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Review27 September 15100
I have visited 10 clinics in total. Theyare the face dental, Jayjun, Banobagi, Secret, Braun, Garosu, Ruby, Cheongdamu,Propose and Beautyline.

The face dental: it was a pleasant visit.They had English and Chinese translator and they are specialized in bones. Ireally like that Dr Lee spend a lot of time with me talking about what I need.Generally good impression due to Sean and Jun?s results. Price didn?t mentionas she quoted to me before in wechat. But cheap. What I don?t like is that theydo a curve cut thus I don?t have natural angle in my mandible. Basic proceduresfor genio t-osteotomy and zygoma. Pros: good value and good results

Jayjun: Went there for eye revisionconsultation for my friend. Eye revision was 3.5 mil. Baby injection was 2.5mil. I really like the patients there are they were really pretty. 1 chineseand 2 koreans waiting. Didn?t let me see doctor.

Braun: I booked in a consultation thatmorning and they said I didn?t book it in the afternoon. I was like lol.Whatever. I have time to waste now. I have waited about 1.5 hours therearriving 3.30 and leaving 5.45 interruptedly. I am impressed to the fc doc?s(Dr Kim) advanced technology in zygoma cutting, genioplasty and vline. Reallyliked it. Consultant said Dr will also make massteur muscle smaller. And nosedoc was Dr Lee. I like him because he is handsome and my type haha. Well I didsee the b&a of Dr lee in Braun?s wechat and know that he does good nosetoo. Offered silicone bridge septal and ear cartilage columella and alars. Wellall I paid attention was his face jaja. I didn?t see the eye doctor (Dr Cho) asthe consultant said it was late and he was having surgeries. The consultantsaid my eyes are pretty and any doctor could do it. I am like wtf lol. Theyquoted me 33 mil and 30% off made it to 24 mil and if I pay deposit now wouldmake it 20.6 mil. I said Ill think and the consultant said I can wechat her tonegotiate the price more. I still like Braun the most though. Morning was sopacked with Koreans and afternoon was not as packed but there were still Koreansand Chinese. I saw all three translators. Maybe because my Chinese wasn?t goodthe first 2 didn?t want to serve me and gave me to a third one lol. And the 2doctors hands smells of disinfectant meaning they were doing surgeries thatday. A big plus!!! Pros: handsome Dr Lee, advanced technique, doctorsprofessional, lots of patients

Garosu: Fully booked for Koreanconsultations. All three doctors went from Youtiful to here. The clinic waspromoted to do a natural change which I see in the concierge girls but not thepatients there. They had dramatic changes. Clinic was empty but people keepcoming on time for consultations. I waited quite a long time for myconsultation with my consultant. She was fake but pretty. Typical big eyessmall face high nose Barbie doll face. Pretty much what I am looking for lol. Theeye and bone doctor recommended me ptosis noninsicional for eyes, zygoma vlineand genio as t osteo would make my face too short. Avoid Youtiful since theirb&a were from doctors of Garosu they said. Quoted 21 mil then discount to17 mil and I said I like braun and advanced technique and they lowered to 14mil. I said I still like Braun and they said they can negotiate in wechat withme. The Chinese consultant tried really hard to make me happy with the clinic.

Ruby: The form I filled in is totally thesame one I had in braun in format and questions. I was shocked lol. I don?tknow why. Anyway, I was a walked in patient thus I couldn?t see the doctors.The Chinese consultant did her nose and eyes in Ruby and I really liked it. Verynatural. But don?t let them do alars as the concierge girls had uneven alars. Itwas not really expensive. Nonincisional eye and nose was silicone and septalcartilage for columella. Docs doesn?t use ear cartilage as not strong saidconsultant. Quoted very cheaply in this clinic. 4-5 mil for both procedures(forgot exact quote). Epi and lateral eyes are 1 mil each. I liked theirb&a. They have Koreans as patients and have 5 in lobby waiting. I am theonly international client there.

Secret: Specialized in eyes. Didn?t reallylike the consultant?s eyes, I guess she did epi thus her eyes have too muchredness and meat to her corner. But big dolly eyes. Other consultants eyes arepretty though. Met Doc. Disinfectant smell hands. Arrogant. Didn?t want toexplain much. But did demonstrated the eyes I liked. All koreans patients therebeside me. Quoted me 11000RMB for incisional and pay in cash to avoid tax.Loved their b &a. con:super expensive

Banobagi: All Koreans and packed lobby.Like their consultants face but they did not do surgery or did it in otherplace lol. Like their b&a. Consulted for fc there. Laurita and R were sohyped about there. Dr Oh said when he does mandible he does nerve cutting of masseurmuscle. Liked it. Quoted: ASO 13.2mil ASO/Zygoma/Genio 17.05mil, combined =30.25 mil Price range out of the space. If I wanted 2 jaw, 36.8mil Would notconsider for the price

Cheongdamu: Empty clinic. Like their eyesb&a. Like their consultant eyes. High crease. Doctor said I neednonincisional 2 mil. Other procedures would make my eyes too big. No nonsensedoctor. Explained well. Con: expensive

Propose: Empty clinic. I did like thekorean consultant?s face but not the Chinese one. OMG such lookism right jaja?Not much b&a. Liked the makeovers though. And the muscular doctor lol. Didn?tsee any doctor. They quoted me nonincisional and nose bridge silicone andseptal for 4 mil and can bargain 10% for price if pay deposit.

Beautyline: 2 international patients there.Quite empty. The Chinese translator doesn?t know I needed consultations norarranged me for consultations. Experience wasn?t good. Quoted high price. WhenI said it was high she said it was a mid clinic thus high. Not much bargainingspace. I don?t recommend this clinic at all.

Tips on bargaining: Use the tactic thatanother clinic quoted a way lower price eg the face dental or the technique theclinic used is not that advanced, but if the price is right will consider tobargain. First method is straight forward, just need some lying skills. Secondone is more advanced, is to make the consultants feel inferior to otherclinics, you are biased to other but your friends liked it and the consultantshall try to make you like their clinic.

Any questions please ask me :heart: Love yaguys! You are the best to read all of my review!
Bella147Rumor17 Sep 13100
Are you sh1tting me?!?! sorry if i sound rude, but changdum U quoted me USD$5k for non-incis with ptosis and USD$5.5 for tip and alar – WTF?! I was only there in March 2013

Don’t get me wrong, I think u got quoted some decent prices dude/dudette so roll with it :p

BTW I wouldn’t get anything else done at Teiums except eyes. This isn’t coming from a hater or lover – I had my eyes done at Teiums and LOVE it. Very natural. HOWEVER, that’s their specialty, nothing else. Dr Kwon works wonders with eyes.

I’ve seen changdum U eyes (in person) when I was in korea and they are some good work – Dr Lee. Migo was so-so for eyes, but for th eprice, not worth it IMHO. Although I’m kind of against Grand (long story, but the typical ‘big clinic’), I saw 2 x their noses (IRL) and they looked good, I must admit – decent pricing also…wouldn’t consider them for vline, 2-jaw BUT this is just my opinion ?
BkzabiiReview3 Dec 13100
Hey everyone I’m in Korea now met up with Blair n Chris yesterday and decided to share my consult experience

I went to jw with my guest house owner she offered to go with me and translate(she is an amazing lady I love her) saw dr suh and dr ahn and dr woo

I really like the nose doctor here but I still feel like the price is above my budget I got quoted 5.5mil kwn for rhino, tip, alar base reduction which I feel is quite expensive for primary rhino but his method of cutting the outside of the alar gave me my ideal look for my nose he spoke English so I felt very comfortable with him

Dr ahn he doesn’t speak English and my host translated for me the whole time, I need incisional and lower eyelid surgery for fat repositioning I want an open fold and he goes for a very natural very subtle approach… ,my host understood what I was trying to say and agreed he didn’t seem to be able to deliver what I wanted and requested a different doctor (dr woo) he was a younger doctor after talking to him I still didn’t feel completely comfortable with his approach so we went to see the consultant to get our quotes they quoted me a total of $9000 for rhino incisional eyelid and lower eyelid

Afterwards I met up with Chris and Blair and we went to chungdam u saw dr lee he speaks English also so no need for a translator for those of you who are interested. Dr lee was super patient very detailed and always asked If I had any questions after explaining the procedures he gave me the quote and said if I had any questions I can feel free to ask him. The only thing I didn’t really like is he suggested closed alar reduction via suture method I know that is less scar and less invasive but I kinda have an idea of what I need .. Still considering them since I just emailed dr lee regarding cutting alar

Today I went with yoon(Anita’s translators) to GIRIN
OMG they are so expensive!! Maybe cause I went with a translator? I’m not sure but $11,000 for
Eyes: incisional eyelid surgery, epi, ptosis, and lower eyelid surgery
Nose: rhino w nasal hump reduction (break nasal bone for osteotomy with closed rhino) alar base reduction columnar repositioning

It was non negotiable too … They offered $500 dollar discount but that was still ridiculously above my budget so crossed them off … The doctors were very detailed and nice, drew me pictures and spent a lot of time on my consult at least half an hour each (nose doc, eye doc)
ChipmunkReview3 May 13100

I have consulted with Chungdam U today.

It was really nice.

I made an appointment through Kakao for 1pm Thursday May 2nd, although when I arrived they said I didn’t have an appointment but took me anyway. (weird… lol)

So walking in, the first impression about the interior design was cute, tidy and modernized. Their desk ladies were cute, I see some members complain about some clinics looking too ‘plasticky’ however I think every person I see with plastic surgery looks “plasticky”, maybe cause I can tell. They were sure cute though, not scary looking at all, with not too pointy noses and cute youthful faces.

