95%normal in term of function, 90% de-swollen, 80% sensation back at Chin and 70%at cheek area.


-Met like 12 PB friends at Seoul. From there on, all good things happenedbecause one would have a second eye to look things from different prospective.I love my friend C. R. She pushed me going for EverM. She had been the Seoulbefore (vs. me first time) so I place a lot of trust on her with decisionmaking. Am not saying friends talk is all good, because in CR’s example, shethought she would have done better without friends’ chip in. Also those friendsare the one u will hang out, shopping, eating and kill time with for the next 2week post-ops. I have been very lucky to meet all those girls. they havekindest heart and each has a fabulous life and story to share. One thing I foundcommon with PB girls, they are self-motivated, and willing to take risk and workhard to better their life. But I do see overdone and over the top cases soplease resists temptations and MAKE SURE TO CONSULT WITH ANYONE for surgical decision.People are open tends to have a better outcome.

-Did NOT go for a nose job. I came to Seoul with eyes on zygoma, vLine and nosejob all in one shot at TL. My friend met at Seoul stopped me. If I have gottennose job, I would have been devastated. First of all, it need more researchthan zygoma and vLine because a perfect nose sharp can be so different from oneperson to the next, by personal look, preference, and culture. The decision isway more complicated than zygoma and vLine. Honestly I did not do enough homeworkabout. If I have done it per doctor, I would NOT be able to play basketball andvolleyball again. (I played sports regularly and it’s the pleasure I cannotlive without, at the time, I was not aware of the complication). I may still gofor nose job in the future but it would be an informative decision.

-Pick out EverM than others. EverM is way more expensive considering it only doeszygoma and vLine. For Lipo and nose job, I would need to come back, enduringthe pain, time, anxiety, and cost all over again. I am sure other place may andwould have done beautiful job, but at the time, going for EverM is almost mebuying an insurance policy because how doctor was more academic, lesscommercial, and handling less surgeries per day. It has less chance for errors.

-I started cycling at 2 weeks post ops. I think the sweat help de-swollen. Do exercisecarefully.


Iprobably would ice myself better at first 3 days of post-ops.


Lifeis not all rosy but the tradeoff is worthy. numerous people at work, bizmeeting, friends, family came to me to tell me I look better and younger sincethe Taiwan trip lol it was both embarrassing and delighted to hear thefeedbacks like that. No one with the exception those I told have suspected megetting a major plastic surgery. They know I had something done but cannot puta finger on it. It’s what I was looking for, less dramatic result.

Itwas the most difficult decision, and most risky thing I have done. I worried several of family and friends, and mostly myself. I have substantial responsibility and I was ever more risk aversive. I set up wills and some plan just in case anything happens to me. Like atypical American, I warned the clinic about not switching doctor, had doctorsigned some sort of agreement, and swore to sue if ever finding out.

Lookingback, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Wish you all the best n’ Happy Lunar New Year!

Lovefrom New York
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mickelyReview21 Aug 15-100
Heyo, Did u see significant results from zygoma? I m coming to 6 months post surgery at everm. I could swear no changes at all from zygoma reduction, my right cheekbone feels bigger too.. That said my 2 jaw did produce significant changes.. Heading back in September for a final check up..
mickelyReview21 Aug 15100
Heyo, Did u see significant results from zygoma? I m coming to 6 months post surgery at everm. I could swear no changes at all from zygoma reduction, my right cheekbone feels bigger too.. That said my 2 jaw did produce significant changes.. Heading back in September for a final check up..
mickelyReview22 Aug 15-100
So that explains it, they used the shaving method, I thought they broke my zygoma and push it inwards like other PS clinics. at least that’s what Dr yoon said, push it inwards and upwards to prevent sagging.. That said I feel my v line could be a lot more natural though, As in when I open my mouth really wide, u can sorta see where the bone s been shaved, hopefully the edges will smooth out over time.. I m going back in September to ask for a before and after x ray, don’t think I ll want to put myself through the pain of zygoma revision. Hmm I expected a lot more from everm tbh.. It s sad that they didn’t at least even out my assymetrical cheekbone, I truly feel that everm is only good for 2 jaw, quite conservative v line, and definitely insignificant zygoma reduction results.
MissOrangeRumor10 Apr 17100
Consult with EverM dental. I met a guy whose botched 2 jaw surgery was fixed by EverM. Amazing result in person and from his CT scans.
Ninja21Review7 Nov 14100
Dr yoon showed me my xray and my facial photos and explained how he would operate my zygoma I still didn’t understand much . Gahee translated to me . He was pretty honest about the the sagging. He said thes possibility of sagging after getting the bone cut but he would try his best by lifting the muscle during surgery. He touched my face many times.i didnt feel any rush at all . He was so detailed and showed me b&a photos on his computer…his patients all looked great after surgery but mostly they had significant cheekbone. They quote me 5 mil but if i pay cash they will discount to 4.5 mil . I think their price is fixed for foreigners and locals. This clinic only does bone and teeth nothing else If they have other options to slimmer my cheeks it would b great . He said i shouldn’t do anything on my cheeks but i dont like it i feel like a chipmunk .
I havent decided for zygoma reduction for aug trip cos of my mixed feelings from doctors ‘opinions

I will post my Oct trip soon ?)
Ninja21Review7 Nov 14100
Ever M (4.5 out of 5)
I email Gahee for my appointment.she was really nice via email and in person. Only Gahee speaks English there.this clinic is close to sinsa stn next to bk . I met the consultant there she looked professional but i didn’t remember her name tho i just wanted to see only doctor !! She recommended me to do zygoma reduction as well as dr yoon . Surprisingly they took tons of my facial photos and i had to do 3d ct scan again they couldn’t read cd from dream !!! Such a waste! Knock on wood no cancer . Dr yoon was really friendly and SUPER nice . I felt really comfortable with him And…
oronicReview17 June 14100
Hi Paxsky,

You are welcome 🙂 I’ve decided to go with EverM. My surgery is slated to happen tomorrow. I will look into posting more during my recovery period. Now I am preparing myself for jaw reduction and getting a bit nervous!!! Long story short, I felt more comfortable with EverM’s Dr. Yoon and the fact that he does nothing but jaw/cheek surgery and he is the one and only doctor in that clinic that does it (no possibility of bait and switch!!). I skipped Banobagi as they did not confirm my appointment. Went to SMPS but was sold other procedures and just didn’t feel quite right when I was over there. More to come!!
partytreesReview23 Jul 15100
I would like to add that I consulted at The Face Dental and then EverM. However I can endorse neither.

Since two-jaw is such a big surgery, there are a whole list of complications that could possibly occur. I’ve spoken to patients who visited EverM and some were happy with their work, some felt they overpaid for what they got, and some never got back the feeling in parts of their faces. I was lucky to be able to feel every part of my face, meaning I never lost the sensation in my nerves. However the other patient that had surgery done on the same day as me feels numb between her nose and upper lip. My point is that luck plays a huge factor and what might be good for someone else might not be good for you.

I have to say that the face dental provides excellent consultation services, they are meticulous and patient in describing the procedures and will spend as much time with you as it takes. After hearing your problems, they scroll through pictures of past patients that are similar to you to give you an idea of what to expect from the surgery. The doctor gives off a fatherly vibe and is a little shy. Overall it was a pleasant pre-op experience for me at the face dental. When I arrived the doctor was in surgery, so I had to kill more time with the consultant while waiting for the doctor. I believe that there is no doctor-switching at tfd.

At everM, it was significantly more rushed throughout the CT scanning and picture taking process. They however make a mold of your teeth before consultation with the doctor, which tfd does not do. I am neutral about this although it does help give you a better layman idea of your teeth and what to expect. The doctor is also patient and will answer any questions you have. Surgery is executed by dr yoon and assisted dr seo. During my stay I observed how many patients are admitted and I can also say that there is no doctor-switching at everM.

I chose EverM because I’ve read about and spoken to more people who had two-jaw done at EverM. For me, it was a safer bet despite the positive vibe that tfd gave. If anyone is interested in the face dental, there is a post by NYCANGEL on her experience at tfd. Overall she had a positive experience but the small sample size – 1 review, of tfd made me feel I had a better bet with EverM.

Do dedicate yourself to research into clinics before deciding on a clinic and doctor, and also the different procedures available. Everm and TFD are definitely not the only clinics that offer 2jaw surgery so do your homework ?
partytreesReview30 Jul 15100
2 week post-op update:

It’s exactly two weeks since I had my surgery last Thursday. I’m glad to say that everything is better. I’m glad I chose everM because so far I’m satisfied with what I’m seeing. Again I can’t promise the same results for anyone, I think it applies for whenever someone recommends you a clinic. To me, going for surgery is akin to horse racing. There is no sure win horse and time, fate, luck, whatever could affect the results. If someone can guarantee you that you’d be 100% satisfied with whatever clinic they recommend, they probably are lying lol. Also, something that they like might not be something you like. Everyone has their own perception of beauty.

I can only say that you should bet on a horse (in this case clinic) with greater odds of winning. I took my chances and I’m glad it paid off. As I previously mentioned, I was lucky to be able to feel all my nerves after two-jaw which is considered a major surgery. I know of people who still can’t feel their chin even after vline. So yup, I was lucky in this aspect. I also didn’t want a baby face and I still wanted a relatively larger chin with regard to the korean standards of what I think is a small pointy vline. I can’t say for sure because I’m still quite swollen but I think I’m gonna like my chin.

To recap, my main concerns were 1) not being able to breath properly 2) pain and discomfort 3) claustrophobic feeling and having my teeth wired. I’ve more or less recovered from all of them and now I’m looking forward to Saturday when I can have my wires removes.

1) As the doctor said, the breathing does get better. Now I’m able to sleep throughout the night without waking up from a blocked nose. I’ve also stopped using my nasal spray since awhile ago (not good to be too reliant on that). The thought of not being able to breathe properly is still quite scary and something that most people underestimate, or like me, overestimate ourselves to be able to handle easily. Before I went for the surgery, I was informed that I might experience some difficulty breathing but there would be nasal spray to help me breathe better. I was like, ok sure. Man I totally overestimated myself. If you’ve dived before, it kinda feels like breathing through your regulator underwater. There’s oxygen but you don’t feel like it’s enough. Anyway if you are intending to go for the surgery, please persevere through this and I can promise you it gets better. You won’t feel short of air all the time but for me it is more on and off. As the days pass, the episodes I have experiencing a blocked nose gets more spaced apart and less frequent.

2) The pain and discomfort can be relieved with the painkillers prescribed by the hospital (btw the antibiotics and painkillers are the most awful tasting medicine ever). I am a sucker for pain so I requested stronger painkillers so at least I had one less thing to worry about. In total I think I was on painkillers for 10 days, which is what was prescribed and including the painkiller shots I got in my IV drip. Now it’s more of a discomfort from having my teeth wired together. I’d say on a scale of 10, the discomfort ranges from 1-2. So that’s ok.

3) I’m having my teeth unwired this Saturday. I cannot wish for this to happen soon enough! After which I can finally get off my liquid diet.

I think many people have a very different definition of liquid diet. When I had my wisdom tooth removed, my definition of a liquid diet was porridge, smoothies, soup and even mashed potato. On a two-jaw liquid diet, basically anything that has particles in it will not do. Yes, even smoothies have particles in it. They are the tiniest particles that a normal person would not notice. My rule of thumb is, anything that cannot be fed to a baby through a milk bottle, you cannot drink. Even the tiniest particles will clog up the space between your teeth and after two sips, you will realize that even water cannot pass through.

The positive thing about having your teeth wired, is that you will be given a deadline to countdown to (in my case two weeks), so at least you have something to look forward to.

For anyone looking to go for the IVRO method, like myself, you will have to have your teeth wired together. Please google images or blogs for how it is to have your teeth wired and what it means by that. I see people who are interested in having IVRO but they do not know what it means to have their teeth wired. Do you know what you are getting into?

I’m not saying that it’s so tough. You will survive, it’s not THAT BAD. But at the very least do your research.

You will have visible screws screwed into your jaw and wires attached to them, then the doctor will tighten the wire so that you cannot open or move your teeth. That’s the best I can describe it but pictures will help you see so much clearer. If you look up John Makdessi on instagram, he has pictures of his wired jaw and also how he has his meals. That’s something you can expect.

By the two week mark, your swelling will also have gone down quite significantly. It is obvious to me that I am still very swollen, but to a stranger who’s never seen me I think I just look chubby. You can almost pass off as normal.

The underbite that I wanted corrected is also very obviously gone. Actually ever since I woke up from the surgery, my underbite was very obviously corrected. Such is the magic of two-jaw.

Another piece of advice is that if you are looking for something subtle, reconsider two-jaw. I don’t think there is anything subtle about two-jaw, my face shape has changed drastically for the better but it is not something that I can pass of as having braces done or having lost weight. It could be because I had it done in conjuction with v-line although I very much doubt it.

Finally, I have been asked a few times if I would do the surgery again. Especially since I had such a hard time after the surgery. My reply is:

“I would do it again, because I’m satisfied with the results and it was the only thing that would correct my underbite and slight asymmetry. I’m also fortunate to not experience any facial numbness and the nurses kept telling me that I was in fact recovering very well compared to others.

Where I consulted another doctor, I was given the option of pulling out my features such as forehead and nose to balance the underbite. I did not take it as I felt it wouldn’t actually solve the problem.”

That’s all the updates I have so far. If you do do the surgery, or any surgery in fact, just remember that “These times are hard but they will pass”. ?
Jaw, V-Linehttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/the-truth-about-double-jaw-surgery-in-korea-everm.915490/#post-28945703
partytreesReview20 Aug 15-100
I don’t think my teeth have changed, they used to be straight and they are still straight. But the bite has changed and now my teeth don’t meet (gaps between top and bottom teeth). I was informed that I would have to have braces after the surgery.

