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chickychicReview4 September 15100
Hey guys,
I went to Korea in July to do lipo on my arms and consultation with my previous consultant.
Everything was still great but some of interiors have been changed.
photo of people are in shown on the elevator and in front of elevator which was next to the doctors’ board.
I really liked my consultant and we chatted a lot for a while.
went for consultation with doctor, check my fat with machine again on my thighs and arms.
I still very happy with my thighs (Love my legs shape and size!)
I got a lot of fat on arms and armpit. When my consultant measured arms it was one size bigger than their basic range. I can not help with it,..so just take it out as much as the doctor can do…

I made schedule for my arm lipo a week after because there were no space for my surgery.. That’s why I made it next week (She showed me the surgery schedule and it all full of the surgery) 🙁

Luckily, I do not have to do pre-op test because I already done it this Feb.
I went to shopping malls in Sinsa Garosugil(?) and bought some cosmetics for my friends and family 🙂

On the surgery day,
Same like the thigh procedure. Consultation with my surgeon on surgery day.
I felt so nervous again even it was my second time to do surgery at 365mc.
Fall a sleep with anesthesia….
I was at the recovery room when I wake up (It was nice )

I could not feel any discomfort or any pains on my arms but some little pain on armpit area. I had no problem to hand up.

My arm size is going down to 30cm from 35cm in 20 days.
It was quite amazing. I though it will not that getting smaller before a month.
I really like 365mc and result of surgeries.
cxflygirlReview17 Jun 13100
In case anyone if thinking of lipo in Seoul here is an account of my journey.

DAY 1. Arrive in to Seoul and straight to 365mc in Gangnam. The hospital takes up a whole building, its clean, modern and assuring to know that it only focuses on weight loss management and liposuction. I met with the translator who is just lovely. Had my body analysis done where you stand on this machine to caculate body mass index % of fat , muscle extra. I then met a consultant who answered all my question relating to the surgery, pre, post and after care. Very thorough. I then met my surgeon who use ultrasound to measure the thickness of the fat in my ab and flank area. This was then followed by a 3D scan which was just amazing to see where the concentration of fat was. Blood test and then measure for my post garment suit. The usually recommend one garment but I order two one post and one slightly smaller for when the area shrinks. The doctor advise that I will have 3 incision in the hip and belly button. I was concern about drainage but he said that most would have gone after the operation.

Surgery is scheduled tomorrow so will see how it goes.
cxflygirl18 Jun 13100
Day 2.

I arrived at the clinic at 2:30 had my blond pressure taken and an injection which was helped to relax. Honestly having had 2 c-section i has not too nervous. I then met the doctor. Showed me the photos of my abdomen and explain what exactly was to be done. a total of 4 incisions. One from the bellow two from hip and tailbone. Very thorough in explaining the procedure. I was marked out on the area and ushered to the surgery room where i was drench in an antiseptic lotion. After that I had an IV and i was out. The whole process took 2.5 hours . Surgery started at 3:35pm. I was back in my recovery room and awake by 7 pm. By that time I had my corset how they got that on I had no idea. Doctor came to check up on me and I was given congee and fruit juice. I left the clinic walked to the pharmacy and headed on the train back to my hotel.

As to how I am feeling. I feel like I have just done 1000 sit ups sight tenderness but doctor expects bruising from Ab to the knees in about a week. Have to say it was a smooth process. No drainage at all and I will ba back to change my dressing and in the 19th and 21st. Will see how I feel after I wake up in the morning. Doctor was brilliant and my translator Grace a total gem. She was with me from Day on until the ushered me to the surgery room.
cxflygirl19 Jun 13100
Hi Joyousbaby,

I just had my stomache lower and upper and flanks done at 365mc two days ago I am in day 3 and feel okay. The Clinic is in Gangnam and if you go suggest you stay at the Mecure its just 2 stops from Seoul University of Education station. I was quite impress with the hospital its a total of 13 stories and the reason I choose 365mc is because they specialise in Lipo. I had my consultant on day 1 , blood test, measurement of my compression garment which I ordered 2 so you can wash on and wear the other. You have a 3D scan of the body and pictures taken on the surgery area which is really cool. You meet your doctor I had Dr An. He was excellent and spent time answering my questions he spoke broken english but I had a hospital translator. On the day of the surgery I met the doctor again and he explain exactly what he was going to do and where the incision would be. I have 4 incisions. Belly button, tail bone and two on the pelvis just above the bikini line. You then get ushered into a sterilisation area. They put in an IV and then the Doctor does his magic. I felt no pain. If you do have abdomen area done you need to bring spare underwear which they will cut reason being that he surgical area needs to be completely flat no indentation. I had no drainage at all as that was one of my fears about the leaks. I just went to get my dressing change and they gave me a tube of arnica gel for recovery. I fly out on Friday so will go back. Basically I am up on my feet went shopping today and feel great. The area is tender and thank god for the compression suit. I notice bruising has started in the lower abdomen and doctor expects that to move all the way to the thighs due to gravity. I have had 2 kids so really wanted to do this and I am so happy with the results. It was immediate. They withdrew a total of 2300cc 2.3 litres of fat!! I exercise alot and but after the two kids my ab fat would not budge. If you need more advise let me know. I would definitely recommend 365mc to anyone want to have lipo. I will have stitiches remove when I go back to HK 2 week post op. I was thinking doing arms too but they recommended against its as it quite alot to endure.
cxflygirl28 Nov 15-100
Well having been on several blogs and reading this forum felt I would share my experience at Grand Plastic. I know some on this forum are anti Grand etc due to a Botch incident. I am aware so there is no need to respond. Purely sharing my experience

What I did

1. Tip plasty
2 Acculift
3 . Liposuction on arms, inner outer thigh, bra line and secondary stomache lipo ( note first time it was done was at 365mc) but was uneven.
4 breast lift

Procedure was schedule for 26th I met with my doctors that’s morning the head Dr of Grand isn’t the most cheerful but he was very straight forward which was nice doesn’t sugar coat his answer. I met three different doctors on for my nose and acculift, one for breast lift and final one for lipo. I felt very comfortable with the doctors and everything was very straight forwards. Throughout the procedure I was accompany by a English translator MinJong who was an absolute Gem!!

Procedure started at 11am and I was in the recovery room at 5pm a long day and I was so cold after the General wore off. The nurse at the 5th impatient was very caring gave me extra blankets and three hot water bottles.