Anyway I was escorted to the consultation room by a lady who reminds me of f(x)’s Amber. loool. The doctor came in shortly after and he did. not. rush. me. at. all. He can understand all conversational English, but I think his strength is with medical terms LOL :p . We had a lengthy convo and he agreed about all the procedures I was interested in, cept osteotomy (he said my bridge is already slim). But he recommended me alar reduction which I think I really don’t need bc my nostrils are very small already, I couldn’t imagine having smaller nostrils and not being able to pick my nose anymore hahaha. He listened carefully but I didn’t have much to say bc I was nervous and shy with my makeup-free face. He kept asking me if I had questions, which I was too nervous to think of at the time.

We came to the conclusion to pay in cash (you will save A LOT if you do), and I bargained the price from W9,700,000 to W8,000,000 which was nice bc I was planning a lot of procedures. I wonder if I could’ve bargained more… hmmm. -_- They said bc I bargained the price low, and they already gave me same price as the locals, so therefore I can’t get free additional fat graft for my dark circles if i end up needing more, it’ll cost me a little extra. ><

Tomorrow 1pm I have an osteotomy, bulbous nose reduction and paranasal augmentation coming up. I’ll let u guys know how it goes. I’ll be going under general anesthesia and I’m scared as …….
The rest of the procedures (fat graft for dark circles, forehead, eyes) will be after the first procedure heals bc the bandages from the nose could ruin the fat graft.

Cheers and goodluck to me. lol I am so hungry bc of fasting for surgery, didn’t even really eat much today or day before…

Edit: Also I decided not to go to Pitangui bc people around me haven’t really heard of it and I felt like it’s going to be a bit of a hassle talking to the surgeon through a translator. Aka im lazy, but if anyone decides to go to Pitangui goodluck and let me know how it goes ?
Eyes, Nose
ChipmunkReview6 May 13100
It’s now 4 days post op from Chungdam U

I had half of my procedures (osteotomy, tip plasty, eyes, and paranasal)

The first 2 days were hell… Headaches, bleeding nose, can’t sleep bc nose is blocked.

But after the 3rd day, I drastically started to feel much more better.

Dr. Lee did everything cept the eyes and Dr. Yang did the eyes. Dr.Lee is a very kind and nice surgeon, he makes me very comfortable and I e-mail him whenever I have a question or concern and he replies instantly.

Chungdam U has taken good care of me and make me feel comfortable.

During my operation, they put a cute puppy dog plushy in my arms and then gave me local anesthesia….. I felt like I was having an LSD trip (even though I don’t know how it is from experience) but I was flying to different planets LOL and then i heard a voice and heard some stitching of my eyes.

After that they put me to sleep and worked on my nose, and I woke up fine. I didn’t have any pain or nausea.

The first two nights I kept waking up every 30mins ~ hour bc my mouth was sooo dry from my nose being blocked. Also little bit of pain in the center of my face and headaches. I wouldn’t recommend any of you guys to have v-line and nose at the same time.( having my nose blocked was hard but imagine your throat too! eek)

3rd and 4th day I got used to it and I just drink a lot of water and eat soft pumpkin soup and other things. There’s no more headaches and pain (even without pain killer) and I feel myself getting better every day. Also on the 3rd day they gave me an IV vitamin thing, to make my healing faster.

I have another appointment tommorow just to check up 🙂

I am very happy with the results so far (even though I can barely see them under the bandages) but my nose tip looks very nice!! I’m so satisfied with the care and effort Dr.Lee and the rest of them put into me. It feels very personal. 🙂 I made the right choice for my clinic and my bf agrees that my surgeon is a very good guy.

1 month after this, I’m having fat graft for forehead, undereye circles and subtle aegyosal. Cant wait to be fully healed

Eyes, Nose
ChipmunkReview13 May 13100
Hi, I am 10 days post-op and have met only one other person on this forum who has chose this clinic due to seeing various celebrities and famous ulzzangs going to this clinic for skin and plastic surgeries. If you’ve had any experiences with this clinic please feel free to share!

My experience

I booked an appointment on Kakaotalk and forgot to give my name so when I arrived, there was some confusion regarding my appointment…. However it was the end of April on a weekday when most people are at school, they weren’t really busy and so they took me in without an appointment. I sat in a cozy little room and talked to Dr.Lee (one of the head doctors who speaks English bc he studied at Utah State University). He never rushed me and even kept making sure I had no questions on my mind, he explained the procedures I asked about and gave me different options and approaches for what I wanted. I was nervous and was at a lack of questions haha. The price consultation sat beside us to take note of what I wanted. They showed me the prices for procedures if I paid in cash and if I paid with a credit card. I told them I would pay in cash and they quoted me around W10,000,000 for eyes, osteotomy, corrective rhinoplasty (not so much a ‘hump’ on the nose, but i wanted a curvier nose), tip plasty, fat graft for aegyosal, dark eye circles, forehead, paranasal augmentation (silicone). I asked them if I could do W8,000,000, they said they could and asked how much I have. I was pretty sure that was my budget. I made the mistake of counting my money infront of them, realizing I had W8,600,000 and they put the final price at W8,600,000. (All my money down the drain T_T) They said bc I lowered the price so low that they can’t give me complimentary fat fillers if I needed more… SIGH all my money gone but I didn’t complain bc I thought of all the people who paid much more for way less procedures. >< Anyway I was set to have surgery the next day.

Surgery Day
Didn’t eat or drink since 12am the prior day, I was really hungry and thirsty… This day I was only going to do some of the procedures (eyes, nose, paranasal) bc fillers would be ruined by my bandages if I did them on the same day. I went there around 2pm the next day, the lady who looks like Shin Minah brought me to the sink to wash my face, then brought me to a room to change my clothes. Then a lady came in, tied my hair and took my pictures. I went to the surgery room where Dr.Yang (the head plastic surgeon) marked my eyes and Dr.Lee marked my nose. They put an IV in my right arm, a cute stuffed dog in the other and then I was flying to different planets with upbeat kpop music in the background… LOL. All of a sudden, I heard a voice telling me to open and close my eyes and I felt like my eyes were a ripped pair of jeans being stitched up. No pain though, just sound effects. I made a sound through my mouth and I guess they assumed I was in pain so they numbed my eye a little more. Finally they placed an ice pack over my eyes and then a few minutes later they were like “okay time to do your nose!” and after a minute I was out cold haha. I woke up in the bed with a numb face and was very thirsty. I found out I couldn’t drink for 2 hours so I just went back to sleep until then. Had some water, and was on my way. No nausea, dizziness, whatever, I was just numb and happy I finally did it. I think the surgery took about 4 hours in total.

Day 1-3
First night I couldn’t sleep at all. Wasn’t used to breathing through my mouth and woke up every 30mins for water. Plus I had quite some pain and a headache in the middle of my face. Day 2 and 3 I took the medicine I got and minor pain in the middle of my face along with slight headache and I couldn’t really do much or eat anything but liquid foods (which was still pretty difficult to eat)

Day 4-9
Pain significantly less and less, able to walk around and shop. Took walks every night, can start to chew food. Still wake up sometimes bc of dry mouth. Appointments at the clinic every few days for an IV vitamin thing, supposed to help me heal faster. One incident they put some kind of laser healing light on me and I got a severe allergic reaction from it…. They gave me a needle in my buttocks and it went down in an hour. Wasn’t pleasant though.

Day 10
All stitches out. Nose cottons taken out. Stitch removal isn’t as bad as I expected. Rest of bandages taken out except for nose splint (comes off on day 14) No pain except when apply pressure to the nose. Can finally breathe through my nose and eat anything I want. My nose feels free! I want to peek under the nose splint, it looks good so far 🙂 Unfortunately I feel like my eyes are undercorrected (the change was more subtle than I would’ve liked), in my opinion (I guess not the doctors) therefore I’m going back on Thursday to re-do them. If you want a dramatic change to something, you must tell them or they’ll automatically make it look pretty natural.

Famous Ulzzangs






The website is in KOREAN. (Don’t worry, there is an English speaking doctor and English speaking skin specialist.)
So I translated it for people who are having trouble.

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Log in
User: purseforums
pass: purseforums
OR create account

Step 3) (only if you’re creating an account)

Step 4) Navigation

Step 5) Online consultation (It’s fine to consult in 100% English, they will reply to you thoroughly in English)

Click Online Consultation (&#50728;&#46972;&#51064;&#49345;&#45812;)
Press ‘&#50416;&#44592;’ button at the bottom right side of the page.
Eyes, Nose
ChipmunkReview23 May 13-100
Thankyou so much! 🙂

Yes, the head doctor, Dr. Yang did my eyes while Dr.Lee preformed my osteotomy bc he is skilled with that. Dr. Lee also did my tiplasty

replace (AT) with @, I do this so that spam bots won’t take his email address.

They don’t post the e-mail address on the website.


– My nose tip looks great, its not too fake and looks very nice. My nose tip is no longer bulbous.
– My paranasal area looks much better than before, not so depressed anymore
– Osteotomy looks very nice so far.

– I asked to shave the bridge to give me more a curve because my bridge is very straight, not worried about height bc I already naturally have height… However the change is barely noticable and if they shaved my radix a little bit more… It would be perfect

– The epi reversal, I was hoping my eyes would be more evened out because my left eye is already longer than the other. It seems as though after surgery, my problem is even more noticable. They did not fix it. However I’m getting a free revision in about 2 months.

