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caecawReview15 Feb 18-100
I just had surgery at Deesse on January. Their aftercare is relatively ehh…I needed the nurses attention after surgery when I was in the bed but there was no button for me to get their attention and no nurses were around. I never got to see the doctor after the surgery and the consultant kind of quit responding to me after the surgery unless it benefited them (using my photo for promotional purposes, getting other surgeries).
caecawReview21 Feb 18-100
In my opinion, the results did not fully meet my expectations. My surgery is not botched in no way, and I think it looks better than before the surgery, but it seems like such a slight change that no one really noticed the difference besides me (kind of okay with this though). I got a cupid bow for my lip ($2000) which was apparent after surgery when my lips were swelled, but after a month the cupid bow isn’t apparent at all and seems like I paid for nothing. The cupid bow only shows when I make my lips in a certain way. In the end, I’m content with my results. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. Looks better than before, but results were kind of minimal.
caecawReview22 Feb 18-100
No haha I haven’t contacted them purely because their response takes too slow and I don’t really care much (I should contact them about it though). The lip surgery and cupid bow was done by Dr. Hong, he emphasized how natural the cupid bow would be. He was right though ahahhaha it’s so natural I can’t see it. I could only see it when my lips were swelled. I’ll just hope my lips are still swelling and a difference can be seen within a few months ?
PeonyandiReview30 Apr 17100
First three days after surgery:
My chest area felt very sore, but the pain was very tolerable. It felt very tight and I had a bit of difficulty breathing at times but it was very minor. I couldn’t move my arms around too much and it was painful to exert any force on my arms or chest. Changing my shirts was not a problem because I did not do armpit incision. The nurses advised me to wear button down shirts that could be opened from the front instead of t-shirts, but I packed mostly t-shirts to Seoul and didn’t have any problem with putting on or removing my t-shirts from my body. I guess this is one of the benefits of crease incision.

On the second day, I felt well enough to walk 600m from my hotel to the clinic to have my dressings changed. I was given an immunity booster injection along with the change of dressings and cleaning of the wounds. I was given compression pants to wear as well, these were somewhat painful to put on at first and they were very tight, but I suppose it is standard post-op procedure for liposuction. I was to wear these pants for one month.

On the third day, I walked back to the clinic to have my bandages removed. The nurses cleaned me up and it was my first glimpse into my new breasts. My first thought was, wow they are HUGE! But they already looked good! Dr Choi came to take a look, and he said I was recovering well. He said that my surgery was a success because I did not bleed much. He also said that the breasts look huge now because of the fats that were injected, and they will reduce in size slightly after a while. My nipples were also pointing downwards, which he said is normal because they should start to rise up and point straight after a while. After another immunity booster injection, my nipples were taped up with band-aids and I was given an open bra to wear, along with a stretchy band to put on across the upper part of my chest. Honestly I was very puzzled about the open bra, because I was expecting to be given a sports bra type of garment instead. But I was told that my new breasts should not be squished. So I have to wear this open bra + stretchy band combination for two months, which is honestly quite difficult for me because it really limits the kind of tops I can wear.

Starting from Day 2, I’ve been going out and around Seoul for shopping, eating, meeting friends. Each day I would be out for about 8 hours and I would usually feel exhausted by the evening. I took care to make sure that I sit down to rest after every 45 minutes of walking or standing, as advised by the nurses.

Day 4-9:
The discomfort level was about the same as before, but the tightness around the chest area is mostly gone. However, I’ve started to feel sharp shooting pains on my left breast which lasts usually about 15 seconds. From what I’ve researched, this is normal and is due to the nerve regeneration in the breast. I also told Dr Choi about this and he said it is completely normal and expected as part of the healing process. I felt my breasts getting slightly softer day by day. Energy levels are still not back to normal yet, I would feel exhausted after being out for about 6 hours.

On Day 4, I felt well enough at this point to take a two day trip to Jeju Island. Dr Choi said I could go as long as I don’t overexert myself and definitely no swimming. He also told me to come back to the clinic for another check before I could leave for Jeju. During my 3rd post-op checkup, Dr Choi commented that my breasts have softened a little bit and my nipples have started to rise up and look more natural, instead of pointing downwards like before.