So how did it feel. Nose, breast lift felt fine the most painful was the thigh lipo it was super painful unlike at 365mc when I was put into a compression immediately I was bandage up with lipo foam which was actually more comfortable. Getting out of bed was a challenge but I was walking around. By 10pm
that evening as I knew that would help with faster recovery. I hard to sleep on my back elevated throughout .

The day after surgery. We went to the treatment where I was cleaned up especially my nose, lipo incision cleaned and then I cut out of all my bandages and helped into a compression garment that was the most painful especially when the garment pass the thighs. I requested to stay one more night at the hospital because I was afraid of going back to the hospital and not being able to get out of bed. The hospital was very accommodating .

Left Grand on 27th back to my hotel. Felt so much better . So far body has no bruising , stomache lipo
does not hurt. In fact nothing hurt other than the thighs that was the biggest challenge.

I go back Dec 3 to remove stitches but so far my experience is a positive one. Yes an incident occurred but because of that I think they are even more careful and cautious. Just wanted to share and really happy with what I see so far .
davincciReview8 Oct 14100
I’m now 2 weeks post-op, bridge comes down to normal height (I like), tip is very defined and less of my nostrils are showing. The tip is still slightly stiff but the tissue around it has soften a lot. There’s no scar around my alar at all. I asked for a natural nose and it turns out exactly how I want it to be (Actually better coz I didn’t know they can narrow my wide bridge without using silicone implant). I’ve told no one about the surgery, and none of my friends nor co-workers ask about it. I still look like me, and you can only see the different if you compare picture by picture. I’m glad I picked Dream. I also went for a consultation at their dermatologist centre (same building), prices are not bad. I might do some laser or ultrasound treatment when I come next.

For Lipo, my bruises are more or less gone, just some small patches left. Still some swelling in inner and back of my thighs, other areas look normal. So I can wear knee length skirts. My thighs are visibly smaller even when I take off the compression garment. The thickest part of my thighs dropped 4.5cm. According to 365Mc, they’ve sucked out 2400cc (Wow!) and my thighs will continue to slim down gradually in next 6 months. I also have a few more treatments to complete within 6 months, which will improve further.

I walked at least 30 mins a day, take bus instead of train to walk more. Been to the gym frequently.

I brought baby oil to massage my lipo bruises religiously. Bruises went down a lot in 2 days. You can also use Arnica cream.

Highly recommend Arnica pills, its very good for de-bruising and de-swelling. I’m also taking Vit B and C. I drink manuka honey with lots of lemon at least once a day during first week. One apple a day, also got pumpkin juice and pumpkin porridge. Absolutely NO Vit E and aspirin as they thin blood.

I asked Dream to give me a straw. Q-tips are very useful to clean your nostril.

Don’t forget to apply the ointment they give you as it helps to make the scars invisible. (I applied a lot more than they instructed, so started to have white spots growing right before suture removal. But is all good now)

Avoid salty and spicy food for a while, no alcohol. I cook light meals like dumplings, stir fried vegetables, tofu and I made japchae. Avoid eggs, shellfish, soya sauce, shiitake mushrooms? and some said beef.

Go during low season. I’m glad 365 can schedule next-day surgery and Dream can schedule same day surgery for me. Surgeons also spent so much time with me as it’s not crazy busy. There’s probably more promotion during low season as well. I saw 2.8m fat graft breast augmentation also some 1+1 promotion at 365Mc.

For those who are interested in 365Mc, their lipo includes few sessions of RF, CO2 and fat melting treatment, so best to stay at least 2 weeks after surgery. Since I can’t stay that long, they promised me to keep those procedures for me for the next 6 months. Suggest you to do it during winter… the compression garment is tight and hot…

If money is not an issue, I highly recommend Gangnam Artnoveaucity Hotel. It’s a residence turned hotel, with room service, gym, in-room kitchen, washing machine and a big fridge. My room is spacious with a living room and bedroom. 2 mins walk from Gangnam station, 3 mins walk from supermarket, hair/nail salon next door and loads of restaurants around.

That’s it from me for now. Welcome any questions, but ‘m not planning to share any photos for personal reasons. Thanks for understanding guys!
davincci8 Oct 14100
So it’s my turn to give something back to this forum. I will disclose all the clinics I went for consultation as well as surgery to make this useful. I don’t care if you think I’m a promoter or not, I’m just telling you my experience. After all, it’s your job to do research, not just on the procedures you are interested in, but also on the person who’s writing the post you are reading. It’s not hard to identify possible promoters if you read enough and find hints.

CONSULTATION: Item, EverM, Banobagi, April31, Dream, 365Mc… Jw and 101 was originally on my list but can’t go due to timing issue.
MY ISSUE: slight asymmetric face, chin shifted to the right, nose slightly slanted to left, short nose, fat alar, dark circles, I’m not fat, BMI 20.5, but imbalance at hip and thighs area.
PROCEDURES I’m originally interested in: rhinoplasty, v-line, fat graft, laser-lipo
PROCEDURES I’ve done: rhinoplasty, liposuction, fillers
CLINIC I picked: Dream, 365Mc

I’ve done a few consultation in my own country and my dentist talked me out of v-line surgery as the risk/reward is too high for my case. I chose fillers to correct dark circles in the end as I believe fighting ageing/ fat draining is a long term process, so it’s better to find some non-invasive ways.

As some of your might know, I was in seoul few months ago for my first round of consultation. It was rush back then and I won’t say I was 100% clear about what I need and want. I visited Item, EverM and Banobagi back then, overall I think Item got nice B&A, Dr Kim is knowledgeable, but I don’t like the fact he suggested osteotomy when I realised now I don’t really need it. The consultant also quoted me higher than email and said the prices in email was a mistake. I think is BS. EverM would have been my choice if I’m doing v-line, they are professional, specialised and safe. And I don’t like Banobagi. Here’s my previous review: http://forum.purseblog.com/plastic-surgery-and-cosmetic-procedures/plastic-surgery-clinics-korea-read-1st-post-before-864175-36.html#post26900009

MONDAY- consultation
Dream – Mid size clinic, not too busy, professional, comfortable reception area, clean and bright. Daphne is my translator. She’s super sweet, patient and easy to talk to. She’s Singaporean and gives a vibe that she can be trusted. Tipped by other forumer (thanks :biggrin:), I specifically asked for Ms Lee as my consultant. She’s nice, not too pushy and somehow calmed me down a lot (I was actually freaking out when I board the plane). Dr Park is very nice, English proficiency is pretty good too. He tried his best to answer all my questions himself. I asked him many technical questions as I’ve been researching on different methods and materials. He’s very patient and drew many many pictures to explain to me in details. His smile is somehow confident and got this soothing effect lol. He said I have a high enough bridge, so implant is not necessary. He suggested close surgery: tip plasty with septal and ear cartilage, alar weir (open from side of alar), he’ll relocate my septum since it’s slanted to the left, slight lengthening and will have autologous fat+ cartilage transfer to my bridge as it will not be as smooth after relocation. I was very worried about scarring for alar weir, but they assured me a few times it will be invisible. Price: 4.7m for everything mentioned.