– I had post-op laser treatment which I had a severe allergic reaction to, I had hives all over my body and they gave me an allergy shot in my butt… lol

– From my understanding, I had forehead fat graft. He said something like “but we can’t do it now because your nose bandages will ruin it” but he did not mention removing it from the price. Then a couple of days ago I inquired about it and apparently it was never included in the first place, and apparently they have ‘proof’ because it wasn’t written on the chart from day 1. This really threw me off. When I asked about it at first, the doctor said in Korean ‘ugh… what is she talking about?’ he said it like he was so frustrated, probably thought I couldn’t understand Korean… it made me quite uncomfortable…. 🙁

– My first day of consultation I came to ask for fat graft for my dark eye hollows. I don’t remember him saying he would use fillers, but also a few days ago he told me he would use fillers (Resylane, which lasts only about 12 months or a little more) because fat would make the undereyes sag years later. (But I thought that a lot of clinics do fat graft for under eyes….) I felt a little cheated with the price I paid because I don’t remember him mentioning fillers OR removing the fat graft. I’m not looking for life-losting results, just results that would last quite a few years.

– Although I got a paranasal augmentation, there is STILL a little bit of midface depression. I understand that partially is because of swelling from my nose, but Dr.Lee said he would inject ‘fat dissolving’ injections around that area (cheeks). Although I’m a little worried because I think the fat in my cheeks makes me look quite young and to ‘dissolve’ it would perhaps make me look old…? idk. But I was hoping to maybe fill the depressed area rather than dissolve the fat. So I am a little worried about that..

– Right after my surgery, he gave me his email so that I could e-mail him if I had any questions. When I mentioned the above issues^ (minus the nose bridge because i feel uncomfortable to say so), he stopped replying to my e-mails. But whenever I would come in for an appointment, he would mention it. I feel kind of neglected that he no longer answers my e-mails through e-mail.

– Dr.Lee seems colder everytime I visit him

– There seems to be a lot of miscommunications and supposed changes of words. I don’t know whether it’s because of the slight language barrier or if they really are changing their words ever so cleverly.

Despite all these cons, they are very skilled doctors. My problems are rather under-corrected than overcorrected, which I’m thankful I didn’t get a ‘botched job’.

I recommend if you come to this clinic, know exactly what you want, details down to the mm of what you want adjusted. They do things very naturally, so if you want a dramatic change you MUST not be so vague about it. Also have someone who can speak Korean incase you have some communication problems (which I did, thankfully)
ChipmunkReview28 May 13-100
Im really sorry for the triple post.

I complained a while back to Dr.Lee that I still had stitches in my nose, because I sneezed a blue thread out. and he assured me that all the stitches were removed and that a stitch might have just fell into my nose when the nurse was removing them. He got the nurse to -check my nose again and I was on my way….

anyway I have been getting hard, dry mucus that has been blocking my nose everyday since then. everyday I would pick the mucus out and it would be huge. I kept wondering why the mucus would get stuck on my nose, when i tugged on the boogers i felt slight pain as if they dried onto my nose hairs. Pulled them out anyway… and to my surprise, last night a blue string came out along with my booger. I inspected further and there are still stitches in my nose!

All these complications and you’d think they’d give me compensation or even a little discount for my skin laser…. :tdown:

Here is the knotted stitch, which was still knotted in my skin.

Left nostril with stitch hanging out (blue string)

Both nostrils. Right nostril stitch is visible towards the left side of the right nostril (blue string)
ChipmunkReview19 Jun 13-100
Turns out my stitches weren’t dissolvable and the nurse just missed them.

Anyway I’m kind of angry about the fact that Chungdam U keeps trying to upsale me, telling me I need extra acne treatments and lotions and stuff even after I spent 2,000,000won for my skin alone. They asked for another 200,000won for additional acne treatments, and then asked for more money for even more acne treatments afterwards!

What I don’t understand is the fact that I see SO many people from this forum going to Chungdam U because of ME. Increase of foreign clients because of ME. and they can’t even spare one more discount or even any free procedures. Instead they try to milk more and more money out of me, recommending me things I don’t need, or denying anymore discounts due to the fact that ‘they’ve given me already a pretty big discount on my procedures alone’

For example, my paranasal aug is kind of subtle so I talked to the doctor. He recommended me ‘fat dissolving’ injections for no fee. I kind of thought about it and how people don’t usually remove the fat in their cheeks and usually add more volume. Fat dissolving injections would cause me to look older and thus spend even more money at their clinic on fat graft to correct it. So I inquired about fat graft instead in that area, and he told me we would discuss money on my next visit. Everything is about money, money, money and trying to upsale me as much as possible. Free fat dissolving injections but I have to pay for fat graft in that area? HMMM.. Not even a discount either. After all the attention and clients I’ve been attracting to Chungdam U…


I even brought my bf to get his skin done with me and he got a discount, but after that they made up for the discount by asking me the same amount of money as the discount, for ‘additional treatments’ that were not even brought up until my bf bargained his price. Usually skin clinics in Korea do 1+1 deal where you bring your friend and you get 50% off or even free!

Same with a lot of p.s clinics, you bring a friend and you usually both get discounts. I brought a huge amount of foreign clients and I get zilch!

Chungdam U = $$$$$$$$$$

Skilled, but money oriented. Sigh.

I wish I could lightly mention this to the doctor but I don’t want to sound demanding or disrespectful. :\
ChipmunkReview13 Jul 13100
Heres a more detailed review of what happened.

I was initially anticipating to visit Pitangui and Chungdam U. I came to Chungdam U, had a really personalized and patient consultation with Dr.Lee and the skin specialist. During the consultation, Dr.Lee agreed with all the things i wanted to fix which was osteotomy, tip plasty, paranasal augmentation, fixing my epicanthal folds, aegyosal filler, undereye dark circle fat graft and forehead fat graft (during the consultation he said that he would do the forehead fat graft later and I said OK, but he never told me he would remove it from the price which came to a surprise to me since i asked about my forehead fat graft and Dr.Lee sighed and said in korean “what is she talking about?” and they sat me down to tell me it was never included in the first place and that they have a ‘chart’ to prove that it wasnt included, i wasnt interested in seeing it because i remember i paid thinking that it was included so it kinda putt me off.) I couldnt afford the initial price and asked to remove the skin care but still had a hefty price left for my procedures, they called around ₩9,XXX,XXX. I said all I had was ₩8,000,000 and they said they could do it and went to talk to the head to see about that price. They came back to tell me that they could do ₩8,000,000 however I couldn’t receive additional fillers if needed. They asked to see how much money I had and I was nervous and shy and out of stupidity pulled out my bank statement saying that i had in fact ₩8,600,000 and all of a sudden they were like ok price is ₩8,600,000, pay deposit and you can do surgery whenever you want. I picked tomorrow and I was too shy to point out that they agreed to ₩8,000,000 initially. However I paid my deposit and decided not to go to Pitangui because I felt as though Dr.Lee saw what i wanted fixed as if he was in my shoes and their prices were lower than Pitanguis, plus Pitangui didnt have a lot of B&A photos and Chungdam U actually has B&A photos from Ulzzangs they worked on. I decided to do surgery the next day.

On the day of my surgery I was about to pay and let the desk lady know that me and Dr.Lee agreed on ₩8,000,000 which was later changed to ₩8,600,000 upon seeing the money slip I pulled out. The desk lady replied with ‘My doctor would never do something like that’, I shrugged it off and off I went. I washed my face and was brought to the operating chair. They marked my face, had me read and sign an agreement that acknowledges risks and other stuff, laid me down, put a cozy blanket over me, stuffed doggie in my left hand and then injected me with needle that didnt seem to hurt at all. Next thing I know I’m flying and seeing colors and then all of a sudden I wake up and hear sewing on my eyes and nurses humming prettily to the kpop in the background. It was really relaxing and comfortable. then I winced a little and they immediately understood and gave me a numbing needle for my eye which was relieving. Then they sat me up and put an ice pack on my eyes for a few minutes. Then they said they were going to put me to sleep and I was asleep a minute later lol. Woke up in a recovery room feeling numb and dizzy and very very thirsty. They said I couldnt drink for an hour, but 30 mins later they let me have a sip of lukewarm water and then I was out the door. The first few hours I felt absolutely nothing, then later that night the pain kicked in and I felt a headache-like pain in the middle of my face, if that makes sense. I woke up every 30 mins to drink water cause I wasnt used to breathing through my mouth and my mouth got really dry. First couple of days remained so and I e-mailed Dr.Lee about it and he told me that he understands and that its a very uncomfortable and normal part of the procedure. I was swollen for about a week, eating pumpkin soup and drinking tons of water. My paranasal implants were placed through an incision in my nose, so there werent any stitches in my mouth which i am very glad for bc i couldnt imagine having my mouth really swollen. I realized we had a humidifier in the house and I began to use that, which made the dry mouth problem a heck of a lot better and I could finally sleep normally without waking up in the middle of the night.

