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TheshortoneReview20 Jan 18100Hey everyone! I’m currently five days post op for my cleft rhinoplasty, lip and scar revision. I wanted to give you guys some thoughts about MVP/CBK since there might be others who have a clef that are looking in Korea for their surgeries.

Summary if you don’t want to read it: Went to consult with MVP, CBK and Gangnam severance hospital. Confident in MVP, put a deposit down. Gangnam hospital referred me to his teacher at CBK, ended up getting surgery at CBK. Currently 5 days post op.

I had been talking to MVP for about a month before i arrived to korea. I didn’t put a deposit with them since I wanted to see Dr. Choi first. I’ve been talking to Elizabeth who is so sweet and kind and very helpful. I went to the consultation and was very confident in MVP. I did have other consultations lined up but decided to put deposit with MVP since Dr. Choi seemed very knowledgable about cleft patients. Ellen also had excellent english and was able to translate medical terms from Korean to English which was very helpful. Dr. Choi spent about an hour during my consultation, since i heard stories about patients doing five minute consultation, and the fact he spent time to explain what he was going to do made me feel safer and confident in him. I needed my nose lifted up because it was very asymmetrical, I wanted a scar revision because it was so obvious to me but I guess the scar wasn’t too bad. I also needed my lips fixed because it was dented so it made it look like my right part of the lip just didn’t exist. Dr. Choi was honest about not being perfect, and how he couldn’t be 100% confident that the scar and lip will be “perfect” and I appreciated his honestly since nothing can ever be 100% symmetrical or make a scar completely disappear. I had friends search naver about Dr. Choi and he had articles about his work with cleft patients volunteering internationally. I think it’s very important to find a doctor that continues working on cleft patients throughout their careers and it isn’t a one or two case kind of thing since most cleft patients had revision surgeries before so it makes it more difficult then a regular nose.

I had on thursday a consultation lined up with Gangnam Severance Hospital that was recommended by Cleft Line (http://www.cleftline.org/who-we-are/what-we-do/team-care/international). Dr. Park listed on the cleft line wasn’t on Yonsei hospital list, but we saw a Dr. Yun. Since I didn’t know much about him, I knew that MVP would had been a good choice, but Dr. Yun told us that his teacher Dr. Park had retired and went into private practice and to talk with him to see if he could do anything. Dr. Yun could had performed the surgery, but I just couldn’t do research about Dr. Yun so I decided not to go with him. But Gangnam Severance Hospital actually made a consultation appointment with Dr. Park who is now at CBP Plastic Surgery for a consultation. So we ended up at CBK and I was really blown away by Dr. Park. He spoke english, had been working on cleft patients for 40 years in Korea and internationally. He also was a doctor at GNG before, which I wanted to do a consultation with but they didn’t have any cleft patients so that’s why I never went to them. We found archive materials on GNG that promoted Dr. Park on doing cleft rhinoplasty, but after he left, they didn’t offer that anymore. We spent 4 hours at CBK, I had about hour consultation with Dr. Park who told me he needed to fix the foundation of my face first, and that this wasn’t strictly cosmetic but more structural also. He said surgery would be about four hours that he had special technique to make scar more vertical instead of the slanted scar that I had. He also told me that I probably need to come back for a minor revision surgery since his focus was getting the foundation, and the nose back up right. The revision surgery will just give my nose a better cosmetic look. The only thing about CBK is they don’t cater to english speakers, only Chinese and Korean. So after we were done with Dr. Park it was hard to communicate with the rest of the staff since they didn’t speak any english at all. Then I realized that they have fliers and things in Chinese and they had a chinese translator! So my boyfriend became a translator for me. Korean to Chinese to English. That was probably why we spent so many hours at CBK lol.

So I decided to go with CBK. Because Dr. Park’s name is spelled so differently on a cleftline site, that was why we couldn’t find him. We ended up googling him in Chinese and found a bunch of articles about his work, interviews, papers written by him. So I felt pretty confident in him. We ended up talking with Dr. Choi who is CBK facial contouring specialists who speaks English, and says Dr. Park is his boss (even though they all co-own the clinic), even though he’s 70 years old, DR. Park wouldn’t let Dr. Choi do simple things during surgery because Dr. Park is so meticulous and wants to be perfect. I saw many patients here getting their jaw done, and I also saw another cleft patient that thad surgery a day after mine. There was a lot of Koreans in the waiting room, and some chinese patients that had their jaw surgery. But the clinic was pretty busy at times.

I had my surgery on monday and currently it’s saturday in Korea. I think i’m getting my bandages off on Monday so i’m really excited to finally be able to breathe again. I’ve seen Dr. Park everyday since I left the hospital on Wednesday. CBK wanted me to stay the night of the surgery, but MVP would had sent me back to my hotel. I think it was good i ended up staying at the hospital because the next day I ended up passing out from the lack of food and my body is pretty small so I guess it just didn’t know what to do lol. but they took care of me and had me stay another night just to be safe. I’m seeing Dr. Park everyday until I leave Korea. He also wants me to come back in six months for a check up, which I think is pretty cool he wanted me to do that because it’s not like other places where they perform surgery and never see you again. My surgery took about 6 hours because when Dr. Park went in, the american doctors that had performed surgery on me three different times and randomly used tissue and things to prop my nose up, and using tissue and cartilage wrong since those doctors weren’t really specialized in cleft patients. I think that’s very important to choose the right doctor because for complicated cases, you don’t want to choose any doctor. They need to be practicing the specialty in their careers.

Thanks for listening to the random thoughts, I’ll post update as the bandages come off in the next few days. Let me know if you have questions about MVP or CBK Or Gangnam hospital.
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