April31 – Mid size clinic, slightly smaller than Dream, quiet. Brian, my translator is really caring and responsive to Kakao. I don’t have much impression towards the consultant as I’ve only spent a short moment with her. Dr kim is nice, English proficiency is similar to dr park. He also drew a few pictures to explain to me about his method. He also said it is ok not to have implant. But he only suggested tip plasty as he said my left slanted nose is naturally balanced out by my right slanted philtrum. Price: 6m for only tip plasty (Brian said price has been raised since our email but he’ll give me the price he quoted. I think is BS to avoid me bargaining for more and I think it’s very overpriced)

365Mc – They have a few centres. I went to the one near Gangnam, which is a whole building of 13 storeys. Well equipped with fat evaluation, ultrasound and 3D fat scans. But they have over 12 doctors and you don’t usually get to choose your doctor. I was interested in their laser lipolysis, LAMS and liposuction. My English translator was Hyelim. After discussion, I’ve decided to have liposuction on my thighs (whole). Price: 4m + 320k compression garments.

>>> I picked 365Mc as their quote is reasonable and they are specialised in fat removal.

>>> I picked Dream because they do close surgery, professional, price reasonable, the few procedures he suggested really make me feel that he wants to make my nose look more perfect. And most importantly I think Dr Park’s evaluation on my slanted nose makes more sense. (Btw Dr Park is graduated from Korea’s top university, SNU)
davincci8 Oct 14100
TUESDAY – 365Mc liposuction
I did all the blood tests and check-ups on Monday evening. Final consultation Tue morning with my assigned dr, Dr. Che-Won. He drew some architectural lines on my body and told me how he’s going to shape my legs to optimal shape. Then I was brought into the operation room. When I woke up, I was already back in the ward, in the compression garment.

First night was the most painful esp when I tried to sit on the toilet. But I would say, the pain is bearable. I didn’t take the pain killers they gave me as I might have my rhinoplasty on Wed and I don’t want to risk it. I peeked in side my compression garment and as expected, my whole thigh is black (bruised).

WEDNESDAY – Checkup at 365, they cleaned my wounds and taught me how to massage my legs to help with recovery. I felt totally fine so decided to go for rhinoplasty that day. I called Daphne from Dream and she scheduled my surgery that afternoon (Glad I come during low season). I had final consultation with Ms. Lee as well as Dr. park. I was extremely scared before I walked up to the building, but again, they somehow calmed me down.

Surgery at Dream was such an adventure and I really need to share. For those who has read my previous notes should know, I was freaking out about waking up during surgery. After reading a few recent posts, I already prepared myself for the worst. I told Daphne that it will scar me for life, and told her to make sure they put me back to sleep if I’m waking up. Daphne was standing there talking to me about her next holiday, then she said they are injecting some tranquillisers to make me feel calm. Then BAM!!! I was suddenly on this roller coaster ride? Then a beautiful white bubbly room? Then something like a bouncy castle…. I don’t wanna sound like a junkie but I can’t say its a bad feeling LOL

Then I heard a woman’s voice. It’s Anna who’s doing the grafting. I know I’m waking up, but somehow I was calm. I said “I’m waking up” no one replied. Then I said 3x “Machwi juseyo!” (Give me sedation) then I’m back on the roller coaster. The next moment I woke up was when Dr. Park finishing the surgery. I heard him humming and I asked him what song it is. I forgot what he said. I asked if Daphne was there, someone grabbed my hand said Daphne is in a meeting and she’s Unji, another English translator. She held my hand till the end of the surgery. I can’t be more thankful for that.

I’m really surprised for the experience. I kinda like the feeling lol. The waking up part was not scary at all. The sedation Dream uses must be ‘special’. They give you nice Dreams haha. I woke up from the operation table, then they wheeled me down to the ward. I was very awake by then and started playing with my phone. In less than 30 mins, I was already on their limo heading back to hotel.

Again, first night was the worst. A straw would help when u drink water, but I left it at Dream. Blood kept dripping out from the gauze throughout the night.

THURSDAY – Woke up feeling a lot better, blood dried out but kind of clotting around the sutures. So I went back to Dream, they cleaned my wound with saline, took out the gauze. I don’t feel any discomfort at all by then. Slight runny nose so I have tissue with me at all times.

FRIDAY – I’m already going to the gym with light jogging and sit-ups. I’m wolverine! Lol. Swelling was minimal, only looked like I drank too much water the night before.

Week 2 – MONDAY: my recovery is extremely speedy. I went back to Dream on Mon because some white spots grew near my nose. Originally, they said they can only remove sutures on Wed. But after examination, they removed cast and all the outer sutures for me. I think the tip is defined, nostrils looking nice, the alar weir is nicely done, just slightly red, can barely see any scars (surprised). Nose tissue is still very stiff, the bridge between my eyes is a bit too high (I look like a swordfish lol) and I can feel the grafted fat when touching. But I already know about this from my research that it will go down in 2-3 weeks, Daphne also said the same thing. So will wait.

After that, I went to 365Mc to try my luck. After examination, 365mc also removed all my sutures. I think I’m really lucky, guess going to gym everyday helps. Both Hyelim and Daphne said the speed of my recovery is not normal.

Week 2 WEDNESDAY: Everything went well so I decided to leave on Wed. final checkup and removed all remaining sutures at Dream. Daphne is super sweet, she arranged car to send me to the airport.
Review24 Jul 15100
I would like to share my cosmetic surgery journey in Korea.
(Well.. other reason to going Korea was for my husbands’ business trip too :p)

Googled for body sculpting, liposuction, weight loss in Korea for few months.
The reason that I searched for that is I was quite sick of losing weight and body appearance.
(Well, I am 50, but want to be slim in my life since I was a teenager. I never been skinny in my life)

Actually, I searched a lot but had no idea where is the best place for my body.
I was walking in the street in Korea with my husband and I saw a tall building with strange cartoon.

When I entered the clinic there were so many people were on the lobby. I ask one of the lady for the consultation.
She said I needed to make an appointment for consultation due to fully booked that day.
I made appointment for the next day in the afternoon.

