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asgogoasReview7 Aug 16100
As I mentioned, the post-op care was great, Zach was reponsive to any question I had which made me feel secured, they were gentle cleaning my wounds inside my mouth and nose, and they offered laser treatment every day, so the post-op care was really good even though they were so busy.
To be honest, after 3 weeks, I could still tell my face was quite swollen, but a month after having the surgeries, I looked much more natural, my friends thought I gained a little bit of weight, and as the swelling went off, they thought I got slimmer and looked so much better haha.
Oh! So you are actually considering having the same procedures as I did! Go contact them if you want more info.
asgogoasReview7 Aug 16100
Before I begin to share, I have to make it clear that I am not a promoter or anything because many people keep saying that a lot of posts here are advertisements. I am just being very satisfied with my results and the services from the clinic(especially the English translator there, Zach), so I want to give you guys more information about so as to offer you one more choice before going to have those big and dangerous surgeries.

I got to know Cooki Plastic Surgery from few of my Korean friends(I am Malaysian currently studying in HK), they had rhinoplasty there and they all look so good! So they recommend me to Cooki PS which is very popular for doing facial contouring, but at the same time, do very good nose eyes and breast surgeries. I had consultation with them through kakaotalk and they are very patient to answer each and every question from me, and most importantly, their provide reasonable prices and you can negotiate down the price during face to face consultation(I will post the prices they offer me at the very last in this post). Because I trust my korean friends, so I didn’t consider other clinics and paid the clinic the ‘booking fee’ a month prior to my surgery date, so they gave me more discount. Haha lucky me.

I had my facial contouring and rhinoplasty surgeries half a year ago. When I arrived the clinic, you will be soon amazed by looking at the receptionists’ faces, they are too beautiful to be true. As for guys, check out Zach’s face, and ask him to show you how he looked before having plastic surgeries, you wouldn’t believe it! That made my desire to have surgeries there even stronger. Back to the topic, the clinic was not very big but it was clean and cozy. They conducted blood test on me and had some CT/X-ray work(I don’t know what the machines were for haha), then I met the doctor, Dr. Cheng. Before I told him which part on my face upset me, he directly pointed our my problems: Cheekbone, Jaw line and chin. He exactly knew what could make me look prettier. I also consulted him with my nose and eyes, he agreed I could have some advancements on my nose by he said my eyes were already very pretty so suggested not to do so, and I listened to him. But my friend told me afterwards which I didn’t even realise myself that the Doctor was so nice, he was very honest to patients and want me to look good despite he could earn more money than giving me eyes surgeries!

After I woke up from anaesthesia, I felt dizzy and wanted to vomit, but the pain was tolerable, the pain level was like 2 out of 10. But after resting at the clinic for a night, I felt so much better. Then they accompanied me to buy medicines to help me heal faster and gave me many congees, pumpkin juice and ice bags. I went back to clinic every day to clean my wounds and stitches inside my mouth, and did laser treatment which helped the swelling to go off faster. On the 7th day after my surgeries, they removed stitches on my nose and the stitches inside my mouth were removed 14 days after surgery. The nurse was very gentle and cute, she kept saying ‘pain’ when she cut of the stitches, but honesty, I didn’t feel much pain, it was very tolerable. The night before I left for my home country, Zach even took me to have dinner together and we had great fun that night. The receptionists and Zach were so nice and friendly, they talked to me like non-stop and they felt like my new friends. And most importantly, Zach was very responsive, he answered my questions patiently and that made me feel secured after surgeries.

As I mentioned, I have had my surgeries for half a year, It becomes so natural now. Especially my face, most of my friends just think I get slimmer so my face is so much smaller than before and I am more youthful looking now. As for my nose, because I used to have short nose with a short nose bridge, now I have a tall nose and defined nose tip. So my friends know I have advancement on my nose, but it is fine because they compliment my nose all the time. Surprisingly, for the new friends that haven’t seen my look before surgeries, they think I am a natural-born handsome guy haha, that’s why I am so satisfied now! I am so thankful to Dr. Cheng and Zach and all the other workers there. I told Zach I was going to share my experience with Cooki on purse forum, and he was so excited and thankful, I am sure if you guys go to Cooki, you will like him.

However, the clinic is so popular among Korean and Chinese patients, so their schedule is always full, if you are interested going there, make sure you contact Zach through kakaotalk (id: cookipseng) a month before you go to Korea, or even two moths before. Zach told me that the schedule for Chinese patients were so full that most the Chinese patients have to wait for 2 months. Other foreigners can now only be arranged to schedules for Korean patients, which had to wait more than one month as well. So do tell him when you want to go and he might try to see if there’s any available date for consultation and surgery.

So here’s the price he gave me for different operations:
Zygoma reduction+Jawline reduction+genioplasty = 12,000,000 krw
Rhinoplasty(silicone nose bridge+ear bone tissue for nose tip)=3,500,000krw
These prices were what they offered me and they were cheaper than other big hospitals as I know (but not very sure), but the services and results were great so I think the prices were very reasonable. If you guys want to have surgeries other than facial contouring and nose(like eyes, breasts, lifting, lips etc.), go ask Zach on kakaotalk, maybe he is still very young, so I think you can negotiate price with him haha.

