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marirRumor17 Oct 11100
Hehe I know. ^^ What I meant was that people who DO use Google Korea (namely, Koreans) search those clinics (popularity descending) on that search engine.
When I had searched up “plastic surgery” in Naver and Daum, the same clinics shown in Google Korea came up, but Naver and Daum had them scattered all over the place. Google Korea showed more of a selection too, so I posted those findings on here instead.

Thank you for your comment though. I don’t want people to think that all of the clinics I posted are popular with locals. I only wrote that because I was initially just planning on posting the top 5 searched clinics, but ended up writing a book… and forgot to edit that part. Sorry! And looking again through all of the search engines, I noticed I didn’t post these clinics out of laziness:

Korea Plastic Surgery

Sehyun Aesthetic Clinic


Dr. 4 Nose

4 Ever


Ni Clinic

On another note, I suggest people look for the logos shown here http://www.prskorea.co.kr/ on the websites of the clinics they’re interested in. If the website doesn’t show one of the certified logos, then giving them a call to make sure the doctors have had ample experience would be a smart move. Why? Because not all clinics are good. See here:
p.joann14Rumor22 Dec 16100
I can’t speak Korean but I am part Korean. I have a couple friends in Korea. I haven’t decided yet, but I am trying to avoid the main stream clinics / factories, or even places that over market to foreigners ( banobagi in cluded ). I dont know.. I’d rather go somewhere where more locals seem to go. I’m here until tonight so I will check out a few clinics with my eunnie. I will be back in January.

Heres my picks so far : GNG Hospital, Forever Clinic, Namu Clinic, Gyaryaham Clinic ( idk how to spell it ). My friend knows someone who did her eyes at Forever, but I wanna do nose and fc and I read that the owner of GNG is an ENT rhinoplasty surgeon, so I’m leaning a lot more towards that , but we will see.

Where else have you considered?

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