On the consultation day, I went up to up stairs for consultation. A staff leads me to go for dress up and measure my body composition.
I was keep waiting and other staff came to me and she was here for me to help translate during the consultation. It was quite impressive that they called the translator for me 🙂

Consultant introduced herself and this clinic. Showed the pics on the tablet PC.
(about, safety, liposuction revision, about liposuction, clothing type, and etc)
Then she took a photo of my body and measured size.
She wants me to see the doctor for more details like how much fat do I have.

The doctor looked so young and wonder how old is he. He checked my body and to pinch test something to me. (They were checking for skin sagging and body type) then check my body fat with the machine that used to use for baby check.

He said I am a good candidate for belly. But for the thighs I got a lot of muscle on thighs but he can fix it to slim down.(He recommend me to work out with cardio to make muscle thinner which helps the body shape)

I just impressive that they do machine check.
Looking for the price and surgery schedule..My consultant told me I am 1 size up than their basics. The price was quite expensive so I needed to think more.

Went for other clinic and they quoted cheaper price.
I might go to cheaper one but I still needed to think so I searched and read the posts on the forum that one lady have satisfied with 365mc.
I went there for some suggestion and second consultation.
She will schedule the doctor who did surgery for Let Me In and also they are the top surgeons in this Hospital. It sounds great to me so I decided to do surgery here for my back and belly.They did pre-op exam which are 3Dscan (which was amazing!), photo shot, blood test, and measure my body size for compressions.

On the surgery day, the nurse showed me a movie all about the Liposuction and interview of Doctor. It was very helpful to me. (Well..I already asked on the consultation day). My doctor came in then explained all about the surgery he will going to perform.
Then he designed my body where he will perform.
Right after going to the operating room, the nurse helped me to wear blue hat(?), mouth mask then let me to go into the airshower. I could see each doctors face sticker on each doors.
Inside of operating room, very shiny~~everything is in silver and metal!
She sterilized my body with spray and put the globe on each hand.
when I lay on the bed, she inserted needles into my vein on hand.(It was extremely hurt!)

The doctor checked my details before do surgery. Then…I was on the recovery room…
Can not remember what was happened…I ate soup and orange juice then waiting for my husband to pick me up.

Now 3 Months after, My belly size is 81cm from 109cm!
I am really have to do surgery here!
Hally85Review26 Jul 16100
I just came back from Seoul after liposuction for the inner and out thigh and hip line.

I would recommend 365 mc where I did the procedure. My problem was not only the fat but also the uneven skin that i was born with in my right thigh. In addition I didnt have a nice shape or perfect smooth line from the upper waist area to the thighs area which bothered me for years.

Staff at 365 mc were really nice and helpful. Doctor was amazing and he explained to me in details what can be done.

After 13 days post the liposuction I see already a difference. I was told that it will look much better two months post the surgery when all the swelling dissappears.

You need to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss solution but only works on the shape of your body. It is a begining of a better life and results will be better if accompanied with healthy lifestyle.
hfwygtlReview3 Jun 14-100
Hi girls,

sorry to hijack this thread but apparently im too new to create a new thread for my own question. Thus here i am!

I just had chin + cheek liposuction at 365mc and after some slight bargaining i managed to get the price down to 4.4mil nett (from 4.93mil as quoted by them). I paid everything by card btw.

I know this is going to sound like im crying over spilled milk but……… The cost information mail that i received prior to the consultation stated that the price for chin and cheek lipo was 1.8mil each, which means that it should only have been 3.6mil and it seems that i overpaid by a whopping 30%!!

I agreed on the price because

1) i forgot the price stated on the email and just assumed the price that i was quoted was the standard price

2) i assumed that 365mc, being such a big hospital, wouldn’t resort to these marketing gimmicks like the other smaller clinics (quoting 1 price and charging another)

so i made my payment and had the surgery.

Looking at the cost information mail now, i can’t help but feel imbalanced.. actually im fine if it’s a couple hundred dollars since the skills of the surgeon is my top priority but 1mil won is enough to pay for my air tickets -.-

I approached the staff at 365 (nicely) and asked them about the price discrepancies and was told that the automated email that was sent with the cost was actually the outdated one (might be believable cuz i think no one really updates the english website).

So now, what do you guys think? Am i too naive to believe what i’ve been told? Is there still a chance to get back the 1mil won if i have indeed been overcharged?

hfwygtl9 June 14100
Hi there,

my face is still pretty swollen like a pig so i shall reserve my comments till the swelling subsides!

In terms of facilities i believe 365mc is the best you can get in korea.. whole building specialising only in lipo and different surgeons working on specific areas only. Most of their clients seem to be local too.
Review31 May 14100
I had consultation with 365mc yesterday and wow they are mega thorough and professional. They ultrasound your fat to measure how much can be removed so you get a prognosis of expected results. Impressive stuff.
illrayReview7 Jul 17-100
Thanks a lot! I wouldn’t have posted pictures if I weren’t so satisfied.
I agree that we need more lipo reviews here because I couldn’t find much information here.

As for your questions:

I went to 365mc and LaPrin clinic.

365mc seemed reliable, since they specialize in liposuction and all kinds of weight loss procedures, but I thought they looked real busy and I kind of felt like I was being forced to choose them, which I didn’t like.

And LaPrin clinic was really nice. It was bit small, but they looked professional and clean, but when I found out the doctor didn’t have his license (wasn’t a medical doctor), this also made me feel anxious about choosing them.

The reason I chose TL because I felt they weren’t pushing me and respected my decision.
The doctor spoke English well and I felt we were really communicating, while other clinics, I had a translator.

For the price, I paid 3000 USD. It’s a bit costly, but the doctor promised he will also take some fat out on my tummy.
Other clinics were cheaper but they said they will perform lipo on the waist part only.
The price included compression garment that they provided (only 1 set) and said I will need to wear them 8~12 weeks for maximum results (which I will!!!!!!!!!)

There was a little bit of bleeding, but stopped the day after. I stayed for 1 week and got the stitches removed back home. The first 3 days were the worst, I felt like a balloon, but felt much better on the 4th day.