By day 10 I had my nose cottons removed, when they removed them my nose started to bleed like crazy and i was quite embarrassed haha. They removed the stitches which hurt less than I expected, there was no pain, just itchiness haha. By day 14 I had my nose splint removed (its usually 7 days for people who dont get osteotomy and get something like implant instead) and was finally able to see my new nose. I was surprised they never cleaned my splint during those 14 days cause when they removed it I had these massive blackheads :sad:. Theyre all gone now though. Dr.Lee cleaned the splint and gave it to me to wear at night. My nose bridge was still a bit fat looking because of swelling and Dr.Lee said it would go away in a few months. I realized a few weeks after my eye swelling subsided completely that I wasnt satisfied with the correcting of my epicanthus and it was still uneven where one eye was longer than the other and Dr.Lee said I could surely do revision if I felt as though it was undercorrected and still a bit uneven. During that upcoming appointment, they said they had to wait a few months before they operated or else there would be a bigger chance of scarring and also they had to see how it healed.

Next, they told me that I was due for my aegyosal and undereye dark circle filler. WAIT? FILLER? I asked for fat graft for my undereye circles and Dr.Lee said that they actually wrote it down as filler because fat particles are less fine than fillers, fat is hard to remove and would cause sagging years later. I found it weird because many other clinics offered fat graft for undereye. So I took out the fillers and opted for skin lasers instead. I had ₩1,400,00 worth of fillers and my skin price was supposed to be ₩2,100,000. Although I made this forum post and even translated their website to attract foreign patients and help them out, they still expected me to pay ₩700,000 which made me super ticked off and i asked why they couldnt give me a discount for the skin. The reason they said was ‘we already gave you discount for your surgeries, we cannot give you anymore discounts’ WHAT? and then I made a post in this thread complaining and someone from here reported it to Dr.Lee and he asked me to change it or take it down lol. Before this, I felt like my paranasal area was also undercorrected and he recommended me fat dissolving injections for free, I denied because usually people add volume to cheeks instead of removing (which makes you look old). I emailed him about fat graft and he said okay and mentioned discussing price at my next visit. Then finally when I visited about my revision and he was really nice and asked me to remove the negative post and was offering free change of my paranasal implant to bigger, or fat graft or fat dissolving stuff and I said no. But a few days later I inquired about it again and asked for fat graft for paranasal without additional cost for all that ive done and stuff and he agreed! yay! Also i asked to watch my revision with a mirror to see if I would like more or less and he said i could do that too. So im really happy about that and really happy with this clinic now.

Its now 3 months post op and the swelling is down drastically and my nose is looking nicer and thinner week by week. I am really happy with the results and it doesnt look super fake or plastic. It looks like an upgraded version of my own nose with a pretty tip. The tip and bridge is just what I wanted. My epicanthal folds healed really nicely with absolutely no scarring and I am due for my revision this tuesday. Also visiting other plastic clinics along the way, I have to say that hands-down Chungdam U has the prettiest and most natural looking desk ladies. All the other clinics I went to, the ladies had scary looking eyes that looked like they couldnt close properly, fake super pointy upturned noses, obviously scary chipmunk-like fat graft and aegyosal fillers. Chungdam Us desk ladies really reflect their skill and how careful they do their work and not make everyone into a clone. Also how personalized they are and dont have that factoryesque vibe. I have to say that I am really thankful for this clinic overall and how much they shot up my confidence without makeup and contouring tricks. I am super happy with my face and I feel like it was really worth the money I saved up, i wouldve spent more at a more medical-tourism oriented clinic with ****ty skills, a football team amount of nooby plastic surgeons that they could switch off at any point and a super unpersonalized plastic looking face molded with a cookie cutter. I have no regrets at this point and I am excited for my revision.

Thank you Chungdam U and Dr. Lee again.
Nose, Eyes
ChipmunkReview13 Jul 13100
Wow im sorry to hear!

Im getting a revision this tuesday and I naturally have assymetry in my eyes that looked even more noticable after my procedures, me and my doctor have addressed this issue and he has agreed to try to make my eyes as even as possible and took the blame instead of blaming the unevenness on me.

Great clinic and great doctor.

I feel even more blessed to have gone to Chungdam U after hearing things like that.
ChipmunkReview5 Mar 14-100
It?s been 10 months since my procedures. DO NOT GO TO CHUNGDAM U.

Yes, they do excellent 10/10 jobs on Ulzzangs to promote themselves, but they did a half-assed job on me.

The first thing that happened when I got there, was that they brought me to the consultation room. We discussed what I wanted and we settled on ?W8,000,000? as the total price, me being stupid I decided to take out my money to count. They saw that I had W8,600,000 and they say, ?ok price is W8,600,000? and I was too shy to speak up, so I ended up paying the extra W600,000 than what we agreed?. Ok whatever. When I come back to complain, they say ?already a lot of discount, blah blah blah?. Also when I emailed them before I came to Korea, IN KOREAN, the total price I got back was

So I got my surgeries the next day, healed up and then I noticed my eyes looked exactly the same, except they one eye shorter than the other. I inquired and they said my eyes were uneven to begin with (classic P.S clinic trick 😉 ). Then I had to push and push, and write a 100% honest review on this forum (which they personally asked me to change into a 100% positive review) until they agreed onto a revision, so months later I get my revision and it heals and??.. Lol I have a permanent ?wrinkle? on my right eye due to their carelessness. So Dr.Lee gives me a free filler to try and fix the wrinkle, did not help at all, and gave me a free scar gel as a ?going home present? ok that helped the thick scars but not the wrinkle.

Also, during the consultation we agreed onto a fat graft, and after my surgeries I asked ?when is my fat graft?? and the receptionist says ?what fat graft??, and they call Dr.Lee out saying that I believe we booked a fat graft and I can CLEARLY hear him say in Korean to them (in a very rude manner by the way) “ugh WHAT is she talking about?!!!? and he comes to me to try and prove we never agreed onto a fat graft, and I am steaming mad at this point and I?m like, ?You know what? Forget it.” and I walked out.

They also tricked me into thinking I was getting fat graft for my dark eye hollows and they tell me later it?s for filler, which we didn?t agree on and would not let me refund the procedure so I end up using it to pay half of a skin laser treatment?.

Also the moment I took my bandages off for my nose, I was expecting myself to smile, but I was so noticeably down that Dr.Lee and his nurse were trying to convince me how ?pretty? and ?how much better? it looked, but I was not fooled, because it looked EXACTLY THE SAME, AND NOT HOW I ASKED HIM TO DO IT. During the consultation I brought a lot of pictures and even a drawing of how my nose was, and how i want it to be. I asked for fat removal on my tip for my bulbous nose, and also on my picture it clearly showed how I wanted my nose tip to be pointier and also get rid of the hanging columella, and he looked at my picture and said ?ok ok? but only did ONE thing, which was put ear cartilage in my tip and it still looks bulbous even with ear cartilage. I complained before I left and he says everything will look better in a year.

Another thing, when I first got my nose bandages off, of course they removed the stitches right? so they did, and I went home and for a couple of days I got a lot of dried mucus inside my nose which wouldn?t come out, and if I pulled it out, they gave a little bit of pull and it would be painful. One time I ripped out one of these dried mucus to find out that I also clearly pulled out a blue stitch from the inside of my nose. I go back to get my stitches removed and they explain to me that a blue stitch came out because ?it could?ve fell into my nose while they were removing it last time?, so 2nd time stitches removed and I go home. While I?m home, there is still dried mucus getting stuck to the inside of my nose for some reason, so I turn on a desk lamp, get a hand mirror and not-so surprisingly, there is a noticeably small blue stitch just sitting there knotted. So here I am frustrated already with Chungdam-U?s lack of care, I pull out my nail kit and use my own tweezers and those little scissors to cut out the stitch on my own. WOW.

So here I am 10 months later, with all the swelling gone. My nose does not look any better like he promised. There is a noticeable ?bump? on my nose bridge because when Dr.Lee took out some of the radix to add a curve to my nose, he took out a lego-block-like square chunk instead of making it smooth, causing bone to stick out where it stops and now I have a bump on my nose, great. There is a permanent wrinkle on my right eye after my 2nd revision. My paranasal implants, the right one is farther up than the other causing the right side of my face to still have deeper lines than the left. My nose looks pretty much the same as before except for a new added ?bump? on the bridge, my nose tip was not corrected the way I asked and only a bit of cartilage was placed into the tip. I wanted to remove some fat for my bulbous nose and fix the hanging columella but obviously that didn?t happen.

To sum it up, feels like every procedure was half-effort and I was set up like this so that I HAVE to get a revision. You get one free revision of course, which I used on my eyes (because I couldn?t tell that my nose also needed one at the time due to swelling), my eyes now have a wrinkle from the revision, my paranasal implants are noticeably uneven, my nose is not how I want it. Everytime I complain about something being wrong, they don?t act so friendly to me. I have already e-mailed Dr.Lee personally not once, but TWO TIMES, and he still hasn?t replied. Am I being deliberately ignored?

Now I?m debating whether I should go to another clinic to fix this mess because I am now SCARED that Chundam-U will mess up AGAIN. I know Chungdam-U will also try to charge me for these revisions, so why pay to potentially get messed up again? But also I am worried about how much money I would spend at another clinic on revisions. 🙁

Also a family member called to inquire about their nose and that family members says on the phone to Dr.Lee “Hi was wondering if you could do like you did with (insert my name here)” and Dr.Lee admits “(Insert my name here)’s nose could’ve been done better.”
Nose, Eyes
ChipmunkReview23 January 15-100
Don’t go to Cheongdam U. I went there and had surgery on my eyes 3 times because they messed up 3 times. Also my nose is a mess and I have to pay a lot of money at another clinic to fix it now. They got mad at me for writing an honest review about them and told me when I arrived at the clinic for my 2nd revision to change it to a good one.
Eyes, Nose
ChipmunkRumor23 Jan 15-100
I spoke with another girl on this forum and she also needed to go back for a revision. It seems as though they don’t do a good job on everyday people and only put their effort into those Ulzzangs you see on their site. When I came back to their clinic after 2 years, their clinic was still not so popular.