While in Jeju, I climbed the Seongsan crater but I made sure to hike at a leisurely, almost snail-like pace and rested every 5 minutes. My energy levels were already somewhat back to normal, although I would feel drowsy after taking the meds. I felt completely normal and my breasts and legs did not feel too uncomfortable.

I flew back to Seoul and went to the clinic again the next day to remove my stitches. The nurses cleaned up the areas and taught me how to do it myself, and Dr Choi came to see me again. I asked him about a million questions since this would be my last visit to the clinic as I was leaving Seoul the next day. He was very satisfied with the progress of my recovery and pointed out that my breasts were improving day by day. I was very concerned about exercise, because I am a very disciplined fitness freak who has to workout 5-6 days a week who could not imagine completely stopping all exercise for 2 months Dr Choi eventually said that I can do light workouts that does not exert upper body strength and does not require me to raise my arms too high. Hence I am planning to start brisk walking and pilates in about 2 weeks. I can resume my normal workout routine, including running and weights, after 2 months.

I did not shower at all the first week, up until my stitches were removed. I did however had my hair washed at a hair salon because I couldn’t handle having unwashed hair for so many days.

I am now back in my home country and have resumed all normal activities except for working out. Finding clothes to wear is a bit of a challenge because I’m still getting used to my bigger breasts and wearing an open bra, which I find to be inconvenient. In the post surgery care instructions leaftlet that was given to me, it says that I can wear a soft sports bra after one month, and underwired bras only after two months.

There are times when I look at my breasts and I feel like I have the biggest breasts in the world, and that they look like torpedos. But at the same time I marvel at how my body looks so much more proportionate now. I think I will need time to get used to the new size and I’ll just need to wait for the swelling to reduce. I was told that it should reduce about 10-20%, which would be great.

All in all, I love my new breasts and I’m so glad I went to Deesse. I am very satisfied with the level of care and expertise they provided me. I didn’t expect Dr Choi to see me a total of 4 times after the surgery to check on me and answer my questions. The nurses and staff were all very friendly and warm and went the extra mile to make me comfortable and answered my numerous questions. I was usually the only patient in the clinic because I didn’t see anyone else there during all my visits, that might explain why I had so much undivided care and attention from all clinic staff. Besides the negative experience with the pain in my eyes, I would say that everything went smoother than I expected.

Dr Choi said my new breasts could be bigger than D cup but I’ll wait until the swelling subsides before trying out bras. To conclude, my entire BA experience went better than I expected. Probably because I had anticipated much higher levels of pain and discomfort during the recovery. But so far, it has been very tolerable with minimal discomfort that doesn’t impede with my day to day activities. I can’t wait to have my compression leggings and awkward open bra off!

If you are interested I can share a photo via PM. I do hope that this post has been informative and helpful.

Thank you all for reading this!
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PeonyandiReview30 Apr 17100
Hi everyone! I just came back from Seoul where I had BA and fat transfer done. I’ve been on the PurseForum for a long time now but mostly lurking, and I’ve spent months reading this sub forum while doing my research for my BA surgery. I’ve just had my BA done exactly 9 days ago in Seoul, and I just wanted to share my experience and hopefully it’ll come in useful for someone else who is considering the same surgery.

I was in between a B to C cup before the surgery, depending on the brand of the bra. No kids yet but my breasts were saggy with some loose skin because I lost quite a big of weight two years ago. I’ve always been slightly chubbier my whole life and during those years, I was a D cup.

I was aiming for a D cup, similar to what I used to have before the weight loss, but on a slimmer body. After months of research online, I was set on getting teardrop implants with fat transfer as I was told that the fats will make the breasts feel more natural.

I chose Deesse upon the recommendation of a Friend who had procedures done there, and I knew other girls who had their BA done at Deesse as well with really nice results. To be honest I did not really consider any other clinics, but just went ahead with Deesse. I know I took a risk by just choosing one clinic without considering others, but I trusted my friends and I didn’t encounter any negative reviews on Deesse so far. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and clinic staff from the beginning too.