The doctor told me he took out about 250cc on each side, so 500cc in total!
Hope you find the clinic you like and have good results!
KathkReview20 Jul 12100
About 2 weeks ago, I had a really good consultation at Grand. Jiwon was my interpreter. She said she spent most of her life in Canada before moving back to Seoul so her English was excellent. I was really torn choosing which clinic because I really liked Jiwon. It was really disappointing with ITEM coz they didn’t even measure me and the consultation was just a few minutes. Grand was really thorough. I was measured, then had consultation with the 1st consultant then the doctor came in for a 2nd consultation. The quote they gave me was pretty good and kept it at my budget (with negotiations). I spent over an hour there. They explained everything in detail to me and answered every question. I felt really cared for there. However, I didn’t end up choosing Grand. The reason is that I’m doing lipo and really wanted to find the best place for it. 365mc specializes in Lipo, that’s all they do there. Although they don’t offer any sort of discount even if u pay in cash, It is still the same. It was fair coz no matter what, their price was lower and also included more areas than I initially thought. I thought about it for a while and even taking the cost factor away, I felt I would be in better hands with a specialist in lipo. Their after care included a lot more treatments and very thorough about what each person may need post ops.

If I was doing any other surgeries I would’ve chosen Grand. I felt very comfortable and still feel confident in their doctors. This is my first PS and it’s only lipo. I figured I’ll test the waters first and then maybe next year go back for eyes. I am scheduled for my surgery in Nov. I’ve already booked hotels. I’m so excited and can’t wait for my trip. Going to stay approximately 3 weeks. Anyone planning to be in Seoul then? I’d love some company! I’m even thinking about taking classes while in my post op period. Any one know if that will be ok? Interested in some culinary courses while I’m there.
kh0404Rumor28 August 17100
Hi~ do u still wanna know any good clinic for liposuction? I have a friend who did liposuction last month, it’s named 365mc hospital which was recommended by Docfinderkorea, I searched from their website once my friend told me, it said they only do liposuction no other ps, my friend told me when she went there, she saw a lot of local ppl (also many foreigners) which means this hospital might be professional & famous in SK & oversea tho~
Of course she went with the agency-DFK, because no one could go with her at that time (T^T ) also I got a good experience with DFK that’s why I recommended her~
Just for ur reference ( ´?`)
Review27 Aug 17-100
Hello! I actually got fully-body liposuction at 365mc last year. I went to them ’cause I heard they’re the best when it comes to liposuction. However, I guess I wasn’t really satisfied with the results, because they didn’t seem “drastic” enough even after I recovered, and I have a scar in my belly button as well. So if you’re considering liposuction, definitely remember that it’s not a permanent solution – you still need to workout and eat well!
Review3 Oct 17-100
Sorry what I meant by the dr at image up told me the same things than dr Kim at da was about his plans for my surgery, how much he plans to remove, where he plans to hide potential scars to avoid them to be seen, and no lipo on calves. He was nice and conservative too. He speaks great English!
The clinic is cozy and consultant is not pushy.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

All clinics I visited I like. I always go with Korean translator who is my bff’s sister , her kakao is carolfish by the way. But the line has English consultant. And the lipo dr there was the one who remains when the other 4 surgeons left to open TLPS. Our friend looks good and she is happy with her surgery there too.

We went to goldenline which is not far from the Line clinic by the way, Dr doesn’t speak English at all nor staff. So even though our Korean friend went there and had good results, and is cheaper than most of clinics we went to , I don’t feel comfortable going through the whole thing and depending on someone who speaks English. If you are Korean go there.

With nasslim, the price turned me a bit down is like they have that chat for foreigners and locals they said but I know for a fact that locals don’t pay that price at all.
Hence, i had a bad experience consulting at 365mc and was afraid about the factory style of the hospital.
In the end, go where you feel the connection with the dr, his techniques, the staff, equipment, surgery room, etc.

They must be good too since they only do lipo.

There are plenty of other clinics you can consult with.

Just do not do your lipo during summer time because with the garments you have to wear it could be annoying with the heat , and you might deswell less faster.
marirRumor17 Oct 11100
I hate to add to the indeciciveness I’m sure many of you are experiencing, but here are some more clinics I found mainly in Apgujeong. I looked up “plastic surgery” on the Korean Google, and these clinics came up in the following order. Google order goes by most viewed first, so I guess these are popular clinics among Korean locals.

Some clinics posted pictures of doctors with celebrities, so I assumed they’re clients. Correct me if I’m wrong.

* Means they provide an English website, which suggests they have English speaking doctors. Bear in mind that some of the non-English websites actually have English-speaking doctors.

*Belita Clinic (Sidus HQ, received the Korea Global Medical Service Award)

Dr. Jung’s Rhinoplasty Clinic

*Olive Clinic (has appeared on MBC, KBS, SBS, and M.net, popular)

Medi Art Clinic (impressed with leg before & afters, provide PPC shots which I’ve heard girl groups use before their comeback)

*365MC (Korea’s #1 obesity clinic, lots of awards)

Wave Plastic Surgery & Laser Center (American Society of Plastic Surgeons certified)


*Miz Plastic Surgery

Kangnam Aesthetic Clinic

Grand Plastic Surgery

Optima Clinic (specialize in eyes)

Lee’s Plastic Surgery Clinic (featured by KBS)

Midam Plastic Surgery (has done celebrities)

*ABC Clinic

*Regen Plastic Surgery-Dermatology (really impressive before & afters, has done many celebrities… check out “star of Regen”)

Profile Plastic Surgery (some really dramatic transformations)

Gain Plastic Surgery (impressive transformations)

*The Line (specialize in body contouring surgery)

*Samsung (yes, the phone company lol)

Beauty Forever (has done celebrities)

Jelim (impressive facial reconstruction photos)


Namu Plastic Surgery

La Foret (reviews on great service)


Jamie Plastic Surgery

Wannabe Plastic Surgery

*Dr. Park Plastic Surgery (KBS TV)

Fox Plastic Surgery (SBS, KBS, seem to have a lot of good reviews)

*Her She (has done celebrities)

Jewelry (possibly did surgery for SIM Ent, there’s a pretty hot doctor here lol)

*Center for Human Appearance Plastic Surgery

SU Best Plastic Surgery (has done celebrities)

Am I the only one who feels extremely overwhelmed with the amount of plastic surgery clinics to choose from? :wtf:
marrobRumor27 Aug 15-100
I recommend Koun Clinic over 365. My friend had lipo at 365 and regretted not having it done with me at Koun because my procedure turned out way better. They also charge too much, in my opinion. You might want to get a consultation. It’s right down the street from 365.
Nadaaa32Review26 Mar 18100
I’ve been receiving Carboxy and Mezotherapy treatments at the 365MC Sinchon branch for about 3 months now and I’m very pleased with the results. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect (the treatment was quite painful compared to what I imagined) but the staff have been very helpful throughout the process. The first few weeks you might feel like you’re not seeing any results – I felt this way too, and then suddenly my clothes started becoming too big! Through this treatment I have reached my lowest weight in 10 years, and feel much happier and healthier.
Skin Treatmenthttps://forum.purseblog.com/threads/carboxy-and-mezotherapy.983058/
ThiefcatReview21 Dec 12100
Hi xblue,

Thank you. 😉

I went to 365mc for stitches removed just now .. No pain at all.
Started my treatments at the 8th floor. It looks like a beautiful spa room at the 8th floor where you do all your treatments.