I got surgery in Korea for the same reason – I didn’t want braces before surgery, I just wanted to have the surgery asap to fix my bite. Many clinics in Korea advertised having surgery before braces and I was tempted.

I’m back in my country so I visited the orthodontists today and after speaking to him, my advice to you is to visit an orthodontist in your country before you go to Korea. I made the mistake of thinking that orthodontic treatment after the surgery would be easy but turns out it can get very complicated too.

My orthodontist says that even if I really didn’t want to have braces for months before the surgery, he could at the very least have put in the brackets for braces days before surgery. It will be hard to open your mouth wide for braces after surgery. If I had still insisted on going to Korea for surgery, he could have liaised with the surgeons in Korea on how much to cut etc.

One thing that I really regret about the surgery is my smile. When I smiled in the past, my upper teeth used to show. After surgery, my lower teeth and about 30% of my upper teeth show. My smile is weird. My orthodontist implied that they didn’t take this into consideration before surgery, resulting in me losing my smile (literally). This confirmed what I assumed went wrong previously when I was looking at my x-ray scans trying to figure out why my smile changed. He will try to fix it as best as he can, but again he reiterated the importance of the orthodontists liaising with the maxillofacial surgeons. He says that the reason why braces-surgery-braces is done is because the orthodontists who begins the treatment should finish the treatment. If surgery is done in Korea and the surgeon does whatever he does, how is the orthodontist to follow up without knowing what he should do? Different surgeons work and think differently. At the end of the day if the results are less than ideal who will you blame? The orthodontist? The surgeon?

Hence I strongly advise you to at least consult an orthodontist before committing to surgery in Korea. All the best!
Jaw, V-Linehttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/the-truth-about-double-jaw-surgery-in-korea-everm.915490/#post-29049824
partytreesReview22 Aug 15-100
CatAlarm did you do yours at everm?

I had zygoma reduction too, they shaved 3.0mm but it feels and looks like 0. I’m about 5 weeks post op so I’ll give them the benefit of doubt, although I don’t think much will change because there isn’t much swelling left around my zygoma.
partytreesReview2 Sep 15-100
So apparently, Everm is upset that I have mentioned on this thread that my zygoma is not significantly reduced on this thread. Honestly, the zygoma is barely the tip of the iceberg of the issues that I face post op. I already swept it under the rug thinking at least they didn’t make it worse. I’m ok if it doesn’t look changed. I only replied because it was mentioned.

This morning I received this:

“How are u”
“I saw your review again”
“I think u r not satisfied about cheek bone”
“We did cut it and push inward u didn’t reduce swelling perfectly”
“U need to tome for recovery”
“We upset about this”
“U don’t even sure about result of cheek bone just wrote it in forums thats really make us upset”
“if u have some problme just talk to us”
“And many patient just ask us about cheek bone because of u”
“Please understand us”

Apparently, I am writing about my cheekbone problem even before consulting them because I am incapable of seeing whether I am still swollen or not.

I actually feel a little harassed that she would make me filter what I can post or cannot post online. I would also understand if what was being said were lies or hearsay. Yet if everything that is mentioned is my firsthand experience that I can back up with photographs, I do appreciate how I am made to feel like I shouldn’t be posting about them.

Unfortunately, this is also not the first time this has happened.

“I will call u today”
“But please don’t need to talk other people about your situation u are not sure yet your problme is our mistakes other customers keep asking us about your situation”
“I know u t upset but please wait 2 hours i will explain to u”

Regarding another issue, not the zygoma, I was asked to refrain from talking about it. They are also unsure that the problem is their mistake. I mean, it could be mine? Because when I was under GA, I might have operated on myself? Or it could be because someone else planned and executed the surgery? I don’t know. I need some enlightenment on how the clinic that did the surgery might not have been the ones that made a mistake?

But of course, after speaking to Gahee I am reassured, as always, that the problem will be better after my swelling goes down. She says I can trust her. So I believe that in 4.5 months, (6 months after my surgery), I should expect my smile to correct itself and return, my abnormally long philtrum to return to its original shorter length and my zygoma to significantly be reduced.

I started posting my experiences because I wanted people to know what to expect during two jaw. The main problem I face now, I did not read about or encounter anywhere. I wish that I had read about it somewhere because I would have reconsidered the surgery, and since it could have been prevented, I would have reconsidered the clinic.

Can’t say that I’m not the least bit disappointed in EverM. I expected more integrity and results from them.
paxskyReview28 Jun 14100
Hi everyone,
After months of reading other people’s experiences in Seoul, I’m on the other side now and hope my consultation experience can help someone else.
First I should state that, after going back and forth, I have decided not to do any plastic surgery at this time. This has not so much to do with the consultations, but my own doubts about what i want. Having read on this forum people’s experiences of regret (iann- w/ two jaw surgery and others), I have decided to wait until I’m more firm about what I want. Anyway, I still went to my consultations, but dropped Golden Ratio- what i thought would be my 1st choice- because even though I really respect the doctor and his public prices etc., i didn’t feel comfortable w/the fact that it’s a “one man” show. if an emergency were to happen, not sure how well they are equipped to deal w/it, no matter how skillful the surgeon, it all falls on one person. So, I swapped them out for DA, a clinic that was not on my list but because of all the popularity on this forum, i wanted to check it out and give a review to help any one out here… I should also mention that I was lucky enough to have my cousin, who speaks Korean come with me…

Still jetlagged from the night before, 10am in the morning, our first stop was Everm.
Everm is located inside a building w/other businesses and there’s a subway stop: Shinsa exit 2 or 3 almost right in front of it. Anyway, my experience was very similiar to others who consulted there: the decor/ ambiance is modern, clean, medical and looks legit. The staff is friendly and professional. They also attractive and look natural- if they had work done, it doesn’t show… Even though it was early, there were two people in the waiting area. didn’t want to stare and make people uncomfortable so took some quick peeks and they looked to be new patients. My wait time wasn’t long and they had us fill out a simple form. They highlight the things on the form that they want you to fill out, so you don’t have to fill all of it. After this we met w/ the consultant. She was friendly and seemed honest in that she wasn’t trying to “sell” me anything. In fact, I was surprised when she said my face looked fine and that my cheekbones didnt look too prominent from the front. She said the scan would reveal more and that the doctor would be able to make suggestion. After some more conversation about how long i’ll be staying, what i want done, etc. it was time for xrays, but I walked away thinking: wow, i was expecting some “soft sell” or something, but nothing- I was feeling good about the place! The only thing that bothered me was that she wouldn’t budge from the $150 fee for copies of the 3dscan. we tried to get it to $100, but she wouldn’t budge- only saying that they’ll discount us this from the price of surgery if I decide to do it here.
Anyway, after this, I went into a small room for the 3Dscan, dental x-rays, and photos. This took less than 10 minutes, but it seemed pretty comprehensive. They were obviously trying to get me from all angles.
Then it was time for the consultation, which was on a different floor. They led me to the doctor’s office, where I waited for about 5 minutes. When the doctor came in, I liked his demeanor right away. He seemed friendly yet confident. He first asked me what I wanted and really listened. I knew he was listening because he repeated back to me what I said. Then we looked at the scan and Dr. Yoon showed us the scan of the jaw area and small circles on each side of the jaw area where the nerves are – indicating how much they would be able to contour safely- which I appreciated greatly! Then we looked at the photos and the 3d scan of my cheekbones. He said my 45 degree angle was somewhat prominent and that if i wanted to do surgery on it- that would be the area of focus. then we looked at my x-rays of my teeth and he said my bite was fine, but my mouth was slightly protruding and that my face was slightly asymmetrical- he showed me the scan that had a line going from the top middle of my forehead to the bottom of my chin. at this point i was expecting him to say: 2-jaw surgery, but he said the exact opposite! he said the only way to fix the slightly protruding lips and asymmetry was to do 2-jaw surgery, but he is ruling out 2-jaw for me because it’s “big surgery” and my case wasn’t extreme enough! at this point i was thinking between him and his consultant, are they trying to make money here or not? lol but i think it’s because from the looks of it, they have enough patients and they don’t need to “push” anyone… so, in the end, he suggested that if I still want the jawline done it would be very mininal jawline shaving – he even mentioned that it would produce very subtle difference in looks, which i appreciate his honesty. he said for cheekbones, he would suggest 45 degree reduction, which he demonstrated on the demo skull on his desk. I then asked about dissolvable screws and sagging. We asked him whether the dissolvable screws can be used on a thin bone like the cheekbones and he said he’s been using them on the cheekbones for awhile with no negative effects. as for sagging, he mentioned that he used a method where he incorporates slight lifting when he performs the surgery. apparently after he makes the bone cut, screws the bones, he will lift the muscle slightly before securing everything. but then he added that even w/this sagging is possible and that it’s not a 100% guarantee against sagging and that some form of a lifting procedure at another clinic after all the swelling is gone may have to be done. at this point, i actually thanked the doctor for his honesty. we talked a little more, and at no time did i feel rushed or the doctor getting annoyed w/all my questions. in fact, he was relaxed and friendly the whole time- i think that he would sat there and kept the consultation going as long as I needed.
After this, it was time to meet w/the consultant again. This time she looked at the form about the procedures that were suggested. I ruled out the jawline shaving so asked just about the cheekbones. And just as others have mentioned, she took out a laminated price list with all the prices, which at my quick glance looked pretty reasonable, but even before we asked, she brought down the cheekbone reduction surgery from about 4500 that was listed the form to 4200. (DA gave me similiar price 4400 or 4700, so I’m thinking no one should be paying more than that! More on DA later…)
We thanked the consultant and said we would be in touch if I decided to do it there. My overall impression of the Everm is very positive. If I were to rate them:
Wait time: A
Decor: Modern, Clean, Professional: A-
Staff: A
Consultant: A
Consultation Time w/Doctor: A+
Overall: A

Then we were off to DA…
peterpan88Review15 Mar 14100
So as I promised, here is a detailed account of my surgery trip to Korea in March 2014.

Translation Service:

Before I came to Korea, I actually set up by myself appointments with Teuim, Item, OZ, and TLPS.
But God forbids, the biggest mistake I made on this trip is to hire a translator. I used the services of A (won?t say her full name, but many people on this board also use her).
Let me tell you this: hiring a translator is the worst idea EVER!
Not only do they not give a damn about you, their presence means you will pay 30-40% more for your surgery.

At first, I only wanted to hire A because I need to go see EverM, for my genioplasty. And unfortunately, they do not speak any English. My first appointment is with EverM at 10AM, and after that, I already told my translator that I need to go see Item at 12PM and then Teuim at 3PM. But she kept pushing me to go see HER list of clinics. And somehow, I got the feeling that she deliberately delayed the consultation process at EverM so that to make me late for my appointments at my chosen clinics (so that I would have to go with her to HER chosen clinics).

All in all, I?m not trying to condemn the translation services they provide. Obviously, if you don?t speak the language, and you have to consult with a clinic that only speaks Korean, then their services are a great help. But I just wish that were all they do: translate, instead of being these blood-sucking, money-greedy green monsters.

If you absolutely have to hire a translator (and it doesn?t matter whom you hire, they will all want to suck your wallet dry), then please stand your ground, and do not let them push you around. I made a mistake of being too friendly and too acquiescent. And that led to my not-so-productive consultations later. However, I thank God that my surgery went well, and that I ultimately made a good choice.


1.EverM: this is the first clinic we went to. My impression of EverM is generally favorable. I met with Doctor Yoon, who is the head Doctor/Maxillofacial specialist here. He looks relatively young. However, I got a warm feeling meeting with him. Dr. Yoon was very friendly, and he took the time to explain to me what he would do, as well as answering all my questions. I did not feel rushed here, and that?s a good thing.
Spoiler alert: in the end, I chose this clinic. Why? Three reasons: 1) Because they specialize in jaw surgery, and I need genioplasty. (2) because I did not feel pushed around here. They didn?t try to sell me more procedures than I asked for. Also, they had a standard price list (in Korean), that they showed me and I can see the prices clearly. And most importantly, (3), I feel comfortable with Doctor Yoon, his calm yet confident style, and his warm bed side manner (to be described later).

During the consultation, I explained to Dr. Yoon that I wanted a more angular face, more masculine (I?m a dude), and a more prominent chin. In the West, a strong chin signifies a confident and expressive male, which is very important in my career. Being an Asian male in America, there are many racial stereotypes that I have to overcome, one of which is that people tend to think of Asian men as meek, shy, and non-outspoken. Those do not translate well into career advancement. Hence, my decision to get genioplasty to make my face more masculine. I generally have a round/baby face. Thus, Doctor Yoon suggested that he would cut my jaw and lengthen it by 4 mms. He also said he would shave off the overgrown part of my mandible because I had a large mandible. I expressed my concern that cutting off my mandible would make me more feminine, which is contrary to what I want. However, he said that the opposite is true. Because my mandible is overgrown, that makes my face heavy. If just a small part of the mandible is cut off (and at the right angle), that would make my front look more defined, and it would also highlight my chin even more. I was still a bit skeptical (as I love my mandible), however, Doctor Yoon showed me the CT scan of my bone, and use a pen to draw exactly what part he would cut off. He then said he would use those bones to fill in my chin. Generally, during genioplasty, they would leave a hollow space when they lengthen your chin (and use a screw to secure it), then your bone would slowly grow to fill in the space). But in this case, because my own bone is used to fill in the space, that makes the recovery faster, and also my chin will be more resistant to external forces. He coined the phrase ?bone grafting? for this method. It sounds good to me, so I agreed. I made sure to emphasize again to him: do not cut off too much of my mandible and keep my jaw strong. This is very important: make sure you let your Doctor know exactly what you want. Once your bone is cut off, they cannot grow back. So this is a one-time-only chance to express yourself. Do not be stingy with your words!