I paid 15,000,000 KRW for teardrop implants and fat transfer from thighs. I asked JW for a quote too and I recall that the quote was about 16,000,000 KRW.

Day of surgery :
I landed in Seoul the day before the scheduled surgery. I had the surgery date booked months ahead and so on the day itself, I arrived at the clinic at 10.30am. The clinic is located in Cheongdam area, inside of a building, and it was very nice and comfortable looking with friendly staff. There were no other patients when I was there.

I was immediately greeted by a Chinese-speaking consultant and was ushered into the changing area where I kept my belongings in a locker with a four digit combination. Then I was led to a washing area where I could wash my face and remove any makeup. After that, the nurses took my blood and did a chest x-ray. It was only after all these was done that I met the doctor, Dr Choi.

Dr Choi looked at my breasts and recommended round shape 275cc implants because he said that my upper poles were empty and flat. But I was planning to do a bigger size and I was worried that bigger sized round implants would look fake. Dr Choi then recommended that since I wanted to go bigger, I can do 295cc teardrop implants with fat transfer on the upper poles of my breasts.

Next came the decision for the incision area. Dr Choi and the translator was really recommending to cut at the armpits, but I was insistent on cutting at the breast crease (inframammary) because I don’t usually heal well from scars and I wear mostly sleeveless tops. I did not want any scars on my armpits because it will be very visible. Besides, only my husband will see the crease scars and he is fully supportive of my surgery. So we went ahead with crease incision and Dr Choi proceeded to draw on my breasts and thighs, for the fat transfer. Dr Choi said that I did not have much fats on my thighs and spent some time squeezing my thighs before deciding that he could extract fats from the back of my thighs and knee area.

After about an hour, I was led into the operating room. I laid down on the bed, feeling nervous but excited, but the nurses and clinic staff were all very warm and friendly, which helped to ease my nervousness. The GA was injected into my forearm and I laid down, face forward, because they would be starting with liposuction from the back of my thighs. After a few seconds I felt pleasantly sleepy and lightheaded and drifted off to sleep.

I think I went into really deep sleep because I had very realistic dreams and when I was woken up, it took me a while to realise what was going on. I was helped into a wheelchair and brought to the recovery room where I rested on a bed. Chest felt very very tight and sore, like as if I had a chest workout from hell. Thighs were sore too. But the worst pain was from my eyes! I underwent lens exchange surgery last October for both eyes, and my eyeballs have lost the ability to constrict when there is brightness, unlike everyone else’s. Usually I can barely go outdoors without sunglasses on because of this. I suppose the lights in the operating room were intensely bright, because my eyes were in so much pain that I cried. I felt as if I just did my eye surgery all over again. I had eye drops put in every three minutes and had all the lights in the recovery room turned off because of the unbearable pain. The nurse eventually gave me a numbing eye drop which helped tremendously but I had to have them dropped in again after an hour because the effects wore off and I was soon in pain again.

In comparison to the pain in my eyes, I barely felt the pain or discomfort on my chest and legs. Pain level for chest was a bearable 6/10, with mostly tightness. Legs were 4/10. Eyes were definitely a 10/10.

I did tell the Nurses and translator before the surgery about my eye surgery, but I don’t think they fully understood the implications since my eye surgery was not the commonly done lasik. So I don’t think they took any preventive measures to prevent my eyes from being affected. I didn’t expect something like this to happen too, so this was really unexpected from myself and the nurses.

After two hours of agony on my eyes in the recovery room, I was eventually allowed to go home. I was not allowed any water for the first hour but could drink sips of water in the second hour. The Nurses also made me walk around the room assisted to make sure I was not feeling nauseous before letting me go home. I took an Uber back to the hotel to rest.

I was given a pumpkin porridge and a bottle of soy milk for dinner and I ate it in my hotel room after a short nap. Eyes were still in a lot of pain but slowly getting better. I went to sleep with two pillows under my head, a pillow under my knee and a towel to cover my eyes. Thankfully, the pain in my eyes slowly went away and I woke up with my eyes back to normal, with no loss of vision or discomfort.
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PeonyandiReview1 May 17100
Hi guys I’m not able to send pictures via pm, I’ll just post it here instead this is 10 days after surgery.

