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cherrywuenReview12 Aug 11100
Hi everyone,

I have my nose eyes done in last April. I feel a little responsible to share my secret. I have it done as BOM plastic surgery hospital in the same stress with BK Youngdong , but 3 blocks away. It has fully service: dental, nose, breast, eyes but famous for nose and non-surgery ptosis. I don’t remember its address, but you can find out from google. Very professional and caring, not like any other clinics in this forum, it is hospital for local people. Advised me do higher bridge, but finally give a natural with slimmer bridge and more defined tip, good for primary case. Very pleased with the final result. Hope it a helped advice.
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Lily RoRumor3 April 13100

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Posted April 3, 2013
I am in Korea now to wait for recovery…
I just want to share my experience for who is considering having plastic surgery in S.Korea.

Actually I have a friend who used to stay in Korea for 6month learning Korean. I met her when she came back to Singapore and found out her eyes and jaw reduction job done.

She introduced her friend who is a Korean and used to work at plastic surgery as an consultation and I asked about my face specially square jaw, eyes and nose…pretty much all about my face..kekeke. She recommended few hospitals that might be suit for what I wanted.

Long story make it short, finally I decided to go to Korea and had consultation with 3 different plastic surgeries 2 weeks ago.
I went to BOM plastic surgery, TL plastic surgery and O&Young plastic surgery.
She said most plastic surgery in Gangnam Area are good at eyes surgery but would need to research for facial contouring and rhinoplasty.

She mentioned Dr.Kim at TL and Dr.Lee at BOM for facial contouring and Dr.Oh at O&Young for rhinoplasty.

So I met those doctors and decided to get surgery at TL, I saw their model at clinic she changed really a lot and so pretty as celebrities. Especially for jaw reduction she changed a lot.

Anyway I had surgery 26th March and today is 7th day after surgery, my face is big now because of swelling but I am happy so far…even swelling I can see my smaller jaw… I can’t wait to see my result after a month.

I think those 3 plastic surgeries are ok, two have English speaking manager, one haven’t. But Doctors can speak in English, not so fluently…but was ok….;;;

I can’t tell about result yet but it was good decision to come to Korea…really plastic surgery here is so famous and a lot of local people has done it.. It is so common…

Wish me good luck with my recovery….haha~

Hope it will be helpful to some!
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pwangRumor28 Feb 13100
speak honestly, I dont know about OZ…

But I know Dr. Lee at BOM and Dr. Kim at TL are loved by Korean…
I heard they did many celebrities who are very famous in 90’~00′.
Specailized nose and jaw…

just visit there and have consultation when you go to Korea.
I dont’ know they have translator or not…

If you need translator then email me…I will give my translator contact.
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Rumor14 Jan 13100
Clinic Recommendations from a Seoul Sociallite

This weekend I met up with my GF’s good friend, who’s had eyes, BA, nose and jaw procedures done a few years ago. This girl’s pretty gorgeous, well-informed and from a financially well-off family with plenty of time to spare, so from what I gathered she picked the best places and did her homework before she chose. She recommended the following clinics. I don’t have their websites, and I don’t think they speak English, but I think if you ask a local translator they might know these clinics, and they might be worth taking a look at or putting into your consideration set.

A place called “bomm” or “bom”

A place called “brown” or “braun”


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