RF treatment was hot and warm on your skin. No pain at all. For the inner thigh, it gets a bit uncomfortable due to the heat though.

Carbonxy, omg! This was really pain for me… It lasted like a min on each affected area, I could feel deep pressure on my arm and thigh when machine is activated. Becos of the bruises and swelling, the pressure caused some pain. For my case, my right arm was in severe pain cos it is already very swollen and painful to begin with. Maybe due to my Arm condition, this is not a good bench mark.

All the best to everybody! ?
Thiefcat23 Dec 12-100
For those who did lipo before, please share when do u see the results?

Today is 13 days post ops but they look the same before and after… ;(
Thiefcat26 Dec 12100
For those who are seeking to do lipo suction, here’s my photos with the bruises for your reference on the kind of bruises you should expect.

Sorry, they might be a bit uncomfortable to look at…..

The bruises and swelling takes 2-3 weeks to clear.
Thiefcat2 Jan 13100
Hi all,

I did my lipo suction at 365mc. Overall very satisfied with the results… 🙂

I did on arm, anterior
All my bruises are gone within 3 weeks.. I suffered a lot from severe arm muscle ache… but I know some people didn’t have this problem..

Before and after photos of my thigh as follows:-
Thigh Lipo Front.jpgThigh Lipo Back.jpg
Thiefcat2 Jan 13100
Hi Xblue,

Haven’t seen you around for a while.. today is my post op 22, 23 … fully recovered.. Am sure you will look just as nice.. I notice my thigh getting smaller by each day starting from 2nd week..

I didn’t have any uneven skin also.. think 365mc really did a good job! 🙂

I am much happier with my hip & thigh than my arm.. see very minimal result for my arm.. Hope it will improve more gradually. Actually they told me we will see 60% result in 1st month and 100% results in 2 months..

Cheers. 🙂

Take care
TrishsulReview29 Nov 13100

Sorry I haven’t been active in the forum for so long, but now I’m back 🙂 I am now 5-almost 6 months post op my arm-lipo surgery at 365mc. My arms are slimmer, but there’s some loose skin and I don’t exercise much or watch my diet, but the arms still looks slimmer than it was before. I honestly gained weight since my trip to Korea, but I supposed those fats goes to other parts in my body. I am now thinking to get a lipo for my thighs again but not sure if I wanna go to 365mc again. Not because they’re bad, but I want to find a clinic that could remove some skin after the lipo so the result would be maximum. Any recommendation from anyone?

P.S : Sorry I didn’t make a new thread about my experience at 365mc as I wrote before, I was busy with recovery before and after a few months kinda forgot about it. But if anyone wants to know, I’d have no problem to share it…. 🙂 ?
Trishsul28 Jul 14100
I haven’t got the time to complain and ask them about it… I just did it in January and now (July) my thighs are pretty much back to square one 🙁 They could just say that it’s because of my diet, etc… though I don’t think it is. I had my arm lipo at 365mc and it turns out great, but then again the fats in my arms are smaller compared to my thighs…

My friend had a fat graft there and thigh lipo too, but I’m not sure where she is now since I haven’t got the time to logged in and back to the forum… She’s gone from my kakao now so I can’t give much info about their fat graft as well… All i can say is they have a really good post-op care! Very pro ?
ViaReview21 November 12100
Hey guys!! I’m on Korea now, meet up with Nicole (shes literally an ANGEL) , she very kindly accompanied me for my check up and consultation despite me didnt request for it earlier. I got my whole body scan/checkup/blood test today, love the clinic, love korea, met with another girl who live in the same apartment as me ( I rented out studio apartment , much cheaper, much nicer :biggrin:) . We went together for dinner just now and god it felts great to roam around Seoul with someone 🙂 .
For her, she did hers in BK , I think shes healing pretty nicely but she didnt much prior research . She smokes but when doctor asked her whether she smoke (important factor for future complication) she said no because if she said yes doctors not gonna operate. I feel its a tad bit risky there, but so far, shes healing nicely, we went around town with her bandage on ,people look but they didnt care much. We stayed in gangnam area so basically surgery is kindaa common here xD

Anyway, I’m heading for arm + abdoment lipo at 365mc , they specialise in that sector and basically i’d did research prior and their reputation exceeded my expectations. As I stepped in the clinic, I was welcomed by the PR consultant, then the nurse and the doctor who examine my body, then after confirmed with all procedures with reasonably priced price :biggrin: I went on for my blood test, body scan/measurement , full picture and some others. They’re so detailed. I’m gonna have both surgery at once , since they said it wont be that dangerous cause i’m not that overweight (im size 8-10 but i have stubborn fats in tummy). When all of this happens, nicole was by my side, god i love her so much :”( !!

So thats it from me, I’m going to skin clinic and other shopping after my procedure, mine doesnt require overnight stay and only under local anesthisa. Having it tmrw at 1230pm sharp!! wish me luck !
Via24 Nov 12100
hi guys im back! Thanks so much for all the well wishes :smile:So far im so happy with the place im staying right now, it has host family and i have rented the studio apartment by myself and another girl. They have many rooms all to yourself! The place provided you with hot/cold water, kimchi and rice which is so great when you arent able to go out for food.

I have done my surgery yesterday, made it out alive! haha. The clinic amaze me, they’re so profesionall and treat me like real patient instead of just another case, another number. On the day of surgery, I went to consult with 2 doctors whos operating on me, they explain to me in great detail what they gonna do, what incision and stuff likethat. AFter all settled, i was brought to change then went go ‘air room’ and some disinfectant to sterilise myself. The surgery room has 2 parts, monitoring room and operating room. Theres alot of people there to monitor me as well as surgery and take note of my condition (so i very much at ease). Theres big screen which display my body for their clearer view etc. Please note i didnt take this through general anesthisia, so its not that invasive in a way.