Anyway, after meeting with Dr. Yoon, we met with the manager lady, who quoted me a total of 9m for mandible and Genioplasty. I told her we would come back later after I make my decision.

About the size of this clinic: it is about mid-size, not big. But everything seems clean and modern. I want a clinic that is not too small (because the surgeries I want are pretty major, and a clinic too small will not have enough equipment and after care facilities available). I also don?t want a clinic that is too big, as the Doctor will not pay enough attention to you, and there is a higher risk of switching surgeons. So EverM is the right size I?m seeking.

2.By the time we finished at EverM, it was already 12:30PM. Again, delaying tactics by my translator to make me miss my own appointments and go with her. She suggested we visited Regen (on her list). So off we go. This is a VERY big clinic. They had a total of 17 floors, not counting the basements. And they offered everything, from skin, to teeth, to boob jobs. To be honest, my impression of Doctor Oh (the head Doctor) at Regen is favorable. I explained to him that I want my face to be more masculine, and more model-looking (high fashion). I showed him a photo of Gao Godfrey (the first Asian male model for Louis Vuitton), and told him I want exactly that face. Doctor Oh actually had a really good idea of how to make it happen. First, he said I need to have my cheekbones moved inward (zygoma reduction), then to have it augmented on the front (anterior malar augmentation), so that my face will be slimmer but the cheekbones will appear prominent. That is exactly what I want, and he seems to understand human aesthetics pretty well. So I was impressed by that. Then he said he would prolong my chin using genioplasty, and then also insert an implant which will be screwed onto my chin to give it the width I need. In addition, he said I need buccal fat removal to make my cheeks and jawline more defined. Last but not least, he said I needed ptosis to make my eyes more alert, and more westernized. Finally, he said I needed to have my salivatory gland cut off (under my chin), to make my jaw slimmer. He said that my salivatory gland is overgrown, and it makes my chin heavy. All in all, it would take him 4 hours (FOUR FREAKING HOURS) to complete all those procedures. He kept mentioning again and again that I am a very unorthodox case (because I want to go from Asian to Western). But that he would try his best to give me the look I want.

If you feel dizzy by this point, imagine how I felt sitting in his office listening to all these procedures. In my head, I was like: am I gonna come out human? There would be 3 screws in total on my face: two on my cheekbones, and one on my chin. I would look like RoboCop.

So, even though I wanted to have the perfect face, I weighed the pros and cons, and decided that it would not be worth it to go through all that ordeals. After all, what?s the point of having a perfect face is my health is like ****?!

So, by the time Doctor Yoon stopped talking (his English is really good, by the way), I already knew deep down that I would not want to go with Regen. I asked him one last question: of all the procedures, can he rank the importance of them in terms of effectiveness to achieve the look I want. He said all of them are important, and that I should do them all. That?s basically the last drop for me: I had the clear impression that they want to sell me as many procedures as possible to empty my wallet. This is the case with factory clinic: they always are after your money. Ethics is not the first or last thing on their mind. Your money is!

Again, I?m not disparaging Doctor Yoon or his skills. I?m sure he is a great Doctor and he has had many successful procedures, but the way Regen operates, I just don?t like it. I feel like just another cash cow for them to milk.
Despite having decided not to go with them, I still sat with the Manager to figure out the cost (just for the fun of it). My translator sat with me (of course, when it comes to money). The cost in total was 31m!!! I was like: WTF! I managed to get it down to 25m (just for fun, to see how my bargaining skills are). But still, it was extravagant. No way in hell I could afford that! I would need to sell my two kidneys lol!
Jaw, Chinhttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/my-experience-at-regen-everm-and-daprs.860005/
peterpan88Review16 Mar 14100

I tried to sleep as much as possible after rinsing my mouth with Listerine. But it was so hard to sleep (especially with all the tubes and with your head kept so high). I was actually in an upright position (like on an airplane), and my butt started to itch because I haven’t moved for 24 hours! So my sleep came in broken pieces, about 2 hours each, and then I would wake up. So the entire night, I think I slept for about 6 hours. At 9AM, Doctor Yoon came in to check on me. He took out the mouth tube. Thanks God! That was the most uncomfortable part. He also took out the bandage under my chin. I thought it was kinda strange. Usually they kept the bandage there for several days to secure the new bones in place. So I asked him. I had to repeat myself 2 times because he couldn’t understand my English at first (with my mouth swollen being the reason). Then he answered me, saying that it’s ok to take out the bandage because my bones were secured using screw, so there was no risk of any muscle sagging or dislocation. I was a bit relieved. And then the nurses gave me medicines to drink for the next few 10 days, with also 2 bottle of clinical mouthwash (not the commercial one like Listerine). I think this one is a bit stronger and more effective in keeping your mouth germ-free. They called me a cab and sent me back to my hotel.

So all in all, my surgery experience was pretty smooth, except for the first two hours after general anesthesia where I felt really dizzy and nauseous, there wasn’t any pain at all. It’s just a lot of discomfort, especially when you try to eat and brush your teeth. But I have got used to it now, and swelling has gone down about 80% for me. The Doctor said I’m a very fast healer because my physical condition was in top shape before the surgery. He did warn me not to jump right back into the gym though to give my jaw some time to adjust. Maybe after 4-6 weeks, I can work out again. But gaining weight isn’t really my concern at this point & being on a liquid diet actually helped me lose 7 lbs! That’s right. No need for pills or training camp & I lost all that weight just by doing nothing! That’s a side effect that I would happily accept.

Below are some pictures at EverM: my surgery room, the ice bag, I didn’t manage to take a picture of the wonderful nurse who took care of me overnight, but I will forever be grateful to her for helping me during those difficult hours of my life.


Ice bag:

Doctor Yoon’s office:

The resting room:

Some random certificates I saw on his wall:


Their card:


One more thing I forgot to add: during my overnight recovery at EverM, I actually sneaked out of my resting room and took a short walk while the nurses were asleep. I just wanted to see if there was anyone staying there with me. There was a girl in one other room who had her mandible done. But apart from the two of us, there was no one else. That’s actually a good thing in my opinion because it means that the Doctor is not busy rushing from one surgery to another (and maybe forgot a knife in my throat lolz jk). So the fact that Doctor Yoon spent 3 hours on me alone – that makes me feel good, and it reassured me that I made the right choice. Again, I’m not promoting EverM Clinic. This clinic definitely has both pros and cons – for example, one drawback is that they are not a full-blown clinic with eyes, nose, and fat graft blah blah – so if you want those, you have to go somewhere else. But when it comes to jaw, I’m happy I went with them. This is my first jaw surgery (and hopefully the last), so I’m happy I was in good hands.
peterpan88Review16 Mar 14100
My Surgery Experience at EverM:

On the morning of the surgery, I went with my translator to EverM. I was a bit late because of traffic, so we rushed to the X-ray center to take photos of my chest and do some testings (this center does a lot of testing for the clinics at Gangnam. Kinda like an outsourced service). Because they have more testing facilities and equipment here that some mid-sized or small clinics don’t have.

After about half an hour, everything was done. I was taken back to EverM. Then one of the nurses came and read me some consent form and notice before surgery. To my surprise, it was actually written in English (even though she read to me in Korean). Then Doctor Yoon came and went over my expectations before the surgery (I think they call it “pre-op briefing”). Everything went smoothly, but my heart starts to pound faster. I guess this is when it actually dawned on me that I was about to go through a major surgery. I prayed to God that the surgery would go well. Then they took me to a preparation room. One of the nurses came and cleaned my face (they told me to shave the night before). She also shaved any extra hair that I missed on my chin. (hey, I’m a guy. I’m not so good with details)

The final step: they took me to the surgery room. It was a mid-sized room, with around 4-5 nurses. There was one main Doctor (Doctor Yoon), and an assistant Doctor (who doesn’t operate because his specialty is not maxillofacial) but just stayed in the surgery room to assist the main surgeon. Then they put the anesthesia tube on my nose and within 5 seconds, I was out like a candle in the storm. I still remembered voices in my head reading the bible as I was going out lolz. It was surreal, like on those Korean soap operas about Doctors with Jang Yong Gun in it.

When I opened my eyes (somebody woke me up and said “surgery was successful” in English), I felt so so weak. Like my whole body just got hit by a truck. The nurses put something very cold on my face and I could barely make out her face. She mumbled “half an hour more till resting room”. I figured they meant they would let me stay in the surgery room for half an hour until I regained my strength, and then they would take me to the resting room, where I would spend the night. That half an hour was tough! I lied there, not being able to see my face, feeling so sore and dry in my throat. My whole body felt deflated like a balloon out of helium. I tried to breathe in and out deeply (to empty the effect of anesthesia in my body). But there were tubes in my mouth and throat so it was very hard to breathe, and it hurts every time! Being a guy, I thought my threshold for pain is higher than most, but man, those first few hours after the surgery & those were the bomb! On a scale of ten, I would say 7. I really really wished they would just let me lie right there for the whole day because the way my body was feeling at that moment, I couldn’t imagine moving a centimeter, let alone all the way to the other room! Anyhow, time was up. They rolled me over slowly onto a wheel chair, and then one male nurse actually wheeled me up to the resting room (it was on the ninth floor, where was the operating room was on the 5th floor I think). It was cold on the corridor, but fortunately he made it fast. I actually think it is very considerate of him to leave me inside the room waiting, while he went outside and pushed the elevator button, so that I would stay warm inside (instead of leaving me to wait in the cold on the corridor).

As they lay me down on the resting bed, I knew this was where I would spend the next 18 hours. It was 4PM when my surgery was finished (and we started at 1PM), so I guessed the whole operation took about 3 hours. One nurse came in and hooked my left arm up to a bottle of sea water. She also put two freaking cold ice bags under my chin and use a large bandage to secure them underneath my jaw. I felt a bit uncomfortable to have two ice bags under my chin, but luckily, they took it out after about 2 hours. Then she put two more ice bags on my bed side and told me to apply them regularly for 30 minutes each session, giving myself a rest of 15 minutes between sessions. She also clipped a pin on my toe to monitor my heart rate. It made the situation a bit clumsy because I had too many tubes and strings attached to me: the tubes from my mouth to take out the blood, the tube on my left arm to let in the sea water, the tube on my toe to monitor heart rate. I’m a “no strings attached” kinda guy, so you can imagine how uncomfortable I felt. Lolz.
As I lied there, my stomach began to growl! I got extremely hungry. But the nurse told me not to eat yet.

At 6PM, Doctor Yoon came in. I guessed he went for some consult and a break after my surgery. He told me in his broken English (but kinda cute) that my surgery was 100% successful! Man, I was on cloud nine. He said the surgery went very well, with no complication at all, and that I got 100% the result I wanted: more angles and masculine bone structures. This is all I ever hoped for. Even though it was too soon to tell or even recognize the result, hearing those words from him made me relieved beyond any words can describe. You guys, please keep in mind that plastic surgery is not child’s play. This is after all a surgery. While expertise and facilities play a big part in the outcome, I think luck is also a factor. I thank my ancestor and my guardian star to have helped me get through this. And frankly, there were moments when I kicked myself in the crotch (figuratively) for having gone through such a major surgery just for the sake of beauty. I mean, I’m considered beyond average-looking before the surgery. So this is definitely an indulgence on my part to have this surgery. The bottom line here is that we, by choosing plastic surgery to better our look, are sacrificing our health for our beauty. Nothing in life comes for free. Besides the hefty sum of money we pay, we need to keep in mind the health effect after the surgery and how it would affect our lives FOREVER. If the surgery went badly, then it’s a disaster you’ll have to live with every minute of every day for the rest of your life. If it went smoothly, and you got a beautiful face afterwards, your body still has a long way to recover and it may never get back 100% to the way it was before. I have always been very healthy and active in sports. So I can definitely tell the effect surgery has on my body: not being able to exercise for several months, the blood loss, and having this trauma done to my body, my bones — those are not things you want to take lightly.

After nightfall, the first batch of nurses left, and the overnight batch came in. This is actually the sweetest part of my experience. The overnight nurse who stayed with me the entire night & she was an angel. And words cannot describe how much I appreciate and love her. To start with, I notice that the overnight nurses were a lot less attractive than the daytime ones. It makes senses, because most clients came to the clinics in daytime, and they want to use the most attractive nurses during daytime to please customers. But at night, there is no need for appearance anymore. So anyway, this overnight nurse who took care of me & she was not beautiful in any standard. Lots of facial pimples and her face was a bit chubby (but her body is skinny). Despite all that, I have to say, she really melt my heart with the way she took care of me. Every half an hour, she would come in to check on me, poured me warm water, and gently massaged my jaw with the ice bags. I was too weak to do all that by myself & so to have someone do it for me, especially late at night, all night long & was a blessing. And to be honest, she really didn’t need to do all that. I’m a stranger who cannot even speak her language, but she treats me really well, and used all the English she could remember from high school to communicate with me. She took my temperature and told me in her broken English with thick accent: “a little high, no worries, normal, not bad”. It was sweet the way she tried to console and alleviate my worries. There was also times when I pushed the button to call the nurse, and she would come in (I think I woke her up in the middle of her sleep), but she wasn’t upset. Very patiently and calmly asked me what I needed. I said I wanted to go pee. So she took out the tube on my left arm and the clip on my toe to let me go. She asked if I could walk by myself or does she need to come with me. And I said I could go by myself. Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed & I don’t want her to see my thingy haha. So as much as I appreciate the offer, I told her to just stay outside.