Breasts Augmentation
PeonyandiReview26 Jun 17100
I did my BA at Deesse clinic with Dr Choi exactly about 10 weeks ago. I had 295cc teardrop implants and fat transfer. I started out as a 34B and now I am a 34D. I did fat transfer from my thighs to the upper poles of the breasts and the side boob areas for a more natural look and touch.

I paid a premium for both procedures totaling to 15 million won, but I have to say that I’m fully satisfied with the whole experience, from the start at the consultation to now, when I am pretty much almost fully healed at 10 weeks. The doctor and the clinic staff were great, pain was minimal, and I love love love my results.

My boobs look amazing and natural! No one has been able to notice that I had a BA done, not even my own mother.
Breasts Augmentation
PeonyandiReview11 Dec 17100
I did my breast augmentation and fat transfer to the breasts in April with Deesse and I had a great experience. Eight months later, I am completely happy with my BA results, my boobs look exactly what I envisioned and actually surpassed my expectations. Paid 15 mil KRW for both procedures and it was worth every penny.
Breasts Augmentation
PeonyandiReview22 Dec 17100
I did a fat transfer to breast along with a breast implant early this year in April. The doctor told me that usually in the first round of fat transfer only about half of the fats will retain, and the rest of the fats will be reabsorbed or broken down, depending on your body’s metabolism. He told me to go back to do a second round of fat transfer within the next three months, and he said that usually the second round the fats will not be absorbed as much and will give better results.

The fats that was transferred to my breasts were almost 75% gone after 3-4 months because I am a fitness addict who works out intensely 5 times a week (except the one month right after the breast procedures) so I suppose my metabolic rate is pretty high. Now all the fats that were transferred seem to be entirely gone but I am happy with my current breasts size and results though and will not be going back for the second round of fat transfer.

From what I was informed, it seems that the results for fat transfer to breast is very dependent on the body’s metabolic rate in breaking down fats. I heard that most girls who did fat transfer alone without BA end up doing BA in the end. And multiple rounds of fat transfer (with no guaranteed amount of fat that can retain) may turn out to be more costly, whereas with a BA you pretty much know the size you’ll end up with.

I do think the fat transfer is good to complement a BA though, it can help to make the whole result look more natural.
Breasts Augmentation
Rose 123Review31 May 17100I got a surgery in Deesse Plastic Surgery, and i thonk my surgery is good~Other
Review4 May 17100
I’ve finally decided to have surgery done at Deesse Plastic Surgery clinic. I had lips surgery (Lips reduction, cupid bow and M lips) done and currently 5 days post ops. This is not the first time I had lips surgery (Had lower lips reduction n mouth corner lift done at another clinic 1yr ago). However, it is the first time I’m able to to eat n talk without difficulty or pain and there isn’t much swelling at all. Most importantly, I can see the results I want right after the surgery and really like it. I definitely did not regret choosing Deesee PS for these lips surgery. Like many others, I was unable to find much information on this clinic intially as well. They do not have delegated English speaking consultant. I actually contacted them via Chinese speaking consultant through their Wechat contact. Most of their marketing focus more towards the Chinese market. As such a lot of the reviews I read are from a Chinese PS forum. There isn’t much information in English that I can search from. Based on the Chinese website review, I pretty like their lips B&A. However, again you can’t really based on photos to judge a clinic as many could have been photoshoped edited. So finally I thought maybe to have face to face consultation with the clinic n doctors.

This clinic wasn’t really big (occupied only 2 levels in the building), however they have lots of PS procedures and specialized in lips surgery as well. I see that they have recently set up a New English website:

I had went for 2 rounds of consultation with them before finally making up my mind to have the surgery done this 3rd round. I was kind of impressed by how they make an effort to keep patients consultation record even though I’ve not had any surgery done with them before. Everytime I went back for consultation, they are able to pull out my previous record on wat I’ve consulted before and price quoted. Here I am going to share my lips surgery experience with them.