Website of cookie plastic surgery:
Go check out the before and after pics, you will be amazed

Consultation (kakaotalk ID): cookipseng
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asgogoasRumor7 Aug 16100
Sure no problem!
1. For my case, I shaved my chin to make it more defined and for genioplasty…I’m not too sure to be honest, all I know is they moved it forward and fixated it with titanium screw.
2. I had 3D for zygoma, they told me the quick one is only suitable who has very thin cheekbones (Koreans usually have thinner cheekbone)
3. I am not sure if they have dissolvable screws>< Coz from the very beginning, they told me they will use titanium screws which can be taken off half a year after surgery. And it is totally fine if I plan not to do so because titanium is bio-compatible, dentistry use titanium to operate teeth implants as well so it is 100% safe.
4. Zach, the Enhglish translator was responsible for informing me any problems i might came across after surgery, he was so informative omg, I felt like he didnt try to hide anything from me haha. But then he told me he trusted the doctor very much that no medical issue had ever happened in the clinic, so I was much relaxed
5. No, I have no sagging nor prolonged numbness. As for nerve damage, every single facial contouring operation will more or less damage some nerves, but nerves can grow back tgt and you will feel the same after they have repaired themselves. For me, all my nerves were recovered less than a month which was very surprising, and now I can open my mouth widely and laugh freely, everything is just like old days but one, my face is more handsome haha.
6. I have considered Banobagi and Braun. But my Korean friends told me not to go. Banobagi does too many botched jobs on noses and eyes, and they switched doctors during operations, especially on foreigners. As for Braun, their faical contouring is not 100% gurantee that the results are satisfying, they told me only 50% of the surgeries were satisfying, the other 50% of patients they have to do re-op again, so I was not planning to Braun as well in the end even though they are quite well-know for rhinoplasty. But it turns out that i love my nose now very much from Cooki, so I haven’t regret going there.
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BlobvyRumor8 Feb 16100
I’m also curious about them. I don’t know about the surgeon’s skills but I saw a girl from China who had facial contouring with them and I loved the results 🙂 But I haven’t seen that many people who’ve had surgery with them unfortunately.

Would love to hear if anyone have heard something about them. I really like the fact that they seem to be a smaller and personal clinic with only one doctor.
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krod2017Rumor21 Feb 18100
I can not remember the name honestly. But I saw it on soyoung when I was originally looking for my nose revision . They have a blue logo and I hear a lot of patients go there for rhinoplasty and cooki for fc.
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laguy012Review27 Jul 17100
I have I went there to get eye lid surgery…results for really good and it was really easy to find it. Front of #12 Gang Nam subway station.
misamisoRumor8 Feb 16-100
I think they’re fairly new.

One of the girls I messaged on naver said she went there for rhino, fc and fg
She only had one post from Nov and no new updates so far so not sure about the progress of her fc

For her rhino, just based on her b&a, I’m not too impressed with it
I find the silicone in her bridge quite obvious but her before photo covers a portion of her nose so it’s hard to compare.

I’m also not too sure what they specialize in because it seems Dr. Chung does everything: fc, eyes, nose, breast aug, face lifts.
All those surgeries are done in a lot of clinics, but I find that it’ll usually be more than one main doc.
He is listed as a member of the cleft palate craniofacial association so my assumption is that his specialization is fc but don’t quote me on that.
The other doc, Dr. Bae is listed as an ophthalmologist so I’m guessing she takes care of the eye surgeries, though she doesn’t have much credentials listed in her profile…which turns me off a bit.

I’d like to hear more about them too.

(p.s. these are just my observations so take what you will from it :p)
momo94Review2 Jan 17100
Just an update, I’m in Seoul now. Kinda off topic but I’ve been having so much trouble trying to find a phone SIM card here. I get told by a local to go to this place only to get pointed somewhere else when I get there. So I’d advice you to buy it in the airport.

I thought I’d do a post after each consultation while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I’ve just had a consultation with Cooki PS. I wasn’t originally going to visit Cooki but I saw a couple good reviews on the soyoung forum so I thought I’d add it in. I just walked in and they were able to fit me in for a consultation straightaway. There were 3 Chinese girls who had fc done in the waiting room. When I left, 2 locals walked in. According to Zach, they have a mostly Chinese and local clientele. Zach the eng translator and a Chinese translator was assisting me. Zach just had eye and nose surgery the day before I think so it was a bit confronting to see him like that, not saying that I minded.

He took my X-rays and then we had a chat about what I would like to do. He came off as a friendly and honest person. After that the Chinese translator joined us to help with the doctor, because Zach’s Korean isn’t a 100%.

I showed them a picture of lilymaymac and they said it was achievable. I was suggested to do zygoma reduction, v line with sliding genioplasty (not touching the angle of my jaw but a slight shave at the front part of it) and revision rhino (ear + rib cartilage). After that the doctor joined us and pretty much said the same thing. He seemed friendly and confident, and drew on his computer his plan for surgery. He however had to leave earlier because he had a surgery to go to.

After bargaining with the consultants, all up the price came to 18million krw if I decide to do it by that day. The Chinese translator also threw in fillers for my laugh lines (which are pretty deep). They did charge me 100,000 krw for the consultation tho, which will be refunded if I do surgery with them.

Also, unfortunately due to their schedule, I won’t be able to do both my nose and face at the same time. I’ll have to wait a couple days after fc then do my rhino. It’s a bit of a bummer because I start work start of Feb.

What I liked:

1) the price – I might be a little inexperienced because this is my first consultation but straight up the price already seemed cheaper than the other places I consulted. It probably could have gone done a little more but I’m an absolute noob in bargaining.

2) The surgeries that were suggested to me were about the same of what I’ve been suggested to do. I didn’t feel like I was being pressured to do a million things. The Chinese consultant did suggest me I could do epi (?) with my eyes if I wanted to, but made it clear it was optional and when I declined it, she backed off straightaway.

3) The doctor was confident and sounded like he knew what he was doing. I showed him pictures of my ideal face and he was realistic about it. He mentioned my nose won’t be exactly the same as hers because I have thicker skin .

Overall, Cooki has been a pleasant experience but I’ll still consult other clinics before I make my decision.
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momo94Rumor2 Jan 17100

I don’t think I looked much on their website, just saw a couple good reviews on soyoung and did a walk in appt.

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