They seem to attract some chinese and older customers.

I read on Naver that a lot of people are saying they’re overrated, to which I can agree.

Actually CU fixed my eyes 3 times. I’m in recovery right now. Really hope this is the last time for my eyes although they did leave scarring… sigh.

Nose for sure at another clinic because I can’t risk my nose for anything.
chlak5Review3 Jun 15100
Hi guys I’m currently at Starbucks in Korea charging my phone while I type this since I got so much help but I would like to share my experience thus far.

I visited Dream, JW, and Cheongdamu. I can’t comment on the quotes yet but the consultations were good and definitely keep it 3 or less per day for consult. Trust me you don’t time and will be way too rushed but make sure to write down what you want to get done and what the problem is. As well as take pictures of yourself to show them your problem and a photo of someone or something you want to look like.

Dream: It was the nicest interior and the consultants look very pretty and natural. Mostly Koreans and maybe few foreigners. I saw Korean Americans as well. Great thorough consults and these doctors are not there to sweet talk you and straight up just stares at you when you walk in so it may seem cold or off putting but they seem very professional. I saw a well off Korean man getting treated for his skin very quick before returning to work or meeting or something so they see, to have regulars among Korean locals. Quote wise they are the highest but I rather pay more for better results. Dr Park recommend chin implant but I wasn’t too sure about it. But they aren’t pushy at all just recommendation you can easily ignore or ask more about it. It’s your choice. For me I don’t know quite that much so if you guys know chin implant success rate and people I can refer to on Kakao or purse, please let me know! Dr won jae is incision and revision eye specialist. He did not recommend ptosis for me because he said I can look too furious. I’m still gonna ask again if I can maybe do a little but they’d seem to be on conservative and natural side which I really like. And I have yet to see those crazy dolly eyes in gangnam so looks like the trend is dying down.

2. JW: JW was empty mostly and there were couple of Chinese and couple of Koreans. It looks very nice from outside and interior decor is great as well. They offered me the lowest price but I expected that as what most people said. Dr choi was great and he is thorough and stares at you and play around with your face. Dr Han for fat graft was attentive and nice and since its fat graft , it isn’t as serious as eyelid surgery. They recommend accullift for my chin where Dream recommend chin implant so this is something to think about. My consultant was very sweet and understanding. Dr Choi said I can do ptosis but only a little since it mild and did address the same furious looks people get after ptosis like Dream didAlso JK is right across from them. Are they partnered or something?

3. Cheongdamu: The hardest clinic to find but consultant was very nice. It isn’t in the open where people can see the clinic but is one of those alley ways. My consultstion was good and I even had 5 people in my consult. i saw dr yang who is the head surgeon and does eyes and fat graft. The consult was great but I don’t know about them other than they did Chinese celebrities supposedly and it was popular on purse but not anymore? Please comment if you know more. But yeah they seem to be natural minded and holistic. Not that busy though. And the price they gave me was between Jw and Dream and they were wondering what quote I got for Dream and did comment that Dream is good for natural looks. Oh and I also got their towards their closing so maybe it’s different earlier time.

Yeah so that’s it for now. And those who are coming in June or near future it is hot in Korea. So be advised. I want to visit other clinics tomorrow like Jeadon Opera Wannabe Girin and Teuim. No clinic knew who Teuim was either which was concerning and their automatic ptosis recommendation concerns me now after visiting these three clinics today but I will never find out for sure until I consult. But let me know guys which one you would like me to visit or have clinic reommendation since tomorrow is the last day for me secure spot for three clinics. I am really leaning on Dream right now as they aren’t crazy big like Grand but I also saw the most people. I really like the consultsnts their as well and they’d don’t seem to be that money crazyed but seem to be proud of their work which I like. I will update more tomorrow but please feel free to comment as I will check on this before I pass out tonight. It is real work guys to consult. You gotta be on your A game and ask questions until you feel better have no regrets. So what do you think? Which of three clinics would you choose if you were me?
Eyes, Fat Graft
ddalgiRumor28 Nov 14100
I’ve read some pretty bad reviews about Cinderella clinic. Topps is good with making high bridges from what I’ve heard but, not sure about grafting. A lot of the locals talked about Chungdam for grafting and skin treatments. Supposedly its where the ulzzangs go to get pretty.
Fat Graft, Skin Treatment
gongchaRumor3 May 16100
i got new information from local

1. opera eyes & nose (but with certain doctor i dont know his name)
2. shimmian nose (ONLY with head doctor)
3. wonjin anti aging (ONLY WITH park wonjin which will cost u ur life)
4. izien breast & facial contouring (only have 1 doctor for each don’t know their names)
5. dream non incisional (ONLY with Dr. Park DO NOT DO YOUR SURGERY AT NIGHT)
6. cheongdam u nose (i dont know dr name too. i think they only have 1 doctor but u have to like barbie nose)
7. mega eyes (dont know dr name but have to be with certain doctor too)
8. jyp but i dont know which surgery and which doctor

again this is just opinion from my PS freak korean friend. sorry i dont know details koz i guess koreans don’t talk about PS openly and in detailed manner.
kay.jayReview1 Sep 13100
Hi everyone! I?m currently in Seoul and just got my nose, eyes and fat grafting done yesterday. Everything looks fine for now save for the copious amount of dried blood all over my nose which is honestly quite disgusting and bad for the stitches, i reckon? Does anyone have some post-op tips? The clinic i went to didn?t give me much post-op care information. 🙁

I went to a total of 4 clinics for consultation.


First was JW. Before coming to Seoul, I had read a lot of rave reviews about JW on different forums so I had pretty high expectations. JW is a 5 minute walk from Sunshine Hotel (where I am staying), and looks clean and modern. I had my first consultation with Dr.Suh, who was really gentle and nice in person. He spoke English to me throughout my consultation and was honest about what he could and could not do for my nose. Although I had a deviated septum, he didn?t recommend osteotomy as he felt that my deviation wasn?t severe. He wasn?t very detailed, but essentially he communicated that he would be able to correct my asymmetrical nostrils and slim down my bulbous tip.

Next, I met with Dr.Kang to talk about my eyes and fat grafting. Dr.Kang was not as gentle as Dr.Suh. He recommended many other invasive procedures on top of my request for just Epi. He was very comprehensive though, and drew lots of diagrams to illustrate his point to me. Dr.Kang doesn?t speak English so we communicated through my translator, Nicole.

After that, we went to speak to the consultant who gave me my price quote. Before I came to Seoul, JW actually quoted me 8k USD for just revision rhinoplasty and epi, but after consultations, I was only quoted 8.8k Singapore Dollars for rhino, eyes and fat grafting! I was pleasantly surprised. Also, it was then that I requested for Dr.Choi (the senior eye surgeon) to perform my epi instead of Dr.Kang.


O&Young was a little far off and Nicole, my friend and I had to walk through the rain to get there. The clinic is rather small scale and is situated in a short, no-frills building. Furniture wasn?t very modern and the entire place was rather.. Old fashioned. I took a CT scan and was soon ushered into Dr Oh?s office.

Dr Oh is rather senior and in his early 50s I reckon. He was very aggressive and recommended a total of 4 procedures for my nose: deviated septum correction, rhinitis correction, tip plasty and alar reduction. I tried asking him if he could simply correct my asymmetrical nostrils and adjust my tip without doing the other 2 invasive procedures, but he insisted that all 4 procedures were absolutely necessary. Essentially, he struck me as a perfectionist. He was definitely knowledgeable and knew his way around noses though, albeit extremely aggressive and confident. Also, he was not gentle while touching and pinching my nose and I did not appreciate the pain or the disregard for my comfort.

I was quoted a whopping 12.5k Singapore Dollars in total for eyes, nose and fat grafting. I wasn?t very surprised though; I had budgeted enough money for everything but what turned me off about O&Young was their aggression and unwillingness to listen to my opinions. However, I do think Dr.Oh would be good for those who need many different and complicated things done to their nose.. Especially osteotomy.

Chungdam U

I had read a couple of good reviews on Chungdam U, although none were about revision rhinoplasty in particular. Nonetheless, I decided to go for a consultation and assess their skill set myself. Changdam U was newly renovated and nicely furnished. I met with the doctor who was really soft-spoken, gentle and nice, although a little bit young. He was very careful and gentle with my nose and didn?t cause me any pain at all. I really liked him, and he spoke in English to me throughout the whole consultation. He did also mention that a dramatic change could not be produced for my nose due to my thick nasal skin and huge nasal bone. However, he was going to do all 3 surgeries for me (eyes, nose and fat graft) but I wanted separate doctors who were more specialized in each field, so I had to axe Chungdam.

However, I would recommend this place to those doing single procedures, perhaps! I was quoted 11k Singapore Dollars for all procedures.


The first word that comes to mind when I recall my experience at April31 is.. Swanky. The clinic was very clean, modern and lavish. Everything was slick and polished, and the consultants were professional but curt.