Consulted with 2 doctors in the clinic on lips and other surgeries. I shall only focus on the lips surgery as I only had that done with them. Dr Choi who did the lips surgery speaks some English. He was very detailed n patience in explaining the procedures n techniques to achieve wat I wan when I show him the picture. Other than explaining through pictures, he used certain instruments to show me how my lips will look like after the surgery which is kind of great as I’m a visual person, when he did that I can really see the shape that I want. Dr Choi also explained to me how he will performed the lips surgery n incision point, it was somehow different from wat I’ve read from other sources. So the consultation went well. The consultant Dan Dan was also very knowledgable n experienced. She used to be a surgical nurse and has been in the PS industry for some time. The procedures that she recommended to me has been in line with what other clinics recommended me. She understand some English and is able to list out the pros n cons of each procedures in detailed. Both Dr Choi n Dan Dan are able to give me convincing answers on the questions that I wished to know about.

Surgery Day:
I’ve been to quite a few clinics for consultation and surgery previously. However, this clinic does gave me a warmth feeling. Staffs were polite and smiley when I enter the clinic. I’ve actually had other surgeries done few days ago at other clinics and only came to Deesse PS for lips surgery. After making the full surgical fees, I was escorted to change to the surgical grown followed by the pre ops instructions n meeting with Dr Choi for final consultation before surgery. Drawing and design of the lips was done when I was in the surgery room. Dr Choi came in right after the nurses prepared me on the surgical table. He was extremely gentle and careful when doing the drawing n designing, especially I just had eye surgery and rhinoplasty at another clinic and there was splint on my nose. He tried as much as possible not to touch the nose area. The clinic translator was along by my side throughout the whole period so there was no communication barrier at all. I was still awake while the doctor was doing the drawing, after which that was the last thing I could remember. Next moment I woke up and could feel the doctor finishing up the last part of the surgery, but there was no pain at all. The nurses help me to the recovery room after the surgery. I did not have any dizziness compared to when I had surgery in other clinics. The nurses helped me to the bed and put ice pack on my lips. I was left to rest for some time. When I awake again, first thing I request was water! The nurse gave me water and ask if I’m in any pain. She injected another pain killer into my IV when I told her just slight pain. I was left to rest in the room until I’m completely ok to go back. During the whole time the nurses are in the room with me n another patient. After confirming with me again that I’m well enough, I was then ask to change and get ready to go back. A post ops kit was given to me and I was guided with the Dos and Don’ts and lastly asked to come back for follow up the next day. Surprisingly I was feeling absolutely alright after the surgery and was able to do some shopping before heading back to my apartment.

Below is my Pre-ops and Post 5 days lips after stitch removal. Although there are still some swelling, I really like the results.
Review4 May 17100
It depends on the procedures you are doing. Eg. For mouth corner lift, there could be scaring and thus instructions on extra care that needs to be taken to minimize and avoid scaring are given. Different skin type react to different degree of scarring too.
As I had lips reduction, my concern is more on whether will I be able to close my mouth completely while wanting a dramatic after the surgery. My upper teeth are quite big. So Dr Choi tried to reduce the upper lips as much in proportion to the lower lips and constructed the lips shaped that I wan from the pic I provided. The lips procedures I did will not result in any visible scaring as the incision are all inside the lips.

I shall not share how much I paid for the surgery here as it really depends on the number of procedures you opt for.
Review9 May 17100
I’m currently 9 days post ops. Could be due to swelling, there is a small gap showing a little of my upper teeth when I relax my lips.
During follow up Dr Choi said that the lips will get more natural as it deswell. Looking forward to it. It was such an improvement for me as I really dislike my thick lips with no definition.
Review13 May 17100
Updates! I’m currently 15 days post ops and already back in my country. My lips is getting more and more natural as it deswell and I really like the result. Ppl who seen me all commented that I look better after the lips surgery. It really makes a different.

Here is an update photo. All without make up or lipstick on. I’ve no problem smiling and talking. Many have asked if I’ve difficulty eating after the lip surgery. For me, No this round. I’m eating absolutely well since Day 0 after the Ops.
Review10 Dec 17100Dr Choi from Deesse does my lips surgery 6mths ago. I’m happy with my result.:smile:Lips

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