By midnight, I already felt a whole lot better. I started to apply the ice packs by myself. I also brought some Milo powder chocolate milk in my bags. And I took it out, asked the nurse for some warm water, and made myself some dinner. It was hard to drink with tubes in my mouth but I tried. I knew nutrients are very important during the recovery process, so from day one, we need to eat properly. Also, one very important point for you guys: keep your teeth clean! It was very easy to overlook this part because of the discomfort we feel, and all the pain, but really, it’s very important. Your teeth can get decayed very quickly, and it’s not enough just to rinse with water afterwards. You also need to gargle with Listerine and brush your teeth gently with those small medical toothbrushes. And be careful because you don’t want to tear your stitches!
peterpan88Review16 Mar 14100
My swelling has subsided about 80% now, so I can clearly tell the result. And I love it.
It’s not one of those dramatic differences where everybody noticed right away. The change is subtle but very effective. My jaw is so much more angular now (because of the way he cut it), and my chin is more prominent (more masculine). Before I had a round jawline, but now, my jaw looks like Jesse Pinkman’s (look him up). That’s the result I was hoping for and I got it. Granted that the swelling is still there, I can’t tell 100% the result yet. But I like what I see so far. Fingers crossed, hopefully it will only get better…

Oh and to answer your question, I think it’s perfectly safe to do eyes. For nose, I don’t know. They may have a problem with seeing proportionality because of the way your face is swollen. But if you just do eyes, there is really no need to judge the proportionality of your face.
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Review26 Jun 16100
I guess quite a number of people have shared about the doctor and consultant at DARPS
The english consultant Katie is very warm, polite, attentive and not pushy. I dealt with her all the time via kakao and i felt okay. The only one time i felt frustrated was my first visit when i had to speak to the korean consultant who constantly pushed me to pay deposit. I went with a group and 3 of us did FC contouring there, a few did nose or eyes, BA so i kind of already knew the price. The Korean consultant briefly gave me the sky-high quotations. However after mentioning the names of my friends, she lowered herself. So do come in group, you do have more bargaining power and if they do a ****ty job on one, they know they r losing 10 others. I finally managed to lower a bit more since i could accommodate the timeslot when Dr Lee was still available^^. However, their price was only lower than April 31. The remaining clinics told me they d match that price and even offered me some other free things like a B facial lift or sth.

Dr Lee, i must say he was not exactly warm at 1st but he definitely warmed up a lot after I mentioned in details what I wanted and the movies stars that I loved to look alike, Megan Fox, Li Bing Bing and Angela Baby. He cheerfully showed me one of his researches and it seemed we agreed on a lot of aspects on a beautiful face. He looked at my CT scan and confidently said I was a suitable candidate for FC since my nerve lines were very inner so he d be able to cut my jaw quite a lot and reduce my cheekbone sustantially.

Reasons I chose him: his academic qualifications and experiences, his sense of aesthetics which is quite modern and trendy, his honesty and confidence. His clinic was newly opened and looked very modern. It took me 2 weeks to finally and firmly make my decision, it was a major surgery anyway and we all have got only one face. I came to see almost each doctor at each clinic 2 times and cross-checked what one doctor told me with another. I guess my questions were valid and very detailed as if i had done a great amount of homework so most doctors were very patient with me, but i felt most chemistry with Dr Lee n i kept on smiling a lot when i ended the 2nd consultation with him. The after-care was great, 3 times of lazer deswelling and nurse check on the incision, 1 free hairwash. Katie was still patiently checking and answering my questions.

I did also love Dr Yoon at Everm. He is kind, calm, assuring, trustworthy. However, my frenz who went there are ones who prefered a soft Vline, i.e. Egg-line. The K-pop stars he operated on have kind of also eggline. A friend who went there was the one who told me this and advised me to think for myself. (Yayyy that is the benefit of having intelligent and knowledegable frenz around you). One thing to note is that EverM offers resoluble screws so nothin d be shown if u take Xray later We were just not sure how strong these screws are so even my frenz finally switched to titanium screws. All other clinics including Darps offer only titanium.
April 31 made me feel at ease too. Brian said they r not a factory and they ll take ext good care of you and your wishes. The consultant there has a very natural and beautiful face. She showed me her own pic before and after surgery with the FC doctor. But unlike other doctors, the doctor there recommended cheekbone, vline and chin implant w gortex for me. N i thought ‘i am already willing to cut open my face n pin Some screws there, so i prefer not to put an implant then have to replace it 10 yrs down the road in the future. And implant ll nt give you the natural look as T-ost, esp when u smile n u might see e mould (sorry but my impression). One gal in my group had an implant n it had lots of complications so she had to remove it and did T-ost, also at Darps. Of course, T-osteotomy is a very difficult technique. Most of my friends told me probably because it is very difficult and because April 31’s price is so steep they will nt do sth if they r not 100% sure they ll deliver the result.

I had an extremely speedy recovery, i hardly saw bruises, the swelling was worst on day 4,5 but subsided a lot by day 10. By day 14, i was back to work and had to talk non-stop due to my job, which i used to be worried about but i had no choice. My colleagues only thought i went to the dentist’. Probably, drinking lots lots of supplements and maintaining a very strict diet worked since i followed the same habit when i had my eye-lid surgery before. On both ocassions, all the swelling has gone by day 10 and my face has been like that ever seen.

Until now, after 1.5 yrs, unbelivably, there is no sagging. I still hate my laughline, which has always been there but i dont look older based on pix i took. I was crazily worried about that and all other clinics including April 31 strongly advised me on a facial lift, but Dr Lee said ‘let wait n see, if u want to u can do 2,3 yrs later and e effect d be nicer since ur face has settled in, ur skin ll be stretched too much now if u do FC and lift at the same time.’ I took lots of pix from every angle and it looks much much better than my previous face, esp profile. My crazy Asian cheekbones have softened a lot so i still have cheekbones (as i requested) but not extremely bony like before. My chin is lengthened by 5mm, V shape n a little moved forwards (T-osteotomy plus genioplasty). The doctor said 3mm is ok since the golden ratio for Asian face is 1:1:0.8 but i do have some preference for Caucasian face though. I do like my chin a lot and the way the jawline curves from my cheek to chin. It has been a dramatic transformation for me.
The only downside is that you cant open ur mouth extremely wide like before n it gets tired more easily so it is a struggle when i visit the dentist’s.

Now i do want to come back for Breast augmentation and since i ll be there, i probably ll do fatgraft for face and revision eyelid. So if you have any information and have done your research, please share with me ^^ thank you all!!
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plancReview13 Jul 13100
After posting my reviews/experiences with clinics, I’m going to proceed to the actual recovery.

Surgery day: Right in the morning @ 10:30

It’s actually better to have the surgery at an earlier time since you cannot eat or drink 8 hours before surgery. Doing so will not ruin your usual eating and sleeping schedule. When you wake in to the clinic, they prep you for surgery. They insert an IV, and test for skin allergies with this shot. After that, you’re wheel chaired – yup – to the operating room, which in my case in a floor below. You are then asked to lie down on the operating bed, and the nurses there will attach monitoring devices on you and soon, the anesthesia doctor will tell you that he’s gonna put you to nap by this breathing thing. After that, you’re unconscious and I mean it, you won’t remember or feel anything, no dreams, nothing! Post surgery, they will call your name and ask you to slide onto another bed. At this state, you will be really really weak, and want to sleep soooo bad. They will then regulate your blood pressure and make sure you’re breathing up to their standards, so absolutely no sleeping unless you could heavy breathe while sleeping – i can’t. After four hours, you can drink water from a cup ( I didn’t have to use a syringe like what others are doing for some reason). You are then told that drinking alot of water after general anesthesia will cause you to throw up so you are advise against it but w/e i didn’t. Also, you will be very very hungry and I made the wrong choice not to bring in a pack or two of protein shakes. Instead, I have to rely on their soy/vegetable milk available. but ok.

Post 1-3 day (s) op:

I’m writing these together because the experiences are really similar. First, you will be discharged the next day and you will feel better, a bit more energy but nothing great. I was sleeping through these days until i decided on the third day to go out and have some fun at myeongmon of however you call that place. The swelling is sooooooo bad, omg, it’s like you’ve gained 20 pounds right on your face. I was told that the third day is the worst, but for some reason, my swelling kind of peaks on the 5th or 6th day.

Post 3 -5 days op:

Energy level is alot better but swelling is still very bad. My face is literally bloated. I’m eating fresh pineapple (including the core as there is where the active ingredient for swelling is located), fresh pumpkin, and drinking pineapple juice as water. but there’s still no signs of swelling going down.

Post 5 – 6 days op:

Swelling is declining at a very very snail slow rate just it’s visible. Energy level is coming back. I guess everyday on wards will be better in terms of energy level.
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plancReview13 Jul 13100
I’m so bored resting at my hotel today so I decided to post my experiences with clinics! So I have consulted with three clinics: BK, JW, The Line, and EverM. Initially I was planning to consult with View and Cindy aswell, but I decided after my fourth consultation as only the prices were different from all of my meetings. And, ofcourse, I prefer to have more recovery time :biggrin:


I wasn’t planning to consult with this clinic because of all the bad reviews I’ve read but since my translator was late and that BK had in-house translators, I decided to just give it a shot. First, there are two buildings that look exactly the same as each other, minus the different entrance layouts, and BK was the one on the left. The building was quite small, but pretty tall, luxurious, and modern.- BK owned the entire building btw!. So I walked in and was greeted by two receptionist that directed me to floor 5, or 6 for consultations. The first two in-house translators, male and female, were quite natural looking but the consultant was really unnatural – i suspect that probably she had everything done. OK, so the consultant recommended me to have a nose-job as well as sliding genioplasty for a final result of having that straight line from the nose-tip to the chin without touching the mouth. I’m suspecting that this is their definition of beauty, maybe? Although I kinda agree with what she said about the line, I’m more worried about the actual size of my face – I have huge mandibles and cheekbones. She was unsure so she called in a face-contouring doctor, a old man that again keep emphasizing the need of that line from nose-tip to chin. He said that v-line and zygoma reduction were unnecessary and that a for sure, most dramatic improvement to my face was to get the line so nose-job and sliding -chin. Anyways, as this was the first clinic that I’ve consulted with, I decided to leave- ofcourse, ending it as if i was very interested but just need a bit more time thinking about it :biggrin:.


This clinic was actually a dental clinic that specialized in, surgery wise, two jaw surgery, v-line, and zygoma reduction. It was located in the exact replica building right next to BK, but only occupies four floors. Also, propose clinic and teng teng skin clinic were all in this building as well – heard those clinics mentioned before in this forum before. This clinic does require you to have a translator as the staff and doctors only speak English minimally. When I first started the consultation, I was told to have a CT and X-Ray scan, unlike any other clinics where they refuse to do it until you pay a deposit or actually paying for it. The meeting was with the actual surgeon – Yoon Kyu Sik, yes the guy in the picture posted around 10 pages ahead. One thing to note was that in the consulting room, there was a wall full of pictures of celebrities with this surgeon – my translator said that ALL of them were famous to some degree and she’s korean. I’m not sure whether they came here for dental treatments or for surgery. Oh, and the consultant showed us a picture of a before picture of a supposedly famous singer before her ps, forgot her korean name w/e. Back to the doctor’s comments. The doctor, with evidence from the ct scans, and x-rays, showed me the bones that are causing my face to look big. He said that on the side profile, my mandibles are over-grown but reducing it won’t make a significant impact on the profile view, so he suggests to have the mandibles shaved. Moreover, the chin should be brought forward through the sliding-gen procedure, and the zygoma to be cut smaller as well. All in all, I felt that this clinic did a good job in explaining to me the problems, with evidence from the scans. An advice: these scans tell you exactly what’s keeping you back, with exact measurements of bone thickness, so having it done before talking to the doctor will give you a much more productive and meaningful consultation.


I actually didn’t have an appointment with this clinic but just found it while cruising around after my appointment with The Line. Keep in mind that ALOT of clinics mentioned on this forum were ALL located on this street: Grand, Dream, JK, and Tenium. The exterior of this clinic was quite normal but the inside was very luxurious, with the floors and walls covered in stones. As with all big clinics, there were in-house translators, in this case, they generalized them as being in the “foreign division” department. Not going to lie, but as who-ever’s review just a few pages back mentioned, the “cute” male there was really .. feminine (the one that keeps playing with his cracked note 2 :biggrin:). Anyways, this clinic didn’t wast my time and quickly took me to see the doctor so no more consultant un-professional analysis bs. This doctor recommended v-line and zygoma reduction reduce the size of my face – as per requested. The price that they quoted me was 15 million with a “cash discount” of one million, so totaling at 14 million. Not surprised- just plain foreigner pricing. remember id’s 8.5 million + 5 million pricing on their on-line consulting page?haha

The Line:

Alot of locals actually go here. My translator said that the girl in front of me with like a group of photographers was actually a girl in this korean ps show “let me in”. The consultation was rushhed. This clinic, instead of the doctor coming in your room during the consultation, it is you going to him. So the doctor just touched your face and kinda feel the position of the bones, then say what he feels was wrong. Then he sends you with consultant and off you go to another room. Overall, I do not feel a connection with this clinic at all, and as other forumers said, go with the clinic/doctor that makes you the most comfortable.


I’m going to post the prices I’ve received as I was once very interested in knowing the prices for these procedures as well.

BK: Nose-job (basically everything including the tip with ear-cartilage) – 6.5 million won, Sliding -Gen – 5 million won, with silicon chin implants at 4 mill won. There is a discount of 800k won if done together, but obviously, as i’m not interested, i didn’t bother negotiating any further.

EverM: Zygoma – 5 million, V-line (mandible reduction + sliding gen) – 8 million, This clinic actually print and laminate their prices and it’s in Korean, so i guess it’s a one for all price. :biggrin: Anyways, they said if i got the two procedures together, then both can be done for 10.5 million won. And this is after like 10 minutes of talking.
The Line: 10 million for V-line, 5 million for zygoma, cash reduction of 500 k. I can feel that this consultant want me to negotiate.. and as i leave in disinterest, the consultant told my translator and I to stay. haha.