The first doctor I saw was Dr.Bak Seong Wan which surprised me, as I was expecting to see Dr.Kim, the head rhinoplasty doctor. Dr.Bak, similarly, highlighted the limitations of my nose due to my thick skin and enormously high nasal bone. He kept emphasizing that the deviation of my septum would still be apparent after surgery and my nostrils would still be asymmetrical. He was pretty gentle too, and really tried his best to speak to me in English. I liked him as a person although I felt that he wasn?t very confident (although he was really good-looking. Haha.) in his skills, so Nicole requested to see Dr.Kim instead.

Dr.Kim is in his late 40s / early 50s and was very intimidating. The first thing he said to us (in Korean) was ?why did you specially request to see me?? and Nicole replied ?because you are supposedly the best in the field, right??

To which he had no answer to, which was pretty smart and cheeky of Nicole! I got the vibe that Dr.Kim felt that we were wasting his time and wasn?t very detailed in his consultation. He was really rough with my nose too, and spoke to me in a very condescending tone, and was patronizing when addressing my concerns. I was pretty offended because as a customer, I believe I deserve some basic respect from the people of whom I am giving business to. However, I could tell that Dr.Kim was very confident (although bordering on pompous) and extremely skilled, though complacency may factor in when someone is over confident. I do think he would probably have produced excellent results as he is very well-known and experienced. The consultant was very curt and hardly smiled at us while talking. All in all, I felt that April31 was a bit too stuffy and ostentatious for my liking. What I did like about them was that they, too, had specialized doctors for each surgery, i.e. one for eyes, one for nose and another one for fat grafting.

I was quoted 11k Singapore Dollars for all 3 procedures.

After going back to the hotel and weighing the pros and cons of each clinic with my friend and Nicole, I decided to go with.. JW!

Dr.Suh?s bevy of good reviews and his gentle personality sealed the deal for me. Also, JW is located so close to my hotel which meant less travelling for me post-op! Although he wasn?t very detailed during my consultation, I somehow had a good feeling about him and decided to just take the plunge.

Day of Surgery

I couldn?t sleep at all the night before the surgery. I remember praying very fervently for God to watch over me during the op as I was getting increasingly nervous.

I reached JW at 10am in the morning and had to fast for 4 hours as a preventive measure although I was only going under local anaesthesia. After settling paperwork and prepping myself for surgery (changing of clothes and making payments), I was positioned in the recovery room and waited for Dr.Kang to come in for my fat grafting. He came in shortly and drew on the fat grafting portions. Next, I was transferred to the operating theatre and stripped of my pants (to suction the fat from my thighs) which was quite a humiliating experience. I remembered lying on the table and thinking ?what have I gotten myself into!?? and sorely regretting my decision.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up and brought back to the recovery room. The fat grafting was done! I was set to wait for about 30 mins for Dr.Choi and Dr.Suh for my epi and rhinoplasty. Waiting took quite a long time, and Nicole went to ask if they could speed things up a little. She really was a god-send, and I am so thankful for her.

Soon after, I was brought back to the operating theatre and Dr.Choi came in and started drawing on my eyes using a toothpick dipped in ink. It was sharp! He was in a chirpy mood and was talking happily to the nurses. He asked me if I spoke English or Mandarin, then proceeded to speak to me in a mixture of both. I remember him saying something funny to me then chuckling, though I don?t recall the content of the conversation. He was extremely gentle while injecting the anaesthesia into my eyes, and often paused to ask if I was hurting. I couldn?t have asked for a better doctor.

Epi was completed really fast and I was awake throughout the entire process but I didn?t feel scared, mainly because I was once again praying fervently, and also because Dr.Choi helped calm my nerves.
About 10 minutes after Epi was completed, Dr.Suh came in and started drawing on my nose. He, too, was very comforting and told me gently, ?ok, now you?re going to sleep!? and the next thing I knew, I was out like a lightbulb! I woke up halfway during the op though I don?t remember much.. I only remembered seeing Dr.Suh?s face looming above mine and feeling really groggy. (continued in next post)
meliwaaReview15 Jun 13100
Right now it’s 9AM and I will be going to Chungdam U at 2 to have my nose cleaned. Since I have a few hours to burn I’ll try to write all about the clinics I went to first. It’s been a while and there’s a lot information so I’ll try to recall as much as I can.

Oh I highly recommend you guys get a T-Money card and download the seoul subway app on your phone. Me and my mom arrived at Apgujeong at about 10:20 though we were supposed to meet Nicole at 9:50 because we got lost on the subway. Dream is very close to the exit, maybe about a five minute walk.

Forgot to mention at the beginning I for sure wanted tipplasty and and alar reduction for bulbous nose. Possibly zygoma reduction. My bridge isn’t that low, but it looks that way from the front view and glasses tend to slide off my face, so I didn’t think fixing it was necessary BUT.

They’re on the second floor of a building, fairly large classy reception area with large windows overlooking the main Apgujeong street. We waited for about 20 minutes before a consultant led us to a private room to talk. She was really friendly and cheerful. I asked about zygoma reduction also but she said I actually had fairly small cheekbones so I decided to drop the case from then on. She drew what they would do to my nose on a clipboard and explained the process. Then she left and we waited for the doctor. It was cold so after a while she led us back to the reception. She also mentioned the doctor would be conferences for two weeks so if I didn’t book the next day the soonest I would get to see him is June 24 and then gave us the business card with her number to call her. Maybe 10 minutes later we met with the doctor. He spoke some English. I asked about alar reduction and he and the consultant did not recommend it for me. Just raising the tip would dramatically change the shape. They would be using septum and silicone I think. For lateral canthoplasty, tipplasty, and rhinoplasty it was 5,000k won without bargaining.

Fairly close to Dream, really extravagant reception. They had a white grand piano there and I think a girl who just did surgery was also waiting. I could see she did eyes but she looked rougher than I do today. The consultant arrived and though she was nice, she looked rather…alien. Her nose was rather small for her face and her eyes were really long. She said lateral would not do much for my eyes because the bone was close, so I should also cut downward to make them rounder and more feminine. She said alar reduction was fine too. When we met the doctor he explained again all the processes. I think they said they would use ear cartilage in the tip and a piece of septum in the area between the nostrils (can’t remember what it’s called) to prevent it from drooping. I can’t remember if he mentioned bridge but eyes and nose would be 3800k won.

View was farther away so we had to take a taxi. It’s on multiple floors of a building. There were many girls waiting in the reception area, which was smaller than the other two. I looked through View’s B&A books and there were many dramatic changes, Nicole said they were good for facial contouring. I can’t really recall the consultant but the doctor was the most well-spoken in English. He asked me where I was from and said he would do his best. He didn’t recommend I do alar nor lateral. I THINK he said he’d put ear cartilage in the tip and reinforce with septum to prevent it from drooping (different from Pitangui though), silicone for bridge. Rhinoplasty + tipplasty was 3300k won I think.

Chungdam U
We also took a Taxi there, it was harder to find because it’s off the main road. We arrived early so we looked through their B&A books while we waited. There was something Laser V-Line, which Nicole said she would recommend to her future customers. Our consultant was maybe in her 40’s. Since Chungdam U has had a dermatology floor downstairs, we asked about freckle removal for my mom first. There were two types of lasers,the primary one that would remove the freckles is called CO2, after they fell off in 5-7 days she could use another one for skin whitening and reducing the little bumps on her skin. Time was a constraint so we just paid for the primary one first which would be 800k. Then we got to me and she flat out said that lateral would not be worth the money in my case. She touched my face a lot and it felt more personal than the other clinics. She didn’t think alar would be necessary either. The tip would use layers of car cartilage in a sideways C position on the top of inside of the nostrils. which she drew in a diagram. There were many plastic implant models in a clear box. I inquired about the Laser-Vline and she touched my jaw and asked me to clench my teeth. She said we should put botox in it to reduce the size but after hearing how young I was, instead said I should go for the less invasive V-line, which would reduce muscle and then they would pull the skin back. My mom refused however. When we met the doctor, he spoke English but slower and repeated what the consultation told us. He asked if I had a nose in mind; I didn’t because I just wanted one that was natural and would fit me. I asked about the nose drooping later on because they weren’t using any septum but he said the way they layered ear cartilage would prevent that from happening. He also picked up an implant model and laid it on my nose and let me see how it would look like in a mirror. It was straight with and slightly curved at the end, very natural. The implant would be silicone and would fix the very slight bump I on my nose. He said he would let me see my nose right after the operation to make sure I was satisfied and less chance of revision. After that we got into a room with the consultant and after much debating it was decided 4300k for nose, 700k for my TRM laser, and 800k for my mom’s freckle removal. Nicole said she reduced the price of laser so she couldn’t lower the nose. Oh and the V-Line would be 2500k.

Out of these clinics, there’s not one that I wouldn’t recommend you go see if you like them. My personal ranking would Chungdam U > View > Dream > Pitangui. Chungdam felt more personal and I really liked that they told me the truth about lateral and alar reduction; I mean they’re not just out to make a buck right? Though they’re more expensive, they really stood out with the plastic models. I’ve known and liked View for the longest time and they didn’t disappoint. I felt most comfortable with that doctor, the price was really good, and I also liked that he told me no lateral or alar. Dream was good also, though a little more expensive. Now that I look back on it, I think Pitangui tried to push more procedures on me. I think if you’re not careful you might end up with “Gangnam Girl” face. They’re not bad, you just have to keep your feet planted on the ground.