AFter surgery done, i felt quite dizzy, nurse consistently check up on me and after i felt less dizzy they come again with porridge and soup T^T so great.
Then I walk home, didnt feel anything but tightness and swell now, have to keep my posture straight so i have a hard time sleep ( im a messy sleeper who love to turn left and right). Today went to clinic again to clean my dressings,feel like a vip , they treat me with great care!.OH and im going skin clinic tomorrow 🙂

So far loving korea and the clinic , if only i could stayed 1month i could have gotten their full post op care (they have alot of this btww, all free). But yeah i cant, so im glad i stayed 2 weeks, at least i could get some before i went back.

managed to check out BK DongYang because the girl I met done hers there:
– its really crowded there and BK never been my first choice, even though they have building all to themselves, each floors are quite small.
– The nurse there speak great english though, but theres too much nurse….
– Theres alot of chinese patients there , most of the patient are middle aged, some is quite young.

Well, Thats all for me thankfully I made it out alive, and loving korea so far, went around for shopping yesterday, becareful of dangdaemum , they can scam you if you’re foreigner T^T .Bought 1 pack of pumpkin juice here as well, taste nasty but ohwell! Thats it from me guys ?
Via28 Nov 12100
Actually there is no need to argue which translator is good or bad, people are all entitled to their opinions whether they feel is good or bad. Just like how when we choose clinic, we havent receive any treatment from them we can judge from emails how detailed/understand they are to our situation. I find it weird everytime somebody mention something bad on Z , tons of quiet others suddenly get all worked up. Just chill, we merely sharing what we feel, nothing can ever be 100% positive. Even if some of them who didnt get any service from her are entitled to share their opinions (link back to how we choose/shortlisted/blacklisted clinic based on emails/feedback/overall impression).

Anyway, i’m on my 7 day post op, didnt feel any pain since day 1 only swell and tight, bruises going down and able to sleep more easily :biggrin:
Sidenews, I’m also going to my skin treatment tmrw, I have 3 sessions (attended 1 out of 3 now)and so far so great! My skin is now so much smoother and all , satisfied so far. I may consider doing some other laser the next time i come seoul! during one of the first few days I went to this specialised skin clinic which i mentioned earlier they offered me to do ultehra laser (said its all in one solution , make your face totally great). Luckily I hold up and went back to check what exactly that is, turn out in US its a laser thats normally taken by 40yo and up people, well theres people in their 20s that take it too but I think its more of anti aging stuff, too invasive if you arent in your 40s up , it will just destroy your collagen framework . Kinda glad i didnt do it, I went to another skin clinic and took up the procedure that i need (whitening+freckles+pore reductions+ tight) simple procedure but its good so far yeay! So i suggest all of you dont agree to whatever the doctor said its good, FILTER first , most of the time if its too good to be true it probably is. Whilst this laser is good, its not for me JUST YET.. just sharing my skin clinic filtering process xD

Also i bought back tons of facial masks, its really so much cheaper here xD

Have a nice day!
ViaRumor17 October 12100
Thanks for the recommendation!
I think for lipo I’m set with 365mc , I have heard nothing but good reviews on them too.
They specialise in lipo alone , has many awards and rated as top 10 Arirang Korea’s best last year as well xD !

For Jaw I’m not sure I think V jaw as I heard 2 jaw can be really quite invasive. But then again, that have to wait until my consultation. I have some post op concern on jaw though like sagging/short sharp pain etc…I innitially was gonna go to Banobagi , they quote me a decent price for both jaw and lipo but I stumbled across
cozycot and whilst theres good theres also a bad review from a few girls , they mentioned (in detail) on their experience there in the clinic.
They said the pain is too much for such a minor change and immediately after the surgery some regret on having it done as the face is totally swollen esp when you’re travelling alone. (important factor for me as im travelling by myself xD)
But I understand the swell and pain is at the worst on first few days , then another girl mentioned a few month later on how she consider to have revision jaw surgery due to sagging, her x ray did show the drastic bone change ( so much narrow) .
But her results didnt show as much , maybe due to swelling but yeah….theres many more description i can go on forever xD
It strikes me that jaw surgery needs constant care and management… but well..
if I didnt go ahead with jaw I would do lipo + some skin treatment instead. For now I still place my hope on TLPS if their price is within my budget, I would go for it.

I didnt ask her where she did it, I will ask her later .She said the pain is like when old people experiencing ankle joint paint – that kind of pain
And wow TLPS must be so busy, over 30k enquiries? :O!!
xblueReview20 Dec 12100
Before my consultation, I already have several email exchanges with their consultant who addressed most of my questions. And I have set my mind to do my lower body. The doctor will need to see my calves to decide whether surgery is possible because there is much less fat there. So on the consultation day, the consultant first did pinch tests and measurements and then called the doctor in. Doctor also did the pinch tests and then told me about the expected results. That’s when he told him i will have minimal effect on my calves since most are muscles ( I have guessed as much since i was a runner). When he did the check up he mentioned i have a good waist so the results will be good. So i guess you can ask him to suggests areas that you need to be done. He also showed me b/a photos and addressed any questions i have. I was happy with the consultation. Obviously he was very busy but he didn’t seem want to rush out any second.
xblue20 Dec 12100
Hi all.
I’m post-op 2 days now. Liposuction on thighs and calves at 365mc.
First on 365mc – i second what other forumners have said about them. Professsional and friendly. Everyone from the consultants, nurses and doctors has been nice. I did not hire an external translator, luckily, their in-house translators did a pretty decent job.

Clinic occupies 4 floors, B2 and levels 6-8. Smallish at each floor but clean and organized. Customers are coming in and out but the flow is managed well such that you don’t feel it is too busy.

Dr. Lee, the chief surgeon, saw me on the consultation day. He thought i will have a good effect on my thighs but as dramatic on my calves. I wanted him to operate on me the next day but he was fully booked until today. Also, the clinic charges a premium for his service. Not wanting to delay and under the assurance that all other doctors are as experienced, i decided to go ahead with the surgery with another doctor on the next day.

Dr. Kim who operated on me came across as very kind and have good bedside manners. Up till the surgery everything went on smoothly. It was only just before that the nurse has to spray me with the brown antiseptic lotion. Imagine standing there naked and being sprayed with cold water. i was shivering non-stop but luckily within ten minutes i was out from the IV sedation.

Waking up from the operation, i was already dressed in the compression garment and my stockings. Didn’t feel any pain just dizziness. Rested for a while in the recovery room before taking the subway back to the hotel. yes, i felt fine enough to take the train but have to walk very slowly.