JW: 15 million total, pretty similar to The Line but instant cash discount of 1 million.

In the end, I chose EverM and here’s why.

1. CT and X-ray scans before consultation,
2. Only one main surgeon for surgeries. There are six doctors here but only 3 are involved in surgeries. This includes the doctor that performs, stitches, and regulates anesthesia. It’s really relieving to know that the doctor you consulted with is actually the doctor that performs as other bigger clinics, namely ID, BK, etc, are known to “switch” doctors after you’re knocked out.
3. The appointments are FILLED for 3 weeks but they managed to switch a patient to a later day to give me his spot. They only do 2 – 3 surgeries a day so this reinforces the fact that there’s only one doctor performing.
4. All the patients are local, i’m like the only foreigner there, not only during the consultation but during my stay in their clinic, and after one check up.


I cannot stress this enough but translators DO 100% take commissions. My friend who is translating for me told me that when she booked my appointments, the clinics kept asking her about her “fee”. And this is with every clinic she booked with so do be aware about this practice. The commissions are apparently not set by the clinic but by the translator. If you don’t believe me, ask a korean friend of yours to call in any clinic to book an appointment for someone foreign and i guarantee you’ll be hit by that question about fees.

I would find a translator by searching by searching Seoul craigslist for a korean-english tutor as someone that could teach the language is more of sufficient to know more or less the medical terminology- which there’s like none other than the names.

Disclaimers: I’m not promoting any clinics here, just wanted to share with you guys my pure honest opinion and experience with the above clinics. Although I have done my surgeries with EverM, I have yet to see the final results so do not base your face on my reviews but rather, treat it as some more additional information on your decision for surgery. I’m a male btw.

Feel free to ask me questions but as I haven’t reached my 10th post yet, I’m unable to do any pms so just comment below.
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plancReview8 Aug 13100
5 Weeks Post OP:

Just to clarify, I did not do 2 jaw surgery, rather, I’ve done mandible reduction, sliding-gen, and cheekbone reduction.

At five weeks post op, I can see the difference on my facial shape clearly: the mandibles are a bit slimmer; the chin is pushed forward; and finally, the cheekbones are smooth and not “popping” out. My friends say that I changed anywhere between 30 – 40% overall, and they don’t know I have had surgery, and I did not have any feature (nose, eyes, etc.) changes. From that, I’m assuming that the overall facial shape change is obvious.

However, the swelling is remaining at 30% – didn’t change, or changed very subtlety from last check up. I find that the recovery time frame of 2 – 3 weeks to be not enough to look completely normal, although you can use he excuse of wisdom teeth removal to justify the swollen cheeks.

Recommendations/ experiences:

1) For forumers that plan to undergo any type of facial bone surgery, it is very very crucial that you apply ice pack on the operated parts following surgery and right until the end of 3rd day. This is due to the swelling increasing dramatically for those 3 days. I find that the best way to “reduce” swelling is to prevent it from swelling as much in the first place. After the 3rd day, the swelling is set and will remain for a few more days, then slowly decrease – a bit more on the first and second week then very slowly afterwards.

2) I was very depressed on the first week because of the general anesthesia, and from looking at my huge swollen face :biggrin:. For that, I do recommend that you have someone to support and reassure you of everything. Also, do go outside to walk for a bit as sitting in your hotel room will make you feel even more depressed.

3) If you’re thinking of not informing your parents about your surgeries, good luck! They will 100% see the changes, but probably wont suspect plastic surgery on first guess. Your parents have seen you grow since little and they will know exactly what is changed, and unchanged after your trip. My parents pointed out that my mandibles are different and my chin is more pointy right on 2nd day post – arrival but surprisingly, she didn’t point out the cheekbones. haha. Luckily, my parent’s definition of plastic surgery is only limited to nose and eye jobs, so I’m safe from being accused of ps as of now.

4) EverM Dr. Yoon’s “ideal” face is to have the angular part of the mandibles completely shaved off to create a visible v shape bottom face. I find this to be contradicting to western beauty as we tend to view strong jaw lines as attractive – look at celebrities like brad pitt. I’m not sure about the Korean standards but I’m kind of regretting not telling him that I still want to look masculine but just less bulk – too late now.

5) Bring some protein, multi-vitamins, and weight gainers from your home country for recovery. I lost six pounds of pure lean muscle from this trip because of a lack of protein, after consuming a whole tub of protein in 2 weeks. The protein powder, and red meat here are super super expensive, compared to north America. Protein power at Lotte supermarket’s GNC store cost 150,000 won for a 4 pounder tub – holy ****t! literally 3 – 4 times the price at home. As what Onlyif said, the key nutrients for recovery are protein and calcium.

6) Don’t get ripped off. I paid 10 million won for mandible and cheeckbone reduction, and sliding – gen. If you get any price higher than that, just mention that a friend of yours got surgery there for that price – pm me if you want my name.

In general, 5 weeks is still too early to judge the final result but what I can say is that there is a moderate change from before, so it’s not like Dr. Park’s Oz clinic where the results are subtle and unnoticeable. I believe the clinic is a lot more honest than any other clinics I’ve consulted – the consultants seem to be nicer, and not pushy, maybe because their schedule is already packed..? idk Ultimately, I do recommend anyone interested in facial contouring to have a consultation with EverM as you will notice a difference. Don’t take that as promoting this clinic as I’m just contributing back to a forum that helped me alot; all I’m recommending is a consultation – at the end of the day, the decision for which clinic should be based on how comfortable you are with the operating doctor.

Last but not least, ibenlim has done 1 -jaw surgery with EverM recently, so do wait for his review on EverM before making your decision.
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plancRumor16 July 13100
As EverM was the second clinic that I consulted with, I did leave after my consultation. I wasn’t asked to pay any fees. Yes, I was concerned about the switching doctoring thing but I was reassured after I found out that there’s only one main surgeon there that does the surgeries, the other two there does the stitching and anesthesia. Also, there’s only 2 – 3 surgeries booked a day so that made me think that there’s only one doctor there operating, if not, there would be many more i suppose..?
pres30Review11 Mar 14100
Ok… So after Flying for 15 hours only to have my plane to Seoul delayed overnight in Tokyo, I finally landed in Seoul this morning. Took the 6009 bus which takes 1 hour to the Sinsa station area. Came in around 2:30 PM, was supposed to start consults at 10 AM.

Was warmly greeted at the Empathada residence by the host Mrs. Soon. Thinking that I would have to move my consult till tomorrow, I just gave in and said I would rest and maybe just walk around Gangnam. But shockingly Bock Soon said she can still take me to some clinics with whatever time is left.

I went up to my room which is on the small end compared to hotel rooms, and changed into my consultation attire, which i to look as pretty as possible yet be able to emphasize what I want to get done at the consults.

First stop is a short walk to EverM Dental Clinic. After the months of research and picturing what this place must look like, I finally set foot into a small older building, went up the elevator and into a nicely modern clinic. The girls at the front were very girl next door plain looking. They had a very warm vibe and had very cute mannerisms. You could tell that these girls may not have even had any surgery at all, by the way they looked.

I sat in the lobby and the girl next to me I later found out was a transsexual. I couldn’t even tell at all! Maybe thats how good the surgery is there! I was quickly taken into an X ray room and went through all the steps. The consultant girl was so cute in the way she was trying her best to talk to me in English. I even had photographs taken from different angles. Then later I moved into another room where they used a PC and a Device to take additional photos of my face to put into a photo analysis program.

I waited about 10 minutes before Doctor Yoon arrived in the room. He was a very low key mild mannered man. He pointed out at my X rays and gave me actual measurements and dimension of what was making my Jaw so wide and chin broad. He showed that my Jaw muscles were twice as thick as what a normal range would be. He showed my square mandible angles and how my chin was more forward than it could be. He suggested a T-Cut osectomy along with Mandible reduction, and Masseter Muscle removal. He answered my questions through my host Bock Soon and drew on paper the process of how he would do the Bone cutting. He frequently referred to the computer models of my x ray to show what he would do. The ability to show how the surgery would be done on a computer with measurements and markups was very assuring and detailed enough to make me comfortable. After about a 15 minute consult, He excused himself and a consultant came in. She was very low key and pulled out a price sheet. She pointed to the sheet for prices of each of the procedures meaning that the prices at EverM are likely fixed.

Mandible Reduction, 5M won, T-Cut Osectomy – 4M, and 1M for Masseter muscle removal for a total of 10M. We said we would get back to her and we thanked her. Overall impression of EverM was that it seemed to be a Dental focused clinic, that also does some jaw surgeries. The emphasis didn’t seem at all to be creating georgeous knock out looks. But the consultant showed several before and after sample photos, these also happen to be the ones on the website from my obsessive research. They definitely create noticible results. The consultant even asked if the goal was natural or dramatic change.

One thing that I obviously felt was even though I had the host helping me translate, it still would feel a lot more comfortable if the Doctor spoke English so that you can feel each other on the same page in regards to expectations and desired results.

Next It was off to DAPRS.
Jaw, Chinhttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/best-plastic-surgery-clinics-in-korea-read-1st-post-before-posting.780226/page-640#post-26379632
RobinrenrenReview30 Apr 15100
Aftercare at EVERM: a tender loving care can be totally expected! (Except for a crazy *****y nurse. Yes there is always an odd man out of the team as there goes a saying!)

During my 7-day journey’ in the ward, I met all the nurses working at EVERM, and even managed to remember exactly their shifts! Quite fun! Haha! There are 5 nurses working there, 1 person per shift. The ward room is guarded 24/7. When you need their help, just press the button, and they’ll be there with you. Generally speaking, I was all impressed by their tender care and attitude. I noticed that they were working with their heart and all their effort, though their job is not easy at all. I consider myself perhaps the most troublesome patient ever at EVERM. I was like a baby after the surgery. During the first 2 days, I literally kept calling them every 20 mins when I couldn’t breath and need blood suction or just to ask them to help me change the garment. Without fail, most of them approached me patiently and nicely, and helped me with the requests, except the crazy nurse I mentioned above. I know many of those having surgery at EverM also had to put up with her attitude. I decided to inform Ga Hee about it. And the big boss at EverM was later informed about the incident. It was understood that she was called to the office. What happened next, I think we can all guess. Later on, she seemed to change her behavior a bit by using her phone with a very bad translation app to communicate with me, and I ended up not understanding a thing she tried to say. Too much drama! Perhaps, I’d better not try to ask her for help anymore. That is the way that works out for both of us. And of course, we’d been sworn enemies since then! I hope (upon the stars) that she will get the sack well before any of you guys choose EVERM to have surgery in the future.

That said, I was very lucky when taken care by other nurses who were like angels. Had it not been for them, I would have rocked’ EVERM up !!!

 Tip: IF any of you guys might have had surgery at EVERM in the future, just demand to have the surgery on the date when Nurse. Na Hyun Joo is on shift. Then, you will be enjoying the tender loving care’ she is bound to deliver’. The first night after the surgery is usually a nightmare, so having her with you is nothing short of a blessing. She’s the most tender and caring nurse at EVERM, and I believe many locals have the same opinion about her as I do. Evidence? During my stay, I witnessed a good few patients coming back to give her some thank-you presents. (Only to her).

As for Ga Hee, she was helping me more than her job asks for. She was by my side when I was weakest, usually passing by my room to check me up and keep me company before she went home. Therefore, it stands to reason that she’s been promoted as a customer relationship manager at EVERM. She simply deserves it! (I still keep her business card 🙂 ). Just try to approach her as a person, and then you will see she is lovely lady by nature!

That’s that !
RobinrenrenReview30 Apr 15100
Month 2 (updated on 30 April 2015 ): I have been cured of the lymph node and middle-ear infection by doctors in London and have had Xray , CT, MRI, untra-sound (radiology) tests. All doctors here were very amazed at the skill of Dr. Yoon & Dr. Seo when they examined my Xray + MRI + CT. they kept asking where did I had this surgery and who did it!!!! I said my surgery was performed by a Yonsei Med graduate in Seoul, South Korea! 

Take it from me, Seoul National Med school & Yonsei Med school are really worldwide famous. 🙂

My face is getting better and better and gaining new shape!
Of course, my satisfaction level now is around 5/10.. I had to wait another 4 months to see the final result but I quite like my new profile now, especially the chin !!!

I will come back here each month to update you guys on my progress. So stay tune!!!

bye !!

satisfaction level in this month: 5/10 stars
RobinrenrenReview30 Apr 15100
Part 1: Clinics Review

1. View: This is the first clinic I visited. I chose to come here on my friends’ advice but the problem is that those friends did either nose job or V-line while I am more interested in two-jaw. But in the end, I thought having a face-to-face consultation there would do me no harm. The general atmosphere was nice. Everyone seemed hectic as there were quite a lot of new and old patients present at the clinic. I managed to meet the consultant first and then the doctor specializing in two-jaw. He explained to me carefully how the surgery is performed and what to expect afterwards. Generally speaking, I found what he said fair enough and truthful. However, what made me quite hesitate was his qualification. He is not actually a maxillofacial specialist, just plastic surgeon. Plus, the price they quoted after bargain was higher compared to that of EVERM. Ok, it’s time to say goodbye then!

2. D.A: I would totally agree with other Purse forumers that they come across as a very problematic clinic in terms of management and customer relationship issues. I felt ill at ease right the moment I came here. The staff were working unenthusiastically as if they were going through the motions. And the doctor didn’t even take the bother to talk to me as a patient. He explained as if Two-jaw was just a piece of cake! Besides, they tried to lure me into many unnecessary procedures like nose, aculift, blab la bla. The price was hilariously expensive, 30 million won for cheekbone + Vline+ two jawNo thanks! I left the clinic without so much as saying goodbye.