Woo and I am finished an hour later. I’m really lazy right now so please excuse any grammar mistakes lol unless they are really bad/confusing (please tell me so). Also after I paid Chungdam me and my mom went down to the dermatology floor for the laser treatments. Our skin isn’t finished so I can’t tell you the results, but I’d be happy to tell about the actual procedure if anyone’s interested. I’ll try to type up the operation experience at Chungdam soon…
meliwaaReview16 Aug 13100
So I’m back after 2 months of inactivity, sorry! Anyway, I wanted to preface this by saying thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged me on this journey. Some have left the forums and probably won’t read this, but I’ll always be grateful for your stories, advice, and kind words.

The appointment with Chungdam U was at 1PM on Friday, June 13. Me and my mom sat in the lobby waiting for about 20 minutes since we arrived early until the nurse called me upstairs. Communication was strained because Nicole had to be with another client and there was only 1 short-haired nurse who spoke a bit of English. They had a private room for me to put my things in and I guessed to rest in after the operation. I was given a really large pajamas and thick slippers to change into. My mom waited in the upstairs lobby while I did so. Then I was lead down a hallway and past another set of doors. I think I was asked if I was scared, but I wasn’t even nervous or anything, just somber I guess.

The operating rooms weren’t seperated by doors and had more of a dentist office type of feel. In mine there were two nurses and perhaps the anaestilogist coming in and out. I was told to gargle this purple liquid. They put an IV in my arm and a shot in my butt. Kind of awkward to be honest. Once I layed down my hair was tucked into a cap and a large vest put over me. I think a nurse shaved my nose then. They gave me a stuffed bunny to hold on to, I guess because I’m rather young lol? It was cute though. When Dr. Lee came in he talked to me about the procedure. He wanted to affirm if I wanted a western nose or not and I shook my head vigoriously; I wanted it Asian and natural and possible. I looked at the clock when he said the the anaesthetics were going to kick in soon, it was going to be weird, and just to dream of some place I would like to go. It was 1:20 or 1:30 then. He was wiping my nose with disinfectant maybe and then the world slowed down. Everything turned into orange geometric shapes and I thought of buildings for some reason. It started fading in what felt like a minute and I saw circular lights glowing over me.

[Warning: it gets kind of graphic in this paragraph] I hoped everything was done, but the clock showed only 2PM. I’m not sure if this was supposed to happen but I was awake for the rest of the operation. My actions were sluggish but my mind started to race. Dr. Lee was probably in the process of inserting the silicone when I woke up. It didn’t really hurt but I could barely feel the sensation of him stretching the cut in my right nostril. And I could hear all of it. I could hear the squish and crunch of silicone in my bridge and later the scraping of my ear cartilage. It might freak you out less if you’ve broken a bone or something, but I’ve never gotten hurt more than a scrape or bruise. There was something running down the side of my face and it took me a second to realize it was likely blood. Despite all this, I managed to stay relatively calm. And at least Dr. Lee talked to me when he could. Sometimes my nose would start hurting and I would say a loud “ow” and he injected anaesthetics once more. He said he would try not to because he had already given me more than the usual amount. Oh but I absolutley hated when he was scarping more cartilage from inside my ear. It hurt much more than my nose and it was so scary and freaky. I tensed up so bad and kept my eyes shut tight the entire process. I was breathing hard and I think I teared up a little bit. He did eventually inject more anaesthetics there but there was still the very slight sensation. Remember, I could hear this loud and clear. Then there was more stretching of the nostril cut for the tipplasty. Again, it didn’t hurt that much, but I could feel exactly what he was doing. I would try to remember more but I think my brain wants to block out most of it – other than DO NOT DO EAR CARTILAGE AGAIN!!! Finally he started sewing up the incisions. I could feel each pull and occasional poke. Once he finished, he let me sit up and look at my nose in the 3 way mirror. It was a lot straighter and higher already and he asked “Okay?” but I was so dazed I couldn’t say much more than “okay.” So they laid me down and started bandaging and putting a splint on my new nose. Afterwards, everything else was taken out or off and I was put back in the private room to rest for a bit.

My mom came in and said “woah” and asked if I was okay. I mean, yeah I was; my nose and ear only hurt a bit. The nurses said I could go home right away if I wanted when questioned but I wanted to lay there for a bit since my brain was scattered. I only stayed a little less than an hour since they also informed me they had another patient coming in.

I realized I had a question I wanted to ask, and after a bit of floundering they found someone who could speak enough English to answer me. I think Dr. Lee was missing because he was filling in the prescription forms. When we went down to the lobby he was there and he gave us instructions to the pharmacy that was close Caffee Bene down the street. The pharmacist told me to take a bag of pills 3 times a day, and the bags with a red pill first.

On the subway I got a few stares but I was okay. My ear stung though. That night I had to sit upright so I only got like 5 or 6 hours of sleep. My mouth only gets dry when I nap (even though my mouth is closed) so my throat was okay for the rest of the nights. I think I met up with teatreeoil (a forumer) the second or third evening in Myeongdong. I wasn’t tired or anything. My nose didn’t hurt, but there was an itchy heavy feeling like during my yearly allergies. My ear on the other hand rang and pulsed with pain.

That week I wanted my bandages off as soon as possible, my skin is very oily and though the TRM laser dried it up until the third day, it was getting oily at the edges of the bandages. So pretty gross. I was more exhausted on the 5th and 6th day then I was on the 2nd and 3rd so I just layed in bed.

Me and my mom came late to our appointment because I took a wrong turn on the subway OTL Nicole was already there. I was tense while the nurse cleaned my nose and took the plugs out and my back kept arching involuntary anytime my ear was touched. When they led me out I glanced at a sliver of a mirror, but I couldn’t recognize myself. In the lobby Dr. Lee handed me a splint and bandages to wear at night. There was also this creme and q-tips to apply in my nostrils. Nicole set up another appointment with the doctor in a week, the day before I left. Then I went down to the dermatology branch and had another facial (already paid for). I was really happy that I was ‘normal’ again.

When I got home, I kept staring at myself in the mirror. The figure was vaguely familar. The nose was a lot sharper and had a gentle curve. Then I put on the splint and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and FREAKED. I didn’t even go outside because I thought that I looked /wrong/. It was a beautiful nose why didn’t it fit on me?? I Those in the June Kakaotalk group experienced my hysteria firsthand. But the next dayI was suddenly okay again. I even went to Myeongdong and shopped a lot.

The last appointment with Dr. Lee was right after the last one I had with the dermatology floor of Chungdam U. My skin looked so great ;u; Okay then back up the lobby floor. A nurse cleaned my noses again. He checked to make sure everything was okay and adjusted my nose with his hands a bit. Then he made an splint for my nose – the other one was a pre-made one and didn’t fit just right. In the lobby he gave us a card to contact him. I asked him stuff and he sent it’s best not to jog for a month, though two is best.

It’s about 2 months later. Same old, same old. My bridge has felt normal since day 1 and my nose tip is still hard and alien. I mean, the tip feels like touching someone else’s skin but it hurts if I put too much force on it. Like I went in to kiss my grandpa on the cheek and I had to recover from the pain for about a minute or two. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and stares, some people have said I look like a doll now heh. Everyone has said it looks very natural and though they can see the tip’s changed, they dont realize I also have a bridge implant until I tell them. Sometime I wish my tip was less round from the front (it’s perfect in side profile) but I realize I had a LOT of cartilage there anyways and raising it anymore would look unnatural from any other view. But overall, I’m really happy with my nosejob and I don’t regret one bit of it. 🙂

I think I included most everythingI didn’t look over it so I hope everything makes sense but if there’s anything you’d like to know more about please feel free to get in touch. ?
Review4 Dec 12100
Hi again! I’m done with the surgery phew! It took 2 hours – she used some silicone and also took some stuff from my ear. My Korean isn’t very good, so I had no idea that she was using my ear.

The process was much better than I thought! I was so terrified in the surgery room god haha the lights and everything was just really disturbing. Had only two shots (one to test antibiotic reaction or something? And the IV sedation) and both were tolerable, maybe 4/10 (felt just like vaccines haha!). I woke up half way when she was shaving my bone, but I didn’t really feel pain, just sometimes a little twinge that hurt me a bit when she was stitching me up. Currently I look like a cow haha with my nose packed and all, but it comes off tomorrow thankfully.

Anyway here’s my current profile!! I’m very happy so far 🙂 It’s still very swollen and very high but it’s not nearly as freaking huge anymore :biggrin:
The password is purseblog

Sorry this is very brief, but I’ll post more once I can wear glasses since it hurts my eyes to look at the screen so long~
plasticbunsReview18 Jun 13100
Hey guys! Just finished all my consultations and I’ve made my decision. I’ve only decided to do my eyes btw. Clinics I’ve consulted:

View- I was really looking forward to consulting with View. I had high expectations of course but View did not meet it. All the clinics were professional but the consultant was not very knowledgeable. She also had a lisp (from a recent jaw surgery? I don’t know, I didn’t ask) which kinda bothered me lol. The doctor that specialized in eyes was very young and didn’t say much. I probably spent only a couple minutes with him. I didn’t feel very comfortable. Price for only double eyelid: 1,900,000 KRW

Samsung- consultant there was very nice and charismatic. Doctor was very nice and older. He told me right up what was recommended and what isn’t recommended. I wasn’t expecting much but they were very professional and I had a pretty good feeling about them. Double eyelid, ptosis and lateral prices: 2,500,000 KRW

NJH- I wasn’t expecting much from NJH. Professional but bland. Not many clients in lobby. Not much to say about here. Double eyelid and ptosis: 2,300,000 KRW

Chungdam U- High expectations and Chungdam U met them! Lobby is very welcoming and so were the consultants/staff. My consultant and doctor was very friendly and was very honest about the procedures. He also said it was possible to do a slight epi for me when other doctors couldn’t. I was very comfortable with the clinic. Double eyelid, ptosis, epi: 2,500,000 KRW

So far I have decided with Chungdam U but I still had one more consultation the next day.