Post op 1 day – that’s when it is the hardest! Oft read ppl wrote woke up feeling that a truck has run over your legs, though i’ve never experience that, but i can say that’s absolutely true!! I used to be a frequent runner but never nver have i experienced such muscle aches. from the hip right down to the ankle.
Getting down from the bed took me 5 minutes. Before operation doc already warned to get up very very slowly because of the large fluids lost. this should be the #1 warning! Even though i was very conscious of it, the dizzyness suddenly hit me after i used the bathroom. I just fell and very luckily i didn’t hit my head and lay on the bathroom floor for a while until the dizzyness dissipated. i remember thinking housekeeping did a good job. Floor is very clean! ha! Just remember to move slow motion 100x that you normally would.

If i could go back in time, i would hire a help. Because of the swelling and bruises, simiple things like dressing yourself took forever. Getting up from the couch/bed became a chore. My feet is swollen like an elephant feet. Couldn’t wear the boots and could barely fit into the loafers and wore them like slippers. Also was too painful to wear track pants so i just went out with the compression garment with the skirt over it. Look totally weird and cold but at this stage couldn’t be bothered.

Went back to the clinic this morning for disinfection and wound cleaning. Nice to hear comforting words from the nurses. Will get better each day!! Nurse had her tummy liposuctioned so I appreciate her empathy. Feels that even though they have seen so many customers, they still took care to explain and care.

To accelerate the recovery, doc also advised to walk for 30mins a day. Not easy – i just waddle around in the hotel room.

Sorry for the long post. Not trying to scare anyone from liposuction but i think going through this, i think one has to be very very prepared and will help to have someone with you. I’m still positive . Already i feel better than yesterday.
Wish me luck! ?
xblue11 Jan 13100
Pictures of post-op 3 weeks vs pre-op. Still have residual bruises all over and slightly sore. Feet still swollen. Getting better each day.
Looking forward to more improvements in the 2nd month! 🙂
xblue11 Jan 13100

The feet was actually better. Below was its scary state for the 1st 2 weeks. I was worried but learnt it was normal. For those considering calves lipo, be prepared, but don’t worry!
xshReview28 Mar 13100
Hey everyone. Finally did my surgery. I’m not sure what people meant thighs surgery would be painful. I think its oky so far :smile:Went to clinic at 8am. My surgery was After 2 hours later. Had consultation with doctor who is operating on me. He went through what would happen and etc with the help of translator. In the operation room, nurse asked me why I was so calm 🙂 they gave me sleep anaesthesia and I was out after few minutes. When I woke up, I was in recovery room and was freezing. I told them if I could get more blanket but they brought me to another room that has warm bed. The nurse gave me porridge to eat. I fall asleep. I don’t know when and my translator came in and go through details and etc. I wasn’t fully awake and felt so weak. I fall asleep again. Lol. When I woke up it was already 6pm went to toilet. Worst nightmare ever. I felt so giddy and almost pass out but my willpower kept me going 🙂 took train back and I can’t believe I stop at wrong station. LOL. Didn’t realise it until I asked an old lady. Took train back to sinsa and walked home. I walked even slower than old lady. Haha. I’m glad I managed to get back to the place save and sound. :p

Sorry if I’m long winded. Trying to write as short as possible not to bore y’ll.
xsh31 Mar 13100
Day 1: surgery day, pg 343,

Day 2: day after surgery
That day was the worst day because I felt so sore and it took me forever to walk one step. Went back to clinic for dressing. The nurse told me I didn’t have bruises compared to another patient who had the same procedure as I do. Holding railings while walking up and down staircases. That day I felt exhausted.

Felt much better. Able to dressed and walked quickly compared to day 2.i didn’t really do much except walking around and shopping around garosu-gil.

Day 4 (today- 31/3)
Able to dressed and walked quickly than day 3. Managed to walk without holding railings. However, I noticed my feet and calves are swollen and with bruises too 😥 make me feel so sad. Basically I went to COEX and walked/shopped around there.

P.S, i’ve been taking a few supplements and meds given by clinic. I’m going to increase Bromelain to see if it can really reduce swelling and bruises.
YthequeeenReview24 Jan 18100

It’s been 6 months since I went through nip tuck -liposuction with 365MC through Misooda around 28/29 May 2017.

I have received tons of queries on kakao so decided to post this thread as I’m no longer active on the chats.

Liposuction areas: Arms, back-midriff, stomach, side flanks, thighs and calves.

Price I paid was discounted through my appointment with Misooda.

Though generally 365MC has a fixed pricing for every part depending on the circumference (cm) measured. So on top of that, I received a discount.

I wouldn’t say liposuction will guarantee a thin body but it has help in smoothing out body lines and giving me confidence.

My experience with 365MC have been very nice from the initial consultations to the post operations care.

The doctors and nurses do care a lot about helping you to achieve and maintain with proper diet even after liposuction.

Surgeries- my surgeries was portioned into two days. Lower body for first and upper body for second day.

I went through sedation for both instead of GA. Although it was multiple procedures done at one shot, the process was painless.
When I wake up, i was already lying down in bed and the nurse (nurse kim) was like a momma. She looked after me well for the two days before releasing me.

I’ve had previous facial surgeries done before and not all were as smooth as my liposuction experience.

Pain level- the two weeks after liposuction was mad achy. I still walked and ate normally, but I swelled to a balloon for a month. In needed help to remove and wear my garments. So please be prepared for this.

Sagging skin- there seems to be slight water retention up till 4-5 months of liposuction. But my skin have not shown any signs of wear n tear.

It is possible to gain back all the weight without proper diet… so eating right and exercising after lipo is stil the way to go.

Hope this helps.
Ythequeeen29 Jan 18100

Took out 6000cc for entire body.

But I look dramatically slimmer one month post ops.

Original cost is 26,039,000 KRW. Had some discounts from going through Misooda.

This was what they initially sent me via kakao

To give you an overall picture of our prices, I have included below the liposuction surgery price quote. However, please be noted that the prices below are based on the ‘basic size’. Depending on your actual size of the body, the prices can go up. And there may be an extra charge depending on the director.
-Arms(+back armpit) (under 29.9cm): 3,300,000KRW

-Whole Arm(+front, back armpit + breast accessory) (under 29.9cm): 5,500,000KRW

-Whole Abdomen(w/ flank) (under 87.9cm): 3,960,000KRW

-Whole Abdomen(w/ flank) + Love Handle (under 87.9cm):5,060,000KRW

-Whole Thighs+Hipline(under 61.9cm of thighs): 6,380,000KRW
-Whole Thighs +Whole Hips(under 62cm of Thighs):8,360,000KRW

-Whole Back:5,060,000KRW
or Bra line: 1,980,000KRW

-Lipolysis Laser on Chin or Cheek: 3520,000KRW
-Lipolysis Laser on both Chin &Cheeck: 6,688,000KRW

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