3. Seoul N. Dental Hospital: This is the general hospital fully-equipped with modern technologies to perform two-jaw. Had it not been for the timing, I would definitely have chosen this place over EVERM. As far as I know they have very experienced doctors and are one of the safest places to have plastic surgeries. Too bad that I had to wait 6 weeks after the consultation in order to have the two-jaw surgery. The price was transparent and fixed, be you locals or foreigners: 18-20 mill won for two jaw, 2-3 mill for Cheekbone , 2-3 mill for Chin advancement. (No major price inflation over the time)

Tips: IF any clinics you guys visit quote a higher price than this, I strongly recommend you guys choose right away this hospital. And for those who are not on the budget, I think SNDH is totally worth a try! Apparently, it is not hard to see how popular they are among local people when I had to wait 6 weeks for my turn to have the surgery! Definitely the safest place compared to all other clinics on the market.

4. Yonsei Dental (Severance Hospital): this is the hospital of the same league as Seoul N.D.Hospital. Again, I would strongly recommend you guys to go for this hospital if you are not on the budget. It has lots of highly qualified doctors and staff with excellent service, and you don’t have to wait much for the surgery. In fact, they scheduled me the surgery 3 days after the consultation.

Moreover, there are many Maxillofacial professors at Yonsei Med University who also work at or liaise with the hospital. No apprentices are allowed to perform surgeries here. So don’t worry about some rumors in the forum that you may end up with an apprentice doctor when coming to Yonsei or Seoul N. D. H! Lie, Lie, Lie! Not a Chance!
The only thing that put me off is the price they quoted: it was quite high: cheekbone + Vline + two jaw = 35-40 mil won. (excluding other fees like CT, Xray, room, service, etc).

5. EverM : I would say I was impressed with this clinic from doctor Yoon to Ga Hee and the staff in the frist place. But some of them here of course still leaves a lot to be desired. I will talk more about some drawbacks’ that EVERM has because no clicnic is perfect at the end of the journey.

They come across as nice, tender and truthful people. I could feel it straight away the moment I met Ga Hee and Doctor Yoon. (and Dr. Seo is nice and caring too! To be honest, he’s quite funny an assistant doctor  who attempts very much to speak English to you!). There was no pushing or rushing ambience at all at this clinic. Everything was very calm and tranquil. I waited in the lounge area for a while before Ga Hee walked me to a room to meet the clinic manager and Dr. Yoon. Personally, I was not interested in the manager who was quite cheeky and money-oriented (as typical of all clinics managers!), so let’s not talk about her. Dr. Yoon, by contrast, appeared very cool, calm and collected. Though he couldn’t speak English, but I could feel in my bones that I can trust this doctor.

Tips: just choose the ones you feel comfortable with and they are also comfortable with you because at the end of the day, it is they who perform your surgeries. If you and the doctor don’t hit it off, then you shouldn’t put your life into his hand!

After we had a 15-min discussion about the procedures I should have, we agreed that I should have two-jaw + v-line + cheekbone but just shaving. He was the only doctor that advised me against having it reduced by using 3D technique cuz I am not a suitable candidate for it. Just a little shaving would do! At that point, he totally won my trust as I knew it at the bottom of my heart that I only need some shaving.

Furthermore, a big star for EVERM is that Dr. Yoon and his assistant Dr.Seo, also Yonsei & Maxilloficial major, are quite strict about workload. This means they only perform maximum 2-3 cases per day. Ga Hee informed me about it at first and I was impressed, thus being happy to wait for my turn. To be more specific, I had to wait one week later after the consultation day in order to have the surgery as his schedule had been fully reserved for other patients who came before me! So it is certain that swapping doctors is not a practice at EVERM. I even had a chance to double-check this fact when I stayed in the ward for 7 days (reason is below). Every single day, I walked to and fro, back and forth to all the rooms to see how many new patients were admitted. I can now ascertain that the maximum new patients are 2-3 ones per day. Some days, there was only 1 new patient admitted. This is a good sign as Dr. Yoon would not prefer to exhaust himself just to earn some more money, and is more concerned about the quality and safety of all surgeries he performs.

*reason that I stayed in the ward for 7 days: My body reacted quite differently from other people. I got a very bad swelling shortly after the surgery, so much so that both doctors agreed that I could stay here longer if need be, and I wouldn’t be charged for the extra day fee. Apparently, they took my health status and safety priority to all, which I wholeheartedly appreciated! Simply Excellent aftercare service! I felt warm at heart that I was really cared as a patient and a human, not a partner in a commercial transaction! Coming back to the swelling story, my swelling reached its peak on the second day and started to decrease on the 3rd day onwards.

Tips: it is depend on each person’s body in reaction to swelling. For some, the swelling peaks on the 3rd, 4rd day after the surgery. For some like me, it peaks straight away on the 2nd day. So don’t be worried too much! Next, 4 days in the ward room passed by and then came the breathing problem. I was extremely hard of breathing due to oral & nasal swelling and bleeding. Blood and phlegm just kept oozing out of my nose! Really gross! Dr. Seo decided that they would carefully monitor my status to make sure everything is ok before I was discharged, and he agreed to let me stay until the day before New Year celebration in Korea (19 Feb). I couldn’t thank him more! (7 DAYS at EVERM ..WOW!)
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RobinrenrenReview30 Apr 15100
Part 2: Two-jaw surgery, some real facts!

It is not a just-for-fun type of surgery by nature. Thus, unless you suffer from the malocclusion or jaw asymmetry, please don’t go for it. You will be put through a lot of drama on the way to recovery.

Research, research and research. That’s the only way that helps you to have a clear and whole big picture of this type of surgery. By saying research, I didn’t mean that you just limit yourself by scavenging some threads about two-jaw surgery in the forum. Try to find more information about it in other sources. If you’re still students, you may benefit immensely from the academic research databases. They literally have all sorts of things there, ranging from business field, music, arts, medical, and engineering. In a word, they are treasure chest of human knowledge. Stick to them! Okay, back to the databases, more often than not, you students will have free access to such databases as International Medical Journals, SAGE, etc. Your schools certainly pay a small fortune annually to keep these databases free for students and professors, so make full use of it!!! Just key in “orthognatic or two-jaw surgery”, many research articles worldwide will start to pop up in front of you momentarily. READ THEM as many as you can. That’s the most effective way to have good understanding of this type of surgery. Alternatively, you may search them in www.scholar.google.com , but free-to-read articles are quite few and far between. Anyway, just stick to research articles, and I think you’ll be okay.

Complications of Two-jaw surgery:

As for me, I tried to search in the academic databases with key words like ‘complications’ + ‘orthognatic surgery’ and I was displayed a good many articles discussing them.

Notable: Otitis Media = middle-ear-infection due to two-jaw surgery, vocal cord damage due to intubation, lymph nodes along the jaw (may develop to Abscess if not treated), sinus enlargement, etc (For all surgeries related to the throat and head area, we all need intubation for general anesthesia and it may well cause ‘vocal cord damage’, or worse, vocal cord paralysis, you guys can ‘google’ for more details. Even American Idol David Archuleta used to suffer this symptom after his surgery). These are uncontrollable risks of two-jaw surgery. Even the most experienced doctors dare not ascertain these risks will not occur when they perform the surgery. So be advised!

As for my case, very ironically, I suffered from all of the above-mentioned trauma. Damn it! Of course, Dr. Seo has advised me of these complications before the surgery and I myself was fully aware of them. So he is not to be blamed for my traumas!

As for the vocal cord problem, I couldn’t speak normally though after almost 3 months. Thus, I’m thinking of meeting a laryngologist soon! As for the Otitis Media, my ears are now okay after being treated with antibiotics for a month. What makes me more concerned now is my voice. Never did I wish to be a ‘Disney Mermaid” (who lost her voice in exchange for something?) after this surgery quite scary !! I am an extremely talkative boy; hardly a day goes by without me talking and shooting the breeze with friends. Losing my voice means losing the whole world to me.

Ending: I’m not scaring you off the surgery but the risks are real and if you you’re intent on having it, be mentally prepared that these risks (some or all) may occurs to you. Be cautioned, dear my all forumers!!!!
RobinrenrenReview30 Apr 15100
Part 3: Monthly progress

Day 1:

before the surgery: Fast (no food, no water) for 12 hours, (super hungry and thirsty in the morning) + Pay off the surgery fee + meet Dr. Seo.

He was actually the one that checked upon me most often in the next 40 days, not Dr. Yoon. He informed me on all the procedures that Dr. Yoon and he was about to perform. There are 2 type of techniques to perform the two-jaw, the IVRO and BSSO He strongly recommended me the first one as it causes least or Zero damage to the nerves and muscles (PROS of IVRO). I can sense all my lower jaw as fully (100%) as before the surgery. But my mouth would be kept shut and wired in 30-35 days (CONS of IVRO). For the latter, my mouth would not be wired and kept shut and the recovery period is around 23-25 days. (PROS of BBSO). However, it may well cause the lower jaw and the lower lip some lifetime numbness to as the bone will be cleft where nerves run through (CONS of BBSO). You can only sense about 50-60% of your lower jaw and lower lip after the surgery. 100% sensation is just wishful thinking. Unfortunately, this risk is unavoidable as I read in some medical articles about two-jaw. Dr.Seo said he always advised patients to choose the IVRO. Therefore, I strongly RECOMMEND that those who opt for two-jaw should choose IVRO and thus should stay at least 45 days in Seoul. As for me, I stayed there 2 months and 2 days, and of course, I went for the IVRO, though I know it would put me through more suffering than the BBSO, but it’s worth it because my sensation is secured 100%. With me, safety and well-being after the surgery should be prioritized. I never wanted to be a robot after the surgery, unable to sense my face anymore for the rest of my life. (Just imagine that your sweet heart kisses you and you couldn’t feel a thing in your lips!!! That’s disastrous!!!!)

After the surgery: the surgery last about 4 hours, according to the nurse. I woke up 30 mins after the surgery. (The general anaethesist, also a Yonsei graduate, was very accurate and professional, I would say). I still remember it was 3.30 PM when a lovely cutie nurse (not the crazy *****y curse) whose name I forgot rolled me on the wheelchair to the ward where I laid there for the next 7 days. As for me, I never felt thirsty at all after the surgery. That was weird as most people usually felt extremely thirsty after general anaethesia. All I wanted at that time was to sleep. I felt extremely sleepy. The nurses kept telling ‘please, do not sleep, please!!!!’ in the first few hours after the surgery. Shortly after I was moved to ward, the general anaethesist passed by and checked up on me. At that time, my swelling was on the increase. Then came Dr. Seo and informed that the surgery was successful. And last came Dr. Yoon around 9 PM with Dr. Seo to checked up on me again as my swelling was so bad at that time. This never occurred to other patients as they said. I couldn’t sleep at all until 6 AM in the following day.

Day 2: the day of peaked swelling & all worst dramas
I literally just managed to have 20 &min shut-eye and then woke up and then tried to sleep again due to nasal blood and swelling blocking my breathing. I was trapped in this vicious circle until the 5fth day when the sleep was elongated a bit (30 mins. And then I woke up again) not until day 10 did I have a sound 4-hour sleep. I was extremely hard of breathing and I had to walk along the aisle to gain some breath. This suffering was like forever and was really scary! You would feel very vulnerable at that time when you struggled to do the most basic thing to live, that is, BREATHE, BREATHE, and BREATHE!

I also had the nurse relieve 2 rubber bands to make it easier for me to breath, and Dr. Seo check up on me again during the day. He said we had to wait a few more days to have my jaws wired together as my swelling was so serious.

Day 3, day 4: swelling started to go down. I could only drink nutritious milk made in Korea (very similar to Ensure Gold) and juice and water to survive since day 2. Only 3 cans of 200ml this milk each + some juice per day will do. Note that this type of milk won’t cause any phlegm as MaiQ said in her thread in this forum (perhaps she meant the other fresh milk). Anyway, just drink this milk and you will be as right as rain! Besides, You guys won’t feel hungry at all as you’ll have the Intravenous fluids (like saline solution, and others) injected in your veins all the time since before the surgery until the day you leave the ward. So basically, I never felt any hunger until day 6 when the nurse stopped the fluid injection.

Day 5: Had my jaws wired in the morning as the swelling was going down then. I thought it would be ok after the jaws had been wired, but I was dead wrong. Dr. Seo said I might experience some pressure and might be harder of breathing. He was right! I found it more difficult to breath. I gasped for breath all the time. It was really scary and shocking. !!!!

Day 6, day 7: since day 5, I had literally needed blood suction every minute, but had to wait 8 hours for the next suction as it is really harmful for the wound inside my mouth and nose. How terrible it was to wait like this!
In the end, with the nasal spray, I managed not to have blood suction anymore. And kept using it every 8 hours to make it easier for me to breathe.

Day 7: I went home and had been bed-ridden since then just lived on juice and nutritious milk + pumpkin juice. I also managed to walk about 1 hour per day to help my face de-swell faster.

Day 8 till day 20: there was no much improvement! Though I no longer struggled with breathing. (Thank goodness!)

Day 21: my face was still like a chipmunk and had the first check-up with Dr. Seo and we met each other every 4 days in the next 28 days to monitor my progress.

Day 33: Finally, my mouth was free from the wire.. I couldn’t be happier the moment my jaws were set free. But I was still unable to eat anything, and had to wear rubber bands and wafer until day 45. So those who tell you guys that you can eat everything after 3 weeks are all liars !!!! I had to wait until day 45 that I could finally eat some rice and chew some small piece of ground pork. Next, I had to do mouth physiotherapy every day until the next 6 months.

Day 35: started to have some porridge and cream soup but not much at a time. My face was getting better and better

Day 44: had everything inside my mouth removed (screws, rubber band, wafer, etc).

Day 45: the first day I managed to have some rice and noodle. I almost burst out into tears because up to then, I was so depressed and desperate. I couldn’t believe I was able to eat again after days of suffering.

Day 55: I started to diversify my meals (I could almost eat everything that is soft and cut in small pieces)

I was picking up day by day!

Day 57: symptom of middle-ear infection started to occur! Oh dear Dr. Seo prescribed me some antibiotics and took them until a month later.

Day 60: suspicion of lymph node on the right side of the neck, below the jaw. + had final review with Dr. Yoon + Dr. Seo + have after-operation Xray + CT + pictures to see how my profile was improved. Everything was very good as expected.

Day 62: back to London and rest

Medicine recommendation:

Just take Calcium 500 mg (1 pill each day) + collagen +C (very good for nerves, muscles, joints) + multiVitamin those should do!
SchellesReview14 Dec 14100
Hello to all,

Been reading this plastic surgery thread for years before deciding to contribute a little in hope that this will be able to help prevent people from going to the wrong clinic.

I had my primary rhinoplasty and ptosis 2 years back. Until now, the crease on my eyes are still very deep and my eyelids are puffy (the doctors call it sausage eyes). My nose was raised too high and my skin was thinning badly at the tip. The shape of the implant could be seen clearly and signs of surgeries is obvious. (btw, I come from a place where plastic surgery is a taboo)

The trend back then (2years ago) was to hire a translator and visit 3 clinics. Similar, I hired a translator and visited 3 clinics before deciding where to get my surgeries done. However, I was pushed into deciding to get my surgeries with this particular clinic which everyone calls it a factory these days.

This time round I am back in Korea, to correct what was done badly, and to get facial contouring done. I had decided to go without any translator since from my previous visit i had figured out that most clinics has in-house translators. I visited 7 clinics in total with my mum as she wanted facelifting and removal of excess skin on her upper eyelid too.

DAPRS: Visited this clinic as it seems that Dr Lee Sang Woo is really famous for facial contouring and ptosis. Overall feel of this clinic was relatively pleasant. The consultation with Dr Lee was good and he seems really at ease explaining what he was gonna do. However, their facelift dr doesnt seem as good. The consultation for my mum was rushed and the vibe my mum got from the dr wasnt good either.

View: We decided to visit this clinic as they seems to be good with eyes. The consultation with Dr Yun Chang Woon, their anti-aging dr was good. He is very patient in explaining the details and even when we do not understand, he doesnt mind going through again just to ensure we know what he is trying to bring through to us. However, my mum didnt go with view as what Dr Yun recommended wasnt what she wanted.

Everm: due to all the positive reviews, and in fact i couldnt find any negative reviews about everm at all, i was already kinda set on getting my surgeries done here even before coming to Korea. In addition, Gahee was extremely nice and helpful. Everm is also the first clinic to note that i have very bad sinusitis. To the extend that Dr Yoon wasnt able to clearly see where my maxillary sinuses are. In the CT scan of a healthy individual, the maxillary sinuses could be differentiated clearly as it will be in black which is contrasting to other area which is in grey. for my case, everything was grey as my sinuses are blocked. Dr Yoon even kindly offered to help clear my sinuses if i were to get my surgeries there. In comparision to other plastic surgery clinics, i think their pricing is also the most pocket friendly.

Opera: we were late by a few hours and by the time we reached, the consultants were about to have their lunch. Hence, we waited for them to finish their lunch before having our consultation. The consultation with their anti-aging dr, was brief. too short to even comment. He just rushed through and didnt even answer our questions. All we were told was to direct our questions to the consultant and she will help him answer them. It might have been better if we were on time. perhaps there would be more time to speak with the doctor. However, due to the brief consultation, this clinic was striked off our list.

Teuim: upon reaching this clinic, we were greeted by two young pretty ladies. we didnt have any talk with any consultants and instead had our consultations with the dr directly. Dr Kwon was confident and at ease while explaining what needs to be done and answering our questions. Even though he has a surgery to go to, he still maintained his poise and remained calmn, not in the least bit rushing. According to him, the deep crease on my eyelid was due to leftover nylon thread. Teuim doesnt exactly gives discounts. Hence, their pricing was over our budget.

Wannabe: this clinic was initially not in our list of clinics to visit but because the other eye doctors were striked off due to the above mentioned reasons, we decided to visit this clinic. this clinic was mentioned a few times and there was even a thread dedicated to it. The eye doctor we consulted with was Dr Ryu. Overall Dr Ryu gave a good vibe. He only recommended what he truely thinks is necessary. He recemmended my mum upper blepharoplasty and explained to me that the deep crease on my eyelid is due to skin thinning hence the only way to remove the deep crease is to remove that portion of the skin. But he is not confident in doing it since theres not much skin left and he recommends me getting it done only when i am older and facing excess skin issues. Wannabe pricing is relatively reasonable and they doesnt give much discounts as well but they do provide good post op care even for patients who is only getting eyelids done.

April31st: due to my nasal skin thinning issues, i was already kinda set on getting nose revision here since Dr Kim is famous for nose. Dr Kim was also the president of Korean society of rhinoplasty. In addition, Brian also told me that after rhinoplasty with Dr Kim, there wont be anymore worries of extrusion since he only uses 3/4 of the silicon and hence the tip is purely made of autologous material. The only complication i need to worry about is just infection which will lead to removal of the implant. However, i will still be able to preserve my high tip since made using my own cartilage. The downside is i want a high nasal radix but due to my not-so-high forehead, a high radix wasnt recommended as its will made my mid face longer. Even though Dr Kim was able to create any type of nose, but he would always recommend what natural and more proportional for the face and in my case which is a lower radix. ): As mentioned above, i was kinda set on getting facial contouring at everm but i was told by Gahee that i would need to wait for a month before i can get rhinoplasty. it was a double sadness for me since i wont be staying for so long and neither do i know when will i get to come back to Korea. Thus i decided to consult with Dr Park of April31st for facial contouring too. Initially i was rather sceptical about getting surgeries done with Dr Park since there wasnt much reviews on his work. Only roughly about 1-2 posts. But during the consultation, i could feel his sincerity and he was telling me it would be good if i am able to get fat graft as well since i have a flat mid face but he also mentioned that it is just for enhancement and not necessary. btw, i heard from Brian the translator that Dr Park is known as the most handsome guy in april31st and he even has a fan club in china. LOL.. For anti-aging, my mum consulted with Dr Lee. My mum actually knows of another forumer who had facelifting done here with Dr Lee and has spoke of good things about Dr Lee. Hence, my mum was rather decided on getting her facelifting with Dr Lee. Consultation with Dr Lee was good, he was experience and spot on. He recommended SMAS to lift the cheek area and neck, facial lipo for the bit of fats near her jaw line, and fat graft on her cheeks (she has mid face flatness as well) and nasolabial area. what amaze me the most was he actualy manage to find out that my mum is anemic when he checked on her pulse (something like the chinese ba mai) He definitely left an ultra good impression and i was telling my mum that if she were to get facelifting done she should go with Dr Lee.

In summary, my mum got her eyes done at Wannabe and her facelift, facial lipo and fat graft at April31st. For me i decided to get v-line, revisional rhinoplasty and fat graft done at april31st. I made the full payment and had my blood taken the very same day too. Brian was really kind to stay by me while my blood was being drawn, talking to me trying to distract me.
Nose, Facial Contouring
seoul_soonReview15 Apr 17-100
Hi all
If anyone keeps track u probably know ive been to seoul several times to reach my aesthetic goal of a short face.
It has been difficult for years to find an experienced dr. To perform the surgery that i needed given my facial situation.
I have always had a long midface, maxillary excess but without a gummy smile. That means that all surgeons would not operate on me due to the irrelevance of surgery since im not your classical medical long face case.
I literally consulted with hundreds of surgeons around the world for years n years and they all said no.
Last year, i went to dr lee at the face dental and he was the most genuine and ethical dr. I have ever consulted. He keeps stressing that he is not a magician and will only help me within possible medical limits. He discussed everything with me in detail. However i couldnt book surgery with him as i couldnt take 5 weeks off of work that he requires.
Instead i went to everm. At everm the dr said he would achieve my goal of a short face by setting back my jaws but he will not cut and move my maxilla upwards. He promised his technique will achieve my goal and i only need to stay for 4 weeks. I went ahead with surgery and all went well. Fast forward a year later i do see a change in my facial height but not how i imagined. I came back again to TFD to consult with dr lee for a revision since this time i can stay for 5 weeks. He went over in DETAIL what hes going to do, what r the limits, what are the outcomes, pros and cons and literally consulted with me 3 different times because he wanted to make sure i know what im going into and for me to decide on mt own with no pressure. After my third consultation i decided on surgery. I like dr lee cuz hes ethical with morals. He cares about his patients and is not money hungry. I went inti surgery 4 days ago. The first 3 days SUCKED. I couldnt breathe and it was just uncomfortanle, but i was ready cuz i experienced it before. Today was my first post op consult and things look good. Im still swollen ofcourse but from what i can see is that my face is significantly shorter and my smile is not affected as much as i thought it would be, i can stilll see my teeth thankfully. Ill update as time goes by
Review2 Feb 13100
I checked out another clinic – EverM


This place was really nice, super decked out clinic, state of the art facility and right next to BK. They only do jaw and chin related surgeries and the prices were very reasonable. Very nice before and afters.

Genioplasty – 4,000,000

The doctors graduated from Yonsei (one of the best medical schools), but are fairly young – one with 8 years practice and the other with 11, but again, in Gangnam that could already be 1,000 surgeries between them.

One feeling was the doctor kind of felt really junior, his English wasn’t great so it could have been the nervousness caused from that. Recommend going with a translator.

Anyway, worth checking out.

Dr. Han – Hanface

I am undecided and really think Dr. Han is the most experienced and knowledgeable doctor. This man does God’s work. Seriously, he does charitable surgeries and the big cross in his office tells me he’s religious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkO0Yg6-xwg

His price is just out of my budget. I wish I was rich.
Stacie1986Review31 Oct 14100
My third appointment is with EverM.
I was actually 3 hours earlier than my actual appointment but they were okey to see me. The clinic actually has smaller setting. It definitely not as big as Regen and DAPRS. There was a chinese translator helping me all the time. She told EverM actually has 1 English translator and they are trying to setup the english website as well. I’ve actually met that translator also. Her English is quite okey. I was managed to meet The surgeon, Dr.Yoon after 1.5 hours of waiting. I was too early for my appointment and he was in the middle of a surgery. It actually telling me that he was not rushing for his surgery just to get another client.
Dr.Yoon was very polite and I was very impressed with his explanation too. He can tell me very precise where and how he going to remove the bone and fix my chin. His idea was about the same as DAPRS. I was actually happy with both of these clinics. EverM actually offered me lower price compared to DAPRS. But this is not the main point. I don’t mind to pay extra if the service is better. The thing is EverM is not pushy at all. They are okey for me to go home and think first. I felt comfortable with the surgeon and staff as well. I was quite sure to go for EverM but I wished to get another consultation to make sure my decision was correct.
starlight123Review14 Jul 16100
Hey. I went back to have jaw surgery at everm which did an amazing job. I recommend them if you ever plan to do jaw surgery. I don’t know how they are doing zygoma though. I also at the same time went to a see Dr Lee at DA and asked if he could revise the right side zygoma and make it more pushed in like the left. He said to my the assymetry was due to the skull and not the actual zygoma. I guess I had an assymetrical skull to start off with.

Despite all this I still feel Dr Lee at DA is better. I went back to Korea to Go to TL and get zygoma revision on this right side but tbh I saw no difference. Obviously I hadn’t told dr Lee at DA that I had already revised the right side zygoma. But I have heard reviews of people saying TL are good for jaw shaving v line but not for zygoma. I would still recommend dr Lee at DA cos he is a good surgeon and a very nice guy.

Plus the post op after care at TL was absolutely ****!!
starlight123Review15 Jul 16100
Those were my two choices. But in the end I chose everm based on good reviews. And I am glad I did. It was the best decision. My case was a particularly difficult case. If interested to know why you can message me privately because I don’t want to discuss it in public, but they did an excellent job. They are more expensive than others I think. But definately worth it
TaRaUnnieRumor21 Oct 14100
I don’t know about Izien and Wannabe (sorry ;-; ) but I have heard (from information collected from social media websites like naver and weibo as well as forums, they had information collected and put into a chart, it’s on this forum somewhere but I can’t find it 🙁 Also people have reviewed them on here as well for consults mostly but some surgeries) that:

DAPS, Banobagi and EverM~ are good for facial contouring and other jaw surgeries.

Pitangui~ can be a bit hit and miss! the doctor is quite rude and arrogant apparently. Read the Pitangui thread also, one or two forumers on here had a terrible experience there.

SMPS~ I don’t know much personally because no one I have heard of has been to there yet, only thinking. They have, however, been the centre of a number of deceitful posts though, with a couple of their staff posing as people who have had surgery there and were promoting the clinic and their results. (Be really careful~)

Wannabe is new to me but I think it looks good, I have been watching the videos on their YouTube channel cause they are really informative. Btw what surgeries were you thinking if getting?

Hope you have a nice day~
Facial Contouring
visualkenoReview8 Jul 13100
Pitangui came off as heavily salesmany to me too, but I ended up having two surgeries there: lateral canthoplasty and nose tip reduction.

I originally came in for lateral canthoplasty only, but the doctor also recommended nose tip reduction. I was game, so it was added. During the consultation, Nicole did a thing where she would write down the standard price of the surgery, then cross it out and write a new price below it. This along with other posts makes me think the standard price is artificially inflated so she can make steep cuts later on.

I had the surgeries done the same day as the consultation. The clinic seemed very eager to get it done asap. They didn’t say anything about fasting, but it could be because I didn’t go under general anesthesia. Everything moved very quickly.

The surgery itself was weirdly pleasant at first. Whatever pain-killing thing they used put me in this state of dreamlike semi-sleep, so I could feel tugging at my face and was vaguely aware of music. One of the nurses was singing along to the radio. I wanted to tell her how much I liked her singing, but I couldn’t muster control of my body, and the one goal of “MUST TELL HER I LIKE HER SINGING” became paramount as I lay in the bottom of my drug-haze. I started to cry because it meant so much to me and I couldn’t tell her, and they must have thought I was scared/in pain because I kept hearing “don’t cry” in lightly accented English and someone held my hand, which was immensely comforting. Then I cried because I couldn’t tell whoever was holding my hand what a pal she was. Anyway, total emotion-warping drug trip.

I’m now 6 days post-op and still look a mess. The whites of my eyes are dingy orange and swollen, so they kind of bulge out of the boundaries of my skin like jello globules. My tear ducts are squished inward by the swelling, making hard for moisture to drain, so I have rando tears spilling over my face from time to time. Single, silent tears while I watch Beverly Hills Cop II and do the most mundane things. Look up “subconjunctival hemorrhage” for an idea of what my eyes looked like a couple days ago. My nose is looking bruised but fairly good.

I also had V-line surgery done at EverM the next day. I have nothing bad to say about them, but the recovery for lateral canthoplasty and nose surgery is a breeze compared to jaw surgery. If anyone here is considering V-line, the first day post-op is agony and tedium.
vitalicReview21 Apr 14100
Hey guys, just a quick update on my Two Jaw surgery (for facial asymmetry and mandibular prognathism) experience at EverM. It’s been 4 days since the surgery and I’m recovering great so far! ^^

A quick run through of what happened:

Day 1:
Went into the surgery at around 12pm and came out around 5pm. Felt pretty bad post GA nausea, cold, heat, sore throat, headache etc. Really wanted to drink water and sleep but this isn’t allowed for 4 hours after the surgery. Kept falling asleep and waking up every hour until the next morning. Coughed up blood and phlegm, vomiting … Pretty bad, but this was all expected.

The nurses speak very limited English, but it’s enough to get understood and they are all very nice. Dr Yoon came in and informed me that the surgery went very well!

Day 2:
More of the same, but all the symptoms decreased. Day 1 and 2 were pretty terrible, but felt very happy when I looked in the mirror and saw my asymmetry and proganthism corrected! ^^ Correcting my prognathism also makes it look like I got a really nice nose job! Loving this :p

Day 3:
Felt much better. Only major problems are sore throat and stuffy nose. Nasal spray helps, but I’m limited to how much I can use. Disconnected from my IV fluid and feeling good enough to walk around the ward to reduce the swelling. There were three other patients also recovering from Two Jaw. From their name cards, I notice all three of them also had zygoma reduction and V-line surgeries.

Day 4:
Discharged from the clinic. Face very swollen, living on a liquid diet and a bit weary, but recovering quickly. The worst part is over!

Next appt with the doctor is in one week and I’ll have my rubber bands on my teeth removed.

Overall, very happy with EverM so far! I’ve been very satisfied with Dr Yoon from the beginning and haven’t been disappointed yet. These past few days have been very very difficult, but looking back, I would do the whole thing all over again in a heartbeat. Can’t wait to see what my face will look like once the swelling goes down completely!
vitalicReview23 Apr 14100
Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

Day 6 post op Two Jaw update:
First night that I was able to sleep for more than 5 hours uninterrupted and it feels good, although I’m still sleep deprived. Still very swollen, but very slowly getting back to normal.

Bought lots of nutrition shakes, smoothies, fruit, dairy and a blender.

The worst thing so far is not being able to breathe because I’m not supposed to use my nasal spray anymore. Hopefully this goes away soon.
vitalicReview26 Apr 14100
Day 8 post-op (Two Jaw at EverM)
Recovering well. Swelling going down quickly, but still very obviously swollen. Sleeping better and stuffy nose is finally improving so I can breathe better. No major discomforts now. This past week has been one of the toughest things I have ever gone through, and I often felt down and blue, but it’s over now and I’m so glad!

Was really lacking energy post-op so started becoming more adventurous with food, putting minced meat, rice and eggs in my blender. It’s a day and night’s difference! Feeling so much better since eating better. Lost 3kg in the past week, so really ramping up on high calorie foods.

Walking every day a lot (5-8km) around Seoul and I think this is really helping with the swelling.
I’m walking around with a mask on because of the swelling, but I think at this rate, I will be able to walk around without a mask beginning next week without looking too weird. I’ll just look like a really chubby person! ^^

Even though I’m very swollen so far, I have to say I’m really loving the results! I love my new profile view and especially the way my nose is accentuated now that my prognathism is fixed. My jaw line is slowly starting to appear from behind the swelling and I think I’ll be very happy when all the swelling is gone! ^^ Fixing my prognathism also shortened my face which seems to be filling up my cheeks nicely (they were somewhat sunk and hollow before). My eyes also seem to appear larger with my smaller face. We’ll see what happens as the swelling goes down, but I’m really happy that I did this so far! ^^

Doc’s appt is on Monday!
vitalicReview3 May 14100
Two weeks post op two jaw update:
Feeling better every day. The swelling is going down very slowly at this point and I’m still very swelled up, in my eyes at least. People who know me say I don’t look that swelled up.

Everything is going very well so far and these are the things that are still bothering me:
Low energy. This is getting better every day but I think I still only have about 50% of the energy I used to have. If I go out in the morning, I’m dead tired in the afternoon. I think having low energy also makes me moody. I’m usually always happy and optimistic, but I’ve felt irritable and annoyed quite often in the last two weeks.

Elastics in my mouth. Makes eating and talking annoying. Also changing them is a pain in the *** because my gums have overgrown the hooks and I literally have to tear my gums apart a bit every time I put the elastics on. It bleeds and hurts a lot. Ouch!

I’m still getting stuffy nose and have to use nasal drops to be able to comfortably breathe.

The biggest annoyance, though, is how slowly the swelling seems to be going down. I walk a lot and get the deswelling treatment at EverM everyday, but I’m getting pretty impatient.

In the end, though, I’m still always very happy I had the surgery. There have been so many improvements to my face just from two jaw and all these annoyances will be over eventually.
vitalicReview10 May 14100
Hi guys, this is exactly three weeks post op, so I thought I’d post an update.

Everything is more or less the same but getting better by the day. Yesterday was the first time I ate some bread since the surgery and that was great! I’m slowly diversifying my diet.

I’m getting my energy back but am still far from feeling as energetic as I used to before the surgery.

I saw my doctor today and he said I was healing very well. I’ll have my last appt next Friday, which is when I’ll have my screws removed from my mouth.

I also got my eyes done at Teuim yesterday and felt like crap all day, but feel much better today. I thought getting my eyes done would be a piece of cake after two jaw, but it still was pretty tough!

The swelling on my face has decreased quite a bit. I now feel comfortable going out without my mask on. I’m soo happy with how my jaw is turning out. Sometimes I can’t keep staring at the mirror! lol

My eyes are really swollen now, but they already look so much prettier than before! ^^ Can’t wait until all my swelling is gone.
vitalicReview12 May 14100
Hi Madea, I actually didn’t consult Dr Yoon before getting my eyes done. I just told Dr Kwon that I had two jaw three weeks ago and that I had a lot of swelling on my face in case that needed to be considered for the fat graft. He said it was okay and that he was aware of the swelling.

I think I’ve been very lucky with my nerves. I had been reading online so much about how people lost their sensation in their lower face for months, but I think I didn’t lose much sensation at all. I had slightly reduced sensation on my lower face for two weeks after the surgery and I think I have reduced sensation inside my mouth & when I gargle, I’m always surprised by how much food comes out that I wasn’t aware of & but otherwise I think I can feel everything. I touch my face all over and I can’t find a spot that feels numb or anything like that.

I definitely do have reduced facial motion, though. I can’t smile or laugh properly, but it’s improving every day and I’m doing the exercises the doctor taught me.

Overall, I’m just really happy with how my recovering is going. I’ve been reading lots of two jaw surgery blogs, but they were by people who their surgeries done by western doctors and they seemed so much more miserable. I had really low expectations because of the blogs, but overall it hasn’t been as bad as the blogs made it out to be.
vitalicReview18 May 14100
Hi guys, just posting a quick update 4 weeks post two jaw! Can’t believe it’s been almost a month! I’m flying back home tomorrow morning and am really excited to finally get back home.

Most of the discomforts due to the surgery have decreased to the point that they don’t really bother me anymore. I still do have to use nasal spray to be able to breathe comfortably, though. I also still notice that I don’t have all the energy I used to have. It looks like it will take quite a while before I feel like my old self.

My swelling is also still quite significant and I still feel like I’m looking at someone’s else face when I look in the mirror. I definitely don’t want to meet my friends for at least another two weeks. Added to this is the swelling from my eyelid surgery, which covers the whole upper part of my face, basically making every feature of my face appear swollen. Needless to say, I still look pretty weird!

I had my last doctor’s appt two days ago and he said that everything was excellent. They took my post-op x rays and compared them to the earlier ones, and what a difference has the surgery made! 🙂 According to the doc, I won’t be needing braces. I’d like to have them eventually to perfect my teeth, though.

In terms of food, I’m eating almost anything I like as long as it’s not too chewy or too hard.

At this point, I’m feeling really happy that I’ve had this done, but I also feel very impatient about the swelling. It’s going away sooo slowly. The swelling goes down a lot by the end of the day, though, and when I look in the mirror then, I feel very happy with how everything has turned out. This is pretty goofy, but I also sometimes try pushing and pulling my cheeks to see what my face might look like when the swelling is gone, and it looks it will look really nice once my jawline appears and I don’t have puffy cheeks anymore! ^^
vitalicReview31 May 14100
Hi guys, just posting a quick 6 week post-op update:
My swelling is still going down very slowly. My left side is noticably more swollen than the other side, but beside me, most people can’t tell that I’m swollen, although I do seem a bit puffed up. I still don’t feel the same as before surgery in terms of energy, but it’s getting better. I guess something new is that last week I had a terrible acne outbreak on my forehead which hasn’t happened since I was a teenager. Apparently oily skin and acne is common after two jaw. I also notice that I sometimes feel post-op blues, maybe because I haven’t been meeting anyone besides my family for six weeks now.

I think if I had only gotten two jaw, by now I would have been looking pretty normal. The swelling from my eyelid surgery still makes me look pretty weird, though. Besides that, I don’t really have complaints. I’m very happy that I had all this done and now I only have to patient and wait for the swelling to go down. I’ll start working in two more weeks and I think by then life will be pretty much back to normal for me. It’s been such a long and hard process, but it’s been very much worth it!
vitalicReview29 Jun 14100
Hi guys,
Back to post a 10-week two jaw (+ double eyelid, under eyes fat graft) post-op update!

Most things are back to normal. I eat without restrictions and will start work shortly. These are the symptoms I still have:

Swelling: most people who know me can’t tell I still have swelling, but I can see I still have swelling left under my nose, on my lower cheeks and a kind of uniform layer of swelling over my jawline. This makes me look like I have a baby face because my features are soft and not sharply defined yet. I’m 21, but people say I look like I’m 16!

One side of my face is also still more swollen than the other, but I don’t see it unless I take pictures of myself or look very carefully in the mirror. Once all this swelling is gone, though, I believe I will look more symmetrical as my current asymmetry is only due to soft tissue.

Energy and strength: My energy levels are much better, but not quite the same as before the surgery. I also still get mood swings sometimes that I didn’t use to get before the surgery. My strength levels are way below what they used to be, though. I’m a total weakling & I used to bike marathons and lift weights, but I tried starting exercising beginning last week and was surprised at how easily got tired. Before the surgery, biking 20km was routine for me, but now 10km nearly kills me.

However, I still am very satisfied with the results. I used to be good looking before the surgery and people used to compliment me, but now the compliments have become much more frequent and forthright. I’ve even had complete strangers come up to me and tell me I look beautiful. This happened very rarely before the surgery, but now it’s not something I become surprised about when I go out. Most people I meet in an informal setting comment on how cute and pretty I look and I find this kind of strange sometimes and am still getting used to it. People who knew me before the surgery say I look like a completely different person and almost don’t recognize me when I first meet them.

To myself, I know I look objectively more attractive (fixed asymmetry, bigger eyes, higher nose etc), but I think it will still be a while before I get used to what I see in the mirror. Being the self-critical perfectionist I am, I do find that I’m still not quite satisfied with same aspects of my face. Dr Yoon narrowed my nose because two jaw makes people’s noses bigger, but I think my nose still looks a bit too big for my now much smaller face (I hear this is a common thing among two jaw patients). I think my nose might become smaller as the swelling under my nose goes away, though. My cheeks are also sagging somewhat now, although this might go away as the swelling decreases and my fat graft gets reabsorbed.

I can’t wait until my swelling is completely gone and I get a sharper V-line jawline, less puffier cheeks and overall a more mature face. I’m enjoying my baby face for now, but I’d much rather look slightly older, mature and sexy than baby-ishly cute like I do now. People say how time flies by after the surgery, but for me, this has been a very long process. It probably feels even longer to me because I got double eyelid done 20 days post op and the swelling for double eyelids goes down really slowly as well. I’m really learning patience from this whole journey and I would caution anyone considering two jaw to expect a long recovery, even though the final results of the surgery are mostly very good.

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