Réal- known as one of the best clinic in korea and the most expensive. MOST of the locals know about it and it is recommended by my aunt. It was actually crowded there (the other clinics did not have many people) My consultant was very nice and I noticed she was very pretty 🙂 the doctor was much older but very experienced (he also has a sense of humor haha!). My aunt personally knows the doctor so I got a pretty good discount 🙂 I felt very comfortable there. Price for double eyelid, ptosis, and lateral: 2,600,000 KRW

I was stuck between Chungdam U and Réal but in the end I chose Réal! I have my surgery tomorrow and I am super excited! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
PygmyPuffRumor19 Apr 12-100
I e-mailed JW, Grand and V.I.P about prices for zygoma reduction + tipplasty/alar for a bulbous tip.
Prices are nose and the zygoma reduction.
Grand: 4,300 + 8,500=12,800
V.I.P: 6,000 + 6,300=12,300
JW: 2,800 + 5,000=7,800.

Grand suggested a small implant because when I correct my tip, the dr said that my nose will curve upwards. They also recommended zygoma reduction, but mine only comes out slightly. It’s because I’m…fat lol but I’ve already lost 20kgs and I’m still going! When I reach my goal weight, I might get it done.

All the other drs said that my nose bridge and everything else is nice, so I would only need to fix my bulbous tip.. I’m also really interested in Chungdam U. It’s not on any forum, but it is quite famous among koreans. They do a lot of ulzzangs and celebrities. their site is only in korean, but I found their naver blog which has a lot of pictures/reviews.

I’m still a little undecisive regarding the zygoma reduction and maybe jaw too…has anyone here done it? what is the swelling like?
PygmyPuffRumor19 Apr 12100
I e-mailed JW, Grand and V.I.P about prices for zygoma reduction + tipplasty/alar for a bulbous tip.
Prices are nose and the zygoma reduction.
Grand: 4,300 + 8,500=12,800
V.I.P: 6,000 + 6,300=12,300
JW: 2,800 + 5,000=7,800.

Grand suggested a small implant because when I correct my tip, the dr said that my nose will curve upwards. They also recommended zygoma reduction, but mine only comes out slightly. It’s because I’m…fat lol but I’ve already lost 20kgs and I’m still going! When I reach my goal weight, I might get it done.

All the other drs said that my nose bridge and everything else is nice, so I would only need to fix my bulbous tip.. I’m also really interested in Chungdam U. It’s not on any forum, but it is quite famous among koreans. They do a lot of ulzzangs and celebrities. their site is only in korean, but I found their naver blog which has a lot of pictures/reviews.

I’m still a little undecisive regarding the zygoma reduction and maybe jaw too…has anyone here done it? what is the swelling like?
qiuqiuRumor24 Sep 11100
Hey guys here’s a list of plastic surgery clinics which I asked my Korean friend to recommend. Maybe you guys can check it out 🙂
Rachy888Review11 Jan 13100
Hey everyone,

I have done surgeries today at Chungdam U clinic. For eyes, I have done epi+ptosis+non incisional. So far, I’m liking the results as there is not major swelling on the first day. The doctor and surgeons are really caring and professional. All if it was not pain at all even though I was awake throughout the surgery. I liked how the doctor tells you step by step what he is doing next and what to expect so they will not be any suprises and the fact that he also talks to you to calm you down during the surgery.

Photos will be up soon!
Rachy888Review11 Jan 13100
Thank you very much. 🙂

Clinic is located in cheongdam, a high end area. There’s always customers, when I’m there second time. Their schedule is full on weekends. The prettiness of the staff should not be a determining factor lol.
Ie banobagi staff does looks pretty but they have not really good reputation. There were incidences. Also some of them could have done it long ago.

I was really comfortable with my doctor. He listens and understands what you want.

I have consulted View as well, I did not like how the surgeon did not listen to me. And it’s scary when he only give 15 mins consultation. And when i looked thro the BA pictures, the eyes are nice but however, it looks fake (may not suit me) and takes long recovery time. They have recommended no epi and incisional and ptosis correction. With these, I would prob have really Huge eyes(looking at BA) which may not be suitable for my face. It really depends if you like those eyes which may be suitable for you, then go for view!

I really liked how Chungdam U listens and the thorough consultation using the equipments.

Big names like Regen, Cinderella, Dreams may be too busy to listen to your concerns.

And just like other forummers, I was scared and shivering my *** before the surgery, Surgeon really patient and precise. My eyes are even now :smile:. Swelling have subside, weird.
Rachy888Review6 Jun 15-100
Hi guys. I m post op 5 days since my nose revision in banobagi. I asked for smaller tip and sharper tip and curvw nose. They have replaced implant with a new one. Previously i did close rhino in korea and i felt cheated because the doctor wasnt skillful at all. I was fooled by the blogs and ulzzang and their advertising. Well, i ll keep you guys posted on my outcome and pictures soon.
Rachy888Review7 Jun 15-100
Anyone did revision eyelid with dr soo shin kim from real cosmetic? I really appreciate anyone to share with me. I want to revise my eyes as it looks heavy at the top. My first surgery was non incisional, epi and ptosis correction.

Ive attached current picture and old pic. I feel my eyes looks unnatural.
Rachy888Review7 Jun 15-100
Thanks. It hurts like hell. I did my primary at chungdam u. Two years past and i dont like my results. I think the surgeon is not experienced enough to create the nose that i wanted. Im very VERY disappointed with the nose job.
Rumor12 Jan 13100

Thanks for the feedback, Chungdam U was recommended by my translator for facial contouring but their changes are too drastic for my liking and i haven’t seen a lot of feedback from international patients.

I guess you do have to feel comfortable with the surgeon before choosing your clinic. Its probably a good job that you didn’t go to View for your eyes, they are not known for their eyes!

Oh, i only asked about how pretty the staff were because i’ve yet to read someones experience where they’ve said that the staff were not pretty at all. I’m not gonna use it to determine whether or not i choose that certain clinic :p
Facial Contouring
Rumor2 Sep 12100
Hi Gorgeous – I only read today with alarm a study that says Medpor nasal implants have almost 90% infection rate in the USA.
I found this link about this model called hwang-ji-min and her PS journey with pics. The men are going crazy over her. She completely transformed herself with Doctor Yang
Rumor2 Sep 12100
Yeah Peggy Heng has just so-so results. You should check out this chick Hwang Jimin she went to
Also this Chinese model went to Dr Kim, Byung Gun at BK
shinenimReview15 Dec 14-100
I didn’t really like iWell and chungdam during my visit there. No doubt they were crowded with patients, but I hardly see any locals there, most of which came from China and Russia (totally cool with that).

I visited with one of my friend and our waiting time (even with appointment) was about an hour. The consultation with the doctor ended in less than 15 minutes. Really? Hardly any explanation on the procedures and method used ): (now, not cool. It’s my face ykno)

iWell is slightly better than Chungdam, IMO. At least, the Translator staff there keep us updated while we are waiting and also gave us a brief summary of what to expect before surgery and after surgery. I didn’t like the consultants from both clinic though. Common problem I faced in PS clinic in korea – they sound like they are purely doing sales.
Review24 Jun 15100
Hi everyone,

As promised I have done all my consults and compiled my reviews of each of them. I had 4 clinics on my short list and I ended up visiting a total of 7 clinics before narrowing down my list to 2. Surprisingly none of my original 4 made my top 2 and it was also easy to strike them off based on the consults I had.
Clinics I visited: Dream, ASPS, JW, Jaedon, CheongdamU,VIP, MVP
Clinics I visited for consults after my op with a friend: Teuim, JJ, JK (Teuim post review to be added).!review1/c1faw

So I ended up doing surgery with MVP for both DES revision, epi, and complete rhinoplasty (bridge, tip, alar reduction). I have to say my results are great and I am waiting to get back to my home country so I can properly upload photos using my computer. I also got my eyebrows done at MVP using their call in eyebrow lady lol..
Just a quick heads up that I might decide to use blogger to host my content rather than wix as suggested by a friend so if the link above doesn’t work anymore, just PM me.

My link to my blog above also states my experiences pre-op, during op, and up to 10 days post op!

If you find my website helpful, please let me know either by post or PM.
Rumor25 Aug 14100hi wishingstar

My friends have try Chungdam U and they like the result for skin treatment.
Skin Treatment
valeriansinReview21 Feb 17100
I had botox in my jaw at Cheongdam U for 220,000 KRW. I had it done about 3 months ago but they didn’t tell me how many units they injected. It did a good job of slimming my face down (I saw results after about a month) but I’ve noticed that while the muscle has shrunk, it’s still a little bit there. So I am planning to go back next month and have a second round done because I really like the result so far. They have an English speaking nurse there who sat in the consult with me and the doctor which was really helpful. The thing I was most concerned about was having it injected in the wrong place and losing my ability to smile properly (don’t know why but this was my biggest concern haha) and thankfully that didn’t happen. So I definitely recommend Cheongdam U, although it would be nice to find somewhere that does it for cheaper than 220,000… if anyone can recommend a place they’ve tried that would